1850-1870 Marriages by Bride: G

Line 1: Bride's Name, Age and Residence
Line 2: Groom's Name, Age and Residence
Line 3: Marriage Date and Place; Person perfoming marriage
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GAGE, LEMIRCE M  26, Brighton and
James W Edgar  25, Brighton
1/3/1870 at Green Oak by Rev L C Hodson
Matilda Edgar, Brighton and Alvah Gage, Green Oak 3a:24
GAGE, SARAH ANN  16, Green Oak and
Henry Smith  21, Green Oak
3/22/1854 at Green Oak by Rev A W Curtie
Ferris Clemnets, Green Oak and Sidney Munsell, Green Oak 2:105
GALAGAN, MARGARETT  16, Tuscola and
John McNelly  25, Bennington, Shiawassee
2/9/1867 at Tuscola by JP Luther Pratt
Edward Downer, Tuscola and James Galagan, Tuscola 2:201
GALE, LANNY A  Caledonia, Shiawassee and
Robert H Barton  24, Newago, ---
11/3/1861 at Deerfield by JP Augustus Fox
Isaac Merrill, Oceola and Robert Chambers, Deerfield 2:388
GALE, MARY L  30, Genoa and
Mark Barnard  31, Conway
10/12/1865 at Genoa by Rev David A Curtis
David Barnard and Adelide Barnard 3:131
GALIZER, MAGIE  25, Howell and
Andrew J Rumsey  29, Howell
7/21/1869 at Brighton by JP Benjamin T O Clark
Robert Bigham, Brighton and Malinda Bigham, Brighton 3a:19
GALLOWAY, ANN  24, Green Oak and
William C Brockway  27, Green Oak
1/1/1851 at Green Oak
George Galloway and William Haight 2:32
GALLOWAY, ELIZABETH  20, Hamburg and
Edwin B Winans  25, Roughpam Ready, ---, CA
9/4/1855 by Rev William Henner
Stephen Galloway and Sarah Galloway 2:163
GALLOWAY, KATE  18, Green Oak and
Charles Harrison  27, Flint, Genesee
12/21/1867 at Green Oak by Rev David A Curtis
Alonzo Aleaver, Webster and Ella M Welloose, Green Oak 3a:4
GALLOWAY, SARAH  24, Hamburg and
Milton W Reynolds  23, Nebraska City, ---, NB
6/14/1858 by Rev Elijah Pilcher
Edward Winans, Hamburg and Elizabeth Winans, Hamburg 2:226
GANNON, ELENOR  Hamburg and
Abraham Taylor  Unadilla
2/4/1867 by Rev O J Perrin
John Fulmer and John Howard 3:195
GANNON, MARY  28, Deerfield and
Patrick Conklin  Deerfield
2/3/1868 at St John's Church Oceola by Rev F H Pouriet
Thomas McGuire, McGuire Mary, Oceola 3a:7
GARDNER, CAROLINE  18, Deerfield and
Michael Bromtserton  26, Deerfield
5/12/1867 by JP Simeon Kittle
John Black and Emery Fredenburg 3:222
GARDNER, JANE  26, Tyrone and
Judson A Fish  32, Tyrone
2/22/1866 at Tyrone by Rev O H P Green
Peter Becker, Tyrone and Ira R Gardner, Tyrone 3:144
GARLOCK, MARY A  19, Oceola and
Stephen A Mosher  24, Oceola
10/23/1857 by Rev William Stedman
Burton Carpenter, Genoa and Mariah Carpenter, Genoa 2:209
Edwin E Hifield  , Oakland
6/16/1866 by JP William Beamer
John Wise and Daniel Keeler 3:154
GATES, HARRIET V  25, Scio, Washtenaw and
George W Hilliard  26, Lawrence, ---
6/27/1865 at Iosco by JP Isaac Stow
James K Rood, Iosco and Joseph Wainwright, Iosco 3:110
GAY, ELIZABETH  19, Howell and
Charles C Ellsworth  26, Howell
10/4/1850 by Rev A P Howell
Lucy M Hoyt, Howell and L Ames, Howell 2:24
GAY, LEVANTIA  21, Brighton and
Squire Rosea  21, Brighton
3/1/1858 by Rev John ---
Theodore Gay, Brighton and Roasna Gay, Brighton 2:218
