1850-1870 Marriages by Bride: C

Line 1: Bride's Name, Age and Residence
Line 2: Groom's Name, Age and Residence
Line 3: Marriage Date and Place; Person perfoming marriage
Line 4: Witnesses                                                                   Volume Number:Page Number
C---, NAOMI  32, Tyrone and
Russell Car---  28, Tyrone
11/19/1861 at Tyrone by Rev Alonzo May
Daniel C--- and William C--- 3:85
CADWELL, EMELINE  18, Webster, Washtenaw and
Elias Litchfield  23, Webster, Washtenaw
1/1/1859 at Pinckney by Rev William Benson
John Broughton and Selena Broughton 2:194
CALLAGHAN, ELLEN  17, Tyrone and
John Hogan  25, Tyrone
8/30/1869 at Odeola by Rev F H Pourret
James Gleason, Tyrone and Briget Callaghan, Tyrone 3a:22
CAMAMON, PHEBE  15, Cohoctah and
Albert A Keller  21, Cohoctah
9/30/1870 at Cohoctah by Rev Ashford Diamond
Henry Diamond and S C Diamond 3a:33
CAMERON, B A  19, Marion and
H R Miles  20, Marion
3/1/1850 by Rev B Bayn
George Keeler and Loisa Keeler 2:7
CAMERON, ELIZABETH  22, Marion and
Daniel W Dickinson  33, Iosco
5/10/1863 at Marion by Rev M S Angell
Jason McFail and Harrietta M McFail 3:30
CAMES, SALLEY J  35, Howell and
David Brown  39, Cohoctah
5/23/1858 at Cohoctah by JP Luther Pratt
Charles Heming, Cohoctah and John Vanluvan, Howell 2:230
CAMP, ELECTA E  19, Conway and
Isaac M Silsby  21
6/18/1851 by JP Martin Randall
David Cooper, Conway and Mary Silsby, Conway 2:42
CAMP, ELLEN S  18, Omaha, ---, NB and
John T Clark  30, Omaha, ---, NB
8/15/1869 at Conway by JP William Sabin
Darius Rust, Conway and Martin W Camp, Conway 3a:22
CAMP, ESTHER  20, Conway and
Abiathar Randall  23, Conway
11/27/1854 by JP Samuel Ball
Darius Rust and Eri Wetherell 2:128
CAMP, MARGARETTE  19, Webster, Washtenaw and
Abram Vandermark  26, Ann Arbor, Washtenaw
9/26/1867 at Brighton by JP Herman C House
Arvilla King, Brighton and Addie Berkley, Brighton 3a:1
CAMP, SEMANTHA  20, Conway and
Samuel Bradley  23, Deerfield
4/2/1854 by JP Martin W Randall
Jerome Camp, Conway and Darius Rust, Conway 2:140
CAMPBELL, ALOIM  Gaines, Genesee and
Daniel Middlesworth  Argentine, Genesee
4/26/1847 by Rev A May
Wm D Murry and Richard Middlesworth 2:16
CAMPBELL, AMELIA V  20, Brighton and
Charles F Tanner  21, Brighton
2/6/1867 by Rev Benjamin Franklin
Ira W Case and Phidelia Case, Brighton 3:199
CAMPBELL, LOUISA  24, Leroy, Ingham and
Elijah Smith  23, Leroy, Ingham
4/3/1866 at Howell by JP Mylo L Gay
V R Angel, Howell and R T Morgan, Howell 3:220
Robert Farnham  24, Tyrone
3/13/1868 at Deerfield by JP Simeon Little
David Canfield, Tyrone and Robert Kittle, Deerfield 3a:7
CARL, AMANDA E  20, Howell and
Henry A Rogers  23, Howell
6/4/1868 at Howell by Rev F W Warren
Mrs L L Warren, Howell and Mra Clara Smith, Howell 3a:9
CARL, SYLVIA  28, Howell and
James Edmunds  40, Oceola
12/14/1869 at Howell by JP William More
Peter May, Howell and George Diamond, Howell 3a:23
CARL, TUBE S  17, Oceola and
Giles Barber  25, Oceola
4/3/1859 by JP Joseph Blinston
Myron Curdy, Oceola and Elizabeth Smith, Oceola 2:262
CARLIN, HELEN M  39, Howell and
Sardis F Hubbell  45, Howell
8/14/1864 at Howell by Rev George O Bachman
Dr W Green and Mrs Glorana Green 3:66
CARMER, ANN ELIZA  17, Tyrone and
Jacob Love  26, Tyrone
3/16/1856 by JP John Salisbury
R B Cranston and Samuel Schale 2:170
CARMER, CATHARINE  22, Tyrone and
Elijah Clough  47, Tyrone
11/12/1853 by Rev Alonzo May
Thomas Carmer and M Carmer 2:91
CARPENTER, MARIA P  21, Genoa and
Levi M Smith  26, Howell
