1850-1870 Marriages by Groom: D

Line 1: Groom's Name, Age and Residence
Line 2: Bride's Name, Age and Residence
Line 3: Marriage Date and Place; Person perfoming marriage
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DAKE, EDWARD  54, Green Oak and
Betsy Davidson  47, Green Oak
2/18/1852 at Green Oak by Rev S H Davis
Levi Dake and William Vaughn 2:58
DAKIN, ABRAHAM  24, White Oak, Ingham and
Elnora Munson  21, White Oak, Ingham
10/31/1868 at Pinckney by JP J W Hinchey
Otis Philips, Putnam and Alice Wilson, Putnam 3a:12
DALKER, JACOB  34, Genoa and
Catharine Steinmety  25, Genoa
12/22/1867 at Genoa by Rev W Kramer
Henry Steinmety, Genoa and Kuster Pope, Genoa 3a:4
DAMON, CHARLES  24, Howell and
Naomi Marr  25, Howell
10/2/1862 at Howell by JP S O Soule
Harris Henry, Howell and Francis Henry, Howell 3:4
DANIELS, GILBERT J  27, Unadilla and
Chloe M Beal  18, Iosco
12/15/1850 by Rev G W Richman
Morris Topping and Alfred Beal 2:29
DANIELS, JAMES  32, Howell and
Harriet Graham  19, Marion
1/11/1862 at Marion by Rev George O Bachman
A J Whitaker, Howell and Robert Wakefield, Howell 2:371
DANIELS, LORENZO  23, Handy and
Eliza Graham  21, Handy
10/25/1866 at Handy by JP R Fowler
S J Brown, Handy and Thomas Graham, Handy 3:169
DANKERS, CLAUS  22, Genoa and
Martha Dirtman  24, Genoa
3/24/1861 at German Protestant Church, Genoa by Rev John Reichman
Henry Weimeister and Matilda Weimister 2:344
Isabella Riddle  19, Oceola
11/1/1859 by JP William A Hull
Robinson Mace and Elizabeth Hull 2:209
DAUNBONT, CORNELIUS  65, Ithica, Tompkins, NY and
Coley Daunport  56, Tuscola
11/15/1855 at Tuscola by JP Luther Pratt
Conrad Haynu, Tuscola and Samuel Burkhart, Tuscola 2:166
DAVIDSON, GEORGE W  23, Hartland and
Catharine Griswold  22, Hartland
10/9/1859 at Howell by Rev L H Dean
Elisha Hilo, Oceola and Polly Hetchler, Oceola 2:213
DAVIS, AARON  41, Iosco and
Sarah Green  22, Iosco
11/9/1859 at Iosco by JP M R Foster
Elizabeth Green, Iosco and Barnard Denio, Iosco 2:282
DAVIS, ALBERT M  23, Genoa and
Isadore E Sexton  18, Marion
4/25/1866 at Marion by Rev Joel Kenedy
William Sexton, Marion and William K Sexton, Marion 3:147
DAVIS, FRANK  21, Marion and
Dora Aldrich  20, Marion
10/21/1868 at Howell by Rev F W Warren
F W Warren, Mrs and Miss M E Warren 3a:13
DAVIS, ISSAC L  25, Putnam and
Isadore Hemingway  21, Unadilla
8/9/1860 at home of William Hemingway by Rev J W Donelson
William Hemingway and Phebe Hemingway 2:318
DAVIS, J S  24, Putnam and
Adeline Green  19, Marion
10/30/1854 by JP F Webb
Masa Green and R Davis 2:141
DAVIS, JACOB H  46, Conway and
Louisa G Coleman  33, Conway
10/12/1869 at Conway by JP William P Stow
Wilbeine Dixon, Conway and Julia A Dixon, Conway 3a:22
