1850-1870 Marriages by Bride: L

Line 1: Bride's Name, Age and Residence
Line 2: Groom's Name, Age and Residence
Line 3: Marriage Date and Place; Person perfoming marriage
Line 4: Witnesses                                                                 Volume Number:Page Number
L---, VILETTA  19, Ingham, Ingham and
David Cole  27, Locke, Ingham
8/26/1868 at Brighton by JP Herman C House
George Tanner, Brighton and Augustine C Reiner 3a:10
LA RUE, ALICE A  18, Pinckney and
Stephen G Teeple  22, Pinckney
4/11/1865 by Rev J O Bancroft
J M La rue and G Teeple 3:99
LAKE, ADELIA C  21, Howell and
John Knight  21, Howell
1/1/1861 at Fowlerville by Rev J H Castor
A H Benedict, Fowlerville and P S Hendrick, Hamburg 2:334
LAKE, ALMIRA  49, Marion and
Bela Brown  55, Erwin, Barry
10/9/1859 at Marion by Rev Erastus Hascall
Franklin Kelly, Howell and A Allen, Howell 2:283
LAKE, CAROLINE  27, Howell and
Edward Parker  36, Oceola
7/20/1862 at Howell by JP Daniel Case
William Lake and Ira S Preston 3:1
LAKE, MARIA L  18, Howell and
Henry C Benjamin  21, Conway
5/22/1866 at Howell by Rev H O Parker
E Sargent, Howell and Cordelia A York, Howell 3:182
LAKE, MARTHA  22, Howell and
William L Collins  26, Handy
12/13/1861 at Handy by JP J P Hildreth
Oscar Weller and Elizabeth Weller 2:383
LAKE, MARY L  Howell and
Orin Wells  Howell
2/7/1861 at house of Nicholas Lake JP
Charles Lake and Frances Henry 2:332
LAKING, HARRIETT L  19, Putnam and
George E Reynolds  21, Putnam
3/10/1869 at Putnam by Rev Oliver J Perrin
George Bland and Harriet Bland 3a:15
LAKOWE, NANCY E  20, Howell and
William H Burkhart  22, Cohoctah
3/11/1867 at Howell by Rev D O Ball
S O Soul and Harriet Soul 3:200
LAM, SOPHRONIA  18, Tulford, Oakland and
Joseph Beaty  28, Tulford, Oakland
2/1/1859 by JP Ira W Case
Ira Bingham, Brighton and John Smith, Brighton 2:208
LAMB, SARAH  Grand Blanc, Genesee and
Charles Gibson  Grand Blanc, Genesee
4/10/1859 at Brighton by JP Roswell Barnes
William Cobb, Brighton and Charles Barber, Brighton 2:261
LAMEREAUX, SARAH E  18, Iosco and
Thomas J Wright  21, Iosco
9/14/1862 at Iosco by JP Eli S Babcock
John Lamereaux and Sarah Briggs 3:3
LAMON, FRANCES ADELIA  17, Brighton and
George W Morton  25, Brighton
12/31/1868 at Brighton by Rev Benjamin Franklin
Allen Morton, Brighton and John G Beckley 3a:15
LAMPMAN, DELIA A  22, Howell and
P M Fishbeck  20, Howell
1/25/1866 at Howell by JP Mylo L Gay
Thomas Donley, Howell and Harriet Donley, Howell 3:219
LANCASTER, JANE  23, Marion and
William Barker  30, Dexter, Washtenaw
9/17/1868 at Howell by Rev F W Warren
Adam Rubins, Marion and Mary A Lancaster, Marion 3a:11
LANE, CYNTHA  17, Cohoctah and
Cyrus Hayner  29, Cohoctah
4/11/1863 by JP Luther Pratt
L S Pratt, Cohoctah and B Morgan, Cohoctah 3:29
LANE, HATTIE  18, Howell and
Emerson F Glover  27, Howell
8/31/1864 at Howell by Rev J Ford Sutton
