1850-1870 Marriages by Groom: A

Line 1: Groom's Name, Age and Residence
Line 2: Bride's Name, Age and Residence
Line 3: Marriage Date and Place; Person perfoming marriage
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---, ELLIS and
Mary Jane Foster
ABAH, LEWIS  25, and
Catharine Van Osden  18, Putnam
11/19/1838 at Putnam
D D Ingram and Richard Van Osden 2:248
ABBOTT, CHARLES E  29, Handy and
Martha A Sweet  21, Handy
7/1/1868 at Handy by Rev W W Olds
Sarah Worthington, Handy and Lewis Sweet, Handy 3a:9
ABBOTT, GEORGE A  24, Unadilla and
Josephine E Dutton  19, Unadilla
12/8/1870 at Unadilla by Rev Seward Osinger
A L Dutton, Unadilla and Cyrus Abbott, Unadilla 3a:31
ABRAMS, PETER M  27, Brighton and
Maria Briggs  16, Green Oak
12/31/1854 at Brighton
C Morgan and B Morgan 2:137
ACKEMAN, PETER  20, Genoa and
Ema Crippen  16, Brighton
12/25/1860 at Brighton
A P Dickenson 2:337
ACRE, LAMBERT  23, Putnam and
Loisa Highcock  17, Putnam
7/4/1851 at Putnam
John Marble and Sanford Marble 2:39
ADAMS, GEORGE E  19, Conway and
Almeda Gordon  15, Conway
9/20/1854 at Howell
Hiram Wetherwell and John Cougham 2:121
ADAMS, JAY  24, Grand Blanc, Genesee and
Laura A Hardy  18, Oceola
10/12/1850 at Oceola
Orin Whitmore and Charlotte Whitmore 2:20
Parmelia G Curtis  17, Handy
10/27/1859 at Conway
Dwight Gaston and Sarah Gaston 2:289
ADOLPH, BUCK  28, Hamburg and
Mary I Cust  30, Hamburg
9/29/1863 at Hamburg by Rev George O Beachman
S F Hubbell and M L Gay 3:38
AFFLICK, JOHN P  27, Putnam and
Lyda Love  24, Putnam
1/1/1856 at Putnam
Andrew Love and Thomas Jilks 2:172
AGNEW, JAMES E  22, Cohoctah and
Adaline E Ellsworth  23, Cohoctah
10/21/1860 at Cohoctah
Moses Jones and James Devlyn 2:340
AGNEW, THOMAS  23,, Shiawassee and
Mary Grant  19, Cohoctah
12/31/1860 at Cohoctah
Dudley Woodworth and John Stroud 2:341
ALBRIGHT, EGBERT F  30, Brighton and
S C Barnes  20, Brighton
9/23/1853 at Brighton
Chester Thompson and Frances Woodworth 2:89
ALBRO, FRANCIS M  19, Green Oak and
Mary E Coe  17, Hartland
12/21/1861 at Hartland
Solomon Buchanan and Robert Coe 2:380
ALDRICH, JOSEPH H  28, Handy and
Adelade Metcalf  21, Handy
1/1/1862 at Handy
John L White and Wantin G Smith 2:368
ALERTON, CHARLES F  22, Clinton, --- and
Melissia Woodward  20, Hamburg
2/18/1870 at Pinckney by Rev John W Fitzmaurice
S D Brown, Hamburg and Harriet S Brown, Hamburg 3a:25
ALGRO, LEWIS N  24, Brighton and
Annie L King  18, Brighton
11/25/1862 at Brighton by Rev Richard G McCarthy
Richard J Algro and J Jewell 3:9
ALLEN, ANDREW J  22, Howell and
Mary E Stage  16, Marion
5/17/1863 at Marion by JP George Coleman
Daniel R Jeffreys and Parmelia Jeffreys 3:26
ALLEN, EDWARD N  20, Fentonville, Genesee and
Matilda Hawkins  18, Hamburg
2/22/1866 by Rev Benjamin Franklin
Lewis S Brown, Brighton and Lenora Brown, Brighton 3:139
ALLEN, ELISHA F  24, Howell and
Nettie M Crandal  19, Howell
12/26/1869 at Howell by Rev J F Davidson
David Crandal, Howell and Caroline Crandal, Howell 3a:29
ALLEN, EMORY  23, Tyrone and
Mary E Beebe  19, Tyrone
12/4/1851 at Tyrone
Peter Schau and William Thompson 2:50
ALLEN, GILES BERTRAM  24, Ann Arbor, Washtenaw and
Mary Erimna Kellogg  21, Genoa
11/6/1867 at Genoa by Rev Benjamin Franklin
Hiram Kellogg, Genoa and Seymour Cowell, Genoa 3a:2
ALLEN, HENRY F  54, Howell and
Harriet E Chapel  40, Novi, Oakland
12/16/1866 at Genoa by JP Chester Hazard
Gideon Norton, Genoa and Hellen Norton, Genoa 3:189
ALLEY, LEANDER D  25, Dexter, Washtenaw and
Fanny M Rose  17, Putnam
1/10/1868 at Pinckney by Rev Oliver J Perrin
L F Rose, Putnam and Wm Bennett, Van Buren 3a:13
ALLISON, WILLIAM  26, Putnam and
Arvilla S Stafford  23, Howell
10/20/1869 at Howell by Rev J F Davison
Mrs J F Davison, Howell and Miss J A Davison, Howell 3a:29
