1850-1870 Marriages by Bride: N

Line 1: Bride's Name, Age and Residence
Line 2: Groom's Name, Age and Residence
Line 3: Marriage Date and Place; Person perfoming marriage
Line 4: Witnesses                                                                 Volume Number:Page Number
NANCY, ALMA A  28, Brighton and
Amos Cary  34, Brighton
3/19/1861 at Brighton by George Foot
Charles Todd and Martha Butter 2:350
NEELY, ELLEN M  Cohoctah and
Henry Knoop  Burns, Shiawassee
1/13/1861 by JP N Gulick
John Knoop and Eliza C Gulick 3:235
NEELY, HARRIET  20, Cohoctah and
Lyman V D Cook  24, Cohoctah
4/2/1866 at Howell by Rev H O Parker
Alfred F Cook, Francis and Neely J, Cohoctah 3:186
NEELY, MARGARETT M  19, Genoa and
Samuel Carpenter  27, Genoa
12/25/1862 at Genoa by Rev George W Jenks
Elisha Case, Genoa and Joseph Case, Genoa 3:14
NELSON, MARY A  23, Northfield, Washtenaw and
Thomas G Hate  23, Webster, Washtenaw
5/2/1858 by Rev Samuel Carmer
Andrew Nelson, Northfield and Marcia Hate, Webster 2:229
NELSON, NANCY S  19, Oceola and
Thomas J Kitchen  22, Oceola
11/13/1859 by JP Joseph Blinston
F S Hardy and A W Nelson 2:288
NETTER, MARY JAY  18, Brighton and
Alpherd Burns  22, Brighton
2/8/1855 at Brighton by Rev William M Hevener
Oliver Cromwell, Brighton and Elizabeth Cromwell, Brighton 2:145
NEWCOMB, CORNELIA  18, Handy and
George Knickerbocker  26, Handy
10/9/1859 at Handy by JP John Hildreth
George Hildreth and Partey Hildreth 2:285
NEWKIRK, CLARISSA J  17, Unadilla and
Oliver R Noble  23, Iosco
3/24/1857 at Pinckney by JP J M La Rue
John Broughton and Mrs J Broughton 3:33
NEWMAN, CALARMDA  18, Cohoctah and
Alfred Bigelow  24, Cohoctah
2/22/1862 at Cohoctah by JP Luther Pratt
William Boughton and L S Pratt 2:320
NEWTON, MARY ANN  21, Howell and
John Ellsom  27, Howell
4/25/1855 by Rev O D W White
A Garlock and Janeet Peebles 2:144
NEWTON, SARAH  21, ---, Shiawassee and
John Taylor  27, ---, Shiawassee
1/16/1861 at Pinckney by JP J M Eamon
Ellen Eamon, Putnam and Eli Hardy, Putnam 2:357
NICKOLS, MARY ANN  18, Oceola and
Martin Williams  23, Iosco
7/19/1859 by JP Ira W Case
Robert Power, Brighton and Spaulding Case, Brighton 2:210
NIGHT, HARRIET  44, Novi, Oakland and
William Hall  64, White, Ingham
12/28/1851 by JP James Wright
Horace Osbern and Maryett Osbern 2:57
NILES, BETSY A  16, Cohoctah and
Milo D Pharris  22, Cohoctah
9/16/1870 at Cohoctah by Rev Ashford Diamond
William J Pherris and R A Pherris 3a:45
NILES, SARAH ANN  19, Conway and
Freeman Porter  30, Conway
7/3/1855 by Rev Samuel Currier
Edmund Niles and Ann Niles 2:154
NILSON, ANNE  Conway and
William R Mills  Conway
2/14/1865 by JP Charles Welcher
NOBLE, ELIZABETH  Pinckney and
Edgar Noble  Oceola
4/20/1863 by Rev John J Gridley
Leonard Noble and Aurra W Noble 3:274
NOBLE, FIDELIA A  18, Putnam and
V W Davis  28, Putnam
5/24/1865 by Rev John C Bancroft
L Noble and S Grimes 3:101
NOBLE, MARY C  19, Pinckney and
Charles D Morse  29, Napolean, ---
6/1/1864 at Pinckney by Rev E W Borden
James B Phing and Elvina N Phing 3:61
NOBLES, HARRIET AMANDA  16, Unadilla and
Joseph Loree  21, Iosco
4/7/1850 by JP L W Munsell
Gilbert Munsell, Ann Arbor and Mary Munsell, Ann Arbor 2:11
NORTH, MARY E  17, Handy and
William H Spencer  22, Handy
10/1/1862 by JP Ralph Fowler
Morgan M Randall and Jefferson Weller 3:95
NORTHROP, LAURA B  17, Handy and
James F Sturgis  22, Conway
2/26/1866 at Handy by JP R Fowler
Mrs Mary Fowler Fowler, Handy and William Fowler, Handy 3:142
NORTHUP, DELIA  19, Northville, Wayne and
Jacob Dingman  24, Conway
3/31/1867 at Brighton by Rev Benjamin Franklin
John Tanner, Brighton and Patrick McLaughlin, Brighton 3:209
NORTON, ADDIE  22, Brighton and
John G Beckley  27, Fentonville, Genesee
7/22/1867 at Brighton by Rev Benjamin Franklin
Allen Norton, Brighton and Edith Norton, Brighton 3a:2
NORTON, ELECTA C  20, Stockbridge, Ingham and
Franklin Kelley  31, Howell
8/17/1854 at Howell by Rev E Westlake
Joseph Peebles and Julia Peebles 2:118
NORTON, ELECTA M  Brighton and
Charles Spencer  Brighton
3/11/1863 by Rev J O Bancroft
Huldah Bancroft and Maryette Durfee 3:29
NORTRIP, MARY JANE  18, Howell and
William H Depung  20, Howell
11/5/1849 by JP J W Smith
E H Smith, Howell and Aleron Fodge, Howell 2:3
NUTT, HANNAH A  19, Conway and
Graham N Barker  27, Conway
3/18/1850 at Oceola
Hannah Boyce and S Nutt 2:8
NUTT, LAURA  43, Handy and
James Bucher  40, Handy
6/6/1864 at Fowlerville by JP Daniel R Glenn
D R Glenn and William H Evens 3:227
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