DAVIS, JONES S  24, Howell and
Emma Smith  18, Howell
2/22/1866 at Howell by Rev H O Parker
S F Hubbell, Howell and William L Wells, Howell 3:185
DAVIS, MOSES  21, Unadilla and
Maria Hays  19, Unadilla
3/21/1861 at home of S P Reynolds JP
Rebecca Reynolds, Unadilla and George Reynolds, Unadilla 2:352
DAVIS, ONEY  57, Little Falls, ---, NY and
Sarah R Frink  57, Howell
7/10/1867 at Howell by Rev Joel Kennedy
J M Pebbles, Howell and C Chapin, Howell 3:212
DAVIS, ROBERT M  22, Fowlerville and
Lucy E Jones  16, Fowlerville
10/31/1869 at Fowlerville by JP George W Palmerton
George C Tanner, Fowlerville and Jennie How, Brighton 3a:24
DAVIS, V W  28, Putnam and
Fidelia A Noble  18, Putnam
5/24/1865 by Rev John C Bancroft
L Noble and S Grimes 3:101
DAVIS, WILLIAM  26, Brighton and
Martha Graham  21, Hartland
9/18/1860 at Hartland by JP Daniel Rich
George Graham, Hartland and John Graham, Hartland 2:328
DAWLEY, BENJAMIN B  38, Conway and
Rhoda Jane Disbrow  21, Iosco
6/6/1869 at Unadilla by Rev E C Wright
Willis Isham, Unadilla and Fidellis Disbrow, Conway 3a:18
Elizabeth Forshee  Genesee, NY
5/1/1850 at Jacksonville Tompkins NY by Rev O F Comfort
Anna Troop and Sarah Troop 3:122
DE FOREST, JACOB  28,, Ingham and
Harriet A Fairbanks  17, Cohoctah
4/16/1866 at Cohoctah by JP George Cameron
M Thacter, Cohoctah and Jerome Fairbanks, Cohoctah 3:159
DE WOLF, HIRAM J  26, Hamburg and
Mary E Tanner  18, Genoa
10/10/1866 at Howell by JP Mylo L Gay
Mrs O H Winegar, Howell and Anna Doan, Hamburg 3:218
DEAN, ABRAM W  33, Cohoctah and
Mertice E Parks  21, Deerfield
2/28/1864 by JP Alba D Royce
DEAN, CHARLES  23, Genoa and
Catharine Youngs  17, Genoa
12/14/1854 by JP Edward Browning
Edwin Murray and Rilano Wilcox 2:129
DEAN, JOSEPH  31, Northfield, Washtenaw and
Ann Rice  24, Hamburg
11/29/1865 at Hamburg by Rev Charles Dunlap
H H Rice, Hamburg and Miss Elnrisa Rice, Green Oak 3:134
DEAN, LYMAN H Deerfield and
Elizabeth Boyd Cohoctah
8/25/1859 by Rev S M Wooster
Lewis Cook and Jane Cook 2:212
DEAN, SAMUEL  41, Oceola and
Jerusha Young  17, Genoa
6/1/1857 at Genoa by JP James Murray
Electa Dean, Genoa and Stewart Hazard, Genoa 2:207
DEBAR, HENRY  35, White Oak, Ingham and
Harriet Smith  47, White Oak, Ingham
3/29/1854 by JP L W Munsell
Jacob Ward and Anna Ward 2:132
DECAMP, JOHN  48, Bunkerhill, Ingham and
Maria Van Horn  31, Unadilla
3/26/1862 at Unadilla by JP James L Field
J C Tuttle, Unadilla and Jabina Tuttle, Unadilla 2:386
DECAMP, MORRIS  21, Webster, Washtenaw and
Sarah Custerout  21, Webster, Washtenaw
2/22/1857 at Hamburg by JP Ferdinand Grisson
G G Grisson, Hamburg and Hiram Dewolf, Hamburg 2:198
DECKER, CALVIN  24, Deerfield and
Rebecca Skinner  19, Deerfield
