1850-1870 Marriages by Bride: T

Line 1: Bride's Name, Age and Residence
Line 2: Groom's Name, Age and Residence
Line 3: Marriage Date and Place; Person perfoming marriage
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TAFT, OLIVE  18, Oceola and
Bela Scott  22, Oceola
2/22/1866 at Howell by Rev William Tilley
John Loger and L Hill 3:142
TALBOT, CAROLINE  16, Deerfield and
John B Merrill  21, Deerfield
4/8/1862 at Deerfield by JP Albo D Royce
TALLMADGE, JULIA  21, Tyrone and
George W Yates  24, Fentonville, Genesee
2/25/1869 at Tyrone by Rev A J Richards
William P Conner, Tyrone and E R Seaton, Tyrone 3a:15
TALLMADGE, LUCINDA  20, Tyrone and
J C Carmer  38, Tyrone
2/7/1867 by Rev Charles Sampson
Nelson Rodgers, Tyrone and Spencer Dexter, Tyrone 3:196
TANNER, MARY E  18, Genoa and
Hiram J De Wolf  26, Hamburg
10/10/1866 at Howell by JP Mylo L Gay
Mrs O H Winegar, Howell and Anna Doan, Hamburg 3:218
TASK, LUCINAH  49, Handy and
Luther Child  48, Howell
5/14/1864 at Fowlerville by Rev j Kilpatrick
E S Kilpatrick and Lovana Vangorder 3:69
TAYLOR, CHRISTENER  23, Tyrone and
Elijah Hinchley  22, Hartland
6/23/1861 at Howell by Rev Alonzo May
Isaac Taylor and Peter Carters 3:27
TAYLOR, EMMA B  22, Howell and
Malcolm R Clark  27, Howell
6/28/1869 at Howell by Rev F W Warren
Mary A Taylor, Howell and Frankie A Taylor, Howell 3a:18
TAYLOR, MELISSA  21, Hamburg and
Reuben Decker  24, Hamburg
4/4/1850 by JP E Griffith
Henry Miller, Hamburg and John Oliver, Hamburg 2:8
TAYLOR, SARAH M  19, Pinckney and
William Buck Jr  26, Hamburg
3/10/1870 at Howell by Rev J S Boyden
A T Boyden, Howell and Kate Watson, Howell 3a:25
TEACHWORTH, RACHAEL  18, Hamburg and
L J Reynolds  22, Hamburg
6/14/1869 by JP George Cameron
Gordon Teachworth and Clarissa Teachworth 2:349
TEAL, ANN  53, Conway and
Stephen Merrett  59, Conway
11/21/1866 at Conway by JP Nelson B Green
Darius Rust and Mira Rust 3:195
TEALE, DEBORAH  16,  and
John H Mills  19, Conway
6/15/1854 by JP H H Hoyt
Westly Mills, Conway and William Mills, Conway 2:114
TEEPLE, M A  22, Pinckney and
Walter Mann  24, Pinckney
5/7/1860 at Pinckney by Rev Joseph Peart
Alvin Mann, Pinckney and Jacob Teeple, Pinckney 2:304
TEEPLES, S C  19, Pinckney and
A F Doty  25, Pinckney
2/12/1860 at home of bride's father in Pinckney by Rev Joseph Peart
Julia Teeples and W S Mann 2:297
TENAWLAN, PHOEBE J  40, Ann Arbor, Washtenaw and
William S McHara  30, Ann Arbor, Washtenaw
9/30/1868 at Putnam by JP M F Darrow
J W Hinchey, Pinckney and Archie Wilcox, Pinckney 3a:11
TENNY, AMELIA  18, White Oak, Ingham and
Jacob Countryman  21, Muskegan, Newago
11/4/1855 at Iosco by JP Eli S Babcock
Marsh Carney, Iosco and Marion Carney, Iosco 2:165
TENNY, MARY E  20, Hartland and
