1850-1870 Marriages by Bride: V

Line 1: Bride's Name, Age and Residence
Line 2: Groom's Name, Age and Residence
Line 3: Marriage Date and Place; Person perfoming marriage
Line 4: Witnesses                                                                 Volume Number:Page Number
VAN ARSDALEN, MARTHA W  18, Howell and
Alden G Carpenter  24, Ionia, Ionia
2/27/1867 at Howell by Rev William Tilley
Mrs Leland and Mrs Ferguson 3:197
William M Hendricks  52, Cohoctah
3/12/1863 at Brighton by Rev Richard G McCarthy
Rachel A Fowler and William King 3:22
VAN BUREN, MARY E  24, Conway and
Henry A Jackson  25, Conway
3/17/1866 at Conway by JP Nelson B Green
Ester A Green and Abigal B Barnard 3:145
VAN CAMP, HATTIE  116, Oceola and
Franklin J Miller  22, Oceola
5/4/1858 by JP Mylo Gay
Andrew Benedict, Oceola and Mary Miller, Oceola 2:228
VAN CAMP, LUCINDA  19, Oceola and
Martin E Miller  20, Oceola
4/2/1852 by Rev Aroswell Lamb
David Steel and Hannah Youngs 2:9
VAN CAMP, MARY  33, Oceola and
Andrew Benedict  44, Oceola
6/10/1859 by Rev Alonzo May
C A Bristol, Tyrone and Mason Cole, Oceola 2:205
VAN CAMP, PRUDENCE  17, Oceola and
Daniel Townley  22, Hartland
4/8/1850 by Rev Aroswell Lamb
Martin Miller and Lucinda Miller 2:10
VAN DEUSON, AGNES J  18, Howell and
Elbert A Young  30, Howell
12/30/1868 at Howell by Rev J S Boyden
J I Van Deusen, Howell and Charlotte E Van Deusen, Howell 3a:13
VAN GORDER, LORETTA  24, Iosco and
Fredric Voigst  22, Iosco
3/4/1866 by JP Isaac Stow
James Lech and Christina Voigst 3:146
VAN GORDER, LOUISA  19, Handy and
William H Wilson  22, Leroy, Ingham
12/26/1866 by Rev E C Wright
Joseph Loree and Henry Van Gorder 3:194
VAN HORN, MARIA  31, Unadilla and
John Decamp  48, Bunkerhill, Ingham
3/26/1862 at Unadilla by JP James L Field
J C Tuttle, Unadilla and Jabina Tuttle, Unadilla 2:386
VAN HORN, SARAH  22, Hamburg and
John E Bergen  27, Hamburg
12/25/1866 at Brighton by Rev David A Curtis
Mary J Curtis and Charles B Curtis 3:193
VAN ORDEN, SOPHIA  28, Putnam and
Perry Blunt  30, Putnam
10/14/1868 at Pinckney by Rev Oliver J Perrin
Clara M Perrin, Putnam and Mary Woods, Putnam 3a:11
VAN OSDEN, CATHARINE  18, Putnam and
Lewis Abah  25
11/19/1838 at Putnam
D D Ingram and Richard Van Osden 2:248
VAN SICKLE, MARY  Oceola and
Chancy Parshall  Oceola
10/1/1856 by Rev William Hevenes
Mary Hevenes and Hannah Hevenes 2:397
VAN SICKLES, EMILY A  18, Oceola and
James Sutherland  23, Unadilla
4/17/1850 by Rev Horace Grannis
Thomas Sutherland, Howell and E S Grannis, Howell 2:7
H W Wiltse  22, Byron, Shiawassee
7/12/1855 by Rev Alonzo May
D V Van Syckle, Tyrone and D L Cole, Oceola 2:154
VANDGILE, ANN E  20, Iosco and
Charles Shafer  23, Brighton
1/28/1868 at Iosco by JP Ara R Smith
John Taylor, Brighton and Henry Wooden, Iosco 3a:6
VANDIN, HARRIETT A  26, Iosco and
Jedediah Griswold  24, Iosco
1/6/1864 by JP Ralph Fowler
Mary Fowler 3:96
VANORDER, ELEANOR  19, Stockbridge, Ingham and
George K Mittur  21, Stockbridge, Ingham
10/11/1864 at residence of James Pyper Unadilla by Rev James Pyper
Mrs J Pyper and John Holbrock 3:147
VAUGHN, JULIA R  22, Jackson, Jackson and
Josiah A Risden  31, CA
8/19/1866 at house of Mr Risden Iosco by JP E C Wright
Renan Lewis and John Furguson 3:164
Paul Coffin  A143 Shiawassee
1/1/1866 by Rev A J Richards
J W Williams and A J Williams 3:143
VIELIE, DELIA S  19, Tuscola and
Henry Swan  21, Tuscola
9/17/1854 by JP Thomas Goldsmith
William Vinton, Tuscola and Elizabeth Brown, Tuscola 2:122
VIGUS, MARYANN  25, Deerfield and
Asminus Springston  26, Deerfield
10/17/1869 at Deerfield by JP Simon Kittle
M H Springston, Deerfield and Alonzo C Bustal, Deerfield 3a:22
VORCE, LOUISA  16, Green Oak and
William J Barrett  18, Howell
1/25/1864 at Howell by JP Mylo L Gay
Jonathan Bummings and Mary Ann Barrett 3:66
VULNE, ADELINE  30, Unadilla and
Theron A Watson  32, Unadilla
1/1/1866 at Unadilla by Rev William J Nutting
Jona B Foster, Unadilla and C J Foster, Unadilla 3:132
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