1850-1870 Marriages by Groom: C

Line 1: Groom's Name, Age and Residence
Line 2: Bride's Name, Age and Residence
Line 3: Marriage Date and Place; Person perfoming marriage
Line 4: Witnesses                                                                 Volume Number:Page Number
CADWORTH, N O  52, Novi, Oakland and
Mary Hammond  30, Novi, Oakland
2/17/1869 at Brighton by JP Benjamin T O Clark
S K Jones, Brighton and Robert Bigham, Brighton 3a:14
CADY, MYRON  25, Ypsilanti, Washtenaw and
Emily Briggs  18, Green Oak
12/8/1859 at Brighton by Rev George W Jenks
G Goodno, Brighton and George Tomlin, Brighton 2:286
CAHILL, EDWARD  25, Green Oak and
Catharine Rendergast  22, Green Oak
1/5/1870 at Oceola by Father F H Pourret
Cornelius Cathill, Green Oak and Johanna Cathill, Green Oak 3a:26
CALLOWAY, STEPHEN  24, Hamburg and
Eliza Williamson  20, Hamburg
7/3/1862 by Rev George Bachman
William Williamson and John Luce 2:394
CAMARON, JAMES  32, Deerfield and
Lucy Cataral  23, Deerfield
5/26/1861 by JP John Anderson
Harriet Anderson and Ira Lamb 2:44
CAMP, EARL  61, Conway and
Mrs Jane Hiabel  33, Conway
11/4/1863 at Fowlerville by Rev J Kilpatrick
Francis J Watters and Mary E Stanfield 3:70
CAMP, GEORGE  25, Conway and
Esther Rush  16, Conway
8/22/1850 by JP Martin Randall
D Benjamin, Conway and Charles Chase, Conway 2:20
CAMP, JAMES  22, Hudson, --- and
Rachel Sutton  16, Handy
6/6/1860 at Fowerville by JP F D Fish
H Fowler, Fowlerville and Susan Fish, Fowlerville 3:106
CAMP, JEROME  20, Conway and
Elizabeth Anibal  16, Tuscola
7/3/1861 by JP Martin Randall
Isaac Silsby and A Randall 2:41
CAMP, JONATHAN  21, Hamburg and
Mary DeForest  20, Hamburg
4/19/1851 at Hamburg by JP E Griffith
John Deforest, Hamburg and Julian Deforest, Hamburg 2:35
CAMP, MARTIN W  24, Conway and
Phebe Jane Ball  16, Conway
6/11/1851 by JP Martin Randall
David Cooper, Detroit and Mary Silsby, Conway 2:42
CAMPBELL, ANDREW H  57, Chili, ---, NY and
Susan J Cote  38, Pinckney
1/3/1867 at Pinckney by Rev E W Borden
Lauther Campbell, Pinckney and Elizabeth Campbell, Pinckney 3:196
CAMPBELL, JOHN  30, Ann Arbor, Washtenaw and
Ophelia Ann Hogan  21, Marion
1/9/1853 by JP Aaron Younglove
Arthur Polhemus, Ann Arbor and Delia Edmunds, Ann Arbor 2:77
CANALE, HENRY  53, Decatur, Van Buren and
Caltha Bennett  43, Putnam
10/6/1855 by JP Francis Grimes
Joseph Abel, Putnam and Sarah Abel, Putnam 2:216
CANFIELD, JAMES  26, Waterloo, Jackson and
Hattie C Johnson  22, Howell
3/31/1870 at Howell by Rev J S Boyden
Frank Hubbard, Genoa and Addie C Johnson, Howell 3a:27
CANFIELD, LORENZO  39, Iosco and
Maria Williams  37, Iosco
4/18/1852 by JP Daniel Person
James Davis, Marion and Emmeline Davis, Marion 2:62
CAR---, RUSSELL  28, Tyrone and
Naomi C---  32, Tyrone
11/19/1861 at Tyrone by Rev Alonzo May
Daniel C--- and William C--- 3:85
CARDINGTON, EDWIN  35, Marion and
Emeline Kirkhan  23, Marion
12/8/1860 at Marion by Rev L E Dean
Edman Kirkham and Mary Kirkham 2:335
CARL, ANDREW J  24, Howell and
Caroline Hildebrant  18, Howell
2/7/1861 at Howell by JP Daniel Case
George Morris and A E Case 2:331
CARL, HENRY  28, Howell and
Sylvia Diamon  18, Howell
12/28/1859 at Howell by JP Daniel Case
Andrew J Carl and Carrie Hilderbrant 3:60
CARL, HENRY  28, Howell and
Sylvia Diamond  18, Howell
12/28/1859 by JP Daniel Case
Audrey Case and Carrie Hildebrant 2:289
CARL, JACOB  28, Hartland and
Elmina Hopper  16, Tyrone
1/1/1857 by Rev John Horton
Charles Miller, Oceola and Mary Miller, Oceola 2:188
CARL, JOHN  34, Howell and
Minerva Stafford  19, Howell
8/14/1851 by Rev Alvin L Crittenden
Robert Rodgers, Howell and Jane Crittenden, Howell 2:40
