1850-1870 Marriages by Bride: A

Line 1: Bride's Name, Age and Residence
Line 2: Groom's Name, Age and Residence
Line 3: Marriage Date and Place; Person perfoming marriage
Line 4: Witnesses                                                                   Volume Number:Page Number
ABBOTT, BEULA ANN  20, Iosco and
Hiram Parker  29, Iosco
11/12/1863 at Iosco by Rev M S Angell
Miron Parker and Sarah Parker 3:48
ABBOTT, SUSAN  40, Deerfield and
William L Delbridge  40, Flushing, Genesee
12/23/1851 by Rev George W Brown
S Hendrickson and Bobby S Boutell 2:56
ABRAMS, HETTA M  29, Brighton and
John M Doig  25, Brighton
12/28/1865 at Brighton by Rev P C Dayfoot
Hiram A Nichols, Brighton and Francis Nichols, Brighton 3:145
ACKER, HELEN R  19, Iosco and
Charles E Wilson  22, White Oak, Ingham
3/20/1867 at Iosco by Rev H W Hicks
Anson A Stow, Iosco and Augusta H King, Iosco 3:210
ACKER, ORVILLA  22, Brighton and
Andrew J Fuller  27, Plymouth, Wayne
11/22/1863 at Brighton by Rev Joseph S Sutton
D Boughton and A Judson 3:78
ACKLEY, EMILY H  18, Stockbridge, Ingham and
Charles Pierce  24, Stockbridge, Ingham
12/13/1858 at Unadilla by JP J S Field
Nancy Cleaveland, Unadilla and Lydia May, Unadilla 2:249
ACKLEY, LACINDA  17, Cohoctah and
Schuyler Randall  30, Cohoctah
1/6/1864 at Cohoctah by JP Michael Thatcher
Hannah Thatcher and Olive Randall 3:58
ADAMS, ANGELINE  38, Marion and
Edwin Bacheler  43, Oceola
5/17/1855 by Rev Robert McBride
Samuel Bacheler, Oceola and Abigail Bacheler, Oceola 2:49
ADAMS, JULIA D  17, Conway and
Monteville Sabin  21, Conway
8/3/1856 at Conway by JP Samuel Ball
Edgar Purdy, Conway and Thomas Purdy, Conway 2:183
ADAMS, LAURA H  20, Oceola and
F S Hardy  27, Oceola
3/27/1850 by Rev Orrin Whitmore
Harvey Parks, Oceola and Amos Watterhouse, Oceola 2:13
ADAMS, SARAH E  23, Oceola and
Benjamin F Bachelor  25, Oceola
2/13/1866 at Oceola by Rev P C Dayfoot
Helen L Marsh, Grass Lake and Ada E Adams, Grass Lake 3:144
AFTON, AMANDA  26, Iosco and
Enos Burden  22, Marion
7/21/1861 at Iosco by JP Eli S Babcock
Henry Perry and Sarah Perry 2:375
ALBRIGHT, CARRY  20, Cohoctah and
Conrad C Hayner  25, Cohoctah
7/2/1870 by Rev A Diamond
Cyrus Hayner and Clarrissa Diamond 3a:30
ALDEMAN, MARY  55, Hartland and
Enos Cole  54, Oceola
2/3/1859 at Oceola by JP K S Franklin
William Aldeman, Highland and Ada Cole, Oceola 2:203
ALDRICH, ALICE L  16, Howell and
Alonzo A Hinchey  22, Howell
1/14/1866 at Howell by JP J W Hinchey
Charles W Aldrich, Howell and C J Hinchey, Pinckney 3:135
ALDRICH, DORA  20, Marion and
Frank Davis  21, Marion
10/21/1868 at Howell by Rev F W Warren
F W Warren, Mrs and Miss M E Warren 3a:13
ALGER, RHODA E  19, Tyrone and
William Pearson  29, Tyrone
10/16/1867 at Tyrone by Rev John G Horton
