1850-1870 Marriages by Groom: F

Line 1: Groom's Name, Age and Residence
Line 2: Bride's Name, Age and Residence
Line 3: Marriage Date and Place; Person perfoming marriage
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FAIRCHILD, ALBERT N  26, Marion and
Josephine C Baker  22, Howell
11/2/1870 at Howell by Rev J S Boyland
Miller M Abbott, Marion and Lenor Pickard, Leroy NY 3a:31
FAIRCHILD, URIAS  36, Howell and
Melinda V Fowler  16, Handy
6/2/1865 at Howell by JP L K Hewitt
John McIntyre, Howell and Elmer Holloway, Howell 3:105
Ruamy A Clark  20, Florence, Shiawassee
2/8/1853 at Deerfield by JP Davis Dickson
Clarrissa Dickson, Deerfield and Alvanda Fairbanks, Deerfield 2:84
FARGO, WILLSON D  29, Kalamazoo, --- and
Mahala A Coleman  23, Pinckney
 at recorded 14 Aug 1865 by JP Eli Annis Annis
John Sigler and Meritt Rose 3:107
Sarah Ann Chase  17, Iosco
3/4/1852 by JP Everett Douglass
Jamy Mit, Iosco and Elizabeth Chase, Iosco 2:55
FARNHAM, JOHN  27, Tyrone and
Angeline Wolverton  25, Tyrone
11/14/1865 at Tyrone by Rev J Kilpatrick
Elizabeth Kilpatrick, Hartland and James K Wolverton, Hartland 3:124
FARNHAM, ROBERT  24, Tyrone and
Martha Jane Canfield  21, Tyrone
3/13/1868 at Deerfield by JP Simeon Little
David Canfield, Tyrone and Robert Kittle, Deerfield 3a:7
FARNUM, HENRY  27, Tyrone and
Laura Bates  22, Tyrone
12/28/1859 at Cohoctah by JP Luther Pratt
L S Pratt, Cohoctah and C Horning, Cohoctah 2:296
FARNUM, JOHN  30, ---, Ingham and
Harriet Dexter  29
5/24/1868 at Tyrone by Rev A J Richards
Amos Dexter, Tyrone and Louisa Walfull, Tyrone 3a:9
FAUCETT, GEORGE  58, ---, Oakland and
Catherine McKinley  44, ---, Oakland
11/28/1868 at Brighton by JP Herman C House
Robert Bigham, Brighton and Mary A Bigham, Brighton 3a:12
FAUNCE, WILLIAM H  45, Handy and
Sophiah J Whitting  36, Howell
9/1/1864 at Howell by Rev P C Dayfoot
P L Dayfoot, Howell and Adeliah Slyfield, South Lyons 3:72
FAUSSETT, JAMES  20, Deerfield and
Amelia E Day  20, Deerfield
3/16/1869 at Deerfield by Rev Albert C Lewis
Thomas Faussett, Deerfield and Mrs A C Lewis, Howell 3a:16
FENN, COURTLY S  27, Howell and
Ann McDonaugh  22, Howell
10/12/1862 by JP Ralph Fowler
Jasper Jewell and Daniel Hollis 3:95
FERGUSON, JAMES HENRY  23, ---, Lenawee and
Fanny Durkee  17, ---, Livingston
9/25/1851 at Unadilla by JP J L Field
Marquis Durkee and Chandler Dunning 2:47
FERGUSON, JOHN  70, Howell and
Harriett Chittenden  46, Howell
9/25/1861 at Howell by JP Daniel Case
William Earl and Stephen Ferguson 2:359
FERGUSON, JOHN G  Howell and
Clarissa Robar  Stockbridge, Ingham
12/26/1853 at Howell by Rev George Bridge
Jeremiah Pangburn and Elias Mann 2:96
FERGUSON, THOMAS A  29, Sherman, --- and
Fannie M Dunn  24, Unadilla
8/29/1869 at Unadilla by Rev E C Wright
Gilbert Durrins, Unadilla and A W Cooper, Iosco 3a:21
FERRIN, ALONZO E  23, Howell and
Louisa Soule  16, Howell
12/27/1860 at Howell by Rev L H Dean
Wilson Souls, Howell and Mary Jane Souls, Howell 2:336
FICK, BERTON  21, Lyndon, Washtenaw and