CARLES, ROBERT  20, Unadilla and
Eleanor Ann Davis  17, Unadilla
11/19/1857 at Unadilla by JP I S Feed
William Davis, Unadilla and Mary Davis, Unadilla 2:213
CARLTON, PHILIP  61, Conway and
Freelove Knapp  54, Conway
8/24/1861 at Conway Cecil D Parsens
Mrs C D Parsens, Conway and Cecil Parsens, Conway 2:360
CARMER, J C  38, Tyrone and
Lucinda Tallmadge  20, Tyrone
2/7/1867 by Rev Charles Sampson
Nelson Rodgers, Tyrone and Spencer Dexter, Tyrone 3:196
CARPENTER, ALDEN G  24, Ionia, Ionia and
Martha W Van Arsdalen  18, Howell
2/27/1867 at Howell by Rev William Tilley
Mrs Leland and Mrs Ferguson 3:197
CARPENTER, AZIL  33, Howell and
Ann Colborne  21, Howell
10/15/1862 at Howell by JP Mylo L Gay
Mason Boice and Sarah Ann Boice 3:5
CARPENTER, MARTIN L  22, Howell and
Susan I Stewart  22, Howell
12/15/1869 at West Howell by JP Nicholas Lake Jr
Samuel F Stewart, Howell and Julia Stewart, Howell 3a:24
CARPENTER, SAMUEL  27, Genoa and
Margarett M Neely  19, Genoa
12/25/1862 at Genoa by Rev George W Jenks
Elisha Case, Genoa and Joseph Case, Genoa 3:14
CARPENTER, WILLIAM W  24, Manistee, --- and
Eugenia C Curtis  19, Genoa
6/30/1862 at Genoa by Rev George Bachman
Ameana West and Mary Bachman 2:296
CARR, DANIEL W  24, Conway and
Rosa A Stewart  17, Conway
3/8/1863 at Conway by Rev Thomas Lowden
Israel B Coleman, Conway and Thaddeus Carr, Conway 3:26
CARR, DARWIN  25, Putnam and
C French  25, Putnam
5/30/1850 at Unadilla by Rev B Bayn
James Bullis, Unadilla and F A Bayn, Unadilla 2:14
CARR, JAMES E  53, Conway and
Susan A Sowle  34, Locke, Ingham
3/10/1869 at Conway by Rev Thomas Lowden
A Alvord, Locke and Robert Kline, Locke 3a:15
CARR, MALCOM D  20, Putnam and
Nancy L Richmond  17, Putnam
1/19/1861 at the house of Rev William Norton
Henry Mallory and George Pullen 2:30
CARY, ADOLPHUS H  22, Hartland and
Martha M Bullard  17, Hartland
1/1/1860 at Hartland by Rev John Horton
Albert Cary, Hartland and John Ballard, Hartland 2:298
CARY, AMOS  34, Brighton and
Alma A Nancy  28, Brighton
3/19/1861 at Brighton by George Foot
Charles Todd and Martha Butter 2:350
CASADY, JEREMIAH  24, Conway and
Hannah Franks  19, Conway
6/10/1866 at Handy by JP Nelson B Green
Orville W Green and Joseph Franks 3:156
CASADY, SMITH  39, Oceola and
Susan Spears  19, Oceola
3/15/1855 by JP B B Durfee
Levi Hotchkiss and John Lorey 2:149
CASE, ELISHA  57, Hamburg and
Sophrona Spring  46, Howell
11/1/1865 at Pinckney by Rev D Webster Hammond
Lydia Hammond, Pinckney and Mary J Cook, Waterloo 3:159
CASE, IRA W  31, Brighton and
Fidelia S Eddy  22, Brighton
2/16/1853 at home of Caleb Power by Rev C Osborne
Mr Caleb Power, Brighton and Mrs Eliza Power, Brighton 2:74
CASE, JOHN S  21, Hamburg and
Jane D Knickrebacker  22, Hamburg
7/27/1867 at Hamburg by JP Herman C House
Eva Richards and Elton Elton 3:214
CASE, JOHN S  21, Hamburg and
Jane D Knickerbocker  22, Hamburg
7/27/1867 at Hamburg by JP Herman C House
Eva Richards, Hamburg and Emma Elton, Hamburg 3a:1
CASE, NILES L  20, Hamburg and
Clarissa Watrons  16, Genoa
11/11/1868 at Genoa by Rev G L Foster
Albert Jackson, Putnam and Lilla Brown, Putnam 3a:12
CASE, NORMAN M  36, Hamburg and
Maryett Watrons  19, Genoa
2/4/1861 at Howell by JP Daniel Case
Malvina Lee and Burdett Case 2:331
CASE, SIBLY R  28, Hamburg and
Evaline R Richards  27, Hamburg
8/9/1869 at Hamburg by Rev Oliver J Perrin
John T Case, Hamburg and Gilbert Thrasher, Hamburg 3a:20
Serenah L Lawson  25,
10/8/1860 at Genoa by Rev Albert Hurst
Kate Lawson, Howell and B H Lawson, Howell 2:315
CASGROVE, GEORGE  25, Byron, Shiawassee and
Catharine Fawl  18, Argentine, Genesee
10/20/1867 at Cohoctah by JP Michael Thatcher
