1850-1870 Marriages by Bride: H

Line 1: Bride's Name, Age and Residence
Line 2: Groom's Name, Age and Residence
Line 3: Marriage Date and Place; Person perfoming marriage
Line 4: Witnesses                                                                 Volume Number:Page Number
HACKER, AUGUSTA J  16, Oceola and
Alphus Macomber  28, Brighton
3/19/1861 at Genoa by Rev George Jenks
Sarah McEwen and R C Hacker 2:350
HADLEY, LAURA R  18, Linden, Genesee and
Joseph Kirkland  24, Unadilla
7/4/1867 at Unadilla by Rev H O Parker
Lyman Headly, Unadilla and Alfred Cobb, Iosco 3:224
HADLEY, ROSELLA  18, Brighton and
Calvin Goodspeed  28, Brighton
5/26/1850 at home of R C Rumsey JP Green Oak
Joseph Jennings, Green Oak and Eliza Jennings, Green Oak 2:15
HADSELL, ELLEN  17, Cohoctah and
Fredrick H Heming  28, Cohoctah
1/21/1870 at Cohoctah by JP Charles A Potter
Lester Newman, Byron and Diana Newman, Byron 3a:24
HADSELL, NANCY  16, Cohoctah and
Richard Rigglesworth  26, Cohoctah
3/31/1861 at Cohoctah by JP Luther Pratt
L S Pratt, Cohoctah and M Drummond, Cohoctah 2:353
Ira Hatt  
11/4/1865 at Tyrone by JP William Beamer
Peter L Mose and Martin M Runger 3:122
HAINES, CLARISSA  25, Hartland and
Nehemah B Kirk  29, Hartland
10/7/1868 at Hartland by Rev A J Richards
N T Kirk, Hartland and Mary Kirk, Hartland 3a:15
HAINES, SARAH JANE  19, Hartland and
Joseph Briggs  24, Oceola
8/31/1854 at Hartland by Rev E Westlake
William Briggs, Oceola and James Carnes, Hartland 2:118
HALE, ALMA LYDIA  17, Fowlerville and
George Marsh Fisher  22, Fowlerville
10/18/1868 at Fowlerville by Rev N C Crane
Phillip I Veeley, Fowlerville and Mrs Mary Emns, Fowlerville 3a:14
HALE, SUSAN  16, Handy and
George Eavens  20, Handy
4/14/1864 at Fowlerville by Rev J Kilpatrick
Mary E Stanfield and Mary J Williams 3:68
HALL, ANNA  18, Genoa and
Charles A Dorr  22, Genoa
3/24/1867 by JP Chester Hazard
Elisha Hazard and Julia A Hazard 3:198
HALL, CAROLINE C  Hamburg and
Daniel R O'Neel  Hamburg
2/7/1855 at house of Aaron Brower Unadilla by JP J L Field
Aaron Brower and Terence McLear 2:144
HALL, CELINDA AUGUSTA  28, Hamburg and
Bates William Goodfellen  30, Ann Arbor, Washtenaw
1/1/1865 at Hamburg by Rev George D Gillispie
John Green, Ann Arbor 3:84
D P Chamberlain  32, Webster, Washtenaw
8/10/1859 by Rev L Calkin
V R Auger, Howell and William Jewitt, Howell 2:200
HALL, LOUISA  15, Howell and
George Hatsfield  27, Iosco
12/24/1863 at Howell by Rev P C Dayfoot
Rosina L Dayfoot, Howell and Mary Wall, Howell 3:52
HALL, RACHAEL  21, Hartland and
F P Drummond  36, Hartland
3/5/1861 by JP Daniel Rich
Henry Ross, Brighton and Ephriam Hubbell, Hartland 2:351
HALL, VIOLA V  17, White Oak, Ingham and
Oscar C Post  23, White Oak, Ingham
4/7/1868 at Putnam by Rev E W Brockway
F S Brockway, Williamsville and Mary Brockway, Green Oak 3a:9
HALLETT, MARIA  Howell and
John F Taylor  Ann Arbor, Washtenaw
4/19/1852 by Rev Louis Mills
William T Ely, Howell and B H Ely, Howell 2:64
HALLOCK, JANE  19, Perry, --- and
Wesley Hinckley  22, Perry, Shiawassee
4/17/1861 at Howell by JP Mylo Gay
Harriet Gay and Mehitible Van Blaricum 2:346
HALY, MARY  20, Tyrone and
Martin Hogan  26, Tyrone
2/17/1868 at St John's Church Oceola by Rev F H Pouriet
John Hogan, Tyrone and Margaret Haly, Tyrone 3a:7