James Rumsey  20, Oceola
4/6/1854 by Rev John Horton
Caroline Tenny, Hartland and Philander Tenny, Hartland 2:113
TERRY, LUCINDA  25, Conway and
Thomas Heathe  23, Dexter, Washtenaw
5/21/1851 by JP Martin Randall
Jacob Brown, Conway and Amanda Brown, Conway 2:37
Henry Thornton  50, Howell
10/8/1866 at Howell by JP William Lake
David Lake and William Lake 3:173
Benjamin S Person  20, Iosco
3/7/1863 at Iosco by JP Gilbert Caswell
S B Merell wife 3:24
THIRSBER, MARTHA  18, Hartland and
Ira Bradley  17, Hartland
2/1/1866 at Howell by Rev H O Parker
Gilbert Bradley, Hartland and Harriet Kellogg, Genoa 3:184
THOMAS, AMANDA  19, Webster, Washtenaw and
David Sawyer  23, Hamburg
10/7/1866 at Brighton by JP Herman C House
Lewis N Algero, Brighton and Jason N Walton, Hartland 3:165
THOMAS, JULIA E  21, Argentine, Genesee and
Lasson L Hickey  22, Conway
7/21/1867 by JP William Sabine
Henry Snider, Conway and Jennie Snideer, Conway 3:214
THOMAS, LAURA  18, Grand Rapids, --- and
William Stapleton  22, Grand Rapids, ---
10/18/1866 at Howell by Rev Albert C Lewis
George Duncan and Dr William L Wells 3:189
THOMPKINS, MARGARET  61, Williamston, Ingham and
Justus J Bennett  74, Hamburg
2/22/1862 by JP John Booth
James Barber and Jeanette Barber 2:384
THOMPSON, CAROLINE N  18, Putnam and
David D Bennett  23, Putnam
7/21/1861 at Genoa by Rev George Jenks
Delia Jenks and Sarah Jenks 2:362
John H Smith  28, Genoa
12/7/1867 at Genoa by JP Chester Hazard
N G Norton, Genoa and Elizabeth Norton, Genoa 3a:4
THOMPSON, HARRIET C  20, Brighton and
Louis Meyer  23, Genoa
12/29/1861 at house of bride's father, Genoa by Rev C L Meyer
Olira Thompson and Louisa Meyer 3:55
THOMPSON, MARY JANE  24, Macedon, NY and
Charles H Herrington  26, Howell
12/27/1864 at Howell by JP Daniel Case
Hobert W Mulson, Howell and Jane Reeves, Macedon 3:84
THOMPSON, PHILINDA A  20, Putnam and
George H Stockin  27, Putnam
6/8/1866 at Putnam by Rev D W Hammond
Stephen Teeple, Putnam and Alice Teeple, Putnam 3:160
THRASHER, AVARANCY  21, Hamburg and
John W Sweeny  24, Hamburg
11/29/1865 at Putnam by Rev D Webster Hammond
James Sweeny, Hamburg and Phebe J Hall, Putnam 3:159
THRUN, ERNESTINE  17, Oceola and
Christain Hanber  36, Oceola
3/17/1870 at Genoa by Rev W Kramer
Rudolph Thrun, Genoa and Francis Metzer, Howell 3a:27
THRUN, HENRYETTE F  18, Genoa and
Frederick C Schaefer  22, Genoa
10/25/1868 at Genoa by Rev W Kramer
John Kehr, Genoa and William Koch, Genoa 3a:12
John W Stolzer  Cohoctah
5/4/1863 at house of John Sheadle Conway by Rev John M Haug
John Knobb, Cohoctah and John Sheadle, Cohoctah 3:36
TIBBITS, ELIZA JANE  47, Stockbridge, Ingham and
Gordon Backus  56, Unadilla
8/15/1869 at Stockbridge by Rev E H Brockway