Abbie P Sears, Cohoctah and Polinee Dowers, Cohoctah 3a:1
CASKEY, ROBERT W  26, Iosco and
Sarah A Worthington  24, Handy
9/21/1870 at Pinckney by Rev John Fitzmaurice
John Collier, Pinckney and Kate Fitzmaurice, Pinckney 3a:30
CASSIDY, EUGENE  24, Oceola and
Adelia E Young  16, Oceola
2/2/1867 at Oceola by Rev D O Ball
W M Ball and Julia E Young 3:201
CASWELL, HIRAM  21, Iosco and
Florence Bump  18, Flint, Genesee
1/21/1864 by JP Alba D Royce
CENTRY, FRANCIS M  24, Brighton and
Mary E Wesley  20, Brighton
4/23/1862 at Brighton by Rev Ira Warner
George Coneley and Eliza Coneley 2:389
CHADWIC, EDWIN M  23, Leroy, Ingham and
Georgiana H Case  0, Hamburg
2/21/1866 by Rev Benjamin Franklin
Wallace Case, Brighton and Maria Case, Hamburg 3:139
CHALKER, JOHN G  25, Putnam and
Sarah J Fisk  18, Putnam
3/11/1870 at Unadilla by Rev S O Singer
S O Dunham, Plainfield and Mrs S O Singer, Unadilla 3a:25
CHAMBER, ABIGAH  38, Locke, Ingham and
Mary Ann Clark  24, Conway
12/29/1852 by JP Martin Randall
George Clark, Conway and Hiram Jackson, Conway 2:82
CHAMBERLAIN, D P  32, Webster, Washtenaw and
Frances Hall  30
8/10/1859 by Rev L Calkin
V R Auger, Howell and William Jewitt, Howell 2:200
CHAMBERS, GEORGE  23, Tuscola and
Irene Crawford  20, Tuscola
7/28/1855 by JP Luther Pratt
H Brigam, Tuscola and M Lesley, Tuscola 2:161
CHAMBERS, GEORGE H  42, Oceola and
Mary Goodspeed  38, Ann Arbor, Washtenaw
12/8/1853 at home of Calvin Goodspeed by Rev C Osborne
Calvin Goodspeed, Genoa and Jerome Withey, Brighton 2:92
CHAMBERS, MARK H  28, Deerfield and
Ruby Ann Griswold  27, Deerfield
11/17/1869 at Deerfield by Rev A J Richards
Asa Waterman, Oceola and Gette Waterman, Oceola 3a:24
CHAMBRES, ZABINA E  20, Hartland and
Kate K Kirk  20, Hartland
5/26/1869 at Hartland by Rev A J Richards
N T Kirk, Hartland and Mary E Kirk, Hartland 3a:19
CHAPIN, HENRY S  24,, Genesee and
Frances Byram  17,, Genesee
10/30/1865 at Hartland by JP James Gleason
Jasper Coe, Hartland and Chancey A Weaver, Hartland 3:119
CHAPIN, J CALVIN  34, Scio, Washtenaw and
Permelia E Weller  26, Hamburg
10/16/1864 by Rev John O Bancroft
Wm Placeway and Henry Weller 3:88
CHAPMAN, JOEL A  25, Tuscola and
Loryett Burgess  16, Deerfield
6/11/1851 by Rev George W Brown
D L Winton and M A Winton 2:36
CHAPPELL, DELOS  26, Putnam and
Adelia Eggleson  20, Putnam
8/20/1860 at house of W S Gardner, Pinckney by Rev Ira Donelson
W S Gardner, Pinckney and Ararh Gardner, Pinckney 2:319
CHASE, BENJAMIN W Vernon, Shiawassee and
Frances A Clark Putnam
12/25/1866 by Rev Oliver J Perrin
Daniel S Post and Hellen J Clark 3:188
CHASE, CHARLES  47, Plainfield and
Elsie Jane Smith  29, Cohoctah
12/14/1869 at Cohoctah by Rev Wm N Bridenstin
Henry Thomas, Cohoctah and Sarah Thomas, Cohoctah 3a:26
CHASE, TIMOTHY  32, Deerfield and
Rebecca Creamer  24, Deerfield
1/31/1853 by Rev A May
CHESTER, WILLIAM O  25, Springfield, ---, OH and
Alice Cohoon  19, Plymouth, Wayne
11/13/1868 at Brighton by JP Herman C House
Robert Bigham, Brighton G Soule, Brighton 3a:12
CHILD, LUTHER  48, Howell and
Lucinah Task  49, Handy
5/14/1864 at Fowlerville by Rev J Kilpatrick
E S Kilpatrick and Lovana Vangorder 3:69
CHILDS, ERVIN J  28, Howell and
Jane Briggs  20, Howell
12/12/1867 at Mr Briggs' house, Howell by Rev Albert C Lewis
Thos Briggs and Grace Briggs 3a:5
CHILSON, CHESTER  25, Covington, Wyoming, NY and
Harriet M Hicks  18, Putnam
3/9/1858 at Pinckney by Rev George W Jenks
J D Woodward, Putnam and George F Bridham, Putnam 2:221
CHILSON, NATHANIEL  25, Covington, Wyoming, NY and
Hannah A Fairchild  18, Marion
11/15/1856 by Rev Henry Banwell
Ezra Fairchild and Ezra Chilson 2:182
CHIPMAN, BENJAMIN F  28, Iosco and