William B Jewett and Martha Glover 3:83
LAPHAM, MARY W  30, Jackson, Jackson and
Samuel D Raymond  30, Jackson, Jackson
9/21/1854 by Rev Robert McBride
Abraham Koons, Howell and J M Gilbert, Howell 2:119
LARE, MARY E  30, Oceola and
John R Holmes  25, Oceola
3/15/1860 at Oceola by Rev John Horton
Joseph Lare, Oceola and Catharine Lare, Oceola 2:298
LARRONE, LYDIA  22, Howell and
Aaron Dorrance  29, Howell
1/1/1860 by Rev Jacob Garber
Perry Dorrance and Harry Smith 2:292
LATSON, LOVANN M  16, Genoa and
Charles H Lounsbury  26, Howell
2/22/1866 at Howell by Rev William Tilley
James Baty and Laura Lounsbury 3:143
LATSON, MARIE E J  21, Genoa and
Archibald Beattie  30, Genoa
1/7/1861 by JP Ferdinand Grisson
Erastus Smith, Hamburg and Charlotte King, Hamburg 2:327
LAURENCE, EUNICE  19, Handy and
Markus Whitbeck  22, Conway
12/31/1869 at Fowlerville by Rev E H Brockway
F S Brockway, Fowlerville and May E Brockway, Fowlerville 3a:25
LAW, MARY JANE  Cohoctah and
Alonzo Kyser  23, Cohoctah
8/28/1859 at Cohoctah by JP Luther Pratt
M Hadsell, Cohoctah and L S Pratt, Cohoctah 2:274
LAWRENCE, ELVIRA W  18, Genoa and
Edward Westley  23, Genoa
7/13/1856 by Rev P C Dayfoot
George Lawrence, Howell and Rosina Dayfoot, Howell 2:188
LAWRENCE, MARION  18, Handy and
George B Gue  20, ---, Oakland
3/3/1865 at Howell by JP Mylo L Gay
H B Treadwell, Howell and George W Kneeland, Howell 3:215
LAWSON, CATHARINE E  24, Genoa and
G Stewart Hazard  25, Howell
4/2/1863 at Genoa by Rev George O Bachman
Elisha Hazard and Howard Lawson 3:22
Spaulding M Case  42 
10/8/1860 at Genoa by Rev Albert Hurst
Kate Lawson, Howell and B H Lawson, Howell 2:315
LEARY, SARAH ANN  19, Hamburg and
Henry W Plummer  24, Putnam
1/5/1868 at Hamburg by Rev O J Perrin
Samuel Leddick, Putnam and Hugh Clark, Putnam 3a:5
LEE, EVA R  19, Howell and
E G McPherson  22, Howell
8/14/1867 at Howell by Rev Joel Kennedy
F J Lee, Howell and William McPherson, Howell 3:224
LEE, LYDIA  26, Green Oak and
Carl Wood  26
2/2/1858 by Rev M B Wilsey
Hannabal Lee, Green Oak and Hannah Lee, Green Oak 2:220
LEE, MARIA E  24, Deerfield and
John Jackson  32, Deerfield
5/30/1865 by Rev William Tilley
Julia E Clark and Daniel Bainbridge 3:102
LEISTER, ANN  18, Iosco and
Gilbert Munsell  26, Iosco
7/4/1860 at Iosco by JP M B Foster
John Fowler, Iosco and Henry Munsell, Iosco 2:313
LEMON, MARY  30, Putnam and
George W Woods  43, Marion
8/18/1850 by JP Daniel Peerson
Mason Lemon, Putnam and Jane Lovesy, Putnam 2:21
LENIS, SARAH  20, Oceola and
Edwin Rogers  20, Oceola
12/13/1855 by Rev John Horton
A Lewis, Oceola and Huldah Lewis, Oceola 2:167
LENOX, ELIZABETH  25, Hamburg and
Richard Butler  26, Hamburg
11/18/1866 at Brighton by Rev David A Curtis
James Pinkney and Mary Robins 3:194
LEONARD, HELEN A  20, Tyrone and
S W McCall  24, Milford, Oakland
1/15/1868 at Tyrone by Rev J R Haskins
