1850-1870 Marriages by Bride: R

Line 1: Bride's Name, Age and Residence
Line 2: Groom's Name, Age and Residence
Line 3: Marriage Date and Place; Person perfoming marriage
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RAFFERTY, MARY  25, Tyrone and
James T Sweet  30, Tyrone
4/5/1869 at Hartland by JP James Gleason
Ed Gleason, Hartland and Erman Holmes, Hartland 3a:17
RALF, EMILY JANE  20, Handy and
Morris Odell  36, OH
7/27/1863 at Iosco by JP Gilbert Caswell
RANDALL, LUCINDA  22, Cohoctah and
Teuman A Sprague  23, Cohoctah
10/17/1869 at Cohoctah by Rev William N Brichenetine
William Palmer, Cohoctah and Elizabeth Brichenetine, Cohoctah 3a:22
RANDALL, MARORD  24, Handy and
Silvester O Barber  29, Handy
12/25/1865 at Handy by JP Nelson B Green
J W Whitney and E J Whitney 3:129
RANDALL, MARY A  18, Cohoctah and
George C Houghtaling  26, Cohoctah
8/31/1862 at Cohoctah by Rev James Griffs
George W Moore and John Randall 3:12
RANDALL, RUTH A  31, Conway and
William Taylor  26, Conway
4/13/1851 at Conway by JP Martin Randall
Abiathan Randall, Conway and Minerva Randall, Conway 2:37
RANE, JANE  18, Northfield, Washtenaw and
John Crane  27, Northfield, Washtenaw
3/19/1855 at house of John Appleton, Brighton by JP Ira W Case
John Appleton, Brighton and Mrs John Appleton, Brighton 2:140
RANNY, JENNIE M  22, Rochester, ---, NY and
William McPherson  25, Howell
4/12/1859 at Howell by Rev William King
William McPherson Sr and Mrs Mylo Gay 2:277
RATHBURN, ANNA  20, Burns, Shiawassee and
William W Coates  29, Northplains, Ionia
1/8/1851 by Rev William Peck
Osker Green, Burns and James Rathbun, Burns 2:94
RATHBURN, LAURA E  22, Milford, Oakland and
Asa John Whitehead  21, Milford, Oakland
4/6/1870 at Hamburg by Rev George W Wilson
Joseph Miller, Hamburg and May Miller, Hamburg 3a:27
RATHBURN, MARY MELISSA  22, Unadilla and
William Sharp  38, Iosco
5/9/1868 at Fowlerville by Rev A C Crane
Wilson Hildreth, Fowlerville and Sarah A Hildreth, Fowlerville 3a:8
RAY, CAROLINE M  21, Iosco and
Charles E Bowell  18, Iosco
9/9/1867 at Iosco by Rev E C Wright
William Ray, Iosco and Henry Ray, Iosco 3a:2
RAY, LUCY ANN  19, Unadilla and
Benjamin F Chipman  28, Iosco
10/11/1855 by JP Francis Grimes
M F Darrow, Putnam and James S Cooley, Putnam 2:217
RAY, MELLISSA M  17, Dexter, Washtenaw and
George C Read  22, Webster, Washtenaw
6/4/1868 at Unadilla by Rev James Pyper
Mrs J Pyper, Unadilla and Benjamin Asgeth, Unadilla 3a:16
RAY, SARAH  17, Iosco and
Jerome Wright  20, White Oak, Ingham
12/9/1855 by JP Eli S Babcock
B F Chapman, Iosco and L Ann Chapman, Iosco 2:166
RAYWALT, EMMA  17, Howell and
A Hammond Scofield  27, Howell
10/4/1864 by Rev J Ford Sutton
Mrs Scofield and Mrs Raywalt 3:82
REACHE, EMALINE E  23, Webster, Washtenaw and