8/19/1858 at Genoa by Rev P G Dayfoot
Rosanna Dayfoot and Hiram Smith 2:232
CARR, ELIZA J  17, Conway and
Joseph W Cline  25, Locke, Ingham
12/31/1868 at Conway by Rev Thomas Lowden
William Erwin, Conway and Martha Erwin, Conway 3a:15
CARR, MARTHA C  18, Conway and
William H Irvin  25, Portland, Ionia
9/26/1866 at Conway by Rev Thomas Lowden
Alonzo W Carr, Antrim and Amaritte E Adams, Antrim 3:167
CARR, MARY C M  21, Brighton and
Jerome B Withey  21, Brighton
12/25/1856 by Rev C Osborn
Mr Elias Withey and Mrs Elias Withey 2:196
CARR, S J  16, Putnam and
C E Bullis  21, Unadilla
Malcom Malcom and Fanny Bayer 2:2
CARR, WINNIE  20 and
Robert W Griswold  21
4/15/1866 by Rev John G Horton
Albert Kirk, Hartland and Cyntha A Horton, Oceola 3:152
CARRINGTON, PHEBE A  15, Deerfield and
William Savage  19, Deerfield
5/19/1855 by Rev Alonzo May
Ira Savage, Deerfield and Oliver Bassett, Deerfield 2:153
CARSONS, ARVILLA  19, Howell and
George Stafford  26, Howell
6/19/1866 at Unadilla by Rev George W Lowe
Jacob Dobbins, Waterloo and Elvira Lowe, Unadilla 3:229
CARTER, ELLEN A  18, Conway and
Phidello Booth  21, Conway
9/29/1867 at Conway by Rev Thomas Lowden
Malissa Ann Joslin, Gaines and Burns and Miles Main, Gaines 3a:1
Thomas Lewis, Saginaw
6/24/1866 by JP William Beamer
Sobeiske Beamer and Louisa Reggs 3:154
CASADY, MARY M  29, Oceola and
James Taft  23, Oceola
8/4/1850 at Oceola by Rev Israel Millard
Danford Parker and Mary Ann Parker 2:16
CASE, AUDELLA L  20, Howell and
William N Saunders  26, Marion
9/16/1868 at Howell by JP Daniel Case
Charles C South, Hamburg and Eliza A Spring, Hamburg 3a:10
CASE, GEORGIANA H  0, Hamburg and
Edwin M Chadwic  23, Leroy, Ingham
2/21/1866 by Rev Benjamin Franklin
Wallace Case, Brighton and Maria Case, Hamburg 3:139
CASE, HARRIETT R  25, Hamburg and
George C Tanner  24, Trenton, ---, NY
2/21/1861 at Howell by JP Daniel Case
Frances Munroe and Mrs E A Case 2:336
CASE, VIOLA A  21, Brighton and
Ransom M Filmore  22, Brighton
11/10/1867 at Howell by Rev William Tilley
John Tanner, Brighton and Emma Elton, Hamburg 3a:2
CASSADY, ELIZABETH  17, Putnam and
Cornelius Basing  25, Marion
10/15/1856 by JP J L Field
John T Chavdom and Elias Smith 2:81
CASTERTON, SARAH  24, Marion and
Ellis Jubb  27, Deerfield
6/6/1865 by Rev William Tilley
James Martin and Nancy Martin 3:103
CATARAL, LUCY  23, Deerfield and
James Camaron  32, Deerfield
5/26/1861 by JP John Anderson
Harriet Anderson and Ira Lamb 2:44
Elijah Buck  37, Cristol Lake, ---, IL
11/16/1868 at Brighton by Rev Benjamin Franklin
James B Lee, Brighton and Herbert A Lee, Lansing 3a:12
CHALKER, MARY M  26, Unadilla and
Isaac Letts  38, White Oak, Ingham
6/20/1854 by Rev B Bayn
T Bayn and Asubah Warner 2:112
CHALKER, PHEBE  21, Unadilla and
Riley Kelly  19, Unadilla
3/30/1854 at house of G Chalker by Rev B Bayn
G S Chalker and Emma Chalker 2:109
Henry L Bishop  21, Oceola
3/15/1860 at Oceola by Rev Robert McBride
J W Crippen, Freemont and E E Crippen, Freemont 2:301
CHAMBERS, DEBORAH  20, Cohoctah and
Ryland S Wilson  26, Oceola
9/27/1857 at Cohoctah by JP Erastus Pratt
Sarah Pratt, Cohoctah and Markus Burkhart, Cohoctah 2:215
CHAMBERS, HARRIET H  17, Hartland and
Ossmus Everts  37, Highland, Oakland
11/20/1856 by JP Daniel Rich
O B Chambers and Nancy Chambers 2:192
CHAMBERS, JANE E  23, Cohoctah and
Harvey B Houghton  24, Cohoctah
9/27/1857 at Cohoctah by JP Luther Pratt
William Hascale, Cohoctah and Jane Hascale, Cohoctah 2:214
CHAMBERS, MARIA N  22, Hartland and
B F Walsh  27, Hartland