GECOBUS, LUCY ANN  19, Marion and
Luke Beckley  31, Hamburg
3/17/1850 at Hamburg by JP J L W Twitchell
Eliza Jane Robson and Hobart T Trestchouer 2:12
GILBERT, A E  27, Howell and
Dr William H Pratt  31, Commerce, Oakland
11/15/1865 at Howell by Rev William Tilley
L D Smith and F C Bascomb 3:126
GILBERT, ELIZA J  26, Conway and
Herman Lewis  26, Conway
1/6/1864 by JP Ralph Fowler
Mary Fowler and Eugine Fowler 3:98
GILBERT, JULIA M  19, Howell and
Owen Griffin  26, Howell
3/13/1860 at Howell by Rev Edward E Gregory
John Gilbert, Howell and Edward P Gregory, Howell 2:303
GILCHRIST, ELIZA J  18, Howell and
Charles P Lake  26, Howell
1/24/1864 at Howell by JP Daniel Case
Mrs E A Case, Case and A L Miss, Howell 3:53
GILCHRIST, HARRIET  22, Howell and
William W Mann  23, Howell
12/9/1869 at West Howell by JP Nicholas Lake Jr
A B Gardner, Howell and Emma J Gilchrist, Howell 3a:23
GILLAM, FRANK M  20, Unadilla and
John Moore  26, Unadilla
8/8/1867 at Unadilla by Rev James Pyper
Halsted Gregory, Unadilla and James Moore, Unadilla 3a:16
GILLAM, MARY JANE  34, Iosco and
Albert D Jacobs  42, Putnam
6/23/1862 at Unadilla by JP J L Field
Henry Hartstuff, Unadilla and Abby Hartstuff, Unadilla 2:393
GILLAM, PAULINE  22, Fowlerville and
Samuel Bays  White Oak, Ingham
6/5/1870 at Fowlerville by Rev E H Brockway
John Tucker, Fowlerville and Jane Tucker, Fowlerville 3a:28
John W Andrews  24, Hartland
5/23/1853 at Hartland
Abel Whayland and Mary Whayland 2:101
GILLINGHAM, LUCY ANN  25, Hartland and
Gilbert Brown  25, Hartland
12/29/1860 at Hartland by JP Daniel Rich
John Andrews, Hartland and Lewis Delaney, Hartland 2:328
Lauson Smith  56, Hartland
4/4/1869 at Hartland by Rev Hiram Wood
Mathew B Lyon, Hartland and Mrs May E Lyon, Hartland 3a:17
GILLULY, MARGARETT  32, Hamburg and
Gilbert L Rogers  35, Novi, Oakland
4/30/1855 at Hamburg by Rev J Cook
Mr Judson, Brighton and Manly Smith, Brighton 2:146
GILMAN, MARY  18, Howell and
John T Martin  26, Howell
10/27/1869 at Deerfield by Rev F H Pourret
John Bohan, Howell and Julia Dunn, Deerfield 3a:22
GLAZIER, POLLY  29, Howell and
William H King  45, Howell
11/17/1864 at Howell by JP Mylo L Gay
William Riddle, Howell and Cyrus Winship, Howell 3:216
GLENN, HELLEN M  17, Handy and
Richard H Jones  25, Handy
12/25/1865 at Howell by Rev H O Parker
Henry D Glenn, Handy and Jennie M Meeker, Handy 3:181
GLINES, LAURA  22, Hartland and
Joweph W Collins  38, Lansing, Ingham
2/27/1857 by Rev John C Horton
William Calkins, Lansing and Lucy Calkins, Lansing 2:200
GLOVER, MARTHA J  20, Howell and
William B Jewett  33, Howell
5/3/1865 by Rev J Ford Sutton
Josiah Turner and Luther M Glover 3:103
GOCKET, ELIZABETH  20, Howell and
Frederick Zeitz  27, Howell
6/19/1859 at Howell by JP Mylo Gay
Mary Hugger and G Hugger 2:265
GOODALE, SARAH  22, Hamburg and
Abner Bulter  32, Hamburg
1/1/1866 by Rev David A Curtis
Edward C Insla and Caroline Goodale 3:131
GOODRICH, SARAH ANN  22, Dewitt, --- and
Franklin Goodrich  22, Marion
7/21/1855 by Rev O D W White
D Harger and Deber Harger 2:155
