1850-1870 Marriages by Bride: P

Line 1: Bride's Name, Age and Residence
Line 2: Groom's Name, Age and Residence
Line 3: Marriage Date and Place; Person perfoming marriage
Line 4: Witnesses                                                                 Volume Number:Page Number
PADDOCK, JANE M  20, Brighton and
Joseph T Van Amberg  21, Brighton
11/2/1858 at Brighton by Rev Ira Warner
Judson Warner and Obadiah Warner 2:247
George Demerest  Ypsilanti, Washtenaw
1/23/1858 at residence of groom's cousin George W Stocking
John Demerest and Ann K Demerest 3:93
PALMER, ANN E  Oceola and
Henry W Rogers  23, Oceola
1/1/1858 at Oceola by JP Daniel Rich
William Palmer and William Kinney 2:219
PALMER, EMILY  17, Deerfield and
Eber Springston  28, Deerfield
7/4/1866 at Deerfield by Rev H O Parker
J A Brown, Cohoctah and S F Brown, Cohoctah 3:187
PALMER, EUNICE E  18, Fowlerville and
Charles F Williams  20, Fowlerville
7/5/1868 at Fowlerville by Rev R C Crane
Morris Savage, Fowlerville and Mary E Savage, Fowlerville 3a:10
PARDEE, ELIZA  22, Handy and
Eby J Butterfield  36, Handy
6/29/1866 at Handy by JP J P Hildreth
Henry M Sillsbee, Handy and Ellen Pardee, Handy 3:157
PARDEE, ELLEN  19, Handy and
George H Butler  30, Lansing, Ingham
1/1/1867 at Handy by JP J P Hildreth
E J Bitterfield, Handy and C Smith, Handy 3:190
PARDY, CAROLINE J  17, Oceola and
Andrew J Rounds  26, Marion
1/29/1860 by Rev Robert McBride
Abbie McBride, Howell and Mary Gale, Genoa 2:293
PARK, MARY JANE  23, Howell and
Burt Brayton  24, Howell
12/30/1860 at Howell by JP Daniel Case
Matilda Case, Howell and Burdette Case, Howell 2:324
PARKER, ESTHER JANE  16, Iosco and
William K Loree  28, Iosco
3/5/1866 at home of George Loree Iosco by JP Patrick Commisky
Nathan Loree and Elizabeth Loree 3:141
PARKER, HATTIE  22, Green Oak and
Robert W Olds  23, Green Oak
9/22/1869 at Green Oak by Rev Charles Dunlap
Sebina Moses, Washington DC and Warren Parker, Green Oak 3a:21
PARKER, IDA ODELL  18, Handy and
Charles W Graham  27, Handy
2/16/1870 at Handy by Rev George W Jenks
Thomas H Graham, Handy and Arvilla Thamhill, Handy 3a:25
PARKER, MARY  80, Handy and
Samuel Hunt  72, Handy
6/9/1869 at Fowlerville by JP R Fowler
William Whitney, Handy and Mary Whitney, Handy 3a:19
PARKER, MATILDA  29, Marion and
George Loree  41, Iosco
3/14/1859 by JP John Van Winkle
Jerome Helms, Marion and Sarah Helms, Marion 2:201
PARKER, RUTH ANN  17, Marion and
James H Belford  32, Detroit, Wayne
1/1/1859 at house of David Parker, Marion by Rev O H Plum
Joseph Brown, Marion and David Parker, Marion 2:253
PARKHURST, ANNA  45, Tuscola and
Alva Jones  42, Tuscola
9/23/1854 at Tuscola by JP Luther Pratt
Lawson Gray, Tuscola and Alva Preston, Tuscola 2:127
PARKS, ALMIRA  17, Tuscola and
Edmund Downer  23, Tuscola
5/17/1856 at Tuscola by JP Luther Pratt
John Niles and Henry Thorton 2:175
PARKS, FANNY  17, Tyrone and
