1850-1870 Marriages by Groom: H

Line 1: Groom's Name, Age and Residence
Line 2: Bride's Name, Age and Residence
Line 3: Marriage Date and Place; Person perfoming marriage
Line 4: Witnesses                                                                 Volume Number:Page Number
HAAS, JACOB  30, Webster, Washtenaw and
Elizabeth Schenck  28, Marion
5/27/1858 by JP Eli S Babcock
Henry Warner and H L Warner 2:225
HADLEY, LYMAN R  22, Iosco and
Sarah J Bull  21, Iosco
1/14/1869 at Iosco by Rev I B McKinley
Joseph Kurtler, Unadilla and Zettie Kurtler, Unadilla 3a:17
HADSELL, MILTON  25, Cohoctah and
Lura Gray Cohoctah
11/7/1859 at Cohoctah by JP Luther Pratt
E Hadsell, Cohoctah and Jane Hadsell, Cohoctah 2:245
Maryette Corrington Green Oak
11/12/1862 at Green Oak by Rev Henry C Hurlbut
Marcus Brown and Matilda Brown 3:21
HAGIL, HOLDEN  21, Hartland and
Isora Foster  18, Hartland
4/18/1869 at Brighton by JP Benjamin T O Clark
Robert Bigham, Brighton and Milton G Horton, Brighton 3a:19
HAIGHT, LUCIUS W  22, Saline, Washtenaw and
Mary J McKinley  21, Howell
11/4/1867 at Howell by Rev F W Warren
Edwin McKinley, Hamburg and Anna S Smith, Howell 3a:2
HAINES, WILLIAM J  25, Hartland and
Clara P Bacheler  25, Oceola
5/3/1870 at Howell by Rev A J Richards
Horace Haines, Hartland and --- Bacheler, Oceola 3a:29
HALCOMB, AMOS  27, Fentonville, Genesee and
Julia M Blodget  23, Deerfield
7/1/1868 at Deerfield by Rev Joseph W Holt
Francis Blodget, Deerfield and Lyman Halcomb, Deerfield 3a:21
HALE, CHAUNCEY C  34, Unadilla and
Deborah Bentley  29, Lyndon, Washtenaw
4/22/1852 at Unadilla by JP J L Field
Harris Fufford and Diantha Fulford 2:60
HALE, CORDEN S  29, Handy and
Jane B De Graff  18, Handy
5/29/1866 at Handy by JP Nelson B Green
Esther A Green and Susan M Evany 3:152
HALL, DARIUS  23, Handy and
Mariah Degraff  21, Handy
11/29/1860 at Handy by JP M H Foster
Nelson Hoyt and Mary Mastick 2:326
HALL, DAVID  28, Waterloo, Jackson and
Delia E Mastick  16, Handy
7/4/1858 at Howell by JP Mylo Gay
Benjamin Seward, Handy and Sylva Seward, Handy 2:228
HALL, ELLIS S  30, Fowlerville and
Caroline E Whaly  22, Howell
11/28/1865 at Howell by Rev H O Parker
Rachel Hall, Fowlerville and Ann Van Horn, Howell 3:181
HALL, HENRY  22, Marion and
Amelia Willhelm  20, Marion
11/20/1865 at Marion by Rev H O Parker
Marshall Willhelm, Marion and Sarah Willhelm, Marion 3:181
HALL, THOMAS  26, Oceola and
Ann M Hartman  17, Genoa
4/12/1866 by Rev Benjamin Franklin
F D Acker, Brighton and A P Dickinson, Brighton 3:153
HALL, WILLIAM  64, White, Ingham and
Harriet Night  44, Novi, Oakland
12/28/1851 by JP James Wright
Horace Osbern and Maryett Osbern 2:57
HAMILTON, CHARLES P  22, Green Oak and
Jenny E Fay  20, Cohoctah
2/6/1864 at Howell by JP Mylo L Gay
George O Bachman and Ed Angell 3:67
HANBER, CHRISTAIN  36, Oceola and