HAMILTON, SARAH  23, Handy and
Charles More  25, Handy
8/26/1863 at Fowlerville by Rev J Kilpatrick
John Tucker and Mrs John Tucker 3:40
HAMIN, MARY  Tyrone and
Austin M Gardner  Tyrone
11/19/1867 at Tyrone by Rev A J Richards
M Gardner and Mrs M Gardner 3a:5
HAMMOND, EMILY J  19, Cohoctah and
Albert D Thompson  21, Cohoctah
1/30/1868 at Cohoctah by Rev J W Holt
George E Houghtaling, Cohoctah and W C Randall, Burns 3a:5
HAMMOND, MARY  30, Novi, Oakland and
N O Cadworth  52, Novi, Oakland
2/17/1869 at Brighton by JP Benjamin T O Clark
S K Jones, Brighton and Robert Bigham, Brighton 3a:14
HAMMOND, ROXANA E  20, Green Oak and
John W Sutton  21, Northfield, Washtenaw
12/24/1863 by Rev George O Bachman
John Hammond and Charles Sisions 3:47
HAND, JOSEPHINE  16, Brighton and
Elijah Clark  20, Tuscola
2/18/1855 by JP Floyd Williams
Jerome Hand, Brighton and Charles Pease, Brighton 2:151
HANDIFT, MALINDA  46, Conway and
Nathan Dickinson  36, Conway
5/27/1869 at Fowlerville by Rev R C Crane
Chester C Merritt, Fritts and E Mary, Conway 3a:19
HANNON, CATHARINE  52, Green Oak and
Richard Read  36, Green Oak
3/31/1852 by JP John Tuttle
Isaac Ela, Green Oak and Abigail Ela, Green Oak 2:63
HARDICK, ALMINA  18, Argentine, Genesee and
Andrew Holliday  23, Fentonville, Genesee
7/4/1861 at Cohoctah by JP Robert McMillen
A C Millen and J C McMillen 2:361
HARDING, LINDA  Mundy, Genesee and
Jacob C Bentley  Mundy, Genesee
8/15/1865 at Deerfield by Rev E Waldo
Samuel Bentley, Mundy and Helen E Evans, Mundy 3:169
HARDY, CLARISSA  16, Oceola and
Daniel Kelly  23, Hartland
9/20/1867 at Brighton by JP Herman C House
Clarissa Tanner, Brighton and Elizabeth House, Brighton 3a:2
HARDY, DORCAS E  24, Oceola and
Thomas A Walker  21, Oceola
10/12/1850 by Rev Orin Whitmore
Laura Hardy, Oceola and Charlotte Whitmore, Lansing 2:21
HARDY, HANNAH M  17, Oceola and
Julius C Nelson  23, Oceola
7/18/1869 at Oceola by JP James D Botsford
Parkes Hardy and Matt Botsford, Oceola 3a:20
HARDY, LAURA A  18, Oceola and
Jay Adams  24, Grand Blanc, Genesee
10/12/1850 at Oceola
Orin Whitmore and Charlotte Whitmore 2:20
HARDY, REBECCA  34, Oceola and
Ephriam J Hardy  42, Oceola
7/10/1859 at Oceola by Rev John Horton
James Rumsey, Oceola and Mary Rumsey, Oceola 2:275
Philander Bull  21, Iosco
12/22/1861 at Iosco by JP James Morton
William May and Sally Ray 2:372
HARFORD, JULIA  22, Iosco and
Lysander Topping  21, Unadilla
12/30/1858 at Iosco by Rev G A Burnett
Thomas Harford and Charles Harford 3:85
HARKNESS, MENORA E  20, Williamston, Ingham and
Edward Hannibal Nickols  22, Williamston, Ingham
3/20/1870 at Fowlerville by Rev E H Brockway
Charles E Paddock, Williamston and Emma Rence, Williamston 3a:28
HARP, VIENNIE A  17, Unadilla and
Lewis Merritt  23, Putnam
7/3/1870 at Putnam by JP J W Hinchey
Nancy Putnam Wood and Albert Wood, Putnam 3a:28
HARRINGTON, HARRIET  39, Brighton and
John Putnam  27, Brighton
4/16/1854 by Rev Hiram Rathburn
E Gibs and Chancey Weaver 2:111
HARRIS, ESTHER  21, White Oak, Ingham and
Daniel F Holland  24, Leroy, Ingham
7/30/1855 by Rev P C Dayfoot
Laura Warner, Bristol VT and Rosana Dayfoot, Howell 2:163
HARRIS, HARRIETTE  28, Tyrone and
Edmund M Marsh  45, Tyrone
9/13/1852 by JP Martin Randall
Katharine Harris, Conway and Almira Randall, Conway 2:68