Lucy Ann Ray  19, Unadilla
10/11/1855 by JP Francis Grimes
M F Darrow, Putnam and James S Cooley, Putnam 2:217
CHRISTLER, JAMES CARLO  34, Mundy, Genesee and
Elizabeth Barnum  34, Mundy
6/11/1863 at Deerfield by JP Simeon Kittle
John Sellers and John Deal 3:37
CLARK, ANSEL  66, Green Oak and
Srarh C Wilson  44, Brighton
11/26/1865 at Brighton by Rev David A Curtis
John Sowles and Sarah Sowles 3:131
CLARK, ARTHUR S  21, and
Gertrude M Bachelor  27
2/21/1867 at Oceola by Rev John G Horton
Paulina Horton, Oceola and Anna A Convis, Oceola 3:197
CLARK, BENJAMIN  29, Lansing, Ingham and
Hannah Moscho  18, Stockbridge, Ingham
11/25/1851 by JP Daniel Person
Peter Ross, Iosco and Zena Williams, Iosco 2:49
CLARK, CHARLES  65, Howell and
Caroline Letts  25, Lyon, Oakland
1/29/1862 at Brighton by Rev Richard G McCarthy
J Spencer and Lucy Spencer 2:375
CLARK, CHARLES H  35, Conway and
Charlotte S Jackson  22, Conway
7/1/1860 at Deerfield by JP John Ryan
Eliza Root, Deerfield and Hiram Jackson, Deerfield 3:65
CLARK, DANIEL G  22, Putnam and
Savilla J Kennedy  18, Putnam
6/27/1868 at Putnam by Rev Oliver J Perrin
Hiram Kennedy, Putnam and Ella Fitch, Putnam 3a:9
CLARK, ELIJAH  20, Tuscola and
Josephine Hand  16, Brighton
2/18/1855 by JP Floyd Williams
Jerome Hand, Brighton and Charles Pease, Brighton 2:151
CLARK, GEORGE L  28, Howell and
Sarah L Axtell  22, Howell
12/30/1861 at Howell J A Griffis
B W Casdell, Howell and George Taylor, Howell 2:383
CLARK, GEORGE W  34, Howell and
Juliaett M Hines  38, Howell
2/8/1865 at home of Mr Hines, Howell by Rev William Tilley
Jane Tilley and Estelle Hines 3:88
CLARK, JAMES P  41, Cohoctah and
Mary L Westervelt  22, Oceola
5/20/1863 at Howell by JP Mylo L Gay
H C Gay and Catharine Gay 3:33
CLARK, JOHN T  30, Omaha, ---, NB and
Ellen S Camp  18, Omaha, ---, NB
8/15/1869 at Conway by JP William Sabin
Darius Rust, Conway and Martin W Camp, Conway 3a:22
CLARK, LOEKLIN N Green Oak and
Maria Goucher Green Oak
11/28/1853 by Rev Andrew Clark
Sandusky Kellog and Sarah Kellog 3:54
CLARK, MALCOLM R  27, Howell and
Emma B Taylor  22, Howell
6/28/1869 at Howell by Rev F W Warren
Mary A Taylor, Howell and Frankie A Taylor, Howell 3a:18
CLARK, PETER F  24, Howell and
Mary A Balcom  20, Howell
12/30/1868 at Howell by Rev J S Boyden
Mulcon Clark, Howell and Dealing Denesug, Howell 3a:13
CLARK, WILLIAM C  26, Marion and
Julia Clark  24, Deerfield
recorded 29 Sep 1865 by Rev Wm Tilley
George W Clark and Julea E Clark 3:113
CLARK, WILLIAM H  25, Howell and
Adelia C Bush  19, Howell
11/9/1865 at Howell by Rev H O Parker
Isaac W Bush, Howell and L D Smith, Howell 3:185
CLARK, WILLIAM P  28, Marion and
Calfurnia Phelps  20, Marion
4/18/1855 by Rev Robert McBride
A P Dickinson, Brighton and H H Smith, Marion 2:145
CLARY, ORLANDO  38, Highland, Oakland and
Sarah E Miner  27, Conway
6/2/1861 at Conway by JP Cecil D Parsons
George Adams, Conway and James Govrdon, Conway 2:357
CLARY, ORLANDO  30, Highland, Oakland and
Amanda Fairbanks  23, Hartland
10/12/1859 at Hartland by JP James Rich
A Hull, Hartland and Alan Fellows, Hartland 2:290
CLAY, WILLIAM E  23, Williamston, Ingham and
Almira L Hildicer  19, Williamston, Ingham
2/22/1866 at Howell by Rev H O Parker
Marie Drew, Marion and Eliza Bosenbark, Howell 3:184
CLAYTON, PHINEAS P  23, Howell and
Catharine A Hollis  17, Howell
9/28/1854 by Rev George Bridge
A Hollis and J C Dutcher 2:117
CLAYTON, WILLIAM G  30, Howell and
Susan Waldron  19, Howell
2/13/1863 at Howell by JP Daniel Case
Hattie A Coleman and Seprona Spring 3:19
CLAYTON, WILLIAM G  28, Howell and
Mary Ann Soules  18, Howell
12/31/1860 at Howell by JP Mylo Gay
