1850-1870 Marriages by Bride: F

Line 1: Bride's Name, Age and Residence
Line 2: Groom's Name, Age and Residence
Line 3: Marriage Date and Place; Person perfoming marriage
Line 4: Witnesses                                                                 Volume Number:Page Number
FAIL, ELVYRA  31, Genoa and
German Wilbur  49, Howell
9/20/1851 by JP C W Burwell
Minerva Bush and E Burwell 2:45
FAIRBANK, ANNA E  18, Williamston, Ingham and
Alansing A Woodruff  22, Williamston, Ingham
12/30/1868 at Howell by Rev F W Warren
Frank Potter, Howell and Mrs Mary Soper, Howell 3a:13
FAIRBANKS, AMANDA  23, Hartland and
Orlando Clary  30, Highland, Oakland
10/12/1859 at Hartland by JP James Rich
A Hull, Hartland and Alan Fellows, Hartland 2:290
FAIRBANKS, HARRIET A  17, Cohoctah and
Jacob De Forest  28, , Ingham
4/16/1866 at Cohoctah by JP George Cameron
M Thacter, Cohoctah and Jerome Fairbanks, Cohoctah 3:159
FAIRCHILD, HANNAH A  18, Marion and
Nathaniel Chilson  25, Covington, Wyoming, NY
11/15/1856 by Rev Henry Banwell
Ezra Fairchild and Ezra Chilson 2:182
FARBLE, ANN ELIZA  18, Putnam and
Marcus Annis  21, Putnam
10/2/1850 at Putnam
Ezra Fairchild and Elizabeth Fairchild 2:19
FARER, MARY E  39, Fentonville, Genesee and
Isaac Wolverton  43, Argentine, Genesee
12/1/1859 at house of J L Wolverton, Tyrone by Rev J E Castor
B C Cook and J L Wolverton 2:293
FARNUM, ADELADE  23, Putnam and
John Sanford Jenkins  22, Putnam
1/14/1868 at Putnam by Rev Seward Osinger
Nelson Jenkins, Putnam and Tate Watson, Putnam 3a:5
FARNUM, MAY  16, Tyrone and
William F Smith  20, Tyrone
2/19/1870 at Tyrone by JP William Beaman
S Beaman and Evaline Beaman 3a:31
FAUCETT, ANN E  21, Deerfield and
John Jordan  28, Oceola
1/1/1867 at Howell by JP Mylo L Gay
Mrs H Winship, Howell and Mary E McKay, Howell 3:217
FAULK, ELLA M  18, Marion and
Adelbert Betterly  27, Burns, Shiawassee
12/24/1868 at Howell by Rev F W Warren
Mrs L L Warren, Howell and Miss Mary E Warren, Howell 3a:13
FAULK, LOTTIE  23, Marion and
James P La Maure  26, Howell
12/21/1869 at Howell by Rev J F Davison
J F Davison, Howell and Mrs J A Davison, Howell 3a:29
J  19, Marion and
Benjamin Slider  28, Iosco
9/13/1858 by Rev P C Dayfoot
John Iosco Slider, Marion and Mary Faulk, Marion 2:233
FAULK, MARY A  24, Marion and
William McCarty  28, Crabapple, Barry
8/14/1867 at Marion by Rev H O Parker
John D Faulk, Marion and Elizabeth McCarty, Crabapple 3:223
FAULK, MARY A  24, Marion and
William N McCarty  28, Thornapple, ---
8/14/1867 at Marion by Rev H O Parker
John O Faulk, Marion and Elizabeth McCarty, Marion 3a:3
FAWL, CATHARINE  18, Argentine, Genesee and
George Casgrove  25, Byron, Shiawassee
10/20/1867 at Cohoctah by JP Michael Thatcher
Abbie P Sears, Cohoctah and Polinee Dowers, Cohoctah 3a:1
FAY, JENNY E  20, Cohoctah and
Charles P Hamilton  22, Green Oak
2/6/1864 at Howell by JP Mylo L Gay
George O Bachman and Ed Angell 3:67
FEAL, HULDAH M  23, Conway and
Alvin Stage  28, Conway
12/1/1867 at Conway by JP William P Stow
Chancey Merrets, Conway and Hannah J Harmon, Handy 3a:3
FELLOWS, ESTER M  17, Hartland and
Albert L Hathaway  22, Hartland
8/24/1854 by Rev John Horton
Robert Crouse, Hartland and Bela Fenner, Deerfield 2:120
FELPS, CHARLOTY  24, Genoa and
Josiah Sharp  19, Genoa
