1850-1870 Marriages by Groom: G

Line 1: Groom's Name, Age and Residence
Line 2: Bride's Name, Age and Residence
Line 3: Marriage Date and Place; Person perfoming marriage
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GALE, THEODORE  21, Genoa and
Laura A Beardsley  21, Marion
6/13/1867 at Marion by Rev Joel Kennedy
J D Gale, Marion and Hiram Beardsley, Marion 3:209
GANNON, RICHARD  38, Oceola and
Anna Scary  32, Oceola
9/29/1858 by Rev A Kambert
Daniel Burgan, Oceola and Anna Riemon, Oceola 2:238
Mary Hamin  Tyrone
11/19/1867 at Tyrone by Rev A J Richards
M Gardner and Mrs M Gardner 3a:5
Celestia Dexter  19
12/24/1870 at house of A Dexter by Rev S Gardner
James Gardner and Dillis Dexter 3a:32
GARLOCK, EMORY A  21, Genoa and
Kate M Schanhols  21, Genoa
1/5/1870 at Genoa by Rev S L Foster
Henry Schanhols, Genoa and Alida M Walker, Oceola 3a:24
GARRISON, SAMUEL J  24,, Ingham and
Amirilla Minchler  16,, Ingham
4/23/1853 by JP George W Richmond
R L Garrison and G W Richmond 2:82
GARRISON, WILLIAM G  29, Howell and
Loisa P Barrett  22, Howell
6/11/1869 at Howell by JP Nicholas Lake Jr
Nathaniel Brayton, Howell and Peter F Garrison, Howell 3a:20
GATES, ALBERT E  23, Sunsberry, ---, OH and
Amelia Brown  16, Putnam
12/19/1867 at Putnam by Rev Oliver J Perrin
Luther Brown, Putnam and Sarah Brown, Putnam 3a:4
GATES, BARTON B  23, Romeo, Lapeer and
Ellen Bingham  23, Leoni, Jackson
1/9/1855 at home of John Appleton, Brighton by JP Ira W Case
George Smith, Brighton and Preston Anice, Brighton 2:134
GAY, ABYRAM  32, Brighton and
Lucy A Murdock  28, Oceola
3/24/1867 at Oceola by JP Jasper D Botsford
John Jordan, Oceola and Elijah Jordan, Oceola 3:204
GAYLORD, WHEELER  28, Stockbridge, Ingham and
Harriet Cool  23, Unadilla
10/13/1852 at house of John Cool, Unadilla by JP George W Richmond
William Dunn and William Cool 2:69
GEBAUER, CHARLES  Schudalkalden, GR and
Dorothea Worth  21, Interhirkheim, GR
4/24/1866 by Rev C F Worth
Francis Buitke and Pauline Worth 3:148
GEIL, JOHN F  28, New Britton, Bucks, PA and
Sarah A Scofield  26, Howell
4/5/1860 by Rev Robert McBride
Abbie McBride, Howell and Mary Cook, Howell 2:300
GEIVE, ROBERT  28, Howell and
Melissa Pearson  25, Howell
7/7/1869 at Brighton by Rev William J Clark
Lewis Algeo, Brighton and Anna Algeo, Brighton 3a:22
GEORGE, MARTIN  26, Oceola and
Ellen Hartman  18, Genoa
3/21/1865 by Rev Benjamin Franklin
Lewis Phelps, Genoa and Albert George, Oceola 3:102
GERCKE, HENRY  25, Genoa and
Katharine Danker  29, Genoa
11/19/1869 at Genoa by Rev W Kramer
Haem Danker, Genoa and John Martin, Genoa 3a:23
GIBSON, BYRON  20, Troy, --- and
Ann E Jackson  21, Conway
7/3/1864 at Conway by JP Charles Welcher
Mary Van Buren, Conway and Steven Jackson, Conway 3:63
GIBSON, CHARLES  Grand Blanc, Genesee and
Sarah Lamb  Grand Blanc, Genesee
4/10/1859 at Brighton by JP Roswell Barnes
William Cobb, Brighton and Charles Barber, Brighton 2:261
GIBSON, JOHN G  53, and