GOODSPEED, MARY  38, Ann Arbor, Washtenaw and
George H Chambers  42, Oceola
12/8/1853 at home of Calvin Goodspeed by Rev C Osborne
Calvin Goodspeed, Genoa and Jerome Withey, Brighton 2:92
GORDAN, URETTA  18, Unadilla and
Hugh A McCall  28, Waterloo, Jackson
5/3/1870 at Unadilla by Rev N Newton
Susie E Newton, Unadilla and Adelia E Homes, Unadilla 3a:27
GORDEN, AYERVILLE  25, Conway and
Justus Colborn  27, Conway
5/15/1867 at Conway by Rev Thomas Lowden
Jonathan D Wood, Conway and Helen M Wood, Conway 3:211
GORDON, ALMEDA  15, Conway and
George E Adams  19, Conway
9/20/1854 at Howell
Hiram Wetherwell and John Cougham 2:121
GORTON, HANNAH T  28, Iosco and
Thomas W Harford  26, Iosco
6/21/1863 at Iosco by Rev M S Angell
G W Voorheis and Lysander Topping 3:31
GOUCHER, MARIA  Green Oak and
Loeklin N Clark  Green Oak
11/28/1853 by Rev Andrew Clark
Sandusky Kellog and Sarah Kellog 3:54
GOULD, ANN  16, Handy and
William Miller  50, Iosco
William Roberts, Handy and Antonette Roberts, Handy 2:349
GOULD, HARRIET ANN  21, Handy and
Rufus F Glass  32, Howell
4/11/1862 by JP Daniel person
C H Person and H J Haven 2:59
GOULD, RHODA  40, Scipio, ---, NY and
Samuel Conklin  54, Handy
1/1/1855 at Howell by Rev Robert McBride
H A Handy, Handy and Adnah Handy, Handy 2:130
GOVE, FRANCES E  19, Argentine, Genesee and
Robert Wrigglesworth  19, Fenton, Genesee
7/6/1867 by JP Michael Thatcher
Hannah Thatcher and A P Sears 3:213
GOVE, THEODA A  16, Gaines, Genesee and
Leonard L Houghton  19, Cohoctah
2/22/1868 at Cohoctah by JP Michael Thertcher
James W Houghton, Cohoctah and Wlizabeth Lane, Cohoctah 3a:8
GRAHAM, ELIZA  21, Handy and
Lorenzo Daniels  23, Handy
10/25/1866 at Handy by JP R Fowler
S J Brown, Handy and Thomas Graham, Handy 3:169
GRAHAM, FLORENCE E  21, Cohoctah and
William A Rider  22, Deerfield
12/16/1869 at Hartland by Rev A J Richards
E B Rider, Deerfield and S Vanloon, Howell 3a:24
GRAHAM, HARRIET  19, Marion and
James Daniels  32, Howell
1/11/1862 at Marion by Rev George O Bachman
A J Whitaker, Howell and Robert Wakefield, Howell 2:371
GRAHAM, MARTHA  21, Hartland and
William Davis  26, Brighton
9/18/1860 at Hartland by JP Daniel Rich
George Graham, Hartland and John Graham, Hartland 2:328
GRAHAM, MARTHA  37, Lyons, Oakland and
Charles Taylor  50, Lyons, Oakland
7/21/1867 at Hamburg by Rev Albert C Lewis
Ed T Holister, Green Oak and Peter Galatraw, Green Oak 3:214
GRAHAM, MARY  17 and
Jerome Gould  27, Handy
3/6/1870 at Putnam by JP Eli Annis
Stephen S Smith, Smith Catharine, Putnam 3a:27
GRAHAM, NANCY  19, Hartland and
Charles Brown  25, Oceola
12/20/1849 at Hartland
George Graham and Rhoda Hand 2:5
GRANT, A L  23, Fowlerville and
E G Horton  27, Brighton
10/31/1863 by Rev T Seebye
M E Stuart and S L Ethridge 3:71
F P Nickols  27, Springfield, ---, NH
2/22/1859 by Rev William king
Mr and Mrs Jonathan Burnett, Hamburg and Lionel Grisson, Hamburg 2:257
GRANT, ELIZA A  19, Handy and
Rufus H Fowler  24, Handy
7/4/1858 L H Dean
Ralph Fowler and George Fowler 2:250
GRANT, ELIZA B  21, Conway and