11/9/1862 by Rev William Steadman
William Sharp and Huldah Sharp 3:18
Phineas Steward  60, Howell
12/7/1863 at Howell by JP Daniel Case
Samantha Diamon and Andella S Case 3:45
FERGUSON, FANNY  35, Unadilla and
John Calhir Stedman  62, Unadilla
2/20/1869 at Williamsville by Rev E H Brockway
Fidelia S Brockway, Unadilla and Isabell M Ferguson, Unadilla 3a:14
FERGUSON, LUCINDA  19, Brighton and
Homer A Beach  33, Tuscola
12/16/1858 at home of Jesse Ferguson, Brighton by JP James W Beach
Samuel Ferguson, Brighton and Joy Ferguson, Brighton 2:245
FERGUSON, POLLY  32, Oceola and
Levi Morris  39, , Shiawassee
1/28/1861 Joseph Blinston
F Van Van Heuren, Oceola and Mary Van Heuren, Oceola 2:295
FERNELL, EMILY  32, Brighton and
James W Hayes  32, Brighton
12/16/1850 at house of Isaac Tuttle, Brighton by JP Ira W Case
Isaac Tuttle, Brighton and Clarissa Tuttle, Brighton 2:38
FERRY, ELIZA M  17, Hartland and
Jesse Lambert  21, Fenton, Genesee
6/21/1859 by JP Daniel Rich
G F Lemon, Hartland and Robert Graham, Hartland 2:214
FERRY, JANE W  18, Hartland and
Charles Tenney  20, Northfield, Washtenaw
1/16/1859 by JP Nelson Stevens
Eliza Lambert, Hartland and William Ferry, Hartland 2:259
Orville S Cohoon  32, Nova, ---, IL
1/26/1865 by Rev George O Bauchman
E Field and William Brockway 3:86
FIELD, JANE  19, Waterloo, Jackson and
William B Craig  26, Stockbridge, Ingham
10/5/1868 at Unadilla by Rev James Pyper
William Craig, Stockbridge and William Pyper, Unadilla 3a:16
FIELDS, HARRIETTE  19, Putnam and
Frederick Miles  27, Grass Lake, Jackson
12/31/1862 by JP Eli S Babcock
Alonzo Fields and Catherine Fields 3:16
FILMORE, MARY ANN  19, Brighton and
Daniel D Kingsbury  26, Brighton
3/14/1867 by Rev Benjamin Franklin
George C Tanner, Brighton and Clarissa Tanner, Brighton 3:200
FISH, SUSAN C  22, Handy and
Lorenzo Lawrence  23, Handy
10/4/1860 at home of Jerome Clark, Handy by JP Jerome Clark
Orson Church, Handy and Sally Shurch, Handy 3:231
FISHBECK, ALMA  19, Genoa and
Martin Jessup  27, Ingham, Ingham
6/8/1861 at Pinckney by JP J M ---
Jane Fay, Putnam and Thomas Gronell, Putnam 2:358
FISHER, CAROLINE  18, Conway and
John Crofford  27, Tuscola
11/12/1851 by JP Martin Randall
Mr Seburn, Conway and Mrs Seburn, Conway 2:49
John L Heinrich  , GR
12/26/1865 by Rev C F Worth
Mr Shilling, Cohoctah and Mrs Shilling, Cohoctah 3:137
FISHER, CORDELIA  21, Tuscola and
Edward H Fisher  25, Tuscola
3/2/1853 by Rev Alvin Crittenden
John B Fisheer, Tuscola and Esther M Fisher, Tuscola 2:75
FISHER, EPSHIE A  36, Green Oak and
William H Valentine  39, Brighton
11/3/1869 at Green Oak by Rev William J Clack
Edward W Dewey, Green Oak and Ada Wines, Green Oak 3a:25
FISHER, NANCY M  21, Cohoctah and
John J Barlow  24, Cohoctah
9/22/1867 at Brighton by JP Herman C House
Henry C Bewell, Cohoctah and Harriet J Barlow, Cohoctah 3a:1
FISHER, PAULINA  27, Tuscola and
Amos Stilson  23, Tuscola
5/14/1851 by Rev Alvin Crittenden
Jane Crittenden and Abigail Stevens 2:34
FISHER, ROXCENY  23, Cohoctah and
Charles C Peckens  23, Cohoctah
5/17/1863 at house of Mrs Fisher, Cohoctah by Rev J C Sawyer
Joseph Fisher and Susan Peckens 3:34
FISHER, SARAH A  20, Tuscola and
Alonzo Blood  24, Deerfield
3/12/1854 by JP Thomas Goldsmith
