1850-1870 Marriages by Bride: E

Line 1: Bride's Name, Age and Residence
Line 2: Groom's Name, Age and Residence
Line 3: Marriage Date and Place; Person perfoming marriage
Line 4: Witnesses                                                                 Volume Number:Page Number
EAGER, MARY J  18, Oceola and
David C Young  26, Oceola
2/1/1870 at Oceola by Rev G L Foster
Jacob M Eager, Howell and E E P Foster, Howell 3a:25
EARL, LYDIA MERANDA  20, Howell and
Howard E Glover  21, Howell
8/1/1870 at Howell by Rev George Jenks
James Bush, Howell and Addie Bush, Howell 3a:29
EARL, OLIVE M  27, Genoa and
Thomas J Coulsy  28, Brighton
6/17/1870 at Genoa by Rev George W Jenks
George W Earl, Genoa and Martha Rhodes, Genoa 3a:28
EASTON, VIMA C  18, Handy and
L C Kanouse  22, Cohoctah
7/10/1864 at Handy by Rev J Kilpatrick
Dwight Easton and Sarah Easton 3:70
EDDY, FIDELIA S  22, Brighton and
Ira W Case  31, Brighton
2/16/1853 at home of Caleb Power by Rev C Osborne
Mr Caleb Power, Brighton and Mrs Eliza Power, Brighton 2:74
EDGAR, NANCY  24, Brighton and
Charles Gillingham  22, Hartland
10/17/1850 at house of Robert Edgar Brighton by Rev F Britten
William Seed, Brighton and Mary Seed, Brighton 2:26
EDGLEY, ELIZABETH  50, Oceola and
Francis Fogdell  53, Oceola
7/4/1858 at Oceola by Rev John Horten
William Holmes, Oceola and Eliza Selchfield, Howell 2:230
EDMENS, JANE  24, Oceola and
Edwin E Wilcox  26, Oceola
11/14/1867 at Oceola by Rev William Tilley
James Edmens, Oceola and Mary Hughs, Oceola 3a:2
EGGLESON, ADELIA  20, Putnam and
Delos Chappell  26, Putnam
8/20/1860 at house of W S Gardner Pinckney by Rev Ira Donelson
W S Gardner, Pinckney and Ararh Gardner, Pinckney 2:319
EGGLESTON, LOUISA  18, Locke, Ingham and
Israel G Atkins  23, Locke, Ingham
7/4/1869 at Conway by Rev Thomas Lowden
Mrs Sarah Ancerson, Conway and Rpbert Anderson, Conway 3a:22
ELDRIDGE, MARTHA I  19, Putnam and
Henry Crump  35, Detroit, Wayne
12/3/1866 at Putnam by JP J W Hinchey
William A Sprout, Putnam and Mary L Eldridge, Putnam 3:127
Edward Smithson  30, 
4/30/1865 by JP Eli Annis
James Spears and Freeman Webb 3:108
ELLIA, CLEANTHA A  22, Cohoctah and
Thomas Shelden Robinson  18, Green Oak
12/22/1868 at Howell by Rev J S Borden
A P Dickenson, Howell and Mary E Rubent, Howell 3a:13
ELLIOT, BETSY A  24, Oceola and
Lucius E Riddle  25, Oceola
12/14/1859 at Howell by Rev Robert McBride
Alice McBride, Howell and Mary Gale, Genoa 2:288
ELLIOT, MARY JANE  18, Fowlerville and
James L Collins  22, Fowlerville
7/2/1868 at Fowlerville by Rev R C Crane
Abram Stickles, Fowlerville and Munritte Elliott, Fowlerville 3a:9
ELLIOT, MARYETTA  21, Fowlerville and
Augustus G Dryer  36, Laingsburgh, Shiawassee
12/31/1869 at Fowlerville by JP George W Palmerton
James L Collins, Fowlerville and James Collins, Fowlerville 3a:24
ELLIOTT, MARY ANN  21, Fowlerville and
Thomas J Smith  40, Handy
12/15/1867 at Fowlerville by JP R Fowler
James L Collins, Fowlerville and Mary J Elliott, Fowlerville 3a:3
ELLIOTT, MARY ANN  21, Fowlerville and
Thomas T Smith  40, Handy