Simeon C Ives, Stockbridge and Laura Ives, Stockbridge 3a:20
TIBBITS, HENRIETTA E  24, Coldwater and
H B Blackman  30, Howell
12/26/1862 at East Saginaw by Rev W C Smith
J B Dillingham and Mrs J B Dillingham 3:15
TILLMAN, CARRIE  22, Argentine, Genesee and
Orange J Leonard  27, Deerfield
1/1/1867 at Howell by Rev Albert C Lewis
J Ranney and Helen J Lewis 3:191
TODD, MARY JANE  20, Green Oak and
Dan Dickerson  22, Green Oak
10/18/1854 by JP Jesse Truesdel
TOMKINS, FANEY C  20, Dexter, Washtenaw and
Rollin C Martin  26, Dexter, Washtenaw
2/21/1850 at Pinckney by JP F Webb
J W Kellogg, Howell and Caroline Kellogg, Howell 3a:31
TOMLINSON, CAVILLA  22, Howell and
George W Place  24, Putnam
6/6/1858 by JP J C Carmer
F A Conway and Beth Carner 2:241
TOMLINSON, SARAH E  26, Howell and
William King  40, Williamston, Ingham
4/14/1861 at Howell by JP Mylo Gay
H C Gay and William Riddle 2:346
TOMPKINS, CLARA S  23, Putnam and
Jonathan Coleman  23, Putnam
1/1/1859 at Putnam by Rev William Benson
John Fagith, Pinckney and Adeline Fagith, Pinckney 2:195
TOMPKINS, FANNY M  26, Dexter, Washtenaw and
Rollin C Martin  26, Dexter, Washtenaw
2/21/1850 at Putnam by JP F Webb
J W Kellogg and Caroline Kellogg 2:13
TONGUE, EMMA  21, Hamburg and
Silas K House  29, Putnam
12/6/1865 at Hamburg by JP Ferdinand Grisson
Horace House and Julia Patteston 3:129
TONGUE, JANE H  21, Hamburg and
Ira O Horton  22, Fowlerville
11/25/1859 at Howell by Rev Henry Banwell
Thomas Denson and Sarah Denson 2:231
TONGUE, MARY ANN  Hamburg and
Horace House  Putnam
11/28/1865 at residence of Mr Dennison Hamburg by Rev H W Horton
Delinda Bennett and Mr Dennison 3:207
TONGUE, ROSANNA  19, Hamburg and
Henry Low  23, Webster, Washtenaw
1/1/1862 at Hamburg by JP George Burnett
George Mercer, Hamburg and William Potterton, Hamburg 2:342
TONGUE, SARAH ANN  18, Hamburg and
Thomas Denson  25, Fowlerville
11/25/1857 at Howell by Rev Henry Banwell
Isa Horton and Jane Horton 2:231
Barney Ralney  19, 
2/3/1859 by Rev William Stedman
William Tooley, Genoa and Caroline Tooley, Genoa 2:250
TOPPING, ELIZA S  19, Plainfield and
R P Tryon  22, Aliedon, Ingham
8/7/1859 Alanson Alvord
Mason Topping and Ellen Topping 3:7
TOWER, ELIZABETH  18, Burns, Shiawassee and
Stephen Bigsbee  22, Burns, Shiawassee
6/6/1854 at Tuscola by JP Luther Pratt
Luman Stephens and Aaron Horning 2:115
TOWN, NANCY M  24, Marion and
Cutting B Willy  37, Medina, ---
10/13/1865 at Howell by Rev H O Parker
Ira G Taylor, Mt Vernon and Netty Taylor, Mt Vernon 3:119
TOWNLEY, EVELINE  21, Hartland and
Charles H Johnson  21, Tyrone
4/30/1863 at Hartland by Rev Hiram Stowitts
Edward Hopper and Alvira L Johnson 3:81
TOWNSEND, MATILDA  23, Unadilla and
Joseph A Dutcher  24, White Oak, Ingham