W H Leonard, Tyrone and R S Ingram, Tyrone 3a:6
LEONARD, MARY M  20, Deerfield and
Edwin E Henderson  23, Deerfield
12/29/1870 at Howell by Rev J S Boyden
W R Melvin and Maggie Commusk 3a:32
LETTS, CAROLINE  25, Lyon, Oakland and
Charles Clark  65, Howell
1/29/1862 at Brighton by Rev Richard G McCarthy
J Spencer and Lucy Spencer 2:375
LEWIS, ACHSAH  24, Deerfield and
Jefferson H Downer  41, Argentine, Genesee
3/3/1858 at Howell by JP Mylo Gay
Elisha Hazard, Howell and Susan Hazard, Howell 2:227
LEWIS, ANN  27, Unadilla and
Charles Hanford  25, Iosco
4/9/1868 at Unadilla J B McKinley
Alonzo Gorton, Iosco and S Handord, Iosco 3a:10
LEWIS, CANELIA JANE  19, Howell and
Robert E Monroe  24, Romeo, Macomb
10/16/1865 by Rev William Tilley
Charles Lewis and Heneritta Pruden 3:100
LEWIS, EUNICE  48, Deerfield and
Frederick Murray  62, Green Oak
1/21/1864 at Oak Grove by Rev J R Gordon
Edwin Lewis and Allen Louis 3:53
LEWIS, HARRIET  Unadilla and
Mitchel Whitehead  37, Iosco
3/3/1862 at Unadilla by JP J L Field
James Craig, Unadilla and Phebe Craig, Unadilla 2:386
LEWIS, JANE  20, Unadilla and
Fred Montague  21, Unadilla
1/5/1868 at Unadilla by Rev J S McKinley
L C Hose, Unadilla and M S Smith, Unadilla 3a:7
LEWIS, MARIA  19, Unadilla and
John Reason  21, Unadilla
2/5/1854 by JP Theron Winans
Mitchel Whited, Iosco and Susan Whited, Iosco 2:99
LEWIS, MARY ANN  20, Unadilla and
William Whited  26, Pottsville, Huron, OH
10/22/1850 by JP Theron Winans
John Richmond and John Whited 2:28
LEWIS, MARY  21, Pinckney and
Christopher G Peck  25, Pinckney
5/9/1868 at Pinckney by JP J W Hinchey
William A Sprout, Pinckney and E E Henry, Pinckney 3a:9
LEWIS, OLIVE  17, Unadilla and
John Miller  22, Iosco
3/16/1862 at office of Daniel Wright JP Unadilla
Joseph Kirkland, Iosco and Chloe Lockwood, Iosco 2:391
LIBBY, CLARINA  17, Deerfield and
Fredrick Robsilver  25, Deerfield
1/1/1861 by JP Joseph Wise
Daniel Hyatt and Jacob Libby 2:337
LINDSLAY, MAGGIE  22, Stockbridge, Ingham and
Marshall Isbell  27, Stockbridge, Ingham
11/22/1864 at Unadilla by Rev William J Nutting
L M Isbell and Helen Gibbs 3:83
LINDSLEY, ALMIRA  18, Genoa and
Richard Van Norton  19, Genoa
3/15/1857 at Genoa by JP D B Pirce
Orin Bearsley and James Linsey 2:199
LINDSLEY, MARY  19, Ingham, Ingham and
Joseph Sharp  30, Stockbridge, Ingham
11/14/1861 by Rev J R Bissell
O H Obert, Unadilla and Royal Barnum, Unadilla 2:366
LINSLY, MARY JANE  23, Genoa and
Solomon Munroe  25, Southfield, Oakland
12/25/1860 at Genoa by Rev Samuel Currier
James Stewart, Salem and Harriet Currier, Salem 2:329
LISHER, ELIZABETH  19, Howell and
Ira E Holt  20, Marion
7/9/1863 at Fowlerville by Rev J Kilpatrick
Francis J Waters, Handy and Eliza A Graham, Handy 3:41
LITTLE, GRACE G  19, Lyndon, Washtenaw and
Berton Fick  21, Lyndon, Washtenaw
9/13/1863 at Unadilla by JP O H Obert
Loretty Fich and Phebe Craig 3:42