12/15/1867 at Fowlerville by JP R Fowler
James Collins, Fowlerville and Mary J Elliott, Fowlerville 3a:19
ELLIS, LADOPHA M  20, Cohoctah and
Marshall Betterly  25, Cohoctah
10/4/1868 at Cohoctah by Rev Joseph W Holt
A S Rhodes, Burnes and Giles Borden, Burns 3a:20
ELLIS, SARAH  21, Tuscola and
Peter Lott  24, Tuscola
5/30/1853 by JP Jacob Kanouse
Sarah Bennett and M Ellis 2:83
ELLSWORTH, ADALINE E  23, Cohoctah and
James E Agnew  22, Cohoctah
10/21/1860 at Cohoctah
Moses Jones and James Devlyn 2:340
ELLSWORTH, ANNY C  28, Deerfield and
Robert Sanders  45, Tuscola
4/9/1853 by JP John Anderson
Alvin Jones, Deerfield and Hiram Stoddard, Deerfield 2:81
ELLSWORTH, MARY M  22, Marion and
Henry R Goodrich  24, Putnam
10/12/1866 at Marion by JP George Coleman
E D Thompson and Atlanta Ellsworth 3:164
ELSWORTH, MARIAH  18, Tuscola and
John Unbaham  28, Tuscola
7/31/1852 by Rev William Peck
Frederick Hyne, Tuscola and Israel Elsworth, Tuscola 2:94
ELSY, ELIZA S  17, Marion and
Philo W Miller  21, Marion
7/4/1854 at Marion by Rev Eli Westlake
Joseph Brown, Marion and Rosetta Brown, Marion 2:118
EMERY, ELIZABETH  21, Marion and
J Elliot Stedman  23, Genoa
10/5/1854 by Rev William Stedman
Edwin Stedman and Emily Emery 2:128
EMERY, EMILY  23, Marion and
Edward Parker  33, Oceola
11/13/1859 at Marion by Rev E R Hascall
William Stedman and Jane Stedman 2:283
ENO, ELIZA A  22, Milford, Oakland and
George H Lenox  24, Minninton, ---
7/5/1870 at Brighton by Rev J Clack
Mary M Clack, Brighton and Libbie Eno, Milford 3a:40
ESLER, ALICE W  22, Brighton and
Reuben Wood  28, Grand Ledge, Eaton
5/13/1854 by Rev William Esler
Isaac Smith, Green Oak and James Lee, Brighton 2:120
EULER, ANN MARIA  20, Genoa and
Philip Rudolph Wingler  22, Genoa
3/18/1858 by Rev Edwar A Buck
J A Meyer, Genoa and Conrad Schonhals, Genoa 2:224
EULER, ANNA  31, Genoa and
Marquis Brown  31, Oceola
12/8/1861 by Dr John R___
Andrew Burkhart and William Beurman 2:369
EULER, CATHARINE  21, Genoa and
Fred C J Sturberg  30, Brighton
4/27/1856 by Rev E Buck
Diedrick Behrens, Genoa and Johann Kitendorf, Genoa 2:173
EULER, MARGARETTE M  18, Genoa and
Andrew C Pless  29, Genoa
5/31/1860 by Rev Robert McBride
L D Fish, Brighton and George Fowler, Brighton 2:307
EULER, PHILIPINE  22, Genoa and
Frederick Steuble  24, Genoa
9/26/1861 by Rev John Reichman
Andrew Bonkard and W Reichman 2:369
EVANS, MARTHA M  18, Conway and
Charles Coleman  32, Conway
11/5/1855 by JP Samuel Ball
John Ball and Mary Ann Ball 2:164
EVENS, HARRIET L  19, Handy and
William E Fulford  23, Fowlerville
5/13/1861 at Handy by Rev J H Caster
W H Evens, Handy and Marion Rose, Handy 2:356
William Beattie  52, Genoa
1/1/1853 at Genoa
Henry Wright and Thomas Brown 2:70
EVNER, LUANA  30, Hartland and
Ademjah Lewis  50, Hartland
3/7/1862 at Howell by JP Mylo Gay
George Graham and Rebecca Graham 2:376
EVNSBERY, BARBRY  18, Brighton and
Augustus Westphal  22, Genoa
5/6/1855 by JP Henry Hartman
Charles Hyne, Genoa and Godfrey Westphal, Genoa 2:149
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