HARRIS, JULIA  18, Oceola and
Patrick Newman  27, Oceola
10/26/1868 at St John's church Oceola by Rev R W Pourret
John Harris, Oceola and Jane Harris, Oceola 3a:11
HART, WELTHY JANE  25, Salem, Washtenaw and
William Harrison Merritt  27, Plymouth, Wayne
1/14/1870 at house of Rev A W Ensign
Anna M Woodhouse, Green Oak and Lovina Ensign, Green Oak 3a:26
HARTFORD, SARAH A  22, Iosco and
George W Voorhies  26, Putnam
1/1/1855 by JP Eli S Babcock
Paulina Bull, Iosco and Thomas Hartford, Iosco 2:131
HARTMAN, ANN M  17, Genoa and
Thomas Hall  26, Oceola
4/12/1866 by Rev Benjamin Franklin
F D Acker, Brighton and A P Dickinson, Brighton 3:153
HARTMAN, ELLEN  18, Genoa and
Martin George  26, Oceola
3/21/1865 by Rev Benjamin Franklin
Lewis Phelps, Genoa and Albert George, Oceola 3:102
HARTSTUFF, MARY  23, Unadilla and
Titus Duncan  28, East Saginaw, Saginaw
12/31/1862 by Rev Richard McConnell
Sarah Williams and E C McConnell 3:36
HARVEY, MARY L  17, Williamston, Ingham and
William Vannetter  20, Williamston, Ingham
11/4/1863 by JP Ralph Fowler
John Wilson and Calvin Moon 3:96
HASKELL, MARY L  18, Brighton and
Benjamin F Paddock  27, Brighton
1/13/1862 by Rev Ira Warner
Laura Warner and Richard Paddock 2:374
Luther Palmer  30, Iosco
1/24/1855 at house of Mrs Hastins, Iosco by Rev William D Tomkinson
Adam Hastings, Iosco and Margarett Furgeson, Iosco 2:131
HATCH, JULIA MARIA  20, Handy and
William T Weller  21, Handy
5/4/1868 at Conway by Rev R C Crane
Allen J Hastings, Handy and Mary B Hastings, Handy 3a:10
Ira Holey  65, Conway
4/2/1868 at Cohoctah by JP George Cameron
Nath Hatfield, Cohoctah and George Bristol, Cohoctah 3a:8
HATHAWAY, CYNTHIA  17, Hartland and
William Henry Palmer  23, Oceola
11/8/1850 by JP H N Lewis
A Lewis, Oceola and Sarah Lewis, Oceola 2:23
Orrin Boutell  24, Handy
2/5/1866 at Iosco by JP Patrick Commisky
George Hathfield and Eliza Hathfield 3:141
HAVENS, LOUISE  24, Howell and
Myron H Southwick  25, Deerfield
11/7/1867 at Howell by Rev George W Jenks
Winton B Brooks, Marion and Sarah E Jenks, Howell 3a:1
HAVERS, DELIA  18, Marion and
John Wall  28, Marion
3/5/1862 at Marion by JP George Cameron
David Bowen, Handy and Elizabeth Cameron, Marion 3:3
HAWKINS, ARLOS  21, Fowlerville and
James Allen Lockwood  23, Fowlerville
12/19/1869 at Fowlerville by Rev E Brockway
Calvin Lockwood, Fowlerville and Libble Collins, Fowlerville 3a:23
HAWKINS, LAURA  20, Northville, Washtenaw and
Lewis S Brown  30, Northville, Washtenaw
7/16/1858 by JP Mylo Gay
Julian Pebbes, Howell and Elizabeth Case, Howell 2:229
HAWKINS, MATILDA  18, Hamburg and
Edward N Allen  20, Fentonville, Genesee
2/22/1866 by Rev Benjamin Franklin
Lewis S Brown, Brighton and Lenora Brown, Brighton 3:139
HAWLEY, MARGARET  41, Handy and
Phineas Silsby  60, Conway
10/1/1856 at Conway by Rev J W Andrews
Elisha Grant and Emeline Grand 3:233
HAWORTH, MARTHA S  18, Iosco and
Joseph Beal  33, Iosco
3/4/1858 by Rev G A Burnett
John Bradley, Unadilla and John Mapes, Unadilla 2:242
John Burnett  Brighton
1/7/1861 by Rev Ira Warner
Alfred Burnett and Lura Warner 2:339
HAYNER, LORINDA E  18, Cohoctah and
Henry W Kelly  21, Cohoctah
7/30/1866 at Cohoctah by JP M Thatcher
Ed Crawford, Cohoctah and Alcemeda Crawford, Cohoctah 3:164
HAYNER, MARY E  17, Cohoctah and