Ernestine Thrun  17, Oceola
3/17/1870 at Genoa by Rev W Kramer
Rudolph Thrun, Genoa and Francis Metzer, Howell 3a:27
HANDY, JOHN H  21, Hartland and
Helen York  17, Hartland
11/12/1856 by JP Daniel Rich
James Handy and Richard York 2:193
HANES, STEPHEN  67, Hartland and
Nancy Hull  61, Hartland
2/10/1850 by JP O B Chambers
George ---, Hartland and Henry Huntley, Hartland 2:8
HANFORD, CHARLES  25, Iosco and
Ann Lewis  27, Unadilla
4/9/1868 at Unadilla J B McKinley
Alonzo Gorton, Iosco and S Handord, Iosco 3a:10
HANNON, JAMES  43, Lyons, Oakland and
Maryette Krissler  31, Howell
12/17/1868 at Brighton by Rev Charles Dunlap
Mr L Townsend, Brighton and Mrs L Townsend, Brighton 3a:13
HARBZELL, EDWARD  22, Oceola and
Barbara Tumson  22, Cohoctah
8/17/1858 by JP Luther Pratt
L C Heming, Cohoctah and J Russell, Cohoctah 2:236
HARDY, E WILSON  22, Oceola and
Charlotte A Crittenden  18, Oceola
3/29/1870 at Hartland by Rev A J Richards
L Wright, Hartland and Mary Crittenden, Oceola 3a:26
HARDY, EPHRIAM J  42, Oceola and
Rebecca Hardy  34, Oceola
7/10/1859 at Oceola by Rev John Horton
James Rumsey, Oceola and Mary Rumsey, Oceola 2:275
HARDY, F S  27, Oceola and
Laura H Adams  20, Oceola
3/27/1850 by Rev Orrin Whitmore
Harvey Parks, Oceola and Amos Watterhouse, Oceola 2:13
HARDY, JOHN W  35, Howell and
Mary A Crandall  21, Howell
5/20/1866 at Howell by Rev William Tilley
John M Miller and Francis Miller 3:158
HARDY, PARKES  20, Oceola and
Elmira Updike  18, Marion
6/25/1870 at Oceola by JP Jasper D Botsford
Martha Botsford, Oceola and Egbert Miller, Oceola 3a:30
HARFORD, THOMAS W  26, Iosco and
Hannah T Gorton  28, Iosco
6/21/1863 at Iosco by Rev M S Angell
G W Voorheis and Lysander Topping 3:31
HARGER, JAMES  24, Howell and
Malinda Dickerson  19, Marion
12/22/1852 at Marion by Rev Eli Westlake
A C Harger, Marion and David Dickerson, Marion 2:73
HARMON, EZRA  23, Conway and
Hannah Jane Merit  16, Conway
7/23/1859 by JP William P Stone
G W Stowe, Conway and Sarah Winegar, Marion 2:275
HARMON, SAMUEL  21, Conway and
Huldah E Merritt  16, Conway
8/3/1856 at Conway by JP Samuel Ball
John Mill, Conway and James Bogs, Handy 2:184
HARRIS, EDWARD M  22, Antrim, Shiawassee and
Hannah E Stanfield  31, Conway
4/27/1870 by Rev J H Caster
George G Harris, Antrim and Ruth E Stanfield, Conway 3a:27
HARRIS, GEORGE  50, Cohoctah and
Julyann Baker  50, Handy
4/19/1869 at Cohoctah by JP M Thatcher
David Lord, Cohoctah and Edwin Alger, Cohoctah 3a:18
HARRISON, CHARLES  27, Flint, Genesee and
Kate Galloway  18, Green Oak
12/21/1867 at Green Oak by Rev David A Curtis
Alonzo Aleaver, Webster and Ella M Welloose, Green Oak 3a:4
HART, CLARK B  23, Deerfield and
Sarah P Roberts  16, Tuscola
2/21/1854 by Rev Thomas Wakelin
George Boutell and Lorenzo Boutell 2:102
HART, WILLIAM M  24, Iosco and