LOCKE, ELIZA  42, Deerfield and
George Douglass  48, Superior, Washtenaw
4/1/1864 by JP John Ryan
John Ryan and Anne Ryan 3:73
LOCKWOOD, DELPHENE  21, Highland, Oakland and
John L Slate  28, Saginaw, Saginaw
8/24/1867 at Hartland by JP John Dunham
James Lockwood, Highland and Miss Dunham, Hartland 3a:1
LOCKWOOD, ELLEN  28, Marion and
John Witty  38, Iosco
7/1/1866 at Marion by Rev Henry W Hicks
Thomas H Craham, Marion and Abbey D Smock, Marion 3:157
LOCKWOOD, ELVE R  20, Iosco and
James Bean  21, Iosco
10/17/1863 at Iosco by JP Eli S Babcock
Joseph Bean, Iosco and Mary Babcock, Iosco 3:51
LOCKWOOD, NANCY J  19, Iosco and
Oscar Gorton  23, Iosco
1/9/1868 at Marion by JP George Coleman
Eli Coleman, Marion and Nora Coleman, Marion 3a:6
LOCKWOOD, SARAH  19, Handy and
John G Gould  31, Handy
10/17/1861 at Fowlerville by JP R Fowler
A B Lockwood, Handy and George W Palmerton, Handy 2:363
LOCKWOOD, SUVIAH  19, Handy and
John G Gould  31, Handy
10/17/1861 by JP Ralph Fowler
G W Paberton and W B Lockwood 3:95
LORD, HULDAH  20, Handy and
Hiram Bowen  20, Handy
6/10/1858 at Oceola by Rev John G Horton
John Ferguson, Oceola and James Whitaker, Oceola 2:231
LOREE, AMELIA  16, Deerfield and
--- Whitehead  22, Deerfield
9/19/1858 by JP Augustus Fox
LOREE, LOUISA  18, Iosco and
D R Newman  25, Milford, Oakland
2/26/1859 by JP Ara Smith
Martha Hayworth and Almeda --- 2:202
LOREE, MARY JANE  19, Iosco and
Daniel W Vannes  25, Iosco
2/14/1850 by JP Everett Douglass
J D Bouter, Iosco and Josiah Lorec, Iosco 2:7
LOREE, MARY MATILDA  16, Iosco and
William L Whited  19, Iosco
9/29/1861 at Howell by JP Daniel Case
Nathaniel Whited and A Burdett Case 2:360
LOSFORD, SARAH ANN  24, Howell and
Moses Coleman  27, Marion
9/5/1869 at Howell by Rev J S Boyden
Abraham Losford, Losford and E Sarah, Howell 3a:21
LOSSING, EMILY  32, Norwich, CA and
Noah Drew  44, Marion
12/31/1859 at Marion by JP William Totten
Townsend Drew, Marion and James Sage, Marion 2:297
LOUND, CHARLOTTE  19, Conway and
George D Converse  23, Conway
3/9/1869 at Cohoctah by Rev William Bridenstine
W J Miner, Cohoctah and Emma L Miner, Cohoctah 3a:17
LOUND, ELIZABETH  20, Marion and
John Leece  28, Dexter, Washtenaw
10/2/1864 by Rev George O Bachman
Fanney Lound and Philip Lound 3:77
Richard Sheridan  Hamburg
1/24/1859 by JP F D Fish
LOUNSBURY, MARY E  21, Howell and
Edward E Latson  21, Genoa
2/22/1866 at Howell by Rev William Tilley
James Baty and Laura Lounsbury 3:143
LOVE, BETSY  38, Iosco and
Richard Howarth  39, Unadilla
6/23/1853 at Iosco by Rev James Howley
James Bouter, Iosco and Mary Jane Bouter, Iosco 2:86
LOVE, DOLLA R  23, Marion and
Joseph Butler  24, Hamburg
12/24/1863 by Rev George O Bachman
Mary Fairchilds and Henry P Love 3:47
LOVE, ELIZA  20, Marion and
Sheredan Drew  29, Marion
11/19/1863 at Marion by Rev P C Dayfoot
Martin V Drew, Howell and Emma J Wallace, Marion 3:43