Leonard Green  32, ---, Washtenaw
8/14/1870 at Pinckney by JP J W Hinchey
C M French, Putnam and Bell French, Putnam 3a:29
REASON, EMMA  20, Unadilla and
Walter Wright  24, Unadilla
1/20/1862 at Unadilla by Rev James Morton
Elijah Reason and Eliza Holland 2:372
REDDING, SARAH E  32, Hamburg and
Charles W Whitham  24, Hamburg
3/14/1869 at Pinckney by JP M F Darrow
E O C Brown, Marion and G A Smith, Marion 3a:15
REDGLIN, HELEN  23, White Oak, Ingham and
Joseph Phelps  21, White Oak, Ingham
4/9/1859 at residence of Rev H H Johnson Iosco
Ellen Phelps and Alexander Hedglin 2:206
REDMOND, ELLA  20, Dewitt, --- and
Elias Shafer  27, Lansing, Ingham
7/27/1870 at Marion by Rev G L Foster
H H Norton, Marion and Malcomb Norton, Marion 3a:29
REED, EUNICE M  19,  and
William M Barnard  26, Genoa
7/12/1856 by Rev Robert McBride
Alice McBride, Howell and Phebe Bush, Howell 2:177
REED, FRANCES E  23, Marion and
Albert Bird  37, Brighton
10/23/1867 at Marion by Rev Benjamin Franklin
Gardner Bird, Brighton and Melya Bird, Brighton 3a:2
REED, LAURA A  25, Marion and
O Topping  38, East Saginaw, Saginaw
5/17/1866 at Marion by Rev Joel Kenedy
Philo L Reed, Marion and Hiram E Reed, Marion 3:150
REED, LOUISA  55, Genoa and
William H Owleyn  63, Mecosta, Mesta
10/30/1866 at Genoa by Rev William Stedman
William T Barnard, Genoa and Julia Barnard, Genoa 3:141
REED, MARY A  19, Webster, Washtenaw and
William Wait  25, Woodcock, Crawford, PA
10/1/1860 at Pinckney by Rev Joseph Peart
L F Rose and Emmana Rose 2:320
REESE, ANN  20, Oceola and
Samuel Bridelman  40, Oceola
12/1/1852 at Hartland
Matthew D Brock and Daniel J Parshall 2:97
REEVES, ALICE  19, Stockbridge, Ingham and
Frank G Baker  21, Stockbridge, Ingham
12/12/1865 by Rev William J Nutting
Jas Soules, Stockbridge and Mary R Soules, Stockbridge 3:133
REEVES, HETTA  21, Stockwell, Ingham and
Frank Smead  28, Alamba, ---, NY
3/29/1866 at Howell by Rev H O Parker
F G Barker, Stockbridge and Alice Barker, Stockbridge 3:186
REID, LUCY  23, Howell and
George C Anscomb  24, Howell
7/2/1855 at Howell
A Blank and R Blank 2:155
REIT, MARY  18, Tuscola and
George Shaffer  25, Tuscola
3/30/1859 at Tuscola by JP Samuel Ball
John Bohow, Tuscola and R McArdle, Tuscola 2:217
Edward Cahill  25, Green Oak
1/5/1870 at Oceola by Father F H Pourret
Cornelius Cathill, Green Oak and Johanna Cathill, Green Oak 3a:26
RENN, REBECCA  24, Brighton and
Bilenus Losey  25, Brighton
1/1/1866 at Pinckney by JP F G Rose
M A Rose and Kittie F Rose 3:130
REYNOLDS, ADELIA  18, Waterloo, Jackson and
Elihu Beel  25, Grass Lake, Jackson
11/2/1856 at Unadilla by JP J L Field
William Davis and Maria Field 2:181
REYNOLDS, ALMIRA  21, Putnam and
Simeon J Musin  28, Putnam
11/23/1859 at Green Oak by Rev Samuel Currier