Ransom Grant and Wilson Soules 2:325
CLEMENTS, THOMAS  48, Marion and
Mary Ann Rubbins  48, Marion
2/10/1868 at Howell by Rev F W Warren
Mrs L L Warren, Howell and Mary G Seaver, Ypsilanti 3a:6
CLEMO, WILLIAM C  27, Ypsilanti, Washtenaw and
Rachael E Brown  20, Putnam
8/18/1868 at Putnam by Rev Oliver J Perrin
Elizabeth Simpson, Iosco and Clarra M Perrin, Putnam 3a:10
CLINE, JOSEPH W  25, Locke, Ingham and
Eliza J Carr  17, Conway
12/31/1868 at Conway by Rev Thomas Lowden
William Erwin, Conway and Martha Erwin, Conway 3a:15
CLOUGH, ELIJAH  47, Tyrone and
Catharine Carmer  22, Tyrone
11/12/1853 by Rev Alonzo May
Thomas Carmer and M Carmer 2:91
COAL, NELSON N  20, Florence, Shiawassee and
Hannah M Hoyt  17, Conway
4/22/1851 by JP Randall Martin
Henry Hoyt, Conway and Lucy Hoyt, Conway 2:38
COATES, WILLIAM W  29, Northplains, Ionia and
Anna Rathburn  20, Burns, Shiawassee
1/8/1851 by Rev William Peck
Osker Green, Burns and James Rathbun, Burns 2:94
COBB, ALFRED L  25, Unadilla and
Harriet Crossley  20, Stockbridge, Ingham
4/10/1868 at Howell by Rev F W Warner
Benjamin Crossley, Stockbridge and Sarah Kirkland, Iosco 3a:8
COBB, ELIJAH W  26, Duplain, Clinton and
E Ann Sickles  24, Howell
11/21/1855 at Howell by Rev P C Dayfoot
Aaron Sickles, Wyandott and Emma Sickles, Howell 2:165
COBB, JOSEPH  43, Unadilla and
Sarah Tripp  37, Unadilla
3/27/1856 at home of Rev B H Hedger, Williamston
William Smith, Williamston and Louisa Smith, Williamston 2:179
COE, HARRISON CLARK  20, Brighton and
Ella M Cobb  20, Brighton
6/28/1870 at Brighton by Rev William J Clark
Nelson Thomas, Brighton and Emma Thomas, Brighton 3a:28
COFFEE, ABEL  25, Handy and
Maria Collins  16, Handy
10/21/1857 at Howell by JP Mylo Gay
James Rainny, Howell and Emily Rainny, Howell 2:227
COFFIN, PAUL, Shiawassee and
Mary Vaughn
1/1/1866 by Rev A J Richards
J W Williams and A J Williams 3:143
COHOON, ORVILLE S  32, Nova, ---, IL and
Anna H Field
1/26/1865 by Rev George O Bauchman
E Field and William Brockway 3:86
COLBORN, HENRY C  22, Conway and
Eliza B Grant  21, Conway
10/3/1866 at Conway by Rev Thomas Lowden
Roger Sherman, Handy and Emma Swarthout, Handy 3:168
COLBORN, JUSTUS  27, Conway and
Ayerville Gorden  25, Conway
5/15/1867 at Conway by Rev Thomas Lowden
Jonathan D Wood, Conway and Helen M Wood, Conway 3:211
COLBY, WILLIAM  30, Woodhull, Shiawassee and
Eliza S Huntley  25, Howell
2/21/1854 by Rev E E Gregory
Andrew Blank, Howell and F Kelly, Howell 2:102
COLE, DAVID  27, Locke, Ingham and
Viletta L---  19, Ingham, Ingham
8/26/1868 at Brighton by JP Herman C House
George Tanner, Brighton and Augustine C Reiner 3a:10
COLE, ENOS  57, and
Nancy A Millet  18, Oceola
3/8/1860 by JP Joseph Blinston
T Millet, Oceola and Christian Millet, Oceola 2:296
COLE, ENOS  54, Oceola and
Mary Aldeman  55, Hartland
2/3/1859 at Oceola by JP K S Franklin
William Aldeman, Highland and Ada Cole, Oceola 2:203
COLE, JOSEPH G  60, Genoa and
Eliza Knickerbocker  47, Hamburg
10/30/1866 at Brighton by JP Herman C House
Elizabeth House, Brighton and Jane House, Brighton 3:171
COLE, JOSEPH W Oceola and
Rachael Hetchler Oceola
1/2/1867 at Cohoctah by JP D O Hall
Reuben Griggle and --- Armstrong 3:200
COLE, NATHAN  39, Oceola and
Adaline Barber  44, Oceola
4/26/1854 by Rev Aroswell Lamb
John Garfield and Mary Garfield 2:108
COLEBY, JOHN Woodhull, Shiawassee and
Orpha S Kelley Howell
8/14/1851 by Rev Louis Miller
L K Hewitt and Doratha Heiman 2:40
COLEMAN, ALBERT  29, Jackson, Madison, TN and
Mahelia Rose  19, Pinckney
10/16/1860 by Rev Joseph Peart
Charles Mapes, Plumfield and Sarah Wheeler, Pinckney 2:319
Mariah Donahoe  28,