Esther Fisher, Tuscola and Alva Blood, Deerfield 2:116
FISK, SARAH J  18, Putnam and
John G Chalker  25, Putnam
3/11/1870 at Unadilla by Rev S O Singer
S O Dunham, Plainfield and Mrs S O Singer, Unadilla 3a:25
FITCH, ELVINA N  28, Marion and
James B Wing  32, Marion
3/24/1864 at Marion by Rev P C Dayfoot
Lewis Fitch, Marion and Mary Wing, Marion 3:62
FITCH, MARYETTE  21, Marion and
Stephen Miles  23, Marion
5/27/1855 by Rev R T Kellogg
George W Smock and A E Smock 3:234
FITZGERALD, ELLEN  19, Howell and
John Hendricks  24, Howell
5/14/1865 at Howell by Rev H O Parker
William Stackfield, Howell and Jennie Fitzgerald, Howell 3:116
Gilbert F Everts  23, Rose, Oakland
9/23/1866 at house of Mr Fletcher, Tyrone by Rev P C Dayfoot
Charles House, Rose and Angent House, Rose 3:166
FLETCHER, MARGARET L  23, Tyrone and
Henry B Street  28, Tyrone
10/14/1868 at Tyrone by Rev J R Haskins
Frances L Case, Tyrone and Myron A Doolittle, Locke 3a:11
FOGLE, LOVINA  19, Royalton, OH and
John Adolph Meyer  30, Genoa
2/18/1864 at house M L Meyer by Rev C L Meyer
Hattie Meyer and L Meyer 3:55
FONDA, FANNY E  24, Brighton and
Charles A Holdridge  32, Brighton
11/9/1865 at Brighton by Rev Albert C Lewis
Herbert A Lee and Maggie Soule 3:122
FONDA, SOPHIA  23, Brighton and
George B English  29, New York, New York, NY
1/23/1859 at Brighton by Rev William King
S B Fonda, Brighton and John O Fonda, Brighton 2:258
George P Day  
5/1/1850 at Jacksonville Tompkins NY by Rev O F Comfort
Anna Troop and Sarah Troop 3:122
FOSDICK, ESTHER  26, Saline, Washtenaw and
Charles Fosdick  25, Saline, Washtenaw
2/24/1859 by Rev William King
FOSTER, AUGUSTA  45, Oceola and
Benjamin B Durfee  55, Oceola
6/11/1856 by Rev John G Horton
Eveline Horton, Oceola and Albert R Cary, Hartland 2:177
FOSTER, FRANCLER L  20, Iosco and
William M Hart  24, Iosco
12/31/1870 at Howell by Rev G L Foster
Nathan A Fool and Lucy M Dew 3a:32
FOSTER, ISORA  18, Hartland and
Holden Hagil  21, Hartland
4/18/1869 at Brighton by JP Benjamin T O Clark
Robert Bigham, Brighton and Milton G Horton, Brighton 3a:19
Ellis ---  
FOUNDSON, ELIZABETH  21, Brighton and
Frederick Prior  26, Milford, Oakland
2/28/1867 by Rev Benjamin Franklin
Henry T Ross, Brighton and Alma S Ross, Brighton 3:199
FOWLER, JOANNA  18, Handy and
George W Palmerton  21, Handy
12/16/1859 at Fowlerville by Rev H L Dean
David Lewis, Howell and G W Fowler, Handy 2:212
FOWLER, MELINDA V  16, Handy and
Urias Fairchild  36, Howell
6/2/1865 at Howell by JP L K Hewitt
John McIntyre, Howell and Elmer Holloway, Howell 3:105
FOX, HULDAH  22, Handy and
David Bowen  24, Handy
3/7/1863 at Iosco by JP Eli S Babcock
John Babcock and Mary Babcock 3:21
FOX, JENETTE A  28, Howell and
Lorenzo H Sullivan  28, Howell
9/21/1868 at Howell by JP Daniel Case
Alonzo Fowler, Howell and Polly M Fowler, Howell 3a:12
FRANCIS, ANN  19, Pinckney and
James E White  29, Pinckney
8/13/1864 at Pinckney by JP F S Rose
Sheldon Gardner, Pinckney and Maria Plymton, Pinckney 3a:31
FRANCIS, MARIA E  20, Putnam and
Charles N Plymton  25, Putnam
12/6/1861 at Pinckney by JP J M Eamon
John Sykes and Harriet Sykes 2:381
FRANKS, HANNAH  19, Conway and
Jeremiah Casady  24, Conway
6/10/1866 at Handy by JP Nelson B Green
Orville W Green and Joseph Franks 3:156
FRASER, HULDAH  17, Iosco and