11/8/1860 M C Stanley
Phelps Crouse and Judith Hildebrant 2:333
CHAMBERS, SARAH E  20, Oceola and
Calvin A Goodspeed  35, Genoa
3/24/1861 by Rev A M Hunt
G H Chambers, Oceola and Mary Chambers, Oceola 2:340
CHAMBERS, SARAH  20, Oceola and
William J Lockwood  26, Thunder Bay, Alpena
7/17/1853 by Rev Edwin Brauch
J Rumsey and E Chambers 2:88
CHAMBERS, THIRSA  19, Deerfield and
Thomas Eager  19, Oceola
1/4/1853 at Tuscola by JP Jacob Eager
G E Roberts, Tuscola and William Hosley, Tuscola 2:78
CHANDLER, SUSAN P  32, Locke, Ingham and
Isaac Countryman  29, Conway
9/6/1865 at Handy by JP R Fowler
William Claplin and C H Corbet 3:111
CHAPEL, HARRIET E  40, Novi, Oakland and
Henry F Allen  54, Howell
12/16/1866 at Genoa by JP Chester Hazard
Gideon Norton, Genoa and Hellen Norton, Genoa 3:189
CHAPMAN, MARY A  20, Hamburg and
Joseph N Brittan  24, Genoa
9/12/1859 by JP L Walker
C A Stewart, Hamburg and Mary Stewart, Hamburg 2:273
CHARLES, ISABELLE L  17, Brighton and
Daniel Hathaway  22, Holly, Oakland
11/23/1862 at Brighton by Rev Richard G McCarthy
William R Cobb, Brighton and Lucy A Cobb, Brighton 3:9
CHASE, ELIZA  32, Tyrone and
Thomas Love  53, Tyrone
3/23/1856 by JP A Slayton
CHASE, LYDIA  16, Marion and
James Amos  32, Howell
7/4/1854 at Howell
Sarah D Burwell and Isabella Burwell 2:113
CHASE, SARAH  47, Iosco and
Daniel Bentley  54, Marion
James Abett and Carpenter Jacobs 2:66
CHASE, SARAH ANN  17, Iosco and
Daniel C Farnesworth  26, Iosco
3/4/1852 by JP Everett Douglass
Jamy Mit, Iosco and Elizabeth Chase, Iosco 2:55
CHILD, MARY D  17, Howell and
Nathaniel Brayton  23, Howell
2/10/1863 at Howell by JP Daniel Case
William White and Martha Diamer 3:19
CHILDS, MARTHA ALICE  22, Howell and
David Scheomerhorn  21, Marion
7/4/1868 at Howell by Rev George W Jenks
Louisea Jenks, Howell and Emily Barrett, Howell 3a:10
CHIPMAN, FRANCES J  27, Unadilla and
Isaac C Swift  30, Unadilla
3/16/1856 by Rev David Dixon
D W Joslin, Syndow and C E Joslin, Syndow 2:175
John Ferguson  70, Howell
9/25/1861 at Howell by JP Daniel Case
William Earl and Stephen Ferguson 2:359
CHRISPELL, MARIA  19, Tyrone and
Peter T Copp  29, Hartland
8/12/1851 by Rev Alonzo May
James Chrispell, Tyrone and Jacob Crispell, Tyrone 2:47
CHRISPELL, SARAH  23, Hartland and
William Tuttle  25, Hartland
8/18/1867 at Hartland by JP John Dunham
Robert Greeham, Hartland and Abba Greeham, Hartland 3a:1
CHRISTTY, EMILINE  22, Putnam and
Murray T Spearman  31, Putnam
11/27/1853 by JP T A Grimes
Sarah Brimes, Putnam and Martha Hastings, Putnam 2:99
CHUBB, CLARINIA M  19, Putnam and
Irvin W Griffin  21, Albion, Calhoun
11/30/1853 by JP Aaron Younglove
R Martin and Fanny Martin 2:93
CLARK, ANNIE R  26, Hartland and
George H Smith  28, St Louis, ---, MO
12/29/1862 at Hartland by Rev Hiram Stowitts
L B Wakeman and L P Wakeman 3:81
CLARK, AUGUSTA E  17, Brighton and
George W Rogers  21, Brighton
12/1/1865 at Brighton by Rev P C Dayfoot
Frances O Rogers, Brighton and Cyntha A King, Brighton 3:144
CLARK, CLARISSA M  18, Conway and
Hiram F Jackson  21, Conway
5/1/1855 by JP Martin Randall
George Clark, Conway and S Jackson, Conway 2:148
CLARK, EMELINE M  23, Genoa and
James D Boylan  26, Genoa
10/14/1866 at Genoa by Rev David A Curtis
Godfrey Westphal and Mary Westphal 3:193
CLARK, FRANCES A  Putnam and
Benjamin W Chase  Vernon, Shiawassee
12/25/1866 by Rev Oliver J Perrin
Daniel S Post and Hellen J Clark 3:188
CLARK, HANNAH  27, Stockbridge, Ingham and
Henry Grandy  31, Stockbridge, Ingham