Mary Rooney  28, Howell
12/29/1864 by JP Mylo L Gay
E E Hazard and Mrs Hazard 3:215
GILBERT, JOHN E  25, Brighton and
Julia A Bidwell  24, Brighton
2/25/1866 by Rev Ira Warner
John Arms and Alfred Bidwell 3:151
GILBERT, JOSEPH  45, Howell and
Eliza Sullivan  38, Howell
5/11/1859 by Rev Robert McBride
L D Smith, Howell and Mrs L D Smith, Howell 2:262
GILBERT, JOSEPH B  31, Conway and
Betsy E Hickey  34, Conway
10/1/1854 at Conway by JP H H Hoyt
O J Sawyer, Conway and John W Gilbert, Conway 2:120
GILBERT, JOSEPH M  44, Howell and
Maria B Smith  36, Salem, Washtenaw
4/30/1860 by Rev Robert McBride
S F Hubbell, Howell and E R Bacon, Howell 2:306
GILKINS, WILLIAM H  36, Marion and
Jane Love  28, Marion
9/20/1865 at Marion by Rev H O Parker
Albert Mann, Marion and Hannah Mann, Marion 3:117
GILLINGHAM, CHARLES  22, Hartland and
Nancy Edgar  24, Brighton
10/17/1850 at house of Robert Edgar, Brighton by Rev F Britten
William Seed, Brighton and Mary Seed, Brighton 2:26
GILLMAN, WILLIAM  21, White Oak, Ingham and
Mary Odell  21, Iosco
2/22/1856 by JP Ara Smith
Augustus Odell and Mary Wooden 2:172
GILSON, ALBERT  24, Hartland and
Emma J Hodges  19, Hartland
10/25/1869 at Hartland by Rev A J Richards
Henry Donaldson, Hartland and May A Salisee, Hartland 3a:21
GLASS, RUFUS F  32, Howell and
Harriet Ann Gould  21, Handy
4/11/1862 by JP Daniel Person
C H Person and H J Haven 2:59
GLEASON, ALONZO  22, Fenton, Genesee and
Ann M Cranston  17, Hartland
6/3/1854 by JP Peter Russell
Lafayette Chase, Tyrone and Lyman Hays, Hartland 2:113
GLENN, HENRY D  19, Handy and
Jennie M Meeker  17, Handy
12/25/1865 at Howell by Rev H O Parker
Richard H Jones, Handy and Hellen M Glenn, Handy 3:182
GLOVER, EMERSON F  27, Howell and
Hattie Lane  18, Howell
8/31/1864 at Howell by Rev J Ford Sutton
William B Jewett and Martha Glover 3:83
GLOVER, HOWARD E  21, Howell and
Lydia Meranda Earl  20, Howell
8/1/1870 at Howell by Rev George Jenks
James Bush, Howell and Addie Bush, Howell 3a:29
GOODALE, FRANK W  19, Delhi, --- and
Fannie H Patterson  18, Hamburg
4/2/1870 at Hamburg by Rev G Wilson
Thomas Dennison, Hamburg and Sarah Ann Dennison, Hamburg 3a:26
GOODFELLEN, BATES WILLIAM  30, Ann Arbor, Washtenaw and
Celinda Augusta Hall  28, Hamburg
1/1/1865 at Hamburg by Rev George D Gillispie
John Green, Ann Arbor 3:84
GOODNO, JOSIAH  35, Brighton and
Margaret Appleton  37, Brighton
8/15/1861 at Brighton by Rev G W Jenks
R G McCarty, Brighton and L D Cook, Brighton 2:361
GOODRICH, FRANKLIN  22, Marion and
Sarah Ann Goodrich  22, Dewitt, ---
7/21/1855 by Rev O D W White
D Harger and Deber Harger 2:155
GOODRICH, HENRY R  24, Putnam and
Mary M Ellsworth  22, Marion
10/12/1866 at Marion by JP George Coleman
E D Thompson and Atlanta Ellsworth 3:164
GOODRICH, WILLIAM  28, Howell and
Augusta Pinckney  22, Howell
11/14/1870 at Howell J S Boyland
Milton B Brooks, Genoa and Cornelia Brooks, Genoa 3a:31
GOODSPEED, CALVIN  28, Brighton and
Rosella Hadley  18, Brighton