David B Herrington  36, Springfield, Oakland
10/27/1850 by JP Isaac Cornell
Henry White, Tyrone and Mariah Dates, Tyrone 2:22
PARKS, MERTICE E  21, Deerfield and
Abram W Dean  33, Cohoctah
2/28/1864 by JP Alba D Royce
PARSHALL, SARAH J  17, Oceola and
Omer Bradley  21, Oceola
4/24/1854 by Rev E Westlake
Chauncey Parshall, Oceola and Ebenezer Kellogg, Genoa 2:114
PARSONS, SUSANA N  28, Deerfield and
Alphens Holcomb  29, Deerfield
7/1/1868 at house of J Chapman Deerfield by Rev Joseph W Holt
Joel A Chaoman, Deerfield and O J Parsons, Conway 3a:10
PATTERSON, FANNIE H  18, Hamburg and
Frank W Goodale  19, Delhi, ---
4/2/1870 at Hamburg by Rev G Wilson
Thomas Dennison, Hamburg and Sarah Ann Dennison, Hamburg 3a:26
PEACH, MARIA  19, Green Oak and
Capt David Stanway  27, Camp G 1st Michigan Infantry
7/4/1864 at Green Oak by Rev Charles E Hewitt
William McAndrew, Ypsilanti and Helen McAndrew, Ypsilanti 3:63
PEARL, JANE  19, Lyon, Oakland and
Uriah Comstock  23, Unadilla
4/8/1860 at Unadilla by JP J L Field
Lucy Schenck, Unadilla and Rosannah Libermore, Unadilla 2:304
PEARSON, MARTHA M  23, Iosco and
William C Deunin  21, Iosco
12/31/1869 at Iosco by JP Milton Bradley
James Pearson, Iosco and Elsie E Deunin, Iosco 3a:25
PEARSON, MELISSA  25, Howell and
Robert Geive  28, Howell
7/7/1869 at Brighton by Rev William J Clark
Lewis Algeo, Brighton and Anna Algeo, Brighton 3a:22
PEARSONS, HARIETT  20, Howell and
John G Mason  28, Howell
10/5/1846 by Rev H Root
Lavina Root and Caroline Pearsons 2:15
PEAVEE, MARIA  26, Iosco and
Hiram Austin  25, Iosco
1/2/1855 at Howell
Edward Austin and Jane Austin 2:130
PEEBHELS, OCTAVIA H  20, Howell and
Albert J Wheadon  22, Jackson, Jackson
12/8/1859 by Rev Robert McBride
Jennie Spooneer, Howell and E Bilton, Jackson 2:214
PEEBLES, MANERVA  19, Howell and
Aaron Schuyler  29, Dexter, Washtenaw
5/5/1863 at Howell by Rev D C Jacobs
Ira P Bingham and Mary Kellog 3:24
PEIRCE, SUSAN  23, Marion and
John Phillips  32, Genoa
11/29/1861 at Pinckney by JP J M Eamon
Ellen Eamon, Pinckney and Harriet Eamon, Pinckney 2:381
PENDER, EMORETTE  24, Unadilla and
Phineas Durkee  30, Unadilla
2/17/1869 at Williamsville by Rev E H Brockway
Fidelice S Brockway, Unadilla and Jennie Wade, Unadilla 3a:14
PENTLIN, SARAH ANN  16, Brighton and
John Wesley Hutchings  24, Brighton
7/4/1870 at Brighton by Rev William J Clark
Richard Tonoray and D H Purdy 3a:40
PERKINS, PHILEUN E  18, Howell and
Silas D Peterson  25, Howell
6/27/1869 at Howell by Rev J S Boyden
Isaac Peterson, Howell and Unice Peterson, Howell 3a:19
PERRY, ELIZABETH  45, Superior, Washtenaw and
John Crofoot  63, Putnam
8/4/1866 at Putnam by Rev D Webster Hammond
Daniel D Wait, Putnam and Sarah W Wait, Putnam 3:160
PERRY, MARTHA  23, Howell and
James Robinson  28, Howell
11/2/1861 by JP William Lake
Eli Hemish and Almira Hemish 2:367
PERSON, SALLY A  Iosco and
Harry G Havens  22, Iosco
11/23/1851 by JP Ezra N Fairchild