10/10/1860 at Unadilla by JP J L Field
Samuel Evans, Unadilla and Lydia Ann Evans, Unadilla 2:316
CLARK, JULIA  24, Deerfield and
William C Clark  26, Marion
 at recorded 29 Sep 1865 by Rev Wm Tilley
George W Clark and Julea E Clark 3:113
CLARK, MALLISSA  26, Brighton and
Frederick Wrenn  30, Genoa
11/14/1852 by JP Ira W Case
Frances Clark, Brighton and David Robins, Brighton 2:71
CLARK, MARY ANN  24, Conway and
Abigah Chamber  38, Locke, Ingham
12/29/1852 by JP Martin Randall
George Clark, Conway and Hiram Jackson, Conway 2:82
CLARK, MARY JANE  20, Marion and
James Doig  26, Halley, Mill, IL
10/2/1860 at Howell by Rev P C Dayfoot
Sophiah J Marting, Howell and Fanny M Lyon, Howell 2:322
CLARK, RUAMY A  20, Florence, Shiawassee and
Jonas S Farebanks  24
2/8/1853 at Deerfield by JP Davis Dickson
Clarrissa Dickson, Deerfield and Alvanda Fairbanks, Deerfield 2:84
CLARK, WEALTHY J  26, New Hudson, Oakland and
Charles S Mallory  27, Fentonville, Genesee
9/7/1867 at Brighton by Rev Benjamin Franklin
Allen Norton, Brighton and Edith Norton, Brighton 3a:2
CLAYTON, MINNIE W  25, ---, Ingham and
John Greenop  42, ---, Ingham
7/3/1870 at Unadilla by Rev Seward Osinger
Kate Osinger, Unadilla and Anna Osinger, Unadilla 3a:28
CLAYTON, SUSAN J  24, Howell and
Cornelius Johnson  30, Marion
11/4/1868 at Howell by JP Nicholas Lake
Ira Brayton, Howell and Harris Heney, Howell 3a:14
CLEMENTS, MARY ANN  22, Marion and
Samuel C Wilkenson  29, Marion
3/12/1868 at Marion by Rev F W Warren
John Clements, Marion and Jennie E Gray, Marion 3a:7
CLEMENTS, REBECCA  30, Marion and
George Bruff  31, Marion
Thomas Clements and Elizabeth Fairchild 2:2
CLEVELAND, ELLEN A  18, Lyndon, Washtenaw and
Gilbert S May  31, Unadilla
3/9/1858 at Unadilla by JP J L Field
Lydia May, Unadilla and Mary Cleveland, Lynden 2:220
CLEVELAND, MARY  21, Hartland and
A W Richardson  40, Hartland
6/11/1859 by Rev L Calkin
E A Stephens and Julia Ames 2:206
COBB, ELLA M  20, Brighton and
Harrison Clark Coe  20, Brighton
6/28/1870 at Brighton by Rev William J Clark
Nelson Thomas, Brighton and Emma Thomas, Brighton 3a:28
COBB, MARY  19, Stockbridge, Ingham and
William Asgaith  22, Stockbridge, Ingham
6/19/1851 at Putnam
F G Rose and --- Asgaith 2:44
COBB, PERCILLA  18, Marion and
John D Slider  24, Marion
3/19/1867 by Rev E C Wright
John W State and H E Avery 3:205
CODER, MARY E  21, Conway and
Joseph A Ball  29, Conway
6/10/1852 at Conway
John Ball and Mary Ann Ball 2:68
COE, HARRIET J  22, Green Oak and
James Newsom  30, Commerce, Oakland
3/13/1869 at Handy by JP Ferris G Clements
Andrew F Sawyer, Green Oak and Frank B Reeves, Green Oak 3a:25
COE, MARY E  17, Hartland and
Francis M Albro  19, Green Oak
12/21/1861 at Hartland
Solomon Buchanan and Robert Coe 2:380
COFFIN, MARY CATHARINE  21, Fowlerville and
William Craig  23, Fowlerville
10/9/1870 at Fowlerville by Rev E H Brockyway
James Roberts, Fowlerville and Elizabeth Craig, Handy 3a:31
COHOON, ALICE  19, Plymouth, Wayne and
William O Chester  25, Springfield, ---, OH
11/13/1868 at Brighton by JP Herman C House
Robert Bigham, Brighton G Soule, Brighton 3a:12
COLBORN, BETSEY  21, Conway and
Frank M Devitt  21, Conway
1/1/1867 at Conway by Rev Thomas Lowden
Thomas A Laurie, Antrim and Louisa M Laurie, Antrim 3:202
COLBORN, EMILY  24, Conway and
Isaac T Gould  29, , Shiawassee
3/8/1866 at Conway by Rev Thomas Lowden
Louisa Colborn, Conway and Nancy Wood, Conway 3:140
COLBORN, HELEN M  29, Conway and
Jonathan D Wood  38, Conway
3/7/1867 by Rev Thomas Lowden