LOVE, ELIZABETH  22, Putnam and
Lewis Fitch  27, Marion
2/14/1866 at Putnam by Rev H O Parker
J Wilkes, Marion and William Wilkes, Marion 3:184
LOVE, ELLEN A  22, Marion and
Moses T Lyon  22, Marion
3/13/1870 at Marion by Rev George W Jenks
John Burnett, Marion and Mary Burnett, Mary 3a:26
LOVE, FANNY  21, Marion and
John Randall  25, Putnam
10/11/1868 at Putnam by Rev Oliver J Perrin
George Reynolds, Putnam and Hattie S Lakin, Putnam 3a:11
LOVE, JANE  28, Marion and
William H Gilkins  36, Marion
9/20/1865 at Marion by Rev H O Parker
Albert Mann, Marion and Hannah Mann, Marion 3:117
LOVE, LYDA  24, Putnam and
John P Afflick  27, Putnam
1/1/1856 at Putnam
Andrew Love and Thomas Jilks 2:172
LOVE, MARY E  18, Marion and
Benjamin Marther  22, Marion
5/21/1859 at Marion by Rev P C Dayfoot
Henry Betram and Elizabeth Betrum 2:234
LOVESEY, JANE  17, Putnam and
Mason Lemon  21, Putnam
8/18/1850 by JP Daniel Person
G W Woods, Marion and Mary Woods, Marion 2:22
LOWELL, LUCY ANN  21, Putnam and
George Hix  27, Putnam
3/10/1853 by JP Aaron Younglove
Herman Hix, Washtenaw Co and Delia Edmund, Washtenaw Co 2:76
LUCE, CATHARINE A  24, Green Oak and
Thomas F Lown  32, Dexter, Washtenaw
7/4/1867 by Rev David A Curtis
William W Hooker and Elizabeth Hooker 3:212
LUCE, HELEN E  18, Green Oak and
Earnest M Crippin  27, Brighton
7/4/1870 at Brighton by Rev William J Clark
Thomas F Lown, Brighton and Caroline A Lown, Brighton 3a:40
LUDDEN, SARAH J  21, Handy and
Oladish Parsons  21, Conway
1/1/1861 at Handy by Rev J H Castor
D Bush, Conway and M Gaston, Handy 2:334
LYON, ELIZABETH  24, Marion and
David B Phillips  26, CA
12/25/1861 John Booth
Solomon Lyons and Mrs Solomon Lyons 2:384
LYON, MARIA L  23, Marion and
Egbert Jones  25, Marion
4/4/1867 at home of bride's father in Marion by Rev William Tilley
Henry C Lyon, Howell and Jennie Buckle, Howell 3a:2
LYON, MARTHA C  18, Marion and
Henry Rodgers  24, Howell
8/14/1869 at Brighton by Rev William J Clack
Mrs Mary Clack, Brighton and Mra Delia Hazelton, Pontiac 3a:21
LYON, MARY E  23, Genoa and
George McCrum  36, Genoa
1/18/1860 at Pinckney by JP J M Eaman
J Cummings, Howell and R Cummings, Howell 2:302
LYONS, CARRIE  32, Brighton and
Stephen B Butts  41, Buffalo, Oakland, NY
5/16/1867 by Rev Benjamin Franklin
James H Smith, Green Oak and Richard J Lyons, Brighton 3:209
LYONS, ELIZABETH  24, Brighton and
James H Smith  25, Green Oak
11/12/1867 at Brighton by Rev Benjamin Franklin
William C Lyon, Brighton and Richard Jackson Lyons, Brighton 3a:1
LYONS, MARY ELIZABETH  17, Lyons, Oakland and
Davis Weller  22, Hamburg
8/27/1848 at Pinckney by JP James W Stansberry
F G Rose and Edwin Naylor 3:45
LYONS, MATILDA  25, Howell and
George W Earl  23, Howell
1/21/1866 at Howell by Rev H O Parker
George Earl, Genoa and Mary Eilder, Howell 3:183
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