Daniel Person, Iosco and David Wood, Howell 2:60
PETERS, EFFIE  22, Byron, Shiawassee and
George L Judevine  23, Byron, Shiawassee
3/8/1870 at Hartland by Rev A J Richards
Adelie Nelson, Tyrone and N A Richards, Hartland 3a:26
PETIT, ELIZA MALVINA  16, Ingham, Ingham and
Abner L Hobart  26, Ingham, Ingham
5/1/1853 by JP George W Richmond
Lorenzo Secord and George Coleman 2:82
PETTEYS, ALTHA A  23, Hamburg and
Calvin B Weller  28, Hamburg
3/10/1860 by JP J M Eamon
George Petteys, Hamburg and Charlotte Petteys, Hamburg 2:303
PETTEYS, ELIZA  18, Hamburg and
Charles Smith  21, Hamburg
1/19/1855 at home of S N Whitcomb Deerfield by Rev B H Hedger
S N Whitcomb, Deerfield and G D Whitcomb, Deerfield 2:139
PFESTER, CHRISTINA  22, Howell and
Laurence Guatnes  37, Howell
11/17/1858 at Howell by JP Mylo Gay
Gene Tucker, Howell and Louisa Tucker, Howell 2:229
PHELPS, CALFURNIA  20, Marion and
William P Clark  28, Marion
4/18/1855 by Rev Robert McBride
A P Dickinson, Brighton and H H Smith, Marion 2:145
PHELPS, LENA  19, Genoa and
Oren S Bently  19, Genoa
3/17/1857 by JP D B Perse
John E Corn and Nathan Delvis 3:75
PHELPS, LYDIA  15, Genoa and
Richard Sharp  24, Genoa
5/8/1859 at Marion by JP William Totten
Isaac Davis, Marion and William Sharp, Marion 2:269
PHELPS, PHEBE A  19, Green Oak and
Orselous Shay  21, Superior, Washtenaw
1/25/1865 by Rev David A Curtis
William B Cushing and Valinda Redford 3:130
PHERRY, MARIETTA  17, Hartland and
Willard Lambert  21, Livonia, Wayne
1/15/1852 by JP Floyd Williams
Samuel Lemon, Hartland and Hester Pellers, Hartland 2:59
PHILIPS, AMY E  17, Howell and
John Stephens  29, Howell
12/31/1861 by JP William Lake
Ethel Stewart and Jerome Philips 2:373
PHILIPS, EMILY  23, Hartland and
John Wood  52, Milford, Oakland
2/16/1860 at Hartland by Rev Charles Johnson
John Morse, Highland and A T Morse, Highland 2:299
PHILIPS, FRANCES A  18, Genoa and
William N Whipple  24, Burns, Shiawassee
8/5/1860 by Rev Robert McBride
Oscar Freeman, Genoa and Laney Krisler, Genoa 2:311
PHILLIP, MARTHA T  19, Genoa and
Sanford Hunt  23, Hamburg
4/1/1862 at Genoa by Rev George Jenks
Charles Jenks, Genoa and Julia Jenks, Genoa 2:387
PHILLIPS, ADELIA L  18, Howell and
Harris Henry  24, Howell
7/4/1854 by JP William Moore
David Lewis, Howell and Stephen Moore, Howell 2:117
PHILLIPS, JANE  42, ---, Wayne and
Warren Coleman  39, ---, Ingham
5/8/1870 at Genoa by Rev Thomas Lowden
A Alvord, Conway and Charles Stephens, Conway 3a:28
PIERCE, ADELIA  26, Tyrone and
Alonzo H Pratt  34, Rose, Oakland
12/18/1864 at Hartland by Rev J Kilpatrick
Donald Rich, Hartland and Adolphus Cary, Hartland 3:123
PIERCE, HARIET A  18, Howell and
Lumon Frink  27, Howell
9/25/1865 by Rev H O Parker
L Frink, Howell and Eliza Frink, Howell 3:118
PIERCE, HELEN M  19, Stockbridge, Ingham and
DeForest P Burnett  21, Unadilla
1/18/1855 by Rev Horatio H Barker