Byron Difendorf, Fowlerville and Huldah Difendorf, Fowlerville 3:201
COLBORN, HULDAH A  19, Conway and
Dr Byron Defendorf  26, Handy
12/27/1865 at house of J B Colborn, Conway by Rev Thomas Lawden
L Colborn and Justin Colborn 3:136
COLBORN, LOUISA  22, Conway and
Thomas A Lawrie  22, Hamilton, CD
3/19/1866 at Conway by Rev Thomas Lawden
Amos Colborn, Conway and Betsy Colborn, Conway 3:145
COLBORNE, ANN  21, Howell and
Azil Carpenter  33, Howell
10/15/1862 at Howell by JP Mylo L Gay
Mason Boice and Sarah Ann Boice 3:5
COLBY, JANE  36, ---, Ingham and
Marquis Dunkee  45, ---, Ingham
6/16/1867 at Fowlerville by JP R Fowler
Richard Patterson and Charlotte Patterson 3a:3
COLBY, JANE  36, ---, Ingham and
Marquis Durkee  45, ---, Ingham
6/16/1867 at Fowlerville by JP R Fowler
Richard Patterson, Ingham and Charlotte Patterson, Ingham 3a:19
COLE, CORDELIA  18, Tyrone and
Oscar Blood  23, Oceola
1/22/1860 by Rev Curtis David Mooher
George Preston and Ann Cleveland 2:387
COLE, CORNELIA  16, Genoa and
Justus B Towsley  21, Genoa
6/9/1861 by Rev George Jenks
Philip Hacker, Oceola and Sarah E Jenks, Genoa 2:308
COLE, FIDELIA E  20, Oceola and
Robert Walker  20, Oceola
1/1/1852 by Rev John G Horton
Sarah E Cole, Oceola and Lewis Walker, Oceola 2:53
COLE, FRANCES  17, Locke, Ingham and
John Nicholds  20, Locke, Ingham
7/4/1864 by JP Ralph Fowler
John Welcher and Walter Fowler 3:97
COLE, JANE  16, Genoa and
Albert Reels  23, Genoa
10/28/1855 by JP Herman C House
Joseph Cole and Elizabeth House 2:161
COLE, MARIA E  18, Conway and
William R Ludder  23, Portland, Ionia
9/26/1870 at Conway by Rev William N Bridenstine
George Hoyt, Marion and William Hoyt, Conway 3a:30
COLE, PRUDENCE  20, Oceola and
Jesse Parshall  27, Hartland
2/20/1850 by Rev J H Basco
Israel Parshall, Hartland and Lucinda Basco, Hartland 2:9
COLE, SOPHIA  52, Putnam and
Andrew Brockway  55, Putnam
12/2/1850 at Putnam
Caroline Chubb and Jasper House 2:26
COLE, SUSAN  25, Putnam and
Colin S Nash  31, Putnam
8/1/1850 by Rev B Bayn
Fanny Bayn, Putnam and E A Bayn, Putnam 2:18
COLEMAN, ELLEN  20, Pinckney and
William Jarvies  22, Pinckney
11/6/1854 at residence of Rev B H Hedger, Pinckney
John Blackburn, Pinckney and Mary Moran, Pinckney 2:138
COLEMAN, FANNELIA  20, Putnam and
George M Eurplee  28, Walden, Orange, NY
2/20/1856 by Rev John Fisk
Albert Coleman, Pinckney ---, Pinckney 2:170
COLEMAN, HATTIE A  24, Bristol IN and
Soloman Hilderbrandt  36, Howell
4/7/1863 at Howell by JP Daniel Case
Ira Brayton, Lansing and Patrick Sutterby, Lansing 3:23
COLEMAN, HELEN H  20, Putnam and
John Teeple  21, Putnam
12/25/1867 at Pinckney by Rev O J Perrin
Thompson Grimes, Putnam and Jacob Teeple, Putnam 3a:5
COLEMAN, LOUISA G  33, Conway and
Jacob H Davis  46, Conway
10/12/1869 at Conway by JP William P Stow
Wilbeine Dixon, Conway and Julia A Dixon, Conway 3a:22
COLEMAN, MAHALA A  23, Pinckney and
Willson D Fargo  29, Kalamazoo, ---
recorded 14 Aug 1865 by JP Eli Annis Annis
John Sigler and Meritt Rose 3:107
John Donahoe  28, Conway
10/22/1862 at house of J B Colborn JP
M F Stetson and Nellie M Colborn 3:17
COLLINS, ALLICE  22, Hamburg and
William M Power  28, Hamburg
12/31/1861 by Rev George Bachman
N L Embry and Luther Moon, Hamburg 2:370
COLLINS, ANNA S  25, Brighton and
George W Thompson  23, Brighton
11/22/1869 at Hartland by Rev F H Pouret
Michael Herington, Tyrone and E E Clinton, Hartland 3a:23
COLLINS, LOUISA A  Hamburg and
Silas Placeway  Hamburg
1/1/1867 by Rev O J Perrin
Norman Collins and William Placeway 3:191