Harriet Currier, Green Oak and Mary Dunlap, Green Oak 2:286
RICE, ANN  24, Hamburg and
Joseph Dean  31, Northfield, Washtenaw
11/29/1865 at Hamburg by Rev Charles Dunlap
H H Rice, Hamburg and Miss Elnrisa Rice, Green Oak 3:134
RICH, AMANDA  20, Hartland and
William S Hayford  26, Hartland
11/11/1852 by Rev E T Branch
O Holmes and D Rich 2:71
RICHARDS, EVALINE R  27, Hamburg and
Sibly R Case  28, Hamburg
8/9/1869 at Hamburg by Rev Oliver J Perrin
John T Case, Hamburg and Gilbert Thrasher, Hamburg 3a:20
RICHMAN, EUNICE A  21, Conway and
Charles Pollock  26, Gran Blanc, Genesee
7/3/1861 B Hamp
Daniel Sabin and Harriet Richman 2:355
RICHMOND, HARRIETT  20, Conway and
Daniel Sabin  19, Conway
8/17/1862 at Conway by JP Charles Drumm
Ranson Converse and Harriett Converse 3:9
RICHMOND, NANCY L  17, Putnam and
Malcom D Carr  20, Putnam
1/19/1861 at house of Rev William Norton
Henry Mallory and George Pullen 2:30
RICHMOND, R A  31, Marion and
Charles Coleman  28, Marion
1/15/1854 at office of G W Richmond JP Morris Topping
Ellen Topping 2:106
RIDDLE, ISABELLA  19, Oceola and
Christopher Dansbury  25, 
11/1/1859 by JP William A Hull
Robinson Mace and Elizabeth Hull 2:209
RIDDLE, MARY O  22, Oceola and
William W Holt  38, Genoa
5/13/1838 at Oceola by Rev George W Jenks
Wilson Tooley and Martha Bone--- 3a:10
RIDSLEE, ESTELLE J  18, Howell and
Oren Winegar  21, Howell
10/30/1870 at Howell by Rev J S Boyland
William H Monroe and Julia Monroe 3a:31
ROABACKER, SARAH P  23, Putnam and
Horace Whaley  39, Handy
11/8/1864 at Howell by Rev P C Dayfoot
Isaac C Van Loom, Howell and Adam Rorabacker, Hamburg 3:79
ROBAR, CLARISSA  Stockbridge, Ingham and
John G Ferguson  Howell
12/26/1853 at Howell by Rev George Bridge
Jeremiah Pangburn and Elias Mann 2:96
Vincent Parshall  21, Oceola
4/13/1851 at Oceola by Rev John Horton
Charles Parshall, Oceola and Sarah Parshall, Oceola 2:35
ROBERTS, HATTIE  19, Oceola and
Taylor Parshall  22, Oceola
12/16/1869 at Howell by Rev G L Foster
H E P Foster, Howell and F F Foster, Howell 3a:24
M L Perrinton  36, Marion
9/8/1851 by Rev J R Savage
James Waddon, Marion and Stephen Mills, Marion 2:43
ROBERTS, MRS FRANCES  21, Conway and
Clark Perce  25, Genoa
11/5/1862 by JP Chester Hazard
William J Hazard and William B Curtis 3:8
ROBERTS, REBECCA  22, Oceola and
George Graham  25, Hartland
3/31/1853 by JP Floyd Williams
John Graham, Hartland and Thomas Graham, Hartland 2:79
ROBERTS, SARAH P  16, Tuscola and
Clark B Hart  23, Deerfield
2/21/1854 by Rev Thomas Wakelin
George Boutell and Lorenzo Boutell 2:102
ROBINSON, CATHERINE  48, ---, Steuben, NY and
Peter Miller  57, Cohoctah
4/12/1870 at Cohoctah by JP Charles A Potter
Lydia M Potter, Cohoctah and James M Barrett, Cohoctah 3a:27