Henry C Colborn  22, Conway
10/3/1866 at Conway by Rev Thomas Lowden
Roger Sherman, Handy and Emma Swarthout, Handy 3:168
GRANT, ESTHER  23, Handy and
James Sherwood  28, Detroit, Wayne
1/20/1859 at house of Giles Tucker, Handy by Rev S F Lee
Mrs R H Fowler, Handy and Giles Tucker, Handy 2:248
GRANT, JANE  22, Handy and
John M Tucker  23, Handy
7/26/1863 at Fowlerville by Rev J Kilpatrick
G G Tucker, Handy and Mrs G G Tucker, Handy 3:39
GRANT, MARY  19, Cohoctah and
Thomas Agnew  23, ---, Shiawassee
12/31/1860 at Cohoctah
Dudley Woodworth and John Stroud 2:341
Frederick A Keil  28, Brighton
12/12/1861 by Rev John G Bowham
William Grassbuck, Genoa and Martha Grassbuck, Genoa 2:368
GRAVES, PAMELIA  20, Howell and
Enos W Hill  34, Howell
3/27/1862 John Booth
George Clark and B W Casdell 2:384
GRAWLEY, MARTHA  25, Putnam and
Marcus Crippin  31, Superior, Washtenaw
1/1/1864 by Rev John O Bancroft
H P Bancroft and Eirline Ingram 3:57
GRAY, LURA  Cohoctah and
Milton Hadsell  25, Cohoctah
11/7/1859 at Cohoctah by JP Luther Pratt
E Hadsell, Cohoctah and Jane Hadsell, Cohoctah 2:245
GREEN, ADELINE  19, Marion and
J S Davis  24, Putnam
10/30/1854 by JP F Webb
Masa Green and R Davis 2:141
GREEN, ALLICE  20, Deerfield and
Allen Holcomb  23, Deerfield
1/1/1868 at Oak Grove by Rev Joseph W Holt
James A Brown, Oak Grove and Sarah F Brown, Oak Grove 3a:4
GREEN, ELIZABETH  26, Green Oak and
Robert Lowery  23, Tecumseh, Lenawee
6/11/1870 at Hamburg by Rev W S Walson
William H Green, Green Oak and Frances Green, Green Oak 3a:30
GREEN, ELLEN L  20, Unadilla and
Absalum Hughsom  30, Putnam
9/17/1854 by JP Theron Winans
Nathaniel Winans, Unadilla and Mary Winans, Unadilla 2:123
GREEN, ELLEN  17, Putnam and
Robert Porter  22, Putnam
6/11/1860 at Cohoctah by JP Jacob Canouse
John Blanck and Joseph Agnew 2:309
GREEN, ELLEN  17, Putnam and
Robert Porter  22, Putnam
6/11/1866 at Putnam by JP J W Hinchey
GREEN, HARRIET A  22, Green Oak and
Robert Tidswell  22, St Louis, ---
6/8/1859 at Green Oak by Rev Henry Banwell
John Culver and E A Hollister 2:216
GREEN, LOVINA  18, Stockbridge, Ingham and
Bennet Green  25, Ann Arbor, Washtenaw
11/25/1863 at Unadilla by Rev James Pyper
E Pyper, Unadilla and Ellen Green, Stockbridge 3:44
GREEN, LUCINDA  18, Marion and
Joseph W Rounds  23, Marion
3/8/1848 by JP George Bennett
Sylvester G Noble, Unadilla and Nelson Green, Unadilla 3:51
GREEN, MARY ANN  19, Deerfield and
Hiram Hatt  22, Deerfield
12/25/1865 at Oceola by JP K S Franklin
Allice Deerfield Green, Franklin and E Mary, Oceola 3:92
GREEN, NANCY  68, Howell and
Lambert L Treadwell  69, Howell
11/29/1856 at Howell by Rev P C Dayfoot
Amanda Preston, Howell and Almira Preston, Howell 2:189
GREEN, SARAH  22, Iosco and
Aaron Davis  41, Iosco
11/9/1859 at Iosco by JP M R Foster
Elizabeth Green, Iosco and Barnard Denio, Iosco 2:282
William Thayer  23, Flint, Genesee
3/29/1864 at Howell by JP Nylo L Gay
Charles W Barber and Mrs J H Peebles 3:67
GREENHOF, ADELINE  33, Pinckney and
John Collin  60, Pinckney
12/30/1870 at Pinckney by Rev John Fitzmaurice