Francler L Foster  20, Iosco
12/31/1870 at Howell by Rev G L Foster
Nathan A Fool and Lucy M Dew 3a:32
HARTINCK, DANIEL  24, Brighton and
Bethea Prosser  18, Brighton
12/11/1855 by JP William Conely
John Conely, Jackson and Louisa Prosser, Brighton 2:168
HASKIN, WILLIAM  21, Highland, Oakland and
Mary Ann Middough  24, Milford, Oakland
1/27/1861 by JP John Carter
A Gay, Brighton and Jeanette Carter, Brighton 2:330
HASLEY, MINER J  24, Oceola and
Clara E Kneeland  23, Howell
1/9/1866 at Howell by Rev William Tilley
Donna Kneeland and Mary E Barnett 3:142
HASTINGS, ALLEN J  26, Marion and
Mary E Switzer  17, Marion
8/28/1856 by Rev Robert McBridge
W H Switzer, Marion and Maria Carpenter, Marion 2:180
HASTINGS, RUSSELL  24, Iosco and
Harriet A King  20, Putnam
6/26/1867 at Plainfield by Rev Henry W Hicks
Thomas Samron, Plainfield and Ellen A Hicke, Plainfield 3:211
HATCH, HENRY S  27, Fowlerville and
Sarah Jane McMaster  34, Fowlerville
11/10/1869 at Fowlerville by Rev E H Brockway
Daniel Dinteruff, Fowlerville and May M Dinteruff, Fowlerville 3a:23
HATE, THOMAS G  23, Webster, Washtenaw and
Mary A Nelson  23, Northfield, Washtenaw
5/2/1858 by Rev Samuel Carmer
Andrew Nelson, Northfield and Marcia Hate, Webster 2:229
Mary Ann Helms  17, Howell
2/8/1864 at Iosco by JP Eli S Babcock
George E French, Iosco and John F Babcock, Iosco 3:53
HATFIELD, NATHANIEL  26, Cohoctah and
Lilea I Johnson  18, Cohoctah
5/25/1868 at Cohoctah by JP George Cameron
George W Johnson, Cohoctah and Mary Cameron, Cohoctah 3a:9
HATHAWAY, ALBERT L  22, Hartland and
Ester M Fellows  17, Hartland
8/24/1854 by Rev John Horton
Robert Crouse, Hartland and Bela Fenner, Deerfield 2:120
HATHAWAY, DANIEL  22, Holly, Oakland and
Isabelle L Charles  17, Brighton
11/23/1862 at Brighton by Rev Richard G McCarthy
William R Cobb, Brighton and Lucy A Cobb, Brighton 3:9
HATSFIELD, GEORGE  27, Iosco and
Louisa Hall  15, Howell
12/24/1863 at Howell by Rev P C Dayfoot
Rosina L Dayfoot, Howell and Mary Wall, Howell 3:52
HATT, HIRAM  22, Deerfield and
Mary Ann Green  19, Deerfield
12/25/1865 at Oceola by JP K S Franklin
Allice Deerfield Green, Franklin and E Mary, Oceola 3:92
Hariet Hadskey
11/4/1865 at Tyrone by JP William Beamer
Peter L Mose and Martin M Runger 3:122
HATT, LEWIS C  21, Deerfield and
Mary Jane Kelly  16, Argentine, Genesee
4/30/1865 at Deerfield by JP Simeon Kittle
Simeon Kittle, Deerfield and Olive A Kittle, Deerfield 3:112
HAVEN, ALLEN O  23, Iosco and
Margaret A Furgeson  23, Iosco
9/16/1857 at Howell by JP Mylo Gay
Furgeson James Iosco, Putnam and Catharine Green, Putnam 2:226
HAVENS, HARRY G  22, Iosco and
Sally A Person Iosco
11/23/1851 by JP Ezra N Fairchild
Daniel Person, Iosco and David Wood, Howell 2:60
HAVENS, MERRITT S  41, Marion and
Catharine Woll  27, Marion
4/15/1852 by JP George Sage