12/14/1861 at house of bride's mother, Conway by JP J C Coleburn
Michael Donahoe, Conway and John Hoag, Conway 2:377
COLEMAN, CHARLES  32, Conway and
Martha M Evans  18, Conway
11/5/1855 by JP Samuel Ball
John Ball and Mary Ann Ball 2:164
COLEMAN, CHARLES  28, Marion and
R A Richmond  31, Marion
1/15/1854 at office of G W Richmond JP by Morris Topping
Ellen Topping 2:106
COLEMAN, GEORGE  21, Marion and
Sarah Rubbins  21, Marion
4/14/1858 by Rev J Cook
George Reeves, Pinckney and Ira Reeves, Pinckney 2:147
COLEMAN, JASPER  26, Marion and
Laura A Beach  21, Marion
11/17/1862 at house of bride's mother by Rev W W Olds
C E Beach and H P Beach 2:379
COLEMAN, JONATHAN  23, Putnam and
Clara S Tompkins  23, Putnam
1/1/1859 at Putnam by Rev William Benson
John Fagith, Pinckney and Adeline Fagith, Pinckney 2:195
COLEMAN, MOSES  27, Marion and
Sarah Ann Losford  24, Howell
9/5/1869 at Howell by Rev J S Boyden
Abraham Losford and Sarah E Losford, Howell 3a:21
COLEMAN, WARREN  39,, Ingham and
Jane Phillips  42,, Wayne
5/8/1870 at Genoa by Rev Thomas Lowden
A Alvord, Conway and Charles Stephens, Conway 3a:28
COLES, HENRY B  27, Burns, Shiawassee and
Catharine Elizabeth Dranvick  19, Howell
3/11/1857 by Rev H Bunwell
George Miller and E E Hayard 2:199
COLF, HIRAM  40, Hartland and
Almina Corwin  23, Hartland
2/1/1855 by Rev L W Wells
M B Lyon and M E Lyon 2:137
COLLIN, JOHN  60, Pinckney and
Adeline Greenhof  33, Pinckney
12/30/1870 at Pinckney by Rev John Fitzmaurice
Charles Lare, Putnam and F Lare, Putnam 3a:32
COLLINS, JAMES L  22, Fowlerville and
Mary Jane Elliot  18, Fowlerville
7/2/1868 at Fowlerville by Rev R C Crane
Abram Stickles, Fowlerville and Munritte Elliott, Fowlerville 3a:9
COLLINS, JOHN W  29, Farmington, Oakland and
Esther Wixom  22, Farmington, Oakland
1/16/1854 at Fuller Hotel Brighton by Rev C Osborne
Mr Howard, Brighton and Mary Gridley, Brighton 2:98
COLLINS, JOSEPH  29, Lyndon, Washtenaw and
Jane McCall  22, Waterloo, Jackson
12/24/1864 at Unadilla by Rev George W Lowe
Edwin Collens, Unadilla and Elvira M Lowe, Unadilla 3:228
COLLINS, JOWEPH W  38, Lansing, Ingham and
Laura Glines  22, Hartland
2/27/1857 by Rev John C Horton
William Calkins, Lansing and Lucy Calkins, Lansing 2:200
COLLINS, WILLIAM L  26, Handy and
Martha Lake  22, Howell
12/13/1861 at Handy by JP J P Hildreth
Oscar Weller and Elizabeth Weller 2:383
COLVER, LEVI  19, Genoa and
Eva Davis  17, Genoa
5/30/1863 at Genoa John Booth
H A Soule and Eliza Soule 3:28
COMSTOCK, ABEL  24, Unadilla and
Margaret Baker  16, Iosco
8/1/1858 at Unadilla by Rev G A Bunwell
Gilbert May, Unadilla and Edwin May, Unadilla 2:241
COMSTOCK, URIAH  23, Unadilla and
Jane Pearl  19, Lyon, Oakland
4/8/1860 at Unadilla by JP J L Field
Lucy Schenck, Unadilla and Rosannah Libermore, Unadilla 2:304
CONABLE, A  20, Tyrone and
Nancy Buck  18, Hartland
7/4/1859 by Rev Alonzo May
John Dexter, Tyrone and William Bridleman, Hartland 2:205
CONELY, GEORGE W  24, Brighton and
Eliza N Warner  16, Brighton
10/25/1853 at Brighton by JP Ira Warner
Henry Warner and James Roders 2:103
CONKLIN, PATRICK Deerfield and
Mary Gannon  28, Deerfield
2/3/1868 at St John's Church Oceola by Rev F H Pouriet
Thomas McGuire and Mary McGuire, Oceola 3a:7
CONKLIN, PETER  37, Cohoctah and
Eliza McDonald  27, Deerfield
10/26/1868 at St John's Church Oceola by Rev F H Pouriet
George Crosby, Deerfield and Catharine D---, Cohoctah 3a:12
CONKLIN, SAMUEL  54, Handy and
Rhoda Gould  40, Scipio, ---, NY
1/1/1855 at Howell by Rev Robert McBride
H A Handy, Handy and Adnah Handy, Handy 2:130
CONRAD, CHARLES  26, Genoa and
Sarah J Button  17, Genoa
7/29/1855 by JP Hiram House
Elizabeth House, Genoa and Clarissa House, Genoa 2:160