Charles Lare, Putnam and F Lare, Putnam 3a:32
GREGORY, MARTHA F  20, Howell and
Jerome W Turner  21, Howell
10/22/1857 by Rev Edward Gregory
E P Gregory, Howell and F Cavin, Howell 2:211
GREGORY, SARAH M  18, Unadilla and
Edwin McCorny  22, Tecumseh, Lenawee
9/9/1851 by Rev Joshua Kinne
Philander Gregory and Martha Gregory 2:47
GRIFFETH, HELEN J  21, Howell and
Jacob P Loud  25, Jackson, Jackson
1/1/1851 by Rev A P Howell
Pauline Griffeth, Howell and Owen Griffeth, Howell 2:24
GRIFFIN, CORNELIA ANN  16, Unadilla and
John Bartholf  21, Greece, NY
2/11/1857 at Unadilla by Rev H H Hubbert
Robert Bullis, Unadilla and Louisa Hubbert, Unadilla 2:198
GRIMES, SARAH  18, Howell and
William Roberts  22, Howell
11/10/1870 at Brighton by JP Herman C House
Robert Bigham, Brighton and Wallace H Case, Brighton 3a:31
GRISSON, IDA VICTORIA  18, Hamburg and
Barton Royce  21, Hamburg
11/23/1862 at Hamburg by Rev George O Bachman
F Grisson and G H Royce 3:16
GRISWOLD, CATHARINE  22, Hartland and
George W Davidson  23, Hartland
10/9/1859 at Howell by Rev L H Dean
Elisha Hilo, Oceola and Polly Hetchler, Oceola 2:213
Martin V Prussell  26, 
2/15/1863 at Oceola by Rev John G Horton
Robert C Hutton, Howell and Martha A Hutton, Howell 3:21
GRISWOLD, DEBORAH  42, Hartland and
Joseph Jacobson  40, Fenton, Genesee
2/19/1856 by Rev John Horton
Mary Jacobson, Oceola and Eveline Horton, Oceola 2:167
Edwin Burkhart  21, , Livingston, NY
9/9/1866 by Rev John Horton
Jacob Griswold and Esther Griswold 3:177
GRISWOLD, EMMA  24, Hartland and
John Wesley Brainerd  24, Hartland
6/25/1863 at Hartland by Rev James R Gordon
Chauncy P Worden and Elisha G Smith 3:31
GRISWOLD, MARY  22, Oceola and
John T Brown  22, Hartland
11/7/1852 at Oceola
George Murdock and Rebecca Roberts 2:72
GRISWOLD, MARY E  23, Hartland and
Andrew J Townley  28, Hartland
11/22/1854 by Rev John G Horton
Jacob S Griswold, Hartland and Anna B Snell, Oceola 2:135
GRISWOLD, NANCY  18, Oceola and
George Griswold  24, Hartland
10/31/1851 by JP K S Franklin
Samuel Bidleman, Oceola and William Bidleman, Oceola 2:52
GRISWOLD, RUBY ANN  27, Deerfield and
Mark H Chambers  28, Deerfield
11/17/1869 at Deerfield by Rev A J Richards
Asa Waterman, Oceola and Gette Waterman, Oceola 3a:24
GRONGAU, JULIA A  31, Unadilla and
Jeremiah A Fick  43, Unadilla
12/13/1852 by JP Theron Winans
John C Stedman, Unadilla and Julia Stedman, Unadilla 2:76
Joseph Frink  26, Hesendarinsted, GR
6/3/1866 by Rev C F Worth
John Berkonstock, Genoa and Maria Berkonstock, Genoa 3:155
GROSTICK, LAURA  25, Lachsenburg, GR and
Charles Grindling  29, Brannerods, GR
12/12/1866 at Genoa by Rev C F Worth
Charles Grossihuk, Genoa and Johaner Herbst, Genoa 3:190
GRUMMOND, HANNAH R  25, Handy and
Morgan M Randall  46, Handy
11/12/1865 at Handy by JP R Fowler
Mary Fowler, Handy and Hellen Fowler, Handy 3:202
GRUMMOND, HANNAH R  26, Handy and
Morgan M Randall  46, Handy
11/11/1865 at Fowlerville by JP R Fowler
Mary Fowler, Handy and Hellen Fowler, Handy 3:123
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