Samuel Lyons, Marion and Sarah Lyons, Marion 2:64
HAWCROFT, MARSHALL  32, Ingham, Ingham and
Eliza A Hendrick  24, Hamburg
10/15/1866 at Hamburg by Rev David A Curtis
Myron H Buck and Mary J Curtis 3:192
HAWLEY, JACOB  21, Leroy, Ingham and
Emily E Stark  24, Leroy, Ingham
8/16/1863 by JP Ralph Fowler
Mary Fowler and Eugine Fowler 3:96
HAWLEY, JAMES L  27, Conway and
Alphia M Pratt  24, Conway
10/21/1868 at Warren Pratt's house, Conway by Rev B W Mowers
R H Stephens, Conway and Warren E Pratt, Conway 3a:11
HAWTHORN, JAMES  22, Green Oak and
Alice Brady  18, Green Oak
11/6/1863 at Green Oak by Rev Richard G McCarthy
Mary McWilliams, Green Oak and Thomas Osborn, Green Oak 3:42
HAY, HUGH  22, Howell and
Celia Weaver  22, Howell
6/26/1869 at Howell by Rev Albert C Lewis
D Shields, Howell and J Price, Howell 3a:18
HAYES, JAMES W  32, Brighton and
Emily Fernell  32, Brighton
12/16/1850 at house of Isaac Tuttle, Brighton by JP Ira W Case
Isaac Tuttle, Brighton and Clarissa Tuttle, Brighton 2:38
HAYES, SYLESTER  25, New Hudson, Oakland and
Elizabeth Morgan  20, New Hudson, Oakland
10/6/1869 at Brighton by Rev William J Clark
Artemus Fisher, New Hudson and Rebecca Fisher, New Hudson 3a:21
HAYFORD, WILLIAM S  26, Hartland and
Amanda Rich  20, Hartland
11/11/1852 by Rev E T Branch
O Holmes and D Rich 2:71
HAYNER, CONRAD C  25, Cohoctah and
Carry Albright  20, Cohoctah
7/2/1870 by Rev A Diamond
Cyrus Hayner and Clarrissa Diamond 3a:30
HAYNER, CYRUS  29, Cohoctah and
Cyntha Lane  17, Cohoctah
4/11/1863 by JP Luther Pratt
L S Pratt, Cohoctah and B Morgan, Cohoctah 3:29
HAYNES, CHARLES B  24, Hartland and
Harriet Cook  17, Hartland
11/30/1869 at Parshallville by Rev William White
Richard Mare, Hartland and Lucy Haynes, Hartland 3a:24
HAYS, JAMES  25, Cleveland, ---, OH and
Mary A Armstrong  23, Hartland
12/30/1867 at Hartland by Rev A J Richards
C Murry, Hartland and Edna Armstrong, Hartland 3a:6
HAYS, LAWRENCE  22, Unadilla and
Harriet Bull  18, Iosco
5/3/1868 at Iosco by JP Morris Topping
George Hays, Unadilla and Philander Bull, Iosco 3a:10
HAYWOOD, JAMES  21, Oceola and
Sarah Ayres  18, Deerfield
7/23/1858 by JP Mylo Gay
Joseph Titus, Howell and H H Harmon, Howell 2:228
HAZARD, FRANCIS H  21, Genoa and
Clara A Pliss  22, Genoa
4/16/1855 by JP Henry Hartman
E E Hazard, Howell and W J Hazard, Genoa 2:147
HAZARD, G STEWART  25, Howell and
Catharine E Lawson  24, Genoa
4/2/1863 at Genoa by Rev George O Bachman
Elisha Hazard and Howard Lawson 3:22
HEARSE, JAMES  48, Antrim, Shiawassee and
Harriett Kneeland  29, Howell
5/4/1865 by JP L Walker
Minirva Walker and Eva Walker 3:106
HEATHE, THOMAS  23, Dexter, Washtenaw and
Lucinda Terry  25, Conway
5/21/1851 by JP Martin Randall
Jacob Brown, Conway and Amanda Brown, Conway 2:37
HEENEY, THOMAS  33, Northfield, Washtenaw and
Johanna McDonald  34, Green Oak