5/6/1860 at house of George Boutell, Deerfield by Rev J H Caster
G Boutell, Deerfield and P Andrew, Deerfield 2:306
DECKER, CHRISTOPHER C  22, Gaines, Genesee and
Betsy M Basset  21, Gaines, Genesee
12/25/1850 at Oceola by JP H S Franklin
Joseph Cole, Oceola and Betsy Cole, Oceola 2:32
DECKER, REUBEN  24, Hamburg and
Melissa Taylor  21, Hamburg
4/4/1850 by JP E Griffith
Henry Miller, Hamburg and John Oliver, Hamburg 2:8
DEFENDORF, DR BYRON  26, Handy and
Huldah A Colborn  19, Conway
12/27/1865 at house of J B Colborn, Conway by Rev Thomas Lawden
L Colborn and Justin Colborn 3:136
DELANO, HIRAM  45, Fentonville, Genesee and
Angeline Ballard  40, Hartland
7/11/1869 at Hartland by Rev A J Richards
C L Crouse, Hartland and Morris Johnson, Hartland 3a:19
DELANY, MICHAEL  26, Hartland and
Helen Dalen  20, Hartland
2/14/1859 at Hartland by Rev A Kimbert
John Walsh and Bridget Gleason 2:256
DELBRIDGE, WILLIAM L  40, Flushing, Genesee and
Susan Abbott  40, Deerfield
12/23/1851 by Rev George W Brown
S Hendrickson and Bobby S Boutell 2:56
DEMEREST, GEORGE Ypsilanti, Washtenaw and
Caroline Page Handy
1/23/1858 at residence of groom's cousin, George W Stocking
John Demerest and Ann K Demerest 3:93
DEMERIS, JOHN W  49, Conway and
Mary E Ball  34, Conway
6/10/1865 at Conway by JP S O Soule
Charles Gordon and Lawson Gordon 3:104
DENIO, HOWARD B  30, Iosco and
Laury A Day  23, Marion
10/11/1852 by JP Eli S Babcock
Mary Babcock, Iosco and William Babcock, Iosco 2:70
DENISON, F C  26, Hamburg and
Mary A Armstrong  21, Hamburg
2/17/1856 at Hamburg by JP Ferdinand Grisson
Dennis Corry, Hamburg and Lionel Grisson, Hamburg 2:168
DENISON, HIRAM  26, Brighton and
Elizabeth Henrick  25, Genoa
11/15/1859 at Howell by JP Andrew Waddell
Burn Smith, Howell and Mrs Burn Smith, Howell 2:284
DENMAN, JOSEPH  40, Wakfield, Kent and
Sarah Watson  37, Unadilla
7/31/1850 by Rev John Kimme
William Cobb, Unadilla and Priscilla Cobb, Unadilla 2:22
DENNIS, ELMORE  27, Farms, Jackson and
Alice A Pinkney  26, Howell
5/27/1855 at Howell by Rev Robert McBride
Julia Pinkney, Howell and Mary Stiles, Howell 2:152
DENNISON, HIRAM  26, Brighton and
Elizabeth Henrick  25, Genoa
11/15/1859 at Howell by JP Andrew D Waddell
B R Smithe, Howell and Mary L Smithe, Howell 3:79
DENSON, THOMAS  25, Fowlerville and
Sarah Ann Tongue  18, Hamburg
11/25/1857 at Howell by Rev Henry Banwell
Isa Horton and Jane Horton 2:231
DEPUNG, WILLIAM H  20, Howell and
Mary Jane Nortrip  18, Howell
11/5/1849 by JP J W Smith
E H Smith, Howell and Aleron Fodge, Howell 2:3
DEUNIN, WILLIAM C  21, Iosco and
Martha M Pearson  23, Iosco
12/31/1869 at Iosco by JP Milton Bradley
James Pearson, Iosco and Elsie E Deunin, Iosco 3a:25
DEVITT, FRANK M  21, Conway and