George Warner  22, Brigthon
10/10/1864 at Brighton by Rev Ira Warner
Martha Warner and Laura Warner 3:83
HAYNES, SARAH C  20, Hartland and
James H Woolverton  23, Tyrone
11/16/1868 at Hartland by Rev A J Richards
N A Richards, Hartland and Rosma Richards, Hartland 3a:15
HAYS, AMANTIA W  19, Milford, Oakland and
Alason P Burch  21, Brighton
5/1/1859 at Genoa by Rev George Jenks
A E Walker and Sarah Jenks 2:266
HAYS, MARIA  19, Unadilla and
Moses Davis  21, Unadilla
3/21/1861 at home of S P Reynolds JP
Rebecca Reynolds, Unadilla and George Reynolds, Unadilla 2:352
HAYWARD, CATHERINE B  17, Oceola and
Anson W Nelson  23, Oceola
9/5/1859 at Howell by JP Mylo Gay
Helen Fealee and Martha Brotherton 2:272
Waterman S Sheffield  
10/15/1863 Chcuncy S Marvin
Israel C Hall 3:75
HEAD, ANN  24, Tuscola and
Walter Brown  32, Oceola
12/30/1850 at Tuscola
Abner Roberts and David Roberts 2:1
HEAD, LOUISA  Tuscola and
D N Roberts  Tuscola
6/15/1851 by Rev W W Johnson
A Roberts and H Hosley 2:38
HEALD, MARY L  20, , Ingham and
William W Dunning  22, 
12/9/1865 at Pinckney by JP J W Hinchey
Thomas J Tubbs, Oceola and Allace Winchel, Ingham 3:128
HEART, ELIZABETH  38, Iosco and
Crandall Howard  47, Ingham, Ingham
7/4/1856 at home of the bride by Rev B H Hedger
Elizabeth Heart, Marion and Leander Heart, Marion 2:178
HEATON, ELIZABETH  22, Howell and
James T Wright  25, Howell
10/11/1863 at home of William Chamberline by Rev J Kilpatrick
William Chamberline and Charity Chamberline 3:40
HECHLER, NANCY J  20, Oceola and
Noah Taft  22, Oceola
3/15/1854 by Rev John C Norton
Daniel O Taft, Oceola and Sarah A Cole, Oceola 2:110
HEDGE, MARY E  20, Unadilla and
Austin O Whitcomb  23, Detroit, Wayne
1/1/1859 by Rev R Johnson
Jacob Stuart and Lucretia Holmes 2:193
HELMS, MARY ANN  17, Howell and
Nathaniel Hatfield  21, Iosco
2/8/1864 at Iosco by JP Eli S Babcock
George E French, Iosco and John F Babcock, Iosco 3:53
HEMINGWAY, ISADORE  21, Unadilla and
Issac L Davis  25, Putnam
8/9/1860 at home of William Hemingway by Rev J W Donelson
William Hemingway and Phebe Hemingway 2:318
HEMINWAY, PHEBE A  19, Unadilla and
Henry D Greene  22, Putnam
9/16/1860 at house of William Heminway Unadilla by Rev Ira W Donelson
Isaac Davis and Isadore Davis 2:317
HENDRICK, ELIZA A  24, Hamburg and
Marshall Hawcroft  32, Ingham, Ingham
10/15/1866 at Hamburg by Rev David A Curtis
Myron H Buck and Mary J Curtis 3:192
HENDRICKS, HANNAH  23, Williamston, Ingham and
Thomas Steel  34, Williamston, Ingham
8/15/1869 at Howell by JP Nicholas Lake
H N Spencer, Howell and Exekie King, Howell 3a:20
HENDRICKS, OPHELIA  24, Hamburg and
Albert G Burnett  26, Green Oak
10/5/1869 at Hamburg M B Wilse
William Lyon, Hamburg and Abigal Buck, Hamburg 3a:21
Hiram Denison  26, Brighton
11/15/1859 at Howell by JP Andrew Waddell
Burn Smith, Howell and Mrs Burn Smith, Howell 2:284
Hiram Dennison  26, Brighton
11/15/1859 at Howell by JP Andrew D Waddell
B R Smithe, Howell and Mary L Smithe, Howell 3:79
HENRY, NANCY T  28, Howell and
James Munroe  28, Howell
9/11/1856 at Howell by Rev P C Dayfoot
Henry Munroe, Howell and Sarah Rumsey, Howell 2:189
John Bradt  31, Howell
8/20/1865 at Pinckney by JP j W Hinchey
F G Case, Pinckney and Celia Moran, Pinckney 3:109
HERRINGTON, EMMA  18, Marion and