Grace G Little  19, Lyndon, Washtenaw
9/13/1863 at Unadilla by JP O H Obert
Loretty Fich and Phebe Craig 3:42
FICK, JEREMIAH A  43, Unadilla and
Julia A Grongau  31, Unadilla
12/13/1852 by JP Theron Winans
John C Stedman, Unadilla and Julia Stedman, Unadilla 2:76
FIELD, ELDAD R  25, Green Oak and
Mary L Cote  23, Green Oak
11/13/1862 by Rev John O Bancroft
Rufus Cate and Anne H Field 3:10
FIELD, WILLIAM  26, Marion and
Mary Martin  18, Marion
3/29/1850 by JP Ezra N Fairchild
William Love, Marion and --- Teachworth, Marion 2:14
FIELDS, CHARLES  32, Iosco and
Laura Isham  22, Unadilla
6/26/1869 at Unadilla by Rev Seward Osinger
Mrs Kate Osinger and Miss Maria Dewton 3a:18
FIELDS, WILLIAM H  21, Putnam and
Mary E Danner  16, Putnam
12/31/1862 at Putnam by JP Eli S Babcock
Daniel W Bates and Maria L Bates 3:15
FILMORE, CHARLES L  23, Brighton and
Jane H House  17, Brighton
3/14/1867 by Rev Benjamin Franklin
George C Tanner, Brighton and Clarissa Tanner, Brighton 3:199
FILMORE, RANSOM M  22, Brighton and
Viola A Case  21, Brighton
11/10/1867 at Howell by Rev William Tilley
John Tanner, Brighton and Emma Elton, Hamburg 3a:2
FISH, ELBRIDGE G  33, Putnam and
Charlotte A Winter  26, Putnam
5/26/1867 by Rev Oliver J Perrin
Ernest T Winter, Brighton and Celinda Bennett, Putnam 3:207
FISH, ELBRIDGE G  21, Putnam and
Adaline Swarthout  20, Unadilla
9/27/1854 by JP Theron Winans
Nathaniel Winans, Unadilla and Mary Winans, Unadilla 2:123
FISH, JUDSON A  32, Tyrone and
Jane Gardner  26, Tyrone
2/22/1866 at Tyrone by Rev O H P Green
Peter Becker, Tyrone and Ira R Gardner, Tyrone 3:144
FISHBECK, DEWITT  20, Genoa and
Laura Brooks  19, Marion
5/4/1867 at Brighton by JP Herman C House
Rufus C Cote, Highland and Benjamin Clark, Brighton 3:206
FISHBECK, FRIEND  22, Genoa and
Evie Slighter  21, Brighton
2/28/1868 at Genoa by JP Chester Hazard
William Hazaard and C M Hazard 3:20
FISHBECK, JACOB  40, Genoa and
Sarah A Rogers  28, Brighton
6/25/1853 at Brighton by JP Ira Warner
Henry Warner and George Conely 2:85
FISHBECK, JOHN M  22, Genoa and
Mary J Murray  22, Genoa
3/27/1867 at Genoa by Rev H O Parker
Freeman Fishbeck, Genoa and Esther Murray, Genoa 3:224
FISHBECK, P M  20, Howell and
Delia A Lampman  22, Howell
1/25/1866 at Howell by JP Mylo L Gay
Thomas Donley, Howell and Harriet Donley, Howell 3:219
FISHBECK, WILLIAM  22, Genoa and
Elvira Rogers  22, Genoa
7/7/1858 at home of Jacob Fishbeck, Genoa by JP O H Winegar
Jacob Fishbeck, Genoa and Joseph Rider, Genoa 2:232
FISHER, ARTEMAS  26, Lyon, Oakland and
Rebecca Morgan  18, Brighton
10/10/1866 at Brighton by Rev David A Curtis
Samuel Thomas and Esther Thomas 3:194
FISHER, EDWARD H  25, Tuscola and
Cordelia Fisher  21, Tuscola
3/2/1853 by Rev Alvin Crittenden
John B Fisheer, Tuscola and Esther M Fisher, Tuscola 2:75
FISHER, GEORGE G  27, Iosco and
Emma G Metcalf  17, Fowlerville
9/15/1867 at Howell by Rev H O Parker
George Wilber, Howell and W B Smith, Howell 3a:3
FISHER, GEORGE MARSH  22, Fowlerville and
Alma Lydia Hale  17, Fowlerville
