1850-1870 Marriages by Bride: J

Line 1: Bride's Name, Age and Residence
Line 2: Groom's Name, Age and Residence
Line 3: Marriage Date and Place; Person perfoming marriage
Line 4: Witnesses                                                                 Volume Number:Page Number
JACKMAN, LUCY  18, Deerfield and
Eli H Ward  31, Deerfield
4/21/1853 by JP John Anderson
Cyrus Ward, Deerfield and Samuel Bradley, Deerfield 2:81
JACKSON, ANN ELIZA  19, ---, Genesee and
Lewis Sturges  21, ---, Genesee
1/1/1852 by JP F F Riggs
Joseph Jackson, Tyrone and Elias Jackson, Tyrone 2:51
JACKSON, ANN E  21, Conway and
Byron Gibson  20, Troy, ---
7/3/1864 at Conway by JP Charles Welcher
Mary Van Buren, Conway and Steven Jackson, Conway 3:63
JACKSON, CHARLOTTE S  22, Conway and
Charles H Clark  35, Conway
7/1/1860 at Deerfield by JP John Ryan
Eliza Root, Deerfield and Hiram Jackson, Deerfield 3:65
JACKSON, ELIZA  17, Howell and
Allen P Huntley  23, Howell
10/12/1862 by JP Ralph Fowler
James Jewell and Daniel Hollis 3:98
JACKSON, JOANNA  16, Howell and
Saxton Frink  35, , Macomb
12/18/1864 at Howell by JP Mylo L Gay
E E Hazard and Mary Jackson 3:215
JACKSON, MARIAN J  25, Unadilla and
Silas Smith  26, Unadilla
5/16/1865 at Unadilla by Rev George W Lowe
Andrew Jackson, Unadilla and Nancy Taylor, Unadilla 3:228
JACKSON, MELVINA  18, Conway and
Allen Slatton  23, Handy
9/20/1865 at Conway by JP Nelson B Green
William Sabin and Martin W Camy 3:125
JACKSON, MINERVA  45, Conway and
Henry S Stevens  60, Howell
1/13/1859 by JP Samuel Ball
V Jackson, Howell and F S Stewart, Howell 2:246
JACKSON, SAMANTHA  35, Conway and
Abiathar G Randall  19, Conway
8/11/1860 by JP Mylo Gay
F C Whipple and William McCally 2:314
JACOBS, EMELINE M  20, Stockbridge, Ingham and
Benjamin C Boyce  27, Lyndon, Washtenaw
Morrie Toping and N Boyce 2:58
JACOBS, MARY  52, Genoa and
Seth Burgess  56, Independence, ---
12/10/1853 at Genoa
Joseph Hodgeman and David F Stone 2:92
JAHNIS, ELIZABETH  20, Cohoctah and
Nicholaus Krause  24, Cohoctah
9/2/1861 by Rev John M Haug
John Sheadel, Cohoctah and George Shraffer, Cohoctah 2:365
JESSUP, LOUISA M  21, Howell and
Herman W Merrill  22, Howell
3/12/1854 by Rev Robert McBride
Z F Crosman, Howell and A B Skilbeck, Howell 2:104
JEWETT, SARAH L  22, Howell and
Z F Crosman  27, Howell
12/27/1857 by Rev Robert McBride
Alexander McPherson, Howell and Victoria Jewett, Howell 2:215
JILKES, ANN  18, Marion and
Edward Pacy  23, Scio, Washtenaw
2/18/1861 at Howell by JP Mylo Gay
Harriet Gay and Frederick Fritz 2:345
JOHNSON, ELIZABETH M  18, Waterloo, Jackson and
Ara W How  29, Waterloo, Jackson
10/28/1850 by Rev Joshua Kenne
Hezekiah Bullock and David Jenkins 2:37
JOHNSON, ELVIRA L  21, Tyrone and
William Bidleman  26, Hartland
9/10/1865 by Rev John G Horton
Albert Kirk and Cyntha A Horton 3:114