Simon Melindee  27, Marion
4/19/1865 at Marion by Rev H O Parker
Jerome Herrington and Mary Herrington 3:180
HERRINGTON, MARY  18, Marion and
John B Lawther  31, Livonia, Wayne
1/1/1852 by Rev E W Borden
David Parker, Marion and Hiram Wing, Marion 2:51
HESS, ANNA  26, Genoa and
Joannis Euler  50, Genoa
6/18/1857 by Rev Edwar A Buck
Jacob Euler, Genoa and Emil Beurman, Genoa 2:218
HETCHLER, ELIZA  19, Oceola and
Samuel Tomion  27, Oceola
6/3/1857 by JP Mylo Gay
Jacob Eager, Oceola and Augusta Durfee, Oceola 2:208
HETCHLER, ESTHER  18, Oceola and
Thomas Eager  19, Oceola
Samuel Martin, Oceola and Nathan Cole, Oceola 2:1
HETCHLER, JULIA M  17, Oceola and
Lewis E Whitaker  23, Oceola
6/10/1858 by Rev John Horton
James Whitaker and John Ferguson 2:230
HETCHLER, JULIA E  19, Cohoctah and
James Reese  31, Cohoctah
1/26/1866 at Howell by JP Mylo L Gay
Joseph Brown, Howell and Electa Reese, Cohoctah 3:220
HETCHLER, MARGARET C  20, Oceola and
William Edwards  20, Deerfield
2/15/1865 at Oak Grove by Rev J R Cordon
Ezra Chamberlain and Rachel Hetchler 3:89
Joseph W Cole  Oceola
1/2/1867 at Cohoctah by JP D O Hall
Reuben Griggle Armstrong 3:200
HIABEL, MRS JANE  33, Conway and
Earl Camp  61, Conway
11/4/1863 at Fowlerville by Rev j Kilpatrick
Francis J Watters and Mary E Stanfield 3:70
HICKEY, BETSY E  34, Conway and
Joseph B Gilbert  31, Conway
10/1/1854 at Conway by JP H H Hoyt
O J Sawyer, Conway and John W Gilbert, Conway 2:120
HICKS, HARRIET M  18, Putnam and
Chester Chilson  25, Covington, Wyoming, NY
3/9/1858 at Pinckney by Rev George W Jenks
J D Woodward, Putnam and George F Bridham, Putnam 2:221
HIGHCOCK, LOISA  17, Putnam and
Lambert Acre  23, Putnam
7/4/1851 at Putnam
John Marble and Sanford Marble 2:39
Andrew J Carl  24, Howell
2/7/1861 at Howell by JP Daniel Case
George Morris and A E Case 2:331
Henry P Crouse  28, Hartland
4/25/1861 at Howell by JP Daniel Case
C L Crouse and Andrew Carl 2:347
HILDEBRANT, POLLY  18, Howell and
Erastus Marr  21, Howell
7/4/1855 by JP William More
Jesse Marr, Howell and Charles Hildebrant, Howell 2:157
John Wesley Branard  28, Hartland
5/12/1868 at Hartland by Rev A J Richards
C P Warden, Hartland and E W Warden, Hartland 3a:8
HILDICER, ALMIRA L  19, Williamston, Ingham and
William E Clay  23, Williamston, Ingham
2/22/1866 at Howell by Rev H O Parker
Marie Drew, Marion and Eliza Bosenbark, Howell 3:184
HILL, ALICE J  20, Oceola and
Elmer H Wisner  18, Oceola
5/23/1869 at Oceola by JP James D Botsford
John B Pop, Oceola and Ella Hill, Oceola 3a:20
HILL, CARRIE  16, St Joseph, Berrin and
Henry Earl Thompson  22, St Joseph, Berrin
11/21/1867 at Brighton by Rev Benjamin Franklin
Jay D Furgeson, Brighton and Lucy Furgeson, Brighton 3a:4
HILL, LINDA  19, Oceola and
Robert McKinley  21, Deerfield
9/19/1870 at Howell by Rev J F Davidson
John Flim, Deerfield and Miss L Marble, Deerfield 3a:35
HILTON, MARY JANE  17, Iosco and
James Bonter  21, Iosco
Chancey Rus and Mariah Munsell 2:11
HIMES, MARY C  17, Howell and
Kingsly L Morgan  24, Howell
1/25/1870 at Pinckney by Rev J W Scott
Mrs Julia Himes, Howell and Helena L Scott, Pinckney 3a:26
HINCHEY, ELIZA  21, Putnam and
J A Wood  29, Putnam
7/3/1856 at Pinckney by Rev William Fox
Lucinda Tuttle and Laura Fox 2:178
HINCHEY, MARY  26, Pinckney and