Betsey Colborn  21, Conway
1/1/1867 at Conway by Rev Thomas Lowden
Thomas A Laurie, Antrim and Louisa M Laurie, Antrim 3:202
DICKERSON, DAN  22, Green Oak and
Mary Jane Todd  20, Green Oak
10/18/1854 by JP Jesse Truesdel
DICKERSON, SIMON W  23, Marion and
Amanda M Kingsley  24, Perry, Wyoming, NY
3/11/1859 at Marion by Rev Robert McBride
Solomon Goodrich, Marion and Mary Dickerson, Marion 2:255
DICKINSON, DANIEL W  33, Iosco and
Elizabeth Cameron  22, Marion
5/10/1863 at Marion by Rev M S Angell
Jason McFail and Harrietta M McFail 3:30
DICKINSON, NATHAN  36, Conway and
Malinda Handift  46, Conway
5/27/1869 at Fowlerville by Rev R C Crane
Chester C Merritt, Fritts and E Mary, Conway 3a:19
Mary Ann Syckles Iosco
7/4/1859 at Genoa by JP C W Bunwell
DINGMAN, JACOB  24, Conway and
Delia Northup  19, Northville, Wayne
3/31/1867 at Brighton by Rev Benjamin Franklin
John Tanner, Brighton and Patrick McLaughlin, Brighton 3:209
DISBROW, THEODORE  23, Iosco and
Phidelia Morgan  18, Iosco
2/21/1861 at Iosco by Rev E C Wright
C J Murray and C W Wright 2:338
DISHBREW, ELIAS  61, Summit, Wayne and
Lucinda Mapes  39,
7/25/1869 by Rev William White
Chester A Gaston, Tyrone and Minna Gaston, Tyrone 3a:21
DOANE, HENRY  28, Green Oak and
Ann E De Wolf  28, Hamburg
8/17/1862 by Rev John O Bancroft
Hiram De Wolf and Mary Doane 3:6
DOIG, JAMES  26, Halley, Mill, IL and
Mary Jane Clark  20, Marion
10/2/1860 at Howell by Rev P C Dayfoot
Sophiah J Marting, Howell and Fanny M Lyon, Howell 2:322
DOIG, JOHN M  25, Brighton and
Hetta M Abrams  29, Brighton
12/28/1865 at Brighton by Rev P C Dayfoot
Hiram A Nichols, Brighton and Francis Nichols, Brighton 3:145
DOLPH, PHILO W  30, Orlando, ---, IN and
Sarah L Stage  29, Orlando, ---, IN
9/5/1866 at Howell by JP Mylo L Gay
Joseph H Henry, Howell and Harrison Coleman, Howell 3:162
DOLPH, SIMON  21, Howell and
Catharine Andrews  19, Howell
Henry Carnes, Howell and Hiram Carnes, Howell 3:125
Axa Cordelia Howe
11/16/1865 at Pembroke NY by Rev A G Wilcox
A S Brown and Vesto Howe 3:125
DONAHOE, JOHN  28, Conway and
Mary Matilda Coleman  19, Conway
10/22/1862 at house of J B Colborn JP
M F Stetson and Nellie M Colborn 3:17
DONELY, PATRICK Brighton and
Mariah Moore Brighton
7/3/1855 by Rev William Herman
John Butterfield and Hanah Butterfield 2:157
DOODY, DANIEL  31, Brighton and
Eliza Sprague  37, Brighton
4/8/1866 at Brighton by JP Ira W Case
DOOR JR, LEWIS Genoa and
Sophia Amelia Suhr Genoa
5/15/1866 by Rev C F Worth
Katharine Schoenhals and Karl Door 3:149
DORN, DAVID T  22, Genoa and
Samantha Wires  18, Marion
10/18/1863 at Marion by Rev William Stedman
Rynoldow Balcom and Sarah I Daoen 3:47
DORN, JOHN E  52, Genoa and
Electa Bentley  50, Genoa