5/26/1850 at home of R C Rumsey JP, Green Oak
Joseph Jennings, Green Oak and Eliza Jennings, Green Oak 2:15
GOODSPEED, CALVIN A  35, Genoa and
Sarah E Chambers  20, Oceola
3/24/1861 by Rev A M Hunt
G H Chambers, Oceola and Mary Chambers, Oceola 2:340
GORDON, JAMES Conway and
Arvilla Benjamin Handy
6/19/1859 at house of Harvey Benjamin, Handy by JP C D Parson
Deley Benjamin, Conway and Dwight Gaston, Handy 2:267
GORDON, JAMES S  21, Conway and
Margaret Boone  19, Cohoctah
2/17/1867 at Cohoctah by JP William Sabin
Charles Thomas and Abigail Sabin 3:201
GORMAN, PRINCE W  25, Antrim, Wyandot, OH and
Emily A Burkhart  18, Tuscola
10/27/1850 by JP Jacob Kanause
Hiram Stoddard, Tuscola and Martha Drake, Burns 2:28
GORTON, OSCAR  23, Iosco and
Nancy J Lockwood  19, Iosco
1/9/1868 at Marion by JP George Coleman
Eli Coleman, Marion and Nora Coleman, Marion 3a:6
GOTT, ORLANDO  22, Ann Arbor, Washtenaw and
Bridget McCarthy  19, Deerfield
5/15/1859 at Deerfield by JP Augustus C Fox
Benjamin ---, Oceola and Turance Curran, Deerfield 2:263
GOUCHER, CHARLES  22, Brighton and
Silva A Smith  20, White Oak, Ingham
8/15/1855 at house of Aulden Smith by Rev William Presley
A C Stanton and Martha Wilson 3:71
GOUCHER, WILLIAM J  23, Brighton and
Mary E Dennison  23, Brighton
9/24/1867 at Brighton by Rev Benjamin Franklin
William Bitten, Brighton and Mary Bitten, Brighton 3a:1
GOULD, ISAAC T  29,, Shiawassee and
Emily Colborn  24, Conway
3/8/1866 at Conway by Rev Thomas Lowden
Louisa Colborn, Conway and Nancy Wood, Conway 3:140
GOULD, JEROME  27, Handy and
Mary Graham  17,
3/6/1870 at Putnam by JP Eli Annis
Stephen S Smith, Smith Catharine, Putnam 3a:27
GOULD, JOHN G  31, Handy and
Suviah Lockwood  19, Handy
10/17/1861 by JP Ralph Fowler
G W Paberton and W B Lockwood 3:95
GOULD, JOHN G  31, Handy and
Sarah Lockwood  19, Handy
10/17/1861 at Fowlerville by JP R Fowler
A B Lockwood, Handy and George W Palmerton, Handy 2:363
GOULD, MARVIN  25, Handy and
Louisa Wall  19, Howell
2/24/1869 at Howell by JP Daniel Case
John Olson, Howell and Mrs D Case, Howell 3a:15
GRAHAM, CHARLES H  23, Genoa and
Anna Jane Dibble  17, Genoa
8/26/1852 by Rev Louis Mills
Silas Beardsley, Howell and Therla Bearsley, Howell 2:67
GRAHAM, CHARLES W  27, Handy and
Ida Odell Parker  18, Handy
2/16/1870 at Handy by Rev George W Jenks
Thomas H Graham, Handy and Arvilla Thamhill, Handy 3a:25
GRAHAM, GEORGE  25, Hartland and
Rebecca Roberts  22, Oceola
3/31/1853 by JP Floyd Williams
John Graham, Hartland and Thomas Graham, Hartland 2:79
GRAHAM, ROBERT  27, Hartland and
Abigail J Crispill  16, Tyrone
9/16/1858 by JP Daniel Rich
Samuel Mapes and Susan Mapes 2:242
GRAHAM, WILLIAM  28, Fabins, --- and
Eleanor Brown  35, Hartland
3/27/1851 by Rev John Horton
George Graham, Hartland and Mary Ann Graham, Hartland 2:35
GRANDY, HENRY  31, Stockbridge, Ingham and
Hannah Clark  27, Stockbridge, Ingham
10/10/1860 at Unadilla by JP J L Field