Charles H Britton  27, Sagianaw, Saginaw
4/25/1866 at Howell by Rev H O Parker
Mrs J E Parker, Howell and Mary Jane Herrington, Marion 3:187
Daniel Kyser  33, Cohoctah
Peter Cartier, Tyrone and Elizabeth Tuttle, Tyrone 3:55
HINE, ESTELLE  Howell and
Fred Brockway  Howell
1/27/1867 at Howell by Rev William Tilley
G W Clark and Juliaette Clark 3:197
HINES, JULIAETT M  38, Howell and
George W Clark  34, Howell
2/8/1865 at home of Mr Hines Howell by Rev William Tilley
Jane Tilley and Estelle Hines 3:88
HINES, LUCINDA  19, Hartland and
Jerome Peterson  19, Howell
5/27/1858 at Hartland by Rev P C Dayfoot
Hiram Briggs, Hartland and Eliza Haines, Hartland 2:233
HINMAN, AMANDA M Owosso, Shiawassee and
Harrison W Fuller  Owosso, Shiawassee
12/31/1864 at Howell by JP Mylo L Gay
J N Peebles and Solomon Hilderbrant 3:215
Amos L Gray  Williamston, Ingham
10/4/1866 at Conway by Rev Hiram Johnson
Elisha W Grant and Amasia J Grant 3:175
Nelson T Hinckley  Genoa
3/16/1867 by Rev Oliver J Perrin
Clara M Perrin and Elizabeth Packett 3:198
Edward Beurmann  26, Genoa
Margaret Burden and Chancy Hohn 2:25
HOAGLAND, PHIDELIA  18, Marion and
Charles E Beurmann  24, Genoa
2/12/1852 at Genoa
Edward Beurmann and Mary Beurmann 2:54
HOAGLAND, SARAH L  16, Marion and
Charles E Morse  20, Burns, Shiawassee
7/4/1870 at Marion by Rev J F Davison
C D Hoagland, Marion and P P Earl, Howell 3a:29
HOBSON, MARY A  38, Tyrone and
Harker Hibbard  38, Richfield, ---
9/11/1866 at Tyrone by Rev O E Fuller
Charles Bramble, Fenton and Hannah J Bramble, Fenton 3:234
HODGE, ELEANOR  23, Hartland and
James Beebe  36, Hartland
9/9/1853 at Hartland
Edward Browning and Wilton Hodge 2:95
HODGEMAN, ABBY L  18, Putnam and
John F Oliver  22, Hamburg
12/31/1850 by Rev E W Borden
William Hodgeman, Putnam and Sarah Morse, Putnam 2:25
HODGEMAN, HANNAH M  26, Hamburg and
Ira W Bennett  26, Hamburg
3/17/1852 at Putnam
Adaline Swarthout and Gershom Bennet 2:57
HODGES, EMMA J  19, Hartland and
Albert Gilson  24, Hartland
10/25/1869 at Hartland by Rev A J Richards
Henry Donaldson, Hartland and May A Salisee, Hartland 3a:21
HODGES, JANE ANN  19, Howell and
Samuel Stevens  21, Howell
6/5/1863 at Howell by JP Daniel Case
William White and Mrs E A Case 3:29
HODGES, MARY  22, Howell and
Isaac Loree  28, Oceola
10/21/1863 at Iosco by JP A O Haven
Joseph Loree Jr, Iosco and Catherine Loree, Iosco 3:46
HOGAN, OPHELIA ANN  21, Marion and
John Campbell  30, Ann Arbor, Washtenaw
1/9/1853 by JP Aaron Younglove
Arthur Polhemus, Ann Arbor and Delia Edmunds, Ann Arbor 2:77
HOLCOMB, ALMEDA  20, Deerfield and
Ira Lamb  37, Deerfield
3/22/1854 by Rev Alonzo May
Bela Penner, Deerfield and Smith Holcomb, Deerfield 2:105
Henry L Crippen  Brighton
4/29/1858 at Brighton by Rev L W Wells
P Dickinson, Brighton and Jane Dickinson, Brighton 2:224
HOLLIS, CATHARINE A  17, Howell and
Phineas P Clayton  23, Howell
9/28/1854 by Rev George Bridge
A Hollis and J C Dutcher 2:117
HOLLIS, E I  18, Conway and
J C Ducher  19, Conway
5/25/1850 by Rev O Whitmore
Dwight Parsons, Conway and Thomas Gibnall, Tyrone 2:12
HOLLISTER, MARY ETTIE  17, Green Oak and
Edward F Rorabacher  23, Green Oak
12/9/1869 at Green Oak by Rev William J Clack
Edward F Holister, Green Oak and Emily J Holister, Green Oak 3a:25
HOLLOWAY, LUCINDA  24, Howell and