2/4/1863 by Rev William Steadman
George Wines and Mrs Wines 3:19
DORN, MARVIN J  25, Oceola and
Malissa Amelia Merrill  23, Oceola
3/8/1868 by JP Augustus C Fox
Levi Sherman, Deerfield and Maranda Fox, Deerfield 3a:9
DORR, CHARLES A  22, Genoa and
Anna Hall  18, Genoa
3/24/1867 by JP Chester Hazard
Elisha Hazard and Julia A Hazard 3:198
DORRANCE, AARON  29, Howell and
Lydia Larrone  22, Howell
1/1/1860 by Rev Jacob Garber
Perry Dorrance and Harry Smith 2:292
DOTY, A F  25, Pinckney and
S C Teeples  19, Pinckney
2/12/1860 at home of bride's father, Pinckney by Rev Joseph Peart
Julia Teeples and W S Mann 2:297
DOUGLASS, GEORGE  48, Superior, Washtenaw and
Eliza Locke  42, Deerfield
4/1/1864 by JP John Ryan
John Ryan and Anne Ryan 3:73
DOUNER, FERNANDO W  29, Fenton, Genesee and
Julia McGougal  20, Fenton, Genesee
11/3/1862 at Hartland by JP Daniel Rich
Peter Hartland Murray, Hartland and David Nelson, Hartland 3:17
DOWNER, EDMUND  23, Tuscola and
Almira Parks  17, Tuscola
5/17/1856 at Tuscola by JP Luther Pratt
John Niles and Henry Thorton 2:175
DOWNER, JEFFERSON H  41, Argentine, Genesee and
Achsah Lewis  24, Deerfield
3/3/1858 at Howell by JP Mylo Gay
Elisha Hazard, Howell and Susan Hazard, Howell 2:227
DREW, EMERALD DEWIT  34, Howell and
Sarah Maria Hughes  32, Handy
4/27/1870 at Handy by Rev E H Brockway
Harriet Ellis, Handy and Mary Drew, Howell 3a:28
DREW, NOAH  44, Marion and
Emily Lossing  32, Norwich, CA
12/31/1859 at Marion by JP William Totten
Townsend Drew, Marion and James Sage, Marion 2:297
DREW, SHEREDAN  29, Marion and
Eliza Love  20, Marion
11/19/1863 at Marion by Rev P C Dayfoot
Martin V Drew, Howell and Emma J Wallace, Marion 3:43
DREW, WILLIAM G  33, Putnam and
Margaret Knickerbocker  26, Putnam
12/30/1865 at Pinckney by JP J W Hinchey
Charles Newton, Putnam and Jane Chapple, Putnam 3:132
DROSTEN, JOHN  36, Tuscola and
Mary Kile  28, Tuscola
3/8/1854 by JP Luther Pratt
Anson Horning, Tuscola and Dudley Woodworth, Tuscola 2:106
DRUMMOND, F P  36, Hartland and
Rachael Hall  21, Hartland
3/5/1861 by JP Daniel Rich
Henry Ross, Brighton and Ephriam Hubbell, Hartland 2:351
DRYER, AUGUSTUS G  36, Laingsburgh, Shiawassee and
Maryetta Elliot  21, Fowlerville
12/31/1869 at Fowlerville by JP George W Palmerton
James L Collins, Fowlerville and James Collins, Fowlerville 3a:24
DUCHER, J C  19, Conway and
E I Hollis  18, Conway
5/25/1850 by Rev O Whitmore
Dwight Parsons, Conway and Thomas Gibnall, Tyrone 2:12
DUDLEY, PERCIVIL G  35, Brighton and
Ann R Woodruff  30, Brighton
1/22/1868 at Brighton by Rev Thomas Nichols
George Robertson, Mt Clemens and Celia C Robertson, Mt Clemens 3a:7
DUNCAN, TITUS  28, East Saginaw, Saginaw and
Mary Hartstuff  23, Unadilla