Charles Pierce, Unadilla and Lucretia Burnett, Unadilla 2:137
PIERCE, LUCY  21, Howell and
James R Fisher  35, Cohoctah
5/1/1867 at Brighton by JP Herman C House
S W Algeo, Brighton and Anna Algeo, Brighton 3:205
PIKE, MARIA T  19, Deerfield and
William H Jubb  22, Deerfield
10/6/1867 at Deerfield by Rev Joseph W Holt
Allen Holcomb, Deerfield and Allice Green, Deerfield 3a:4
PINCKNEY, AUGUSTA  22, Howell and
William Goodrich  28, Howell
11/14/1870 at Howell J S Boyland
Milton B Brooks, Genoa and Cornelia Brooks, Genoa 3a:31
PINCKNEY, GRUSEA  18, Woodhull, Shiawassee and
Sydna S Green  26, Woodhull, Shiawassee
7/4/1865 at Howell by Rev H O Parker
Elish D Green and Perry Francios 3:117
PINCKNEY, JULIA  24, Howell and
George C Blackman  25, Howell
4/14/1860 at Howell by Rev Erastus Hascall
John D Pinckney, Howell and Hudson B Blackman, Howell 2:309
PINCKNEY, MARY A  20, Howell and
Hartwell Lewis  23, Deerfield
4/3/1856 at Howell by Rev D L Eaton
E R Basm and H W Munsell 2:171
PINKNEY, ALICE A  26, Howell and
Elmore Dennis  27, Farms, Jackson
5/27/1855 at Howell by Rev Robert McBride
Julia Pinkney, Howell and Mary Stiles, Howell 2:152
Calvin Weller  Hamburg
3/19/1859 by Rev Theron Higgins
PLACEWAY, MARIA  45, Brighton and
Manly Smith  50, Brighton
3/4/1857 by Rev Henry Padley
John Spencer, Brighton and Lucy Spencer, Brighton 2:202
PLACEWAY, MATILDA  22, Brighton and
Franklin Smith  22, Brighton
11/4/1859 at Brighton by Rev Henry Padley
Manly Smith, Brighton and Mrs Manly Smith, Brighton 2:212
PLATO, LAURA A  23, Howell and
George A Smith  24, Howell
12/13/1850 at Howell by Rev E W Borden
Jane Chapel and W B Smith 2:23
PLISS, CLARA A  22, Genoa and
Francis H Hazard  21, Genoa
4/16/1855 by JP Henry Hartman
E E Hazard, Howell and W J Hazard, Genoa 2:147
POND, ABIGAIL  19, Unadilla and
Jedediah Miner  24, Stockbridge, Ingham
12/31/1853 by JP Theron Winans
Edward Waginer, Unadilla and Mary Waginer, Unadilla 2:101
POND, CARIE  18, Brighton and
George W Ray  31, Brighton
10/21/1860 at Brighton Ira Warner
Laura Warner and Albert McDaniels 2:326
POST, MARY A  18, ---, Ingham and
Clinton C Horton  22, ---, Ingham
9/22/1867 at Fowlerville by JP R Fowler
Mary Fowler, Fowlerville and Hellen Fowler, Fowlerville 3a:3
POST, MARY A  18, ---, Ingham and
Clinton D Horton  22, ---, Ingham
9/22/1867 at Fowlerville by JP R Fowler
Mary Fowler and --- Fowler 3a:19
POWELL, ESTHER  28, Iosco and
Hiland Jones  24, Iosco
7/1/1863 by JP Isaac Stow
William Alchn and A A Stow 3:65
POWELL, FLORENCE A  20, Howell and
John Van Nest  22, Howell
11/10/1869 at King's Hotel House by Rev J F Davison
Mrs J F Davison, Howell and Miss J A Davison, Howell 3a:29
POWELL, NELLY M  Lansing, Ingham and
H M Holt  Canton, Wayne
2/16/1859 by JP F D Fish
POWERS, CATHARINE  20, Hamburg and
William Ball  28, Webster, Washtenaw
4/14/1858 by Rev Henry W Hickox
John C Culver, Hamburg and S W Twitchile, Hamburg 2:222