John B Boyd  29, Tuscola
2/24/1852 at Howell
David Holloway and Norman Boyd 2:56
HOLMES, CATHARINE  19, Oceola and
Edwin J Shaft  22, Woodhull, Shiawasee
1/17/1852 by JP J H Galloway
Jane Shaft, Howell and George Foster, Howell 2:61
HOLSTED, ANNA  16, Conway and
William Taylor  21, , Shiawassee
3/23/1865 at Cohoctah by JP Michael Thatcher
George W Moors and Abigail P Sears 3:91
HOLT, ELIZA JANE  17, Oceola and
Albert Riddle  22, Oceola
11/13/1851 by Rev John Horton
Amos Beebe, Oceola and Alma Riddle, Oceola 2:52
HOLT, HARRIETT A  16, Conway and
Albert Stage  24, Conway
10/8/1854 at home of Henry Case JP
William Holt, Conway and Nelson Cole, Conway 2:121
HOLT, MARTHA  20, Marion and
Edward Parker  23, Hamburg
12/30/1849 at Hamburg by JP E Griffith
Judson Holt and Malvina Holt 2:3
HOLT, MELVINA  18, Howell and
James Parker  21, Howell
7/4/1854 by Rev George Bridge
Edward Parker and Nickolas Holt 2:115
George W Hetchler  25, Oceola
10/19/1862 by JP T K Parshall
Charles Hooker and Cap Hooker 3:8
HOPPER, ELMINA  16, Tyrone and
Jacob Carl  28, Hartland
1/1/1857 by Rev John Horton
Charles Miller, Oceola and Mary Miller, Oceola 2:188
HORTON, CYNTHIA N  18, Iosco and
Wilkenson Green  27, Iosco
2/19/1867 by Rev H O Parker
Clinton Horton and Mary Iosco Green 3:230
HORTON, SARAH A  Howell and
Henry Wimbles  21, Howell
12/24/1865 at Howell by Rev H O Parker
Calvin Wilcox, Howell and Jane Wilcox, Howell 3:187
HOSLEY, BETSEY  19, Oceola and
Stephen J Miller  24, Oceola
12/25/1862 at Howell by JP Mylo L Gay
Minor Hostley and Minor Hostley 3:32
HOSLEY, CAROLINE A  21, Oceola and
Walter Brown Mickles  25, St Charles, ---
10/27/1867 at William Hosley's Oceola by Rev W W Olds
Stephen Miller, Oceola and E B Hosley 3a:1
HOUGHTALING, HARRIET  19, Lansing, Ingham and
William H Cooper  22, Lansing, Ingham
12/6/1857 at Howell by JP Mylo L Gay
Mary Hauly, Howell and Eleanor Jewett, Howell 2:227
HOUGHTON, BETSY  50, Tuscola and
John Lane  49, Brighton
4/27/1854 by JP Luther Pratt
Crawford Fox, Tuscola and Daniel Farnesworth, Tuscola 2:112
HOULY, JENNIE M  19, Conway and
Royal Stephens  23, Stockbridge, Ingham
4/9/1866 at Conway by Rev H O Parker
P Silsby, Conway and M Silsby, Conway 3:186
HOUSE, JANE H  17, Brighton and
Charles L Filmore  23, Brighton
3/14/1867 by Rev Benjamin Franklin
George C Tanner, Brighton and Clarissa Tanner, Brighton 3:199
HOUSE, MARY ELIZABETH  21, Brighton and
John J Bradley  19, Hartland
4/25/1863 at Hartland by Rev William W Robson
Ebenezer Kellogg, Oceola and Gilbert Bradley, Hartland 3:24
HOW, ADELIA E  21, Stockbridge, Ingham and
William S Holmes  28, Unadille
3/22/1868 at Unadilla by Rev James Pyper
Robert Holmes and Mrs R Holmes 3a:16
Simon Dolph  
11/16/1865 at Pembroke NY by Rev A G Wilcox
A S Brown and Vesto Howe 3:125
HOWE, ELIZABETH  20, Deerfield and
R F Patterson  26, Green Bush, Clinton
5/31/1866 at Howell by JP Mylo L Gay
James Howe, Deerfield and Isabella Robb, Deerfield 3:218
Flovel Griggs  24
8/7/1869 at Deerfield by JP David Royce
I A Royce, Argentine and Geo Harper, Deerfield 3a:22
HOYT, HANNAH M  17, Conway and
Nelson N Coal  20, Florence, Shiawassee
4/22/1851 by JP Randall Martin
Henry Hoyt, Conway and Lucy Hoyt, Conway 2:38
HOYT, HELLEN M  18, Conway and
John R Miller  25, Conway