JOHNSON, HARRIET E  Dexter, Washtenaw and
Richard Whalian  Dexter, Washtenaw
1/1/1867 by Rev O J Perrin
J W Hinchey and O J Perrin, Mrs 3:191
JOHNSON, HATTIE C  22, Howell and
James Canfield  26, Waterloo, Jackson
3/31/1870 at Howell by Rev J S Boyden
Frank Hubbard, Genoa and Addie C Johnson, Howell 3a:27
JOHNSON, LILEA I  18, Cohoctah and
Nathaniel Hatfield  26, Cohoctah
5/25/1868 at Cohoctah by JP George Cameron
George W Johnson, Cohoctah and Mary Cameron, Cohoctah 3a:9
JOHNSON, MARY E  Hamburg and
Ezekiel Boylan  Genoa
12/30/1866 at Hamburg by Rev H W Horton
Mary M Horton and Erasmus Whitlock 3:207
Martin N Brayton  31
12/23/1871 at home of J Brayton by JP William Moore
D F White, Howell and Ira Brayton, Howell 3:236
JOHNSON, SOPHIA  34, Putnam and
Morgan L Rowland  59, Howell
11/2/1864 by JP Hiram Backus
JOLLEY, HELLEN  40, Oceola and
Martinus Parshall  45, Oceola
3/18/1859 at Deerfield A Kimbert
Patrick O'Connell and Mary Ann Parshall 2:256
JONES, LUCY E  16, Fowlerville and
Robert M Davis  22, Fowlerville
10/31/1869 at Fowlerville by JP George W Palmerton
George C Tanner, Fowlerville and Jennie How, Brighton 3a:24
JONES, MARION  23, Brighton and
Willard W Hendricks  27, Hamburg
11/12/1856 by Rev C W Knickerbocker
Myron Buck, Hamburg and Adelaide Judson, Brigthon 3:175
JONES, MARY E  17, Handy and
Charles W Lasher  23, Howell
12/29/1863 at Howell by Rev A R Bartlett
Harriet Mathews and Charles Brown 3:51
JONES, NANCY  20, Iosco and
Seth C Stow  21, Iosco
7/1/1863 Isaac JP Stow
A Stow and Martha Jones 3:65
JONES, WEALTHY  25, Leroy, Ingham and
John Witty  25, Iosco
3/9/1854 Everett Douglass
James Fewlap, Iosco and Luana Fewlap, Iosco 2:108
JORDEN, MARGARET  20, Howell and
William D Rumsey  22, Howell
1/10/1869 at Howell by JP Daniel Case
Mrs Daniel Case, Howell and Miss Anna White, Howell 3a:14
JORDEN, MARY ANN  21, Howell and
Harlem Marr  28, Howell
9/4/1861 at Howell by JP Daniel Case
Georgeanna Dickenson and Mrs E A Case 2:358
JUDGE, HELEN F  18, Oceola and
Charles H Stephens  21, Oceola
8/18/1861 at Oceola by JP Joseph Blinston
Frank Mealis, Oceola and Edward Browning, Oceola 2:362
JUDGE, ROSE ANN  21, Oceola and
Charles L Helms  21, Howell
7/3/1869 at Howell by JP Nicholas Lake Jr
Maley L Waldron, Howell and Susan Waldron, Howell 3a:20
JUDSON, AURELIA E  26, Brighton and
George G Smith  29, Green Oak
5/22/1866 by Rev Benjamin Franklin
Isaac H Smith, Green Oak and James H Smith, Green Oak 3:153
JUDSON, MATILDA M  19, Brighton and
Augustus Reiner  21, Brighton
5/27/1868 at Brighton by Rev Davis A Curtis
Charles E Cushing, Brighton and Sarah E Case, Brighton 3a:9
JUSH, CORNELIA  Tyrone and
Joseph Hubbard  Tyrone
4/18/1870 at Tyrone by Rev A J Richards
E Clough, Tyrone and E Traver, Tyrone 3a:28
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