POWERS, JULIA A  29, Hamburg and
William Miller  39, Plymouth, Wayne
2/20/1867 by Rev David A Curtis
Henry J Pinkney and Mary A Powers 3:206
POYER, SOPHRONIA JANE  23, Tuscola and
John Boutell  24, Deerfield
Jerome Stout and Emeline Stout 2:67
PRATT, ALPHIA M  24, Conway and
James L Hawley  27, Conway
10/21/1868 at Warren Pratt's house, Conway by Rev B W Mowers
R H Stephens, Conway and Warren E Pratt, Conway 3a:11
PRATT, FLORENCE ELIDA  21, Green Oak and
Leslie Jackson Stiles  22, Green Oak
9/14/1870 at Green Oak by Rev Benjamin Franklin
Erastus A Pratt and Elvin Stiles 3a:31
PRATT, KATIE V  17, Brighton and
Benjamin T O Blank  31, Brighton
9/15/1868 at Brighton by Rev Albert J Lewis
Dr J W McVench, Brighton and Maggie Soule, Brighton 3a:11
PRESTON, CHARLOTTE  18, Howell and
George H Price  25, Adrain, ---
9/4/1865 at Howell by Rev H O Parker
H E Read, Howell and Eliza Dunn, Howell 3:118
John Beeker  21
 at ME Church by Rev O H P Green
O Topping and Wallace Beeker 3:25
PRESTON, FRANCES A  22, Tyrone and
Benjamin F Hicks  24, Fentonville, Genesee
2/15/1864 at Parshallville by Rev Hiram Stowitts
Mr John Becker, Tyrone and Mrs John Becker, Tyrone 3:80
PRESTON, HARRIETTE A  34, Howell and
Silas Burt  49, Bulown, Grant, WI
11/1/1855 by Rev P C Dayfoot
Horatio Johnson, Howell and Ira Ide, Marion 2:162
PRESTON, JULIETT  16, Tyrone and
Dewitt Mapes  22, Oceola
7/4/1852 by Rev Alonzo May
Waldo May, Tyrone and A D Skinner, Tyrone 2:65
PRIOR, DOROTHY W  23, Milford, Oakland and
John M Welch  23, Highland, Oakland
7/3/1856 at Hartland by Rev John Cosart
Philo Prior, Milford and Ann North, Milford 2:190
PRIOR, MAY L  23, Marion and
Edwin W Town  24, Marion
11/23/1870 at Howell by Rev J F Davidson
Mrs J F Davidson and Miss J A Davidson 3a:35
PROCTOR, MANDANA  20, Marion and
Lyman Pieck  36, Handy
12/19/1869 at Marion by JP George Coleman
Robert Holland and Eliza Coleman, Marion 3a:25
PROCTOR, MARY ANN  18, Marion and
John Atkins  22, Marion
12/25/1854 at Howell
William Atkinson and Betsy Atkinson 2:131
PROSSER, BETHEA  18, Brighton and
Daniel Hartinck  24, Brighton
12/11/1855 by JP William Conely
John Conely, Jackson and Louisa Prosser, Brighton 2:168
PRUDEN, CELIA  17, Howell and
Robert Mountain  20, Howell
1/10/1861 by Rev A M Hunt
P B Wines, Howell and A H Scofield, Howell 2:327
PRUDEN, HENREITTA  19, Howell and
Freman A Pierce  21, Howell
9/23/1866 at Howell by Rev William Tilley
Henry Greenaway and Elmira Greenaway 3:176
PRUDEN, JULIETT  17, Howell and
Elias E Brockway  21, Howell
9/16/1866 at Howell by Rev William Tilley
PULVER, SARAH FRANCES  19, Fowlerville and
James A Brown  31, Fowlerville
7/23/1865 at Hartland by Rev J Kilpatrick
Henry C Tanner, Handy and L Sabin, Conway 3:123
PUTNAM, JENNIE E  22, Putnam and
Warren C Vinton  28, Detroit, Wayne
10/21/1858 at Putnam by Rev J L Coe
Mr Putnam and Mrs Putnam 2:237
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