CONRAD, JACOB  35, Genoa and
Elizabeth Dorr  20, Genoa
5/18/1856 by Rev Edwar A Bucks
D Behrens, Genoa and Conrad Schonhals, Genoa 2:173
Elizabeth Becker  22, Genoa
4/16/1869 by Rev W Kramer
Henry Behrens, Genoa and Mary Behrens, Genoa 3a:17
CONVERSE, GEORGE D  23, Conway and
Charlotte Lound  19, Conway
3/9/1869 at Cohoctah by Rev William Bridenstine
W J Miner, Cohoctah and Emma L Miner, Cohoctah 3a:17
CONVERSE, JAMES  23, Conway and
Emila Miner  16, Cohoctah
7/13/1860 at Cohoctah by JP Charles Drummond
William Miner, Cohoctah and Cyrus Hayne, Cohoctah 2:317
COOK, LYMAN V D  24, Cohoctah and
Harriet Neely  20, Cohoctah
4/2/1866 at Howell by Rev H O Parker
Alfred F Cook, Francis and Neely J, Cohoctah 3:186
COOK, ROBERT  31, Hamburg and
Mary Ann Bennett  33, Hamburg
12/27/1870 at Pinckney by Rev John Fitzmaurice
Akie Wilcox, Pinckney and Pendy Mercer, Pinckney 3a:32
COOK, WILLIAM HENRY  23, Warren, Macomb and
Sarah Ann Dykes  21, Genoa
7/13/1859 at Genoa by Rev George W Jenks
A E Walker and Alice Dykes, Genoa 2:269
COOPER, WILLIAM H  22, Lansing, Ingham and
Harriet Houghtaling  19, Lansing, Ingham
12/6/1857 at Howell by JP Mylo L Gay
Mary Hauly, Howell and Eleanor Jewett, Howell 2:227
COPELAND, JOHN B  24, Conway and
Alice L Benjamin  17, Conway
4/2/1866 by JP Nelson B Green
Henry C Benjamin and Hattie E Copeland 3:151
COPP, PETER T  29, Hartland and
Maria Chrispell  19, Tyrone
8/12/1851 by Rev Alonzo May
James Chrispell, Tyrone and Jacob Crispell, Tyrone 2:47
CORNAL, GEORGE  22, Hartland and
Mary Skinner  18, Argentine, Genesee
11/13/1867 at Parshallville by Rev A J Richards
W B Fox, Parshallville and --- Fox, Parshallville 3a:6
CORNELL, ALONZO  23, Tyrone and
Hellen Merrill  15, Tyrone
10/3/1854 by JP John C Salsbury
Erastus Merrill, Tyrone and Sarah Salsbury, Tyrone 2:125
CORNELL, ASA  25, Tyrone and
H L Stevens  21, Tyrone
7/4/1861 at Tyrone by Rev Alonzo May
N A May and M Wilmoth 3:73
Mine E Barber
6/20/1866 by JP William Beemer
Maria Beemer and Rachel Beemer 3:154
COSHUM, JOSHUA  26, Putnam and
Mary C Donaldson  22, Pinckney
9/23/1865 by Rev John O Bancroft
Orrin Morce and H P Bancroft 3:135
COTRALL, THOMAS  21, Deerfield and
Mary Welch  20, Deerfield
9/9/1853 at Deerfield by JP John Anderson
Allen Welch, Deerfield and Mary Murphy, Deerfield 2:96
COULSY, THOMAS J  28, Brighton and
Olive M Earl  27, Genoa
6/17/1870 at Genoa by Rev George W Jenks
George W Earl, Genoa and Martha Rhodes, Genoa 3a:28
COUNTRYMAN, ISAAC  29, Conway and
Susan P Chandler  32, Locke, Ingham
9/6/1865 at Handy by JP R Fowler
William Claplin and C H Corbet 3:111
COUNTRYMAN, JACOB  21, Muskegan, Newago and
Amelia Tenny  18, White Oak, Ingham
11/4/1855 at Iosco by JP Eli S Babcock
Marsh Carney, Iosco and Marion Carney, Iosco 2:165
COX, FRANK  21, Iosco and
Rhoda Jane Sliter  21, Iosco
6/13/1869 at Iosco by JP William h Simpson
Sophia Fields, Iosco and A V Simpson, Iosco 3a:18
CRAFT, GEORGE  26, Marion and
Laura Hunn  20, Marion
2/17/1869 at Howell by Rev F W Warren
Jas Huntley, Howell and Mrs Jas Huntley, Howell 3a:14
CRAIG, WILLIAM  23, Fowlerville and
Mary Catharine Coffin  21, Fowlerville
10/9/1870 at Fowlerville by Rev E H Brockyway
James Roberts, Fowlerville and Elizabeth Craig, Handy 3a:31
CRAIG, WILLIAM B  26, Stockbridge, Ingham and
Jane Field  19, Waterloo, Jackson
10/5/1868 at Unadilla by Rev James Pyper
William Craig, Stockbridge and William Pyper, Unadilla 3a:16
CRANE, JOHN  27, Northfield, Washtenaw and
Jane Rane  18, Northfield, Washtenaw
3/19/1855 at house of John Appleton, Brighton by JP Ira W Case
John Appleton, Brighton and Mrs John Appleton, Brighton 2:140
Henrietta Craner Tuscola