Samuel Evans, Unadilla and Lydia Ann Evans, Unadilla 2:316
GRANT, ORVILLE  32, Cohoctah and
Lydia Brayton  23, Cohoctah
11/26/1865 at Howell by Rev William Tilley
Cyrus Winship and Nancy E Nichols 3:126
GRAY, AMOS L  Williamston, Ingham and
Elida Hitchcock  Conway
10/4/1866 at Conway by Rev Hiram Johnson
Elisha W Grant and Amasia J Grant 3:175
GRAY, ASA H  37, Iosco and
Olive Bashford  27, Marion
9/17/1865 at Marion by Rev M S Angel
Jasper Bashford and S J Angel 3:112
GRAY, JAMES C  23, Ionia, Ionia and
Olive L Stowe  16, Ionia, Ionia
4/29/1860 at Unadilla by JP J L Field
J Stowe, Ionia and Nancy O Joses, Ionia 2:305
GREEN, ALMON C  20, Unadilla and
Orilla S Olds  14, Putnam
5/22/1853 by JP Theron Winana
N H Winans, Unadilla and Ellen Green, Unadilla 2:87
GREEN, BENNET  25, Ann Arbor, Washtenaw and
Lovina Green  18, Stockbridge, Ingham
11/25/1863 at Unadilla by Rev James Pyper
E Pyper, Unadilla and Ellen Green, Stockbridge 3:44
GREEN, ELISHA D  24, Perry, Shiawassee and
Frances Shaft  22, Woodhull, Shiawassee
7/4/1865 at Howell by Rev H O Parker
Sydna Green, Woodhull and Gruesa Pinckney, Woodhull 3:117
GREEN, JOSEPH  60, Hamburg and
Eliza Roe  49, Mundy, Genesee
9/2/1867 at Brighton by JP Herman C House
Elizabeth House, Brighton and Clarissa Tanner, Brighton 3a:1
GREEN, LEONARD  32,, Washtenaw and
Emaline E Reache  23, Webster, Washtenaw
8/14/1870 at Pinckney by JP J W Hinchey
C M French, Putnam and Bell French, Putnam 3a:29
GREEN, MILO  29, Marion and
Lucretia Wood  16, White Oak, Ingham
7/4/1852 at Handy by Rev James Hawley
Thomas Clementine, White Oak and Angeline Clemantus, White Oak 3:58
GREEN, MYLO  29, Marion and
Lucretia Wood  16, White Oak, Ingham
7/4/1852 at Handy by Rev James Hawley
Thomas Clemons, White Oak and Angeline Clemmons, White Oak 2:65
GREEN, ORIN B  28, Conway and
Louince Ann Sharp  24, Conway
4/22/1868 at Conway by Rev R C Crane
Thomas Copeland, Conway and Harriet Copeland, Conway 3a:8
GREEN, SYDNA S  26, Woodhull, Shiawassee and
Grusea Pinckney  18, Woodhull, Shiawassee
7/4/1865 at Howell by Rev H O Parker
Elish D Green and Perry Francios 3:117
GREEN, WILKENSON  27, Iosco and
Cynthia N Horton  18, Iosco
2/19/1867 by Rev H O Parker
Clinton Horton and Mary Iosco Green 3:230
GREENE, HENRY D  22, Putnam and
Phebe A Heminway  19, Unadilla
9/16/1860 at house of William Heminway, Unadilla by Rev Ira W Donelson
Isaac Davis and Isadore Davis 2:317
GREENKORN, N T  46, Hartland and
Marie Dangers  23, Genoa
1/29/1865 at home of N Wenk Oceola by Rev O F Worth
W N Wenk and R F Wenk 3:87
GREENOP, JOHN  42,, Ingham and
Minnie W Clayton  25,, Ingham
7/3/1870 at Unadilla by Rev Seward Osinger
Kate Osinger, Unadilla and Anna Osinger, Unadilla 3a:28
GREGORY, C W  23, Belost, ---, WI and
Mary M Smith  23, Green Oak
5/22/1862 by Rev E G McCarty
Egbert Allbright and Amelia Judson 2:392
GREGORY, EDWARD P  24, Corrunna, Shiawassee and
Elizabeth McPherson  24, Howell
10/22/1868 at Howell by Rev A R Bartlett