COLLINS, MARIA  16, Handy and
Abel Coffee  25, Handy
10/21/1857 at Howell by JP Mylo Gay
James Rainny, Howell and Emily Rainny, Howell 2:227
COLLISTER, EVELINE A  26, Howell and
A A York  26, Howell
4/1/1855 by Rev O D W White
L C York and F D York 2:144
COMSEY, JULIA D  Eaton Rapids, --- and
John E Huston  Eaton Rapids, ---
1/14/1859 at Fowlerville by JP F D Fish
CONELY, MARY ELIZABETH  18, Brighton and
Milo Hill Beach  27, Brighton
11/20/1867 at Brighton by Rev Benjamin Franklin
Thomas J Conely, Brighton and Henry Conely, Brighton 3a:4
CONVERSE, ANNA  47, Oceola and
J G Norton  56, Oceola
11/16/1868 at Hartland by Rev A J Richards
William Lewis, Hartland and Mary Lewis, Hartland 3a:15
COOK, HARRIET  17, Hartland and
Charles B Haynes  24, Hartland
11/30/1869 at Parshallville by Rev William White
Richard Mare, Hartland and Lucy Haynes, Hartland 3a:24
COOK, HELLEN J  28, Hartland and
Nelson B Sherman  28, Fairgrove, ---
10/14/1868 at Hartland by Rev Joseph W Holt
George H Cook, Hartland and Araswell Lamb, Hartland 3a:21
COOK, MRS JENNIE  24, Howell and
Rosco Fowler  25, Howell
9/17/1868 at Putnam by Rev Oliver J Perrin
A Hinchey, Putnam and Mary C Hinchney, Putnam 3a:11
COOK, SARAH E  23, Northfield, Washtenaw and
Osbert Williams  34, Dexter, Washtenaw
12/25/1866 at Brighton by Rev David A Curtis
William H Cook and Thomas E Cook 3:193
COOK, SAVILLA  20, Howell and
Michael Voigt  36, Marion
11/7/1860 at Howell by JP Mylo Gay
F Willis and B T O Clark 2:321
COOL, HARRIET  23, Unadilla and
Wheeler Gaylord  28, Stockbridge, Ingham
10/13/1852 at house of John Cool, Unadilla by JP George W Richmond
William Dunn and William Cool 2:69
COOPER, MARTHA  17, White Oak, Ingham and
Simon F Munson  20, White Oak, Ingham
1/2/1859 at Pinckney by Rev William Benson
E Benson, Pinckney and John Marble, Pinckney 2:195
COOPER, MARY D  33, Howell and
W W Wells  35, Bay City, ---
1/14/1865 by JP Mylo L Gay
Smith Hardy, Oceola and James Ferguson, Howell 3:101
COPLIN, SARAH A  26, Cohoctah and
David Nutes  30, Cohoctah
12/26/1870 at Cohoctah by Rev Ashford Diamond
Henry Diamond and Amy Ferris 3a:31
Reuben Breed  57, Sylvan, ---
7/1/1852 at Unadilla
William Forshe and Loretta Forshe 2:73
CORNELL, MARY  19, Tyrone and
William H Westfall  23, Tyrone
3/17/1863 at Tyrone by Rev John G Horton
George Cornell, Tyrone and Sarah Cornell, Tyrone 3:25
CORNWELL, LUZELIA  18, Hartland and
Sidney Whalen  22, Hartland
12/22/1859 by Rev John G Horton
Josiah Morgan, Hartland and Avina Whalen, Hartland 2:299
George Hagardone  Green Oak
11/12/1862 at Green Oak by Rev Henry C Hurlbut
Marcus Brown and Matilda Brown 3:21
CORSON, BETSEY  0, Green Oak and
Jeremiah E Angell  Plymouth, Wayne
5/26/1850 at Green Oak
Robert Corson and Schuyler V N Hays 2:16
CORWIN, ALMINA  23, Hartland and
Hiram Colf  40, Hartland
2/1/1855 by Rev L W Wells
M B Lyon and M E Lyon 2:137
COSART, NANCY  20, Hartland and
John E Welch  22, Hartland
12/14/1857 at Hartland by Rev John Cosart
Edwin Andrews, Hartland and Ellen Andrews, Hartland 2:190
COTE, MARY L  23, Green Oak and
Eldad R Field  25, Green Oak
11/13/1862 by Rev John O Bancroft
Rufus Cate and Anne H Field 3:10
COTE, SUSAN J  38, Pinckney and
Andrew H Campbell  57, Chili, ---, NY
1/3/1867 at Pinckney by Rev E W Borden
Lauther Campbell, Pinckney and Elizabeth Campbell, Pinckney 3:196
COULSON, ELIZABETH SARAH  20, Linden, Genesee and
William Albert Hudson  21, Linden, Genesee
7/10/1870 at Unadilla by Rev N Newton
Samuel Ann Arbor Clements, Unadilla and Susie Newton, Unadilla 3a:28