5/29/1851 by Rev Louis Miller
Eliza Mills and Mary Mills 2:39
CRANSTON, THOMAS  22, Tyrone and
Catherine Kinney  18, Hartland
12/14/1866 at residence of Mr Kinney, Hartland by Rev O B P Green
P B Cranston, Tyrone and Mr Hopper, Hartland 3:178
CRANSTON, THOMAS L  21, Tyrone and
Catharine Kenney  18, Hartland
11/14/1866 at home of Mr Kenney, Hartland by O B P Green
P B Cranston, Tyrone wife, Tyrone 3:212
CRAWFORD, EMUND D  28, Tuscola and
Alcemeda Kelly  26, Tuscola
4/1/1855 by JP Conrad Hayner
Frederick Shilling, Tuscola and Elsey Hayner, Tuscola 2:146
CRAWFORD, IRA H  26, Cohoctah and
Celestia Sebring  16, Cohoctah
1/1/1858 at Cohoctah by JP Charles Drumm
James Crawford and Edward Doane 2:223
CRIPPEN, FILMORE  23, Brighton and
Mary Wilson  20, Brighton
7/1/1858 at Brighton by Rev L W Wells
P Dickinson, Brighton and Jane Dickinson, Brighton 2:225
CRIPPEN, HENRY L Brighton and
Susannah Holdennap Howell
4/29/1858 at Brighton by Rev L W Wells
P Dickinson, Brighton and Jane Dickinson, Brighton 2:224
CRIPPEN, ISAAC  27, Brighton and
Elizabeth Bush  19, Marion
5/20/1866 at Marion by Rev Henry W Hicks
Mark S Smock, Iosco and Miranda Bush, Marion 3:155
CRIPPIN, EARNEST M  27, Brighton and
Helen E Luce  18, Green Oak
7/4/1870 at Brighton by Rev William J Clark
Thomas F Lown, Brighton and Caroline A Lown, Brighton 3a:40
CRIPPIN, MARCUS  31, Superior, Washtenaw and
Martha Grawley  25, Putnam
1/1/1864 by Rev John O Bancroft
H P Bancroft and Eirline Ingram 3:57
CRITTENDEN, LEWIS C  30, Salem, Washtenaw and
Harriett C Rumsey  21, Oceola
2/27/1851 at Oceola by Rev John G Hollis
H I Rumsey, Oceola and Emeline Rumsey, Oceola 2:31
CROFFORD, JOHN  27, Tuscola and
Caroline Fisher  18, Conway
11/12/1851 by JP Martin Randall
Mr Seburn, Conway and Mrs Seburn, Conway 2:49
CROFOOT, JOHN  63, Putnam and
Elizabeth Perry  45, Superior, Washtenaw
8/4/1866 at Putnam by Rev D Webster Hammond
Daniel D Wait, Putnam and Sarah W Wait, Putnam 3:160
CRONK, IRA  30, Howell and
Hellen Andrews  22, Howell
9/4/1856 by Rev D L Eaton
D L Eaton, Howell and John Spafford, Howell 2:192
CROSMAN, Z F  27, Howell and
Sarah L Jewett  22, Howell
12/27/1857 by Rev Robert McBride
Alexander McPherson, Howell and Victoria Jewett, Howell 2:215
CROUSE, GEORGE H  22, Saginaw, Saginaw and
Mary J Botsford  19, Oceola
4/1/1863 at Oceola by Rev O H P Green
H P Crouse and James D Botsford 3:23
CROUSE, HENRY P  28, Hartland and
Judiath Hildebrant  21, Howell
4/25/1861 at Howell by JP Daniel Case
C L Crouse and Andrew Carl 2:347
CRUMP, HENRY  35, Detroit, Wayne and
Martha I Eldridge  19, Putnam
12/3/1866 at Putnam by JP J W Hinchey
William A Sprout, Putnam and Mary L Eldridge, Putnam 3:127
CULLIN, HUGH  29, Hartland and
May McKenna  27, Oceola
10/24/1869 at Oceola by Rev F H Pourret
J H Pourret, Hartland and Mary McGuire, Oceola 3a:23
CURDY, DANIEL S  26, Campbell, --- and
Catharine Snell  25, Oceola
8/7/1853 by Rev John G Horton
J S Griswold, Hartland and Mary Griswold, Hartland 2:95
CURTIS, DEWIGHT T  23, Genoa and
Alida C Benalich  17, Genoa
9/29/1864 at Genoa by Rev George O Bachman
A H Bendict and Melvinia M Bendich 3:77
CURTIS, LESTER Northfield, Washtenaw and
Sarah E Bennett Howell
6/6/1852 by Rev Louis Miller
Morris Thompson, Howell and George McDowell, Marion 2:64
CURTIS, RUEL  21, Handy and
Hannah J Hyne  19, Fowlerville
12/21/1870 at Fowlerville by JP George W Palmerton
Selden B Pullen, Fowlerville and Survilla Allen, Cohoctah 3a:33
CUSTAN, GEORGE  28, Titusville, ---, PA and
Henrietta McCurdy  24, Hartland
12/11/1860 by Rev M C Stenby
William McCurdy and William Hayferd 2:333
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