12/25/1858 at Howell Robert McBride
William Jewett and Cynthia Curtis 2:244
TOWNSOUT, MARY E  18, Unadilla and
Charles E Moody  24, Milwaukee, ---, WI
2/12/1862 at Unadilla by Rev James Pyper
William Craig, Stockbridge and David D Bird, Unadilla 3:44
TRACY, ELLEN M  18, Iosco and
Clifton Horton  21, Iosco
10/3/1867 at Iosco by Rev E C Wright
James Wright, Iosco and Sopronis Sright, Iosco 3a:2
TREADWELL, EMMA L  23, Howell and
Charles Johnson  29, Farmington, Oakland
9/26/1870 at Howell by Rev J S Boyland
Oren Winegar and Estelle Riddle 3a:31
TRIPP, SARAH  37, Unadilla and
Joseph Cobb  43, Unadilla
3/27/1856 at home of Rev B H Hedger Williamston
William Smith, Williamston and Louisa Smith, Williamston 2:179
TRYON, MRS ELISA J  23, Unadilla and
Nehemiah Fuller  33, Unadilla
5/17/1863 at house of Alexander Topping Unadilla by Rev M S Angell
Lysander Topping and Julia Topping 3:30
TUBBS, ELLEN C  18, Oceola and
Floyd Elliot  24, Genoa
12/30/1850 by Rev D L Eaton
Joseph Browning, Oceola and H W Terry, Oceola 2:192
TUBBS, JANETTE M  20, Howell and
Charles W Barber  29, Brighton
2/14/1860 at Howell by Rev Robert McBride
Julia Gilbert, Howell and William Holland, Howell 2:294
TUCKER, ALMEDA M  20, Brighton and
Warren L Brainard  22, Brighton
2/5/1859 by Rev George W Jenks
Isaac Tucker, Brighton and Mary Tucker, Brighton 2:254
TUCKER, ELLIE R  17, Howell and
Miner L McKinley  21, Howell
9/21/1870 at Howell by Rev J F Davidson
Mrs Mary Tucker and Miss Emma Tucker 3a:35
TUCKER, LUCRETIA  42, Handy and
John Huston  57, Handy
10/4/1857 by JP J C Carmer
Seth Carmer and Martha Carmer 2:211
TUMPSER, HANNAH  19, Cohoctah and
Jacob Sciler  27, Burns, Shiawassee
5/1/1866 at Cohoctah by JP Thomas Goldsmith
J W Stelser, Cohoctah and M Stelser, Cohoctah 3:237
TUMSER, CATHERINE  43, Cohoctah and
John M Siler  43, Burne, Shiawassee
3/5/1858 at Cohoctah by JP Luther Pratt
L S Pratt and A Horning 2:223
TUMSON, BARBARA  22, Cohoctah and
Edward Harbzell  22, Oceola
8/17/1858 by JP Luther Pratt
L C Heming, Cohoctah and J Russell, Cohoctah 2:236
TUNIS, ALICE  18, Brighton and
Eugene Hicks  25, Brighton
12/29/1870 at Brighton by Rev W J Black
John Tunis, Brighton and Lois Hicks, Brighton 3a:25
TUPPER, EMELINE  16, Putnam and
David Barber  19, Locke, Ingham
2/5/1854 at Pinckey by JP F A Grimes
James Foreshu, Putnam and Sarah Grimes, Putnam 2:99
TUTTLEE, MARY C  18,  and
Jasper H Butterfield  23, , Washtenaw
12/4/1853 at Hamburg by Rev C A Bruce
A F Butterfield and Ferdnand --- 2:156
TWITCHEL, LOUISE  20, Hamburg and
Gardner J Osgood  30, Adrian
11/25/1867 at Hamburg by Rev Albert C Lewis
D Cramer, Ann Arbor and C M Osgood, Hamburg 3a:5
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