COVERT, CAROLINE  22, Goshew, ---, IN and
Charles Stuart  25, Goshew, ---, IN
1/1/1857 at Hamburg by Rev William Benson
Emeline Dean and Henry Weller 2:194
CRAFT, MRS JULIA  58, Conway and
John B Britten  67, Genoa
4/22/1869 at Howell by Rev F W Warren
George Craft, Marion and Laura Craft, Marion 3a:17
CRAIG, MARY ANN  18, Handy and
Theodore Washburn  19, Howell
12/31/1863 at Handy by Rev J Kilpatrick
H Moore and Lamburt Williams 3:68
CRAIG, MARY  22, Unadilla and
Albert G Weston  22, Webster, Washtenaw
1/27/1869 at Unadilla by Rev Seward Osinger
James Craig and John Unadilla Dunning 3a:14
CRAMER, SARAH  19, Handy and
Francis M Stockwell  22, Handy
5/8/1859 at Williamsston by JP John B Haynes
William Collins and E S Harger 3:17
CRANDAL, NETTIE M  19, Howell and
Elisha F Allen  24, Howell
12/26/1869 at Howell by Rev J F Davidson
David Crandal, Howell and Caroline Crandal, Howell 3a:29
CRANDALL, ELIZABETH  19, Locke, Ingham and
Daniel Selfridge  36, Locke, Ingham
10/28/1861 at Cohoctah by JP S O Soule
J W Soule and J B Lorne 2:364
CRANDALL, MARY A  21, Howell and
John W Hardy  35, Howell
5/20/1866 at Howell by Rev William Tilley
John M Miller and Francis Miller 3:158
CRANDALL, MRS ELIZABETH J  33, South Lyons, Oakland and
John Thompson  27, South Lyons, Oakland
3/3/1864 at Cohoctah by Rev J R Gordon
Tisdale Walker and Mrs Isadore Walker 3:56
Charles Craner  Tuscola
5/29/1851 by Rev Louis Miller
Eliza Mills and Mary Mills 2:39
CRANSON, CELESTIA  25, Brighton and
William G Holdridge  29, Hartland
11/1/1865 at Brighton by Rev A E Marther
James Crawford, Milfore and Delia Johnson, Milford 3:120
CRANSON, ELIZABETH  21, Brighton and
Joseph Bird  24, Brighton
11/24/1858 at Brighton by Rev Charles Johnson
John Wood and John A Coosman 2:238
CRANSTON, ANN M  17, Hartland and
Alonzo Gleason  22, Fenton, Genesee
6/3/1854 by JP Peter Russell
Lafayette Chase, Tyrone and Lyman Hays, Hartland 2:113
CRANSTON, ISABEL  19, Tyrone and
Madison Murphy  22, Tyrone
10/30/1862 at Tyrone by JP John W Ingram
CRANSTON, MARY E  21, Tyrone and
John M Safford  22, Tyrone
2/16/1868 at Tyrone by JP John C Salsberry
Harrison Chase, Tyrone and Thomas V Carmer, Tyrone 3a:7
CRAWFORD, IRENE  20, Tuscola and
George Chambers  23, Tuscola
7/28/1855 by JP Luther Pratt
H Brigam, Tuscola and M Lesley, Tuscola 2:161
CRAWFORD, TRIFENA  19, Tyrone and
Charles Thomas  20, Tyrone
11/4/1867 at Jackson Corners by JP William Beasner
Adelbert Holinbeck and Mrs R H Beamer, Tyrone 3a:3
CREAMER, REBECCA  24, Deerfield and
Timothy Chase  32, Deerfield
1/31/1853 by Rev A May
CRIPPEN, EMA  16, Brighton and
Peter Ackeman  20, Genoa
12/25/1860 at Brighton
A P Dickenson 2:337
CRIPPEN, EMMA A  21, Brighton and
Darwin Smith  22, Coldwater, Branch
12/27/1866 at Howell by Rev William Tilley
Ansell Crippen and Mavilla Crippen 3:197
CRISPILL, ABIGAIL J  16, Tyrone and
Robert Graham  27, Hartland
9/16/1858 by JP Daniel Rich
Samuel Mapes and Susan Mapes 2:242
E Wilson Hardy  22, Oceola
3/29/1870 at Hartland by Rev A J Richards
L Wright, Hartland and Mary Crittenden, Oceola 3a:26
CRITTENDEN, MARY M  21, Oceola and
Allen C Wright  26, Hartland
5/19/1870 at Oceola by Rev A J Richards
E W Hardy, Oceola and A C Hardy, Oceola 3a:29
CROCK, ELIZABETH  21, Genoa and
Conrad Birkenstock  25, Genoa
8/4/1867 by Rev C S Meyres
Joe Birkenstock 3:225
CROFOOT, JENNIE  24, Putnam and
William Henry Kennedy  26, Putnam
6/25/1868 at Howell by Rev J S Borden
W J Mills, Howell and B C Bush, Howell 3a:9