9/6/1862 at home of William N Hoyt, Conway by JP William N Hoyt
George W Hoyt and Daniel Hoyt 3:3
HOYT, JULIA A  19, Conway and
Martin V Kinne  24, Conway
1/24/1866 at Fowlerville by JP R Fowler
James Sweet and Mary Fowler 3:134
HOYT, LUCY  38, Conway and
Joseph L Avis  38, Locke, Ingham
11/10/1859 at Conway
Helen Hoyt and Julia Hoyt 2:282
HOYT, SARAH A  23, Howell and
Isaac Proctor  26, Brighton
8/13/1859 by Rev Robert McBride
L K Hewett, Howell and J L Hewett, Howell 2:218
HUBBELL, ARVILLA A  43, Howell and
William Sexton  56, Marion
2/19/1865 at Howell by Rev H O Parker
Sasdie F Hubbell, Howell and Ellen Hubbell, Howell 3:115
HUDSON, LOUISA  18, ---, Marshall, IN and
Peter W Lowe  25, ---, Marshall, IN
7/29/1860 at Green Oak by JP John Tuttle
Siles Wood, Green Oak and Eunice Wood, Green Oak 2:323
HUGHES, SARAH MARIA  32, Handy and
Emerald Dewit Drew  34, Howell
4/27/1870 at Handy by Rev E H Brockway
Harriet Ellis, Handy and Mary Drew, Howell 3a:28
HULL, ELIZA  18, Williamston, Ingham and
Patrick McLaughlin  18, Brighton
3/3/1867 by Rev Benjamin Franklin
Jane Franklin, Brighton and Carrie N Franklin, Brighton 3:200
HULL, NANCY  61, Hartland and
Stephen Hanes  67, Hartland
2/10/1850 by JP O B Chambers
George ---, Hartland and Henry Huntley, Hartland 2:8
HUMBER, JOHNANN  25, Oceola and
Franz Metzger  31, Oceola
5/15/1867 by JP Wallace N Carpenter
HUNN, ELLEN  18, Marion and
James J Huntley  23, Howell
11/30/1868 at Howell by Rev J S Borden
Richard T Huntley, Howell and Laura Hunn, Marion 3a:12
HUNN, LAURA  20, Marion and
George Craft  26, Marion
2/17/1869 at Howell by Rev F W Warren
Jas Huntley, Howell and Mrs Jas Huntley, Howell 3a:14
HUNT, NANCY L  52, Genoa and
James Humphrey  55, Genoa
5/6/1852 by JP Herman C House
Jacob Humphrey, Hamburg and Alexander Carpenter, Genoa 2:62
Julius D Smith  24, Cohoctah
3/22/1864 at Howell by Rev H S Tibbits
Emeline Smith and J R Tibbits 3:56
HUNTLEY, DELIA S  23, Howell and
Edwin L Judson  23, Manson, Whiteside, IL
9/21/1858 by Rev Robert McBride
A J Bishop, Howell and E W Jewett, Howell 2:236
HUNTLEY, ELEANOR W  23, Howell and
William P Jewett  26, Howell
11/30/1854 at Howell by Rev Robert McBride
Ira Huntley, Howell and Sarah Jewett, Howell 2:127
HUNTLEY, ELIZA S  25, Howell and
William Colby  30, Woodhull, Shiawassee
2/21/1854 by Rev E E Gregory
Andrew Blank, Howell and F Kelly, Howell 2:102
HUNTLEY, MARY L  21, Howell and
Burr R Smith  21, Howell
10/13/1859 by Rev Robert McBride
William Jewett, Howell and J M Gilbert, Howell 2:280
HURD, DORLESKI  21, Brighton and
Charles H Meach  23, Leroy, Ingham
7/2/1867 by Rev David A Curtis
Charles E Cushing and Sarah E Case 3:213
HUSE, SARAH ANN  17, Handy and
George Hisington  23, Handy
11/23/1849 at house of Cooley Weller by JP William P Grover
Hiram Briggs and Oscar Weller 1:4
HYATT, HANAH M  18, Tyrone and
John W Tillman  21, Tyrone
10/3/1854 by JP John C Salsbury
John Hyatt and Z Hyatt 2:125
HYNE, HANNAH J  19, Fowlerville and
Ruel Curtis  21, Handy
12/21/1870 at Fowlerville by JP George W Palmerton
Selden B Pullen, Fowlerville and Survilla Allen, Cohoctah 3a:33
HYNES, LIZZY  23, Oceola and
John Nealy  31, Howell
11/16/1869 at Oceola by Rev F B Pourret
Edward Gleason, Hartland and Jane Bergin, Oceola 3a:23
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