ROBINSON, JULIA ANN  19, Conway and
Samuel Vandike  24, Conway
4/6/1868 by JP Silsby T Conway
John C Miller and Martha Miller 3:60
ROBINSON, MARY  21, Howell and
John Lagrange  40, Howell
7/5/1854 by JP William Moore
Ira Brayton, Howell and Stephen Moore, Howell 2:117
ROBINSON, MATILDA  22, Putnam and
Asa Munn  41, Lee, Fulton, IL
1/28/1864 by Rev J O Bancroft
Lora White and Rachel L Robinson 3:57
RODGERS, ELIZA  26, Oceola and
Homer Bradley  30, Perry, Shiawassee
4/5/1865 at Union Hotel Howell by Rev J Ford Sutton
Mr Kellogg, Genoa and wife Kellogg, Genoa 3:92
RODGERS, HARRIET E  26, Tyrone and
Chester C Black  40, 
2/22/1870 at Tyrone by Rev A J Richards
J C Carmer, Tyrone and Lucinda Carmer, Tyrone 3a:26
ROE, ELIZA  49, Mundy, Genesee and
Joseph Green  60, Hamburg
9/2/1867 at Brighton by JP Herman C House
Elizabeth House, Brighton and Clarissa Tanner, Brighton 3a:1
ROEDER, CHRISTINE  23, Tuscola and
Theodore Henrich  30, Tuscola
1/31/1857 at Howell by JP Mylo Gay
Frederick Shibbing, Tuscola and John Bush, Howell 2:197
ROFF, SARAH A  21, Fowlerville and
Zenus M Palmerton  26, Fowlerville
10/22/1865 at Fowlerville by Rev William Tilley
L S Palmerton and Jonah Palmerton 3:126
ROGERS, ADALINE  18, Brighton and
Thomas Hilton  30, Milford, Oakland
3/31/1852 at Brighton by Rev Flaval Britten
Mitilda Garner, Milford and William C Britten, Milford 2:63
ROGERS, ELIZA  27, Alpine, --- and
Thomas Spence  26, Concord, ---, NH
7/14/1870 at Pinckney by Rev John Fitzmaurice
Alvin Wilsey, Ann Arbor and Catherine Whill, Pinckney 3a:28
ROGERS, ELVIRA  22, Genoa and
William Fishbeck  22, Genoa
7/7/1858 at home of Jacob Fishbeck, Genoa by JP O H Winegar
Jacob Fishbeck, Genoa and Joseph Rider, Genoa 2:232
ROGERS, ELVIRA  22, Howell and
Jefferson Weller  22, Putnam
7/25/1858 William Totten
Rachael Totten, Marion and Ellen Hallett, Marion 2:232
ROGERS, FANNY S  22, Green Oak and
Daniel Hoisington  23, Green Oak
7/6/1859 at Green Oak by Rev Samuel A Currier
Jasper Rogers, Green Oak and Mrs Panama Rogers, Green Oak 2:270
ROGERS, SARAH A  28, Brighton and
Jacob Fishbeck  40, Genoa
6/25/1853 at Brighton by JP Ira Warner
Henry Warner and George Conely 2:85
ROGERS, SUSAN  31, Green Oak and
Napoleon B Melvin  33, Green Oak
12/4/1852 at Brighton Ira Warner
Henry Warner and Ann Rogers 2:70
ROOKE, PAULINE  22, Superior, Washtenaw and
William Holgar  26, Van Buren, Washtenaw
10/23/1865 by Rev William Tilley
Lyman Whitney and Mary Ann Whitney 3:126
ROONEY, MARY  28, Howell and
John G Gibson  53
12/29/1864 by JP Mylo L Gay
E E Hazard and Mrs Hazard 3:215
ROOT, ABIGAIL  40, Mantus, Trumbull, OH and
Aaron Bench  59, Brighton
12/23/1856 at home Rev C Osborn Brighton
Mrs Susanna Osborn, Brighton and Maria Osborn, Brighton 2:196
ROOT, ADDIE A  22, Handy and