CROP, CATHARINE E  25, Rose, Oakland and
Thomas Neal  54, Bloomfield, Oakland
4/9/1859 at Brighton by Rev Ira Warner
Fanny Warner, Brighton and Rebecca Stoner, Brighton 2:260
CROSMAN, HARRIET O  18, Brighton and
Loron B White  27, Putnam
8/24/1856 at Unadilla by JP J S Field
William Sharp and Maria B Field 2:179
CROSSLEY, HARRIET  20, Stockbridge, Ingham and
Alfred L Cobb  25, Unadilla
4/10/1868 at Howell by Rev F W Warner
Benjamin Crossley, Stockbridge and Sarah Kirkland, Iosco 3a:8
CROUSE, AMELIA  20, Brighton and
Stephen Winkler  27, Brighton
5/19/1859 by Rev Ira Warner
Christopher Crouse and Benjamin Morgan 2:264
CROUSE, EFFIE S  20, Hartland and
Charles L Lull  25, Bridge Point, ---
11/11/1868 at Hartland by Rev O H P Green
Henry P Crouse, Hartland and George H Crouse, Hartland 3a:12
CROUSE, EMMA C  19, Brighton and
Francis D Rogers  27, Brighton
4/12/1868 at Howell by Rev William Tilley
Ransome M Filmore, Brighton and Viola A Filmore, Brighton 3a:8
CROUSE, HANNAH D  22, Brighton and
James B McDonald  42, Locke, Ingham
11/27/1862 by Rev John O Bancroft
John Crouse and Mary Crouse 3:10
CROUT, MARY E  17, Brighton and
Charles E Durfee  21, Brighton
2/23/1869 at Brighton by Rev Ira Warner
John Jones, Brighton and Henry Crout, Brighton 3a:16
CRULS, EMMY  16, Genoa and
John Rapson  26, Genoa
11/10/1859 by JP O H Winegar
Horace Burgess and A A Winegar 2:291
CULVER, MARION T  Hamburg and
James Van Horn  Hamburg
9/21/1864 at Hamburg by Rev H W Horton
Mary H Horton and Charles Holister 3:208
CULVER, SARAH  16, Howell and
Lewis C Tupper  21, Howell
3/25/1865 at Howell by JP Mylo L Gay
Harvey Brockway, Howell and Mrs Barrett, Howell 3:216
CUNNINGHAM, FANNIE E  17, Hamburg and
Edwin David Butler  27, Hamburg
2/22/1869 at Hamburg by Rev Joseph Frazer
Henry Olsonn, Hamburg and Jas Cunningham, Hamburg 3a:17
CUNNINGHAM, JENNIE C  22, Hamburg and
Henry M Olsaver  27, Green Oak
10/30/1867 at Hamburg by Rev Albert C Lewis
William Olsaver, Green Oak and J Cunningham, Hamburg 3a:2
Oliver Earl  22, Oceola
2/18/1851 by JP Thomas Goldsmith
John Curran, Oceola and Holland Hosley, Tuscola 2:33
CURTIS, CARNILIA  16, Howell and
Winton B Brooks  27, Marion
1/31/1870 at Howell by Rev J S Boyden
William Goodrich, Howell and Augusta Pinckney, Howell 3a:25
CURTIS, EUGENIA C  19, Genoa and
William W Carpenter  24, Manistee, ---
6/30/1862 at Genoa by Rev George Bachman
Ameana West and Mary Bachman 2:296
CURTIS, JUSTINA M  16, Handy and
Enos Soule  28, Handy
12/14/1854 at house of John Appleton Brighton by JP Ira W Case
Albert Tanner, Handy and Lewis Wright, Handy 2:134
CURTIS, MARY E  Howell and
Ino Z Mason  Howell
1/1/1851 by Rev H Root
Benjamin Curtis and Sarah Hambrance 2:32
CURTIS, PARMELIA G  17, Handy and
Permenia N Adams  22, 
10/27/1859 at Conway
Dwight Gaston and Sarah Gaston 2:289
CUST, MARY I  30, Hamburg and
Buck Adolph  28, Hamburg
9/29/1863 at Hamburg by Rev George O Beachman
S F Hubbell and M L Gay 3:38
CUSTEROUT, SARAH  21, Webster, Washtenaw and
Morris Decamp  21, Webster, Washtenaw
2/22/1857 at Hamburg by JP Ferdinand Grisson
G G Grisson, Hamburg and Hiram Dewolf, Hamburg 2:198
CUTHBURT, SARAH M  20, Tyrone and
Oscar Johnston  23, Tyrone
12/25/1851 at Tyrone by JP John Ingram
John Sykes, Tyrone and William Johnston, Tyrone 2:50
CUTLER, MARY JANE  18, Ann Arbor, Washtenaw and
Andrew Sweegles  24, Ann Arbor, Washtenaw
2/21/1853 at Hamburg by JP Ferdinand Grisson
John Bennett and Polly Bennett 2:78
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