William Riddle and H H Mills 3:50
GREGORY, HALSTED  30, Unadilla and
Agness Bird  24, Unadilla
10/1/1867 at Unadilla by Rev Jasper Pyper
Chambers D Bird and Harriett C Easterly 3a:16
GRENNELL, HENRY  47, Bloomfield, Oakland and
Jennie M Miller  25, Oceola
3/11/1869 at Oceola by Rev J S Boyden
William Riddle, Oceola and Cyntha M Miller, Oceola 3a:16
GRIFFIN, IRVIN W  21, Albion, Calhoun and
Clarinia M Chubb  19, Putnam
11/30/1853 by JP Aaron Younglove
R Martin and Fanny Martin 2:93
GRIFFIN, OWEN  26, Howell and
Julia M Gilbert  19, Howell
3/13/1860 at Howell by Rev Edward E Gregory
John Gilbert, Howell and Edward P Gregory, Howell 2:303
GRIFFIN, RUFUS S  29, Marion and
Susan Denio  23, Marion
6/26/1851 by JP Daniel Person
Fanny Person, Marion and Aaron Denio, Marion 2:41
Alzaretta Hoysenyton  19, Cohoctah
8/7/1869 at Deerfield by JP David Royce
I A Royce, Argentine and Geo Harper, Deerfield 3a:22
GRIGGS, OLIVER N  26, Unadilla and
Rebecca M Donnelly  16, Oceola
1/12/1864 at Oceola by JP Mylo L Gay
Amasa Lampman and Jasen McFail 3:67
GRIGGS, OLIVER N  24, Unadilla and
Rebecca Danby  16, Oceola
1/12/1862 by JP Mylo Gay
Jason McFail and Amos Tompkins 2:370
GRINDLING, CHARLES  29, Brannerods, GR and
Laura Grostick  25, Lachsenburg, GR
12/12/1866 at Genoa by Rev C F Worth
Charles Grossihuk, Genoa and Johaner Herbst, Genoa 3:190
GRISSON, LIONEL E  21, Hamburg and
Sarah E Bennett  19, Green Oak
3/3/1860 at St Stephens Church, Hamburg by Rev W Willy
George W Grisson, Hamburg and A F Butterfield, Hamburg 2:295
GRISWOLD, GEORGE  24, Hartland and
Nancy Griswold  18, Oceola
10/31/1851 by JP K S Franklin
Samuel Bidleman, Oceola and William Bidleman, Oceola 2:52
Harriett A Vandin  26, Iosco
1/6/1864 by JP Ralph Fowler
Mary Fowler 3:96
GRISWOLD, MCDOWELL  22, Hartland and
Alice White  19, Hartland
9/19/1867 at Oceola by Rev John G Horton
Albert Berry, Hartland and Margaret White, Hartland 3a:5
Winnie Carr  20
4/15/1866 by Rev John G Horton
Albert Kirk, Hartland and Cyntha A Horton, Oceola 3:152
Katharina Birkenstock  24, Genoa
2/27/1868 at Genoa by Rev William Kramer
John Fink, Genoa and Christine Grosstick, Genoa 3a:6
GROW, EDWIN  22, Waterloo, Jackson and
Lydia A Keeler  20, Lyndon, Washtenaw
6/4/1863 at Howell by JP Mylo L Gay
Jesse Denning and Philo Denning 3:33
GRUBB, JAMES  53, Hartland and
Janett Sloan  58, Hartland
1/10/1866 at Hartland by JP James Gleason
Robert Grubb and Ed Gleason 3:133
GUATNES, LAURENCE  37, Howell and
Christina Pfester  22, Howell
11/17/1858 at Howell by JP Mylo Gay
Gene Tucker, Howell and Louisa Tucker, Howell 2:229
GUE, GEORGE B  20,, Oakland and
Marion Lawrence  18, Handy
3/3/1865 at Howell by JP Mylo L Gay
H B Treadwell, Howell and George W Kneeland, Howell 3:215
GUNSOLLEY, ISSAC  22, Leroy, Ingham and
Charlotte Wright  Wheatfield, Ingham
11/23/1867 at Handy by JP Jerome Church
Jane Church, Handy and Emaline Church, Handy 3a:6
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