William H Bush  25, Oceola
10/10/1866 at Howell by JP Mylo L Gay
Elizabeth Simpson, Howell and Mrs H B Curtis, Howell 3:221
ROOT, JULIA E  Oceola and
William G Smith  Hartland
4/30/1865 by Rev S A Taft
H S Hardy and H P Smith 3:232
ROOT, LOUISA  18, Deerfield and
Abner Ward  32, Cohoctah
2/6/1867 by JP M Thatcher
J H Stroud and Sonisa Stroud 3:203
ROSE, ADELIA L  32, Iosco and
Joseph C Ewers  44, Bunkerhill, Ingham
1/12/1863 by Rev M L Angell
Theodore D W Hosford and Eliza Hosford 3:16
ROSE, ANN ELIZA  19, Iosco and
Charles R Dutton  24, Plainfield
2/24/1861 by JP Mevis Topping
William Sage, Elliot George, Iosco 2:338
ROSE, FANNY M  17, Putnam and
Leander D Alley  25, Dexter, Washtenaw
1/10/1868 at Pinckney by Rev Oliver J Perrin
L F Rose, Putnam and Wm Bennett, Van Buren 3a:13
ROSE, MAHELIA  19, Pinckney and
Albert Coleman  29, Jackson, Madison, TN
10/16/1860 by Rev Joseph Peart
Charles Mapes, Plumfield and Sarah Wheeler, Pinckney 2:319
ROSENCRANS, LUCY A  24, Genoa and
Daniel D White  20, Cohoctah
2/22/1867 at Howell by JP Mylo L Gay
William C Rumsey, Howell and H S Worthington, Handy 3:216
Jackson Wood  24, Brighton
1/25/1850 at Green Oak by Rev Andrew Clark
Thomas Seeley, Lyons and Hannah Kingsley, Milford 3:28
Lyman B Whitaker  21, Oceola
12/3/1867 at Genoa by Rev F W Warren
Andrew J Whitaker, Cohoctah and Emeline E Smith, Cohoctah 3a:3
ROSENKRANS, RUBY C  20, Genoa and
Andrew J Whitaker  24, Oceola
6/2/1868 at Genoa by Rev F W Warner
Elijah Rosenkrans, Genoa and Louisea J Whitaker, Oceola 3a:9
William Nealy  
4/17/1859 at house of Garret Rosenkraus Genoa by JP O Winegar
Richard Bristol, Genoa and George Cole, Hamburg 2:368
ROSS, ALLICE  21, Marion and
Ira A Marble  25, Marion
4/27/1870 at Pinckney by JP M F Darrow
U M Padley, Marion and Thomas Rose, Marion 3a:27
ROSS, AMELIA  40, Iosco and
Jeremiah Nichols  60, Iosco
12/6/1862 by JP Gilbert Caswell
Benjamin Dowley wife 3:20
ROSS, HENRIETTA  22, Hartland and
William McFale  22, Hartland
10/2/1853 by JP Floyd Williams
Peter Dean, Brighton and John Hays, Brighton 2:89
ROSS, JOSIE  20, Hartland and
Henry S Holdrige  25, Hartland
3/30/1865 at Hartland by Rev L P Day
L K Smith and G W Whitney 3:93
ROSSETER, LUCY C  21, Marion and
Henry O Monroe  21, Howell
11/6/1856 at Marion by Rev P C Dayfoot
Francis N Monroe and C Emma Sickles, Howell 3:43
ROSSITER, LUCY C  20, Marion and
Henry O Munroe  21, 
11/6/1856 at Marion by Rev P C Dayfoot
Frances Munroe, Howell and Nelson Leable, Marion 2:189
ROUCK, MARY  18, Brighton and
Henry Wesley  26, Brighton
10/5/1869 at Brighton by Rev Ira Warner
Henry Thompson, Brighton and Rose Thompson, Brighton 3a:22
ROUND, LUCINDA  27, Iosco and
Simon P Kuhn  48, Iosco
4/27/1869 at Iosco by Rev E C Wright