Joshia Pearson, Hartland and Mattie Alger, Tyrone 3a:5
ALLCHIN, ELIZABETH  23, Leroy, Ingham and
James M Moore  24, Howell
7/2/1863 at Leroy by Rev P C Dayfoot
George W Monroe, Howell and Sarah C Boothby, Howell 3:32
ALLEN, MARIETTE  15, Marion and
Alexander Woods  40, Brighton
9/8/1854 at house of Robert Bigham by Rev C Osborne
Mariah Hanor, Brighton and Mary Ann Bigham, Brighton 2:116
ALLEN, MARTHA J  35, Howell and
George F Maynard  45, Cohoctah
4/5/1866 at Howell by JP Mylo L Gay
H F Allen, Howell and Silas A Winship, Howell 3:221
ALLEN, MARY J  24, Cohoctah and
Moses Jones  36, Cohoctah
7/22/1866 by Rev O Sanborn
D O Ball, Oak Grove and J Chapman, Cohoctah 3:188
ALLISON, CHARLOTTE  38, Brighton and
Edward Charles Dunn  37, Oswego, ---, NY
5/3/1868 at Brighton by Rev Benjamin Franklin
Jane M Franklin, Brighton and Carrie M Franklin, Brighton 3a:9
ALVERD, MARY J  20, Conway and
James H Worden  23, Grand Blanc, Genesee
6/25/1862 Thomas Lowden
William Dillingham, Conway and Thadden Case, Conway 2:394
ALVORD, EMELINE  22, Conway and
Mortimer Seaver  24, Elgin, Genesee
5/29/1862 at Conway by JP J B Colburn
Americus Alvord and William Miller 3:2
ANDERSON, MARGARETT S  26, Deerfield and
Oscar Marble  22, Deerfield
12/13/1852 at Deerfield by JP John Anderson
Ira Marble, Deerfield and Harriet Anderson, Deerfield 2:74
ANDREWS, CATHARINE  19, Howell and
Simon Dolph  21, Howell
Henry Carnes, Howell and Hiram Carnes, Howell 3:125
ANDREWS, HELLEN  22, Howell and
Ira Cronk  30, Howell
9/4/1856 by Rev D L Eaton
D L Eaton, Howell and John Spafford, Howell 2:192
ANDREWS, LOUISA  30, Hartland and
John Lowe  22, Hartland
1/19/1870 at Hartland by Rev James Balls
George W Johnson, Highland and Carrie M Johnson, Highland 3a:26
ANDREWS, SOPHIA J  29, Burns, Shiawassee and
Orlo Whiting  43, Howell
10/30/1856 by JP Luther Pratt
Lunah Pratt, Tuscola and Charles Horning, Tuscola 2:182
ANDRUS, LUCETTA  22, Pinckney and
Henry Hitchcock  25, Warren, Macomb
11/23/1854 at house of Uriah Brown, Pinckney by B H Hedger
Uriah Brown, Pinckney and Sarah Brown, Pinckney 2:139
ANIBAL, ELIZABETH  16, Tuscola and
Jerome Camp  20, Conway
7/3/1861 by JP Martin Randall
Isaac Silsby and A Randall 2:41
ANNIS, MARY W  19, Putnam and
Richard Briggs  20, Howell
7/24/1864 by JP Eli Annis
Aaron Van Patten and Phebe Van Patten 3:88
ANNIS, SARAH A  Putnam and
S S Westcott  Iosco
2/17/1867 by Rev O J Perrin
Eli Annis and M S Gardner 3:198
APPLETON, MARGARET  37, Brighton and
Josiah Goodno  35, Brighton
8/15/1861 at Brighton by Rev G W Jenks
R G McCarty, Brighton and L D Cook, Brighton 2:361
APSEY, MARY  23, Howell and
George Westmoreland  25, Howell
8/2/1862 by Rev John Booth
Phebe Apsey and John Blipid 3:86
APSY, MISS MARY  23  and
George Westmoreland  25