10/18/1868 at Fowlerville by Rev N C Crane
Phillip I Veeley, Fowlerville and Mrs Mary Emns, Fowlerville 3a:14
FISHER, HENRY  23, Tuscola and
Adaline Bigalow  20, Tuscola
12/25/1852 by JP David Dickson
Chancy Fox, Tuscola and Samantha Fox, Tuscola 2:75
FISHER, JAMES R  35, Cohoctah and
Lucy Pierce  21, Howell
5/1/1867 at Brighton by JP Herman C House
S W Algeo, Brighton and Anna Algeo, Brighton 3:205
FISHER, SAMUEL  27, Tuscola and
Augusta Bennitt  18, Tuscola
5/13/1856 by Rev Robert McBride
Emeline Fisher, Tuscola and Caroline Fisher, Tuscola 2:174
FISHER, W D  28, Green Oak and
Sarah E Stone  19, Green Oak
3/21/1852 by JP Warren Parker
Henry Brigham, Green Oak and Dorothy Stone, Green Oak 2:63
FISK, CHARLES  46, Handy and
Elizabeth Day  36, Handy
3/13/1866 at Handy by JP Daniel R Glenn
Girdon A Whitaker, Handy and Edwin E Walton, Handy 3a:25
FISK, LEWIS R  26, Albion, Calhoun and
Elizabeth R Spencer  25, Howell
8/18/1852 by Rev Elijah M Pilcher
Thomas Spence, Howell and Emma Spence, Howell 2:67
FITCH, LEWIS  27, Marion and
Elizabeth Love  22, Putnam
2/14/1866 at Putnam by Rev H O Parker
J Wilkes, Marion and William Wilkes, Marion 3:184
FLETCHER, HENRY C  22, Putnam and
Mary A Washburn  20, Handy
9/18/1865 at Howell by JP Mylo L Gay
Cyrus Winchip, Howell and Chorstean Winchip, Howell 3:113
FLETCHER, SAMUEL  38, Hamburg and
Eliza Smith  26, Hamburg
1/1/1858 at Marion by JP George Cameron
Perry Austin, Howell and Sarah Sewell, Marion 2:221
FOGDELL, FRANCIS  53, Oceola and
Elizabeth Edgley  50, Oceola
7/4/1858 at Oceola by Rev John Horten
William Holmes, Oceola and Eliza Selchfield, Howell 2:230
FORCE, DAVID  40 and
Emily Bowen  17
10/6/1862 at Handy by JP R Fowler
George P Weller 3:4
FORCE, JAMES  22, Handy and
Jane McManus  21, Handy
7/3/1864 at Iosco by JP Eli S Babcock
Spencer Force and John Lamoreux 3:63
FORCE, SPENCER  21, Handy and
Mary E Briggs  22, Handy
12/13/1863 at Handy by JP J P Hildreth
Daniel Herrick, Leroy and William Grover, Handy 3:52
FOSDICK, CHARLES  25, Saline, Washtenaw and
Esther Fosdick  26, Saline, Washtenaw
2/24/1859 by Rev William King
FOSTER, GUSRUVUS H  19, Iosco and
Chriscilda Sophia York  17, Marion
8/3/1867 at Coleman by JP George
Eliphalet York, Marion and Abigail D York, Marion 3:226
FOWL, LEONARD  21, Howell and
Lucy Wall  18, Howell
1/1/1863 at Howell by Rev P C Dayfoot
Andrew Wall, Howell and Catharine Smith, Marion 3:18
FOWLER, ALONZO  26, Howell and
Polly Stewart  18, Howell
10/6/1857 by JP Ira W Case
William Stewart, Howell and Michael Fowler, Howell 2:209
Henrietta L L Bliss  19, Genoa
7/3/1855 by Rev O D W White
R Fowler and F D Fish 2:155
FOWLER, MARSHALL  28, Howell and
Lucinda Stevens  20, Howell
11/22/1858 at Howell by JP Daniel Case
Mrs E A Case, Howell and Mrs A L Case, Howell 3:243
FOWLER, R H  29, Fowlerville and
Clara G Munson  24, Handy
2/27/1867 by Rev H O Parker
E Fowler, Fowlerville and L Munson, Fowlerville 3:230
FOWLER, ROSCO  25, Howell and
Mrs Jennie Cook  24, Howell
9/17/1868 at Putnam by Rev Oliver J Perrin