David Roberts, Iosco and Mary Smith, Iosco 3a:17
ROUNDS, RACHAEL  24, Marion and
Coustana Simmons  30, Plymouth, Wayne
9/4/1859 at Marion by JP D S Denton
George Baker, Unadilla and Samuel Evens, Unadilla 2:276
ROUSTON, BETSEY  17, Howell and
Charles Arnold  23, Howell
2/28/1870 at West Howell by JP Nicholas Lake Jr
John Rouston, Howell and Mary Ann Rouston, Howell 3a:26
RUBBINS, ELIZABETH  19, Marion and
Elijah Reason  24, Putnam
1/1/1866 at Howell by Rev H O Parker
Eathen R Beach, Iosco and Adaline Rubbins, Marion 3:183
RUBBINS, LUCY  26, Marion and
Alfred Taylor  27, Marion
11/9/1869 at Pinckney by JP M F Darrow
John Rubbins, Marion and John Taylor, Unadilla 3a:22
RUBBINS, MARY ANN  48, Marion and
Thomas Clements  48, Marion
2/10/1868 at Howell by Rev F W Warren
Mrs L L Warren, Howell and Mary G Seaver, Ypsilanti 3a:6
RUBBINS, SARAH  21, Marion and
George Coleman  21, Marion
4/14/1858 by Rev J Cook
George Reeves, Pinckney and Ira Reeves, Pinckney 2:147
RUBINS, ADELINE  23, Marion and
Ethan H Beach  27, Iosco
1/1/1866 at Howell by Rev H O Parker
Elijah Reason, Putnam and Elizabeth Rubins, Marion 3:183
RUHN, MARGARET  34, Iosco and
David Roberts  30, Iosco
9/13/1868 at Iosco by Rev James L McKinley
Simon P Ruhn, Iosco and Mary E Smith, Iosco 3a:11
RULS, SARAH ANN  16, Genoa and
Horace Burgess  20, Hamburg
6/28/1856 by JP Joseph Rider
Albert Ruls, Genoa and Martha Jane Ruls, Genoa 2:176
Alanson M McCollum  22, Marion
2/17/1850 by JP E Barnard
David Davis, Genoa and Darius Rummer, Genoa 2:5
RUMSEY, EMELINE  40, Howell and
Samuel M Yerkes  51, Howell
12/17/1863 at Green Oak by Rev Richard G McCarthy
E C Rumsey and A E Rumsey 3:46
John T Smith  28, Green Oak
3/18/1861 by Rev George King
Isaac Smith and Royal Rumsey 2:343
RUMSEY, HARRIETT C  21, Oceola and
Lewis C Crittenden  30, Salem, Washtenaw
2/27/1851 at Oceola by Rev John G Hollis
H I Rumsey, Oceola and Emeline Rumsey, Oceola 2:31
RUMSEY, SARAH  22,  and
Solomon Lyons  25, 
9/30/1860 at Howell by Rev Albert Hunt
J F Jennings, Green Oak and James Monroe, Howell 2:315
RUSH, ESTHER  16, Conway and
George Camp  25, Conway
8/22/1850 by JP Martin Randall
D Benjamin, Conway and Charles Chase, Conway 2:20
RUSSELL, A  Green Oak and
Bartron A Ulerick  Springfield, ---, IL
3/1/1864 by Rev Joseph S Sutton
Maggie Soule and Fannie Fandie 3:77
RUST, ALMIRA  18, Conway and
Henry J Elliot  20, Handy
12/31/1865 at Conway by JP Nelson B Green
D Rust and A Rust 3:138
RUST, ALVIRA  21, Conway and
John Liddle  22, Conway
12/26/1869 at Conway by JP William Sabin
Darius Rust, Conway and William Ludee, Conway 3a:24
RUST, SALLY  40, Conway and
Eli Wetherell  45, Conway
4/17/1863 by JP Samuel Ball
Hiram Wetherell and L Gardner 2:86
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