12/31/1862 by Rev Richard McConnell
Sarah Williams and E C McConnell 3:36
DUNKEE, MARQUIS  45,, Ingham and
Jane Colby  36,, Ingham
6/16/1867 at Fowlerville by JP R Fowler
Richard Patterson and Charlotte Patterson 3a:3
DUNLAP, WILLIAM  29, Northfield, Washtenaw and
Mary King  25, Green Oak
9/19/1859 at Green Oak by Rev Samuel Currier
Alfred Alderman, Green Oak and Sarah Alderman, Green Oak 2:278
DUNN, EDWARD CHARLES  37, Oswego, ---, NY and
Charlotte Allison  38, Brighton
5/3/1868 at Brighton by Rev Benjamin Franklin
Jane M Franklin, Brighton and Carrie M Franklin, Brighton 3a:9
DUNN, JAMES  35, Argentine, Genesee and
Malissa Stage  18, Conway
3/6/1864 by JP Alba D Royce
DUNNING, ALBERT B  25, Sturgess, --- and
Myra R Bird  20, Unadilla
11/11/1868 at Unadilla by Rev Jasper Pyper
C D Bird, Unadilla and Judson S Bird, Ann Arbor 3a:16
Mary L Heald  20,, Ingham
12/9/1865 at Pinckney by JP J W Hinchey
Thomas J Tubbs, Oceola and Allace Winchel, Ingham 3:128
DURFEE, BENJAMIN B  55, Oceola and
Augusta Foster  45, Oceola
6/11/1856 by Rev John G Horton
Eveline Horton, Oceola and Albert R Cary, Hartland 2:177
DURFEE, CHARLES E  21, Brighton and
Mary E Crout  17, Brighton
2/23/1869 at Brighton by Rev Ira Warner
John Jones, Brighton and Henry Crout, Brighton 3a:16
DURFEE, HARRY R  20, Howell and
Ordelia M Archer  16, Howell
3/12/1858 at Howell by Rev P C Dayfoot
S M Archer, Howell and Elizabeth Slider, Howell 2:233
DURKEE, MARQUIS  45,, Ingham and
Jane Colby  36,, Ingham
6/16/1867 at Fowlerville by JP R Fowler
Richard Patterson, Ingham and Charlotte Patterson, Ingham 3a:19
DURKEE, PHINEAS  30, Unadilla and
Emorette Pender  24, Unadilla
2/17/1869 at Williamsville by Rev E H Brockway
Fidelice S Brockway, Unadilla and Jennie Wade, Unadilla 3a:14
DUTCHER, JOSEPH A  24, White Oak, Ingham and
Matilda Townsend  23, Unadilla
12/25/1858 at Howell Robert McBride
William Jewett and Cynthia Curtis 2:244
DUTTON, CHARLES R  24, Plainfield and
Ann Eliza Rose  19, Iosco
2/24/1861 by JP Mevis Topping
William Sage and George Elliot, Iosco 2:338
DUTTON, DAVID  27, Iosco and
Mercy Jane Wright  18, Iosco
4/25/1852 by JP James Wright
Joseph Wright, Iosco and Mary Wright, Iosco 2:61
DYER, JOSEPH L  20, Unadilla and
Mary J Backus  20, Unadilla
10/19/1858 by Rev Sullavan Clark
Elizabeth Dyre, Unadilla and John Dyre, Unadilla 2:239
DYER, PHILLIP  20, Unadilla and
Mary Waggoner  20, Unadilla
8/6/1854 by JP Theron Winans
Joel Waggoner, Unadilla and Clarissa Dyer, Unadilla 2:122
DYKES, JOEL H  25, Genoa and
Amelia J Morgan  23, Vernon, Shiawassee
7/18/1867 at Brighton by Rev Benjamin Franklin
Libbie C Dykes, Genoa and George E Dykes, Genoa 3a:2
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