ALVORD, AMERICUS  46, Conway and
Mahala Davis  33, Handy
5/10/1862 at Howell
Isa Woodward and Harvey Benjamin 2:390
AMOS, JAMES  32, Howell and
Lydia Chase  16, Marion
7/4/1854 at Howell
Sarah D Burwell and Isabella Burwell 2:113
AMY, GEORGE  53, Wheatfield, --- and
Barbra Baker  54, Wheatfield, Ingham
8/16/1864 at Unadilla by JP O H Obert
Nancy Durkee and Josephine Obert 3:74
ANDERSON, DANIEL W  19, Ann Arbor, Washtenaw and
Lorinda Dodge  17, Lode
8/2/1866 at Brighton by JP Herman C House
Joseph Peach, Brighton and Ermina Peach, Brighton 3:162
ANDERSON, HUGH A  33, Green Oak and
Unice Ann Wright  22, Oceola
6/7/1863 at Oceola by Rev William W Robson
Newell Bailey, Oceola and Vernilla Robson, Oceola 3:28
ANDREWS, ALBERT  29, Hartland and
Lora Dickson  16, Hartland
9/20/1856 at Tuscola
Lenah Pratt and Abner Preston 2:185
ANDREWS, GEORGE W  31, Howell and
Helen Stafford  18, Conway
8/5/1852 at Howell
Carpenter Jacolum and Hannah Switzer 2:66
ANDREWS, JOHN W  24, Hartland and
Lorane Gillingham  0, Hartland
5/23/1853 at Hartland
Abel Whayland and Mary Whayland 2:101
ANGEL, EDWIN G  21, Howell and
Mary Smith  21, Howell
4/4/1866 at Howell by Rev H O Parker
L D Smith, Howell and S F Hubbell, Howell 3:187
ANGELL, JEREMIAH E Plymouth, Wayne and
Betsey Corson  Green Oak
5/26/1850 at Green Oak
Robert Corson and Schuyler V N Hays 2:16
ANNIS, MARCUS  21, Putnam and
Ann Eliza Farble  18, Putnam
10/2/1850 at Putnam
Ezra Fairchild and Elizabeth Fairchild 2:19
ANSCOMB, GEORGE C  24, Howell and
Lucy Reid  23, Howell
7/2/1855 at Howell
A Blank and R Blank 2:155
APPLETON, HENRY B  22, Hamburg and
Adelia Babcock  16, Webster, Washtenaw
1/13/1868 at Brighton by Rev Thomas Nichols
C A Stewart, Hamburg and Mary J Stewart, Hamburg 3a:7
ARMSTRONG, GEORGE W  26, Hartland and
Rachael A Murdock  21, Oceola
Oliver T Armstrong and Clarisa Armstrong 2:30
ARMSTRONG, SAMUEL C  24, Holly, Oakland and
Mary A Withey  23, Brighton
10/28/1865 at Brighton by Rev David A Curtis
Chas A Withey and Camie R Whitey 3:132
ARNOLD, CHARLES  23, Howell and
Betsey Rouston  17, Howell
2/28/1870 at West Howell by JP Nicholas Lake Jr
John Rouston, Howell and Mary Ann Rouston, Howell 3a:26
ARNSDALE, WILLIAM  38, White Oak, Ingham and
Palina Bradley  27, White Oak, Ingham
12/18/1868 at Unadilla by JP R Barnum
O H Obert, Unadilla and A H Watson, Unadilla 3a:16
ASGAITH, WILLIAM  22, Stockbridge, Ingham and
Mary Cobb  19, Stockbridge, Ingham
6/19/1851 at Putnam
F G Rose and --- Asgaith 2:44
ATKINS, ISRAEL G  23, Locke, Ingham and
Louisa Eggleston  18, Locke, Ingham
7/4/1869 at Conway by Rev Thomas Lowden
Mrs Sarah Ancerson, Conway and Robert Anderson, Conway 3a:22
ATKINS, JOHN  22, Marion and
Mary Ann Proctor  18, Marion
12/25/1854 at Howell
William Atkinson and Betsy Atkinson 2:131
ATKINS, JOHN H  33, Hadley, --- and
Caroline J Wright  25, Antrim, Shiawassee
1/31/1861 at Conway
W B Dunning and Harrison Avery 2:330
AUGUR, WASHINGTON  25, Cohoctah and
Amanda White Cohoctah
11/19/1865 at Cohoctah by JP Luther Pratt
Gilbert Pardee, Cohoctah and E Augur, Cohoctah 3:128
AUSTIN, GEORGE  35, Marion and
Lydia I Smock  17, Marion
5/23/1852 at Marion
William Stafford and Stephen Miles 2:72
AUSTIN, HIRAM  25, Iosco and
Maria Peavee  26, Iosco
1/2/1855 at Howell
Edward Austin and Jane Austin 2:130
AVERY, HENRY E  28,, Ingham and
Harriet Sprague  17, Marion
9/4/1859 at Marion
R A Carr and David Sprague 2:272
AVIS, JOSEPH L  38, Locke, Ingham and
Lucy Hoyt  38, Conway
11/10/1859 at Conway
Helen Hoyt and Julia Hoyt 2:282
AXTELL, GEORGE W  19, Howell and
Pulina A Brooks  19, Howell
2/9/1867 at Howell by Rev William Tilley
Jane H Tilley and Catharine Robinson 3:198
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