8/2/1862 John Booth
John Blessa and Phebe Apsy 3:6
ARCHER, ALVIRA A  19, Howell and
William A Ryan  20, Howell
1/28/1853 at Howell by Rev George Bridge
William Bridge and William Archer 2:76
ARCHER, ELIZABETH  20, Howell and
Frank Hawley Marsh  22, Howell
11/23/1869 at Howell by Rev J S Boyden
William O Archer, Howell and Helen L Marsh, Howell 3a:22
ARCHER, ORDELIA M  16, Howell and
Harry R Durfee  20, Howell
3/12/1858 at Howell by Rev P C Dayfoot
S M Archer, Howell and Elizabeth Slider, Howell 2:233
ARMS, NANCY E  20, Brighton and
Seth Bidwell  29, Brighton
12/19/1850 at Brighton
Guy C Pond and Frances M Pond 2:27
ARMSTRONG, EMMA M  21, Hartland and
Charles H K Warren  25, Hartland
12/25/1850 by Rev Louis Mills
Thomas Armstrong and Amanda Lacy 2:24
ARMSTRONG, LYDIA C  19, Iosco and
Norman W Wilson  20, Putnam
3/15/1868 at Iosco by Rev J T McKinley
Austin Bull, Iosco and Alinda Huru, Iosco 3a:7
ARMSTRONG, MARY A  21, Hamburg and
F C Denison  26, Hamburg
2/17/1856 at Hamburg by JP Ferdinand Grisson
Dennis Corry, Hamburg and Lionel Grisson, Hamburg 2:168
ARMSTRONG, MARY A  23, Hartland and
James Hays  25, Cleveland, ---, OH
12/30/1867 at Hartland by Rev A J Richards
C Murry, Hartland and Edna Armstrong, Hartland 3a:6
ARNOLD, EMILINE E  34, Scio, Washtenaw and
George W Pratt  29, Scio, Washtenaw
12/8/1869 at Pinckney by JP M F Darrow
Ella Darrow, Pinckney and Marice P---, Pinckney 3a:23
John Schoenhals  Oberbristenbach, GR
5/15/1866 by Rev C F Worth
John E Weichans, Brighton and Karoline Weichans, Brighton 3:148
AUSTIN, JERUTIA F  21, Genoa and
Ebenezer Walker  25, Livonia, Wayne
2/13/1853 by JP Joseph Rider
Jemima Fishbeck, Genoa and William Fishbeck, Genoa 2:77
AVERY, EMMA L  20, Tecumseh, Lenawee and
William H Swarthout  25, Handy
5/16/1868 at Conway by JP William Stow
E B Stow, Conway and L O Hitchcock, Conway 3a:10
AVIS, CAROLINE  38, Green Oak and
Robert Park  47, Green Oak
7/6/1866 at Green Oak by Rev Lewis J Whitcomb
Carroll Wenit, Green Oak and George Spicer, Green Oak 3:163
AVIS, LYDIA ANN  22, Green Oak and
John Purdy  27, Green Oak
8/10/1862 at Green Oak by Rev Horatio A Baker
Philip Green Oak Roper and Sarah Roper, Green Oak 3:26
AXTELL, SARAH L  22, Howell and
George L Clark  28, Howell
12/30/1861 at Howell J A Griffis
B W Casdell, Howell and George Taylor, Howell 2:383
AYARS, ALMYRA L  33, Ypsilanti, Washtenaw and
John H Mills  29, Conway
11/13/1864 at Conway by JP William Sabin  
AYRES, ALICE L  Deerfield and
Albert T Sanders  Oceola
12/23/1863 by Rev L C York
Robert Bigham and Eli L Soule 3:232
AYRES, SARAH  18, Deerfield and
James Haywood  21, Oceola
7/23/1858 by JP Mylo Gay
Joseph Titus, Howell and H H Harmon, Howell 2:228
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