A Hinchey, Putnam and Mary C Hinchney, Putnam 3a:11
FOWLER, RUFUS H  24, Handy and
Eliza A Grant  19, Handy
7/4/1858 L H Dean
Ralph Fowler and George Fowler 2:250
FOX, AUGUSTUS C  18, Lyndon, Washtenaw and
Alvira J Merrells  18, Deerfield
1/1/1866 at Howell by JP Mylo L Gay
Bela Scott, Oceola and Joseph Browning, Oceola 3:219
FOX, DWIGHT  30, Stockbridge, Ingham and
Estella Wight  19, Stockbridge, Ingham
10/27/1866 at Brighton by JP Herman C House
Lewis N Algeo, Brighton and Anna Algeo, Brighton 3:171
FOX, EZRA J  25, Brighton and
Betsy Smith  17, Howell
10/14/1855 by JP Hiram Hauser
Clanpa Hauser, Genoa and Elihn Smith, Brighton 2:162
FOX, W B  21, Oceola and
H L Skinner  16, Deerfield
1/8/1854 by Rev Alonzo May
Ira Lamb, Deerfield and Whitney Worden, Deerfield 2:104
FRANCES, CHARLES B  24, Williamston, Ingham and
Electa Jerusha Sewell  18, Locke, Ingham
7/23/1870 at Fowlerville by Rev E H Brockway
William W Grant, Fowlerville and Emma Halloway, Cohoctah 3a:30
FRANCISCO, LEWIS  50, Stockbridge, Ingham and
Mary Daniels  45, Williamsville, Ingham
7/28/1860 at Pinckney by Rev Joseph Peart
Herman Rose and James Rinchey 2:311
FRAZIER, MATTHEW  28, Putnam and
Frances Whitlock  23, Hamburg
8/4/1860 by JP Ferdinand Grisson
Allen Cory, Hamburg and Lionel Grisson, Hamburg 2:312
FREDENBURG, ELIJAH  30, Mundy, Genesee and
Sylvia Ann Worden  21, Deerfield
8/1/1852 by Rev Alonzo May
Whitney Worden, Deerfield and Pardon Worden, Deerfield 2:66
FRINK, GEORGE  32, Iosco and
Maria Wesinger  28, Iosco
12/19/1858 at Babcock by JP S E
Laurence Kentnin, Marion and Henry Warner, Marion 2:243
FRINK, JOSEPH  26, Hesendarinsted, GR and
Johana Christine Grostick  20, Prussen, GR
6/3/1866 by Rev C F Worth
John Berkonstock, Genoa and Maria Berkonstock, Genoa 3:155
FRINK, LUMON  27, Howell and
Hariet A Pierce  18, Howell
9/25/1865 by Rev H O Parker
L Frink, Howell and Eliza Frink, Howell 3:118
FRINK, SAXTON  35, ---, Macomb and
Joanna Jackson  16, Howell
12/18/1864 at Howell by JP Mylo L Gay
E E Hazard and Mary Jackson 3:215
FULFORD, WILLIAM E  23, Fowlerville and
Harriet L Evens  19, Handy
5/13/1861 at Handy by Rev J H Caster
W H Evens, Handy and Marion Rose, Handy 2:356
FULLER, ANDREW J  27, Plymouth, Wayne and
Orvilla Acker  22, Brighton
11/22/1863 at Brighton by Rev Joseph S Sutton
D Boughton and A Judson 3:78
FULLER, GEORGE  21, Conway and
Catharine Dingmon  17, Conway
1/1/1855 by JP H H Hoyt
George Hoyt, Conway and Joseph Alexander, Conway 2:142
FULLER, HARRISON W Owosso, Shiawassee and
Amanda M Hinman  0, Owosso, Shiawassee
12/31/1864 at Howell by JP Mylo L Gay
J N Peebles and Solomon Hilderbrant 3:215
FULLER, NEHEMIAH  33, Unadilla and
Mrs Elisa J Tryon  23, Unadilla
5/17/1863 at house of Alexander Topping, Unadilla by Rev M S Angell
Lysander Topping and Julia Topping 3:30
FUNCK, GEORGE  22, Genoa and
Jane Dean  20, Hartland
4/28/1858 at Catholic Church, Oceola
Charles Devine, Hartland and Mary Devine, Hartland 2:225
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