1850-1870 Marriages by Bride: Y

Line 1: Bride's Name, Age and Residence
Line 2: Groom's Name, Age and Residence
Line 3: Marriage Date and Place; Person perfoming marriage
Line 4: Witnesses                                                                 Volume Number:Page Number
YORK, ANNA SOPHIA  24, Hartland and
G F Lorne  24, Hartland
12/25/1861 by Rev William Robson
Mr P Robson and Mrs M Robson 2:382
Gusruvus H Foster  19, Iosco
8/3/1867 at Coleman by JP George
Eliphalet York, Marion and Abigail D York, Marion 3:226
YORK, EMMA AUGUSTA  21, Hartland and
Charles Sanford Palmer  24, Oceola
11/6/1867 at Hamburg by Rev David A Curtis
Mary J Curtis, Hamburg and William F Curtis, Hamburg 3a:4
YORK, HELEN  17, Hartland and
John H Handy  21, Hartland
11/12/1856 by JP Daniel Rich
James Handy and Richard York 2:193
YORK, SARAH E  18, Iosco and
Justine F Stone  22, Argentine, Genesee
11/14/1867 at Fowlerville by Rev R C Crane
R T Stone, Argentine and Augusta C York, Iosco 3:4
YOUNG, ADELIA E  16, Oceola and
Eugene Cassidy  24, Oceola
2/2/1867 at Oceola by Rev D O Ball
W M Ball and Julia E Young 3:201
YOUNG, HANNAH M  20, Hartland and
Edwin E Walton  25, Hartland
9/25/1853 by Rev Alonzo May
John Young, Hartland and Moses Walton, Hartland 2:91
YOUNG, HARRIET M  22, Webster, Washtenaw and
John Sykes  26, Putnam
1/1/1851 by Rev Joshua Kinne
John Dawson and James Young 2:36
YOUNG, JERUSHA  17, Genoa and
Samuel Dean  41, Oceola
6/1/1857 at Genoa by JP James Murray
Electa Dean, Genoa and Stewart Hazard, Genoa 2:207
YOUNGS, CATHARINE  17, Genoa and
Charles Dean  23, Genoa
12/14/1854 by JP Edward Browning
Edwin Murray and Rilano Wilcox 2:129
YOUNGS, NANCY R  19, Hartland and
James A Worthington  23, Handy
12/6/1860 by JP Daniel Rich
E E Walton, Hartland and L Youngs, Hartland 2:329
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