Jarvis W Miller  19, Iosco
2/14/1867 at Howell by JP Mylo L Gay
Chauncy Smith and Aurilla Miller, Iosco 3:217
FRAZEMAN, JANE  17, Deerfield and
Robert McMillen  23, Cohoctah
10/6/1861 at Hartland by JP Augustine Fox
B W Fox, Hartland and A C ---, Deerfield 2:388
FRAZER, JANET  26, Warsaw, Wyoming, NY and
William H King  33, Handy
2/8/1854 by Rev E E Gregory
Israel King, Handy and Samuel Hibbard, Handy 2:98
William Munsell  24, Iosco
3/31/1866 at Howell by Rev H O Parker
J J Harvey, Howell and Hariett Gilchrist, Howell 3:186
FRENCH, C  25, Putnam and
Darwin Carr  25, Putnam
5/30/1850 at Unadilla by Rev B Bayn
James Bullis, Unadilla and F A Bayn, Unadilla 2:14
FRENCH, MARY  29, Putnam and
William Parks  44, Ingham, Ingham
3/30/1854 at house of Rollin Webb, Putnam by Rev B Bayne
Rollin Webb and Rhoda Webb 2:109
FRINK, SARAH R  57, Howell and
Oney Davis  57, Little Falls, ---, NY
7/10/1867 at Howell by Rev Joel Kennedy
J M Pebbles, Howell and C Chapin, Howell 3:212
FRY, CHARLOTTE A  27, Oceola and
John M C Bennett  29, Ovice, Clinton
10/8/1860 at Oceola by Rev F G Dayfoot
Morris Bennett, Howell and Horace Fry, Oceola 2:323
FULFORD, DRUSILLA  15, Unadilla and
George R Ball  23, Unadilla
3/6/1861 at Unadilla by JP J L Field
Harris Fulford and Royal Barnum 2:343
FULLER, ASTHUSA J  24, Conway and
Franklin J Kelsey  26, Tyrone
1/12/1869 at Conway by Rev Orlando Sanbuer
Byron Bostick, Byron and Delia A Bostick, Byron 3a:17
FULLER, HANNAH L  24, Howell and
Mathew Mynihan  33, Howell
8/4/1865 at Brighton by Rev Joseph L Sutton
H W Pipp and E E Pipp 3:108
FULLER, HARRIET  24, Oceola and
George Brown  25, Oceola
8/11/1867 at Howell by JP Daniel Case
Jocob Fuller, Oceola and Oletta Fuller, Oceola 3:222
FULLER, HARRIETT  19, Howell and
Emerson Bennett  21, Howell
4/23/1865 by JP William Lake
Francis Henry and Maria L Lake 3:94
FULLER, JANE  22, Brighton and
William Sidell  26, New Hudson, Oakland
10/8/1862 at Brighton by Rev R G McCarthy
J G Spencer and L S Spencer 3:5
FULLER, LYDIA J  20, Howell and
Galen O Philips  23, Howell
8/14/1863 at Howell by JP Daniel Case
Warren A Fuller, Howell and Harriet Fuller, Howell 3:35
FULLER, MARY  21, Brighton and
George W Smith  22, Brighton
7/4/1855 at Brighton by Rev Joseph Alwood
Nelson Fuller and Martin Fuller 3:89
FULLER, MRS SUSAN A  34, Conway and
John C Miller  37, Conway
11/30/1867 at Howell by JP Mylo L Gay
Peter R S Wity, Oceola and Ed Marsh, Howell 3a:3
FULLER, SARAH B  38, Brighton and
George F McEwan  51, Unadilla
7/15/1862 at Brighton by Rev R G McCarthy
Mrs Alvira Galuly, Brighton and Mrs Frances W Kimbrick, Brighton 3:1
FUNSCH, CAROLINE  18, Genoa and
Lewis Euler  30, Genoa
4/24/1870 at Genoa by Rev W Kramer
Henry Hartman, Genoa and Matilda Funsch, Genoa 3a:27
Allen O Haven  23, Iosco
9/16/1857 at Howell by JP Mylo Gay
Furgeson James Iosco, Putnam and Catharine Green, Putnam 2:226
FURGESON, MARY E  21, Brighton and
Alden B Palmer  25, Brighton
5/15/1870 at Howell by Rev J F Davison
Mrs J F Davison, Howell and J A Davison, Howell 3a:29
FURGOYSON, FRANCES E  16, Dexter, Washtenaw and
Frank C Martin  22, Putnam
8/25/1862 at Unadilla by JP Daniel Wright
Jane E Wright, Iosco and Frances A Noble, Iosco 3:54
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