1/16/1869 at Oceola by Rev F H Pourrett
Robert Oceola Bergin, Hartland and Ellen Herrington, Hartland 3a:16
Christiane Wilheponine Fisher, GR
12/26/1865 by Rev C F Worth
Mr Shilling, Cohoctah and Mrs Shilling, Cohoctah 3:137
HELMS, CHARLES L  21, Howell and
Rose Ann Judge  21, Oceola
7/3/1869 at Howell by JP Nicholas Lake Jr
Maley L Waldron, Howell and Susan Waldron, Howell 3a:20
HEMING, FREDRICK H  28, Cohoctah and
Ellen Hadsell  17, Cohoctah
1/21/1870 at Cohoctah by JP Charles A Potter
Lester Newman, Byron and Diana Newman, Byron 3a:24
HEMINGWAY, SILAS  26, Unadilla and
Martha Ann Brealy  19, Unadilla
10/24/1869 at Unadilla by Rev E H Brockway
John Taylor, Unadilla and Loretta Barett, Unadilla 3a:23
Lucy Swarthout Putnam
2/13/1864 at house of E G Fish, Putnam by Rev H W Horton
Daniel Baker and Em H Horton 3:208
HENDERSON, EDWIN E  23, Deerfield and
Mary M Leonard  20, Deerfield
12/29/1870 at Howell by Rev J S Boyden
W R Melvin and Maggie Commusk 3a:32
HENDRICKS, JOHN  24, Howell and
Ellen Fitzgerald  19, Howell
5/14/1865 at Howell by Rev H O Parker
William Stackfield, Howell and Jennie Fitzgerald, Howell 3:116
HENDRICKS, WATERBURY  21, Cohoctah and
Matilda Miller  16, Howell
12/30/1860 at Howell by JP Mylo Gay
William G Pharie and D Miller 2:325
HENDRICKS, WILLARD W  27, Hamburg and
Marion Jones  23, Brighton
11/12/1856 by Rev C W Knickerbocker
Myron Buck, Hamburg and Adelaide Judson, Brigthon 3:175
HENDRICKS, WILLIAM M  52, Cohoctah and
Emiline Van Blaricum  19, Howell
3/12/1863 at Brighton by Rev Richard G McCarthy
Rachel A Fowler and William King 3:22
HENDSON, GEORGE  25, White Oak, Ingham and
Sarah Elizabeth Stevens  26, White Oak, Ingham
12/5/1870 at Fowlerville by Rev E H Brockway
Charles Hendson, White Oak and Athaline Hewett, Stockbridge 3a:31
HENRICH, THEODORE  30, Tuscola and
Christine Roeder  23, Tuscola
1/31/1857 at Howell by JP Mylo Gay
Frederick Shibbing, Tuscola and John Bush, Howell 2:197
HENRY, HARRIS  24, Howell and
Adelia L Phillips  18, Howell
7/4/1854 by JP William Moore
David Lewis, Howell and Stephen Moore, Howell 2:117
HENSON, VALANCOURT  26, White Oak, Ingham and
Persilla Ozman  20, Dexter, Washtenaw
1/18/1870 at Plainfield by Rev A C Fuller
Arthur Isham, Onondaga and Miss Malissa Wasson, Unadilla 3a:33
Mary Jane Thompson  24, Macedon, NY
12/27/1864 at Howell by JP Daniel Case
Hobert W Mulson, Howell and Jane Reeves, Macedon 3:84
HERRINGTON, DANIEL B  21, Antrim, Shiawassee and
Catharine H Martin  19, Deerfield
9/29/1867 at Deerfield by Rev W W Olds
Francis V D Cook and William V D Cook 3a:4
HERRINGTON, DAVID B  36, Springfield, Oakland and
Fanny Parks  17, Tyrone
10/27/1850 by JP Isaac Cornell
Henry White, Tyrone and Mariah Dates, Tyrone 2:22
HERRINGTON, HENEY  20, Handy and
Sarah Bowen  16, Handy
2/26/1868 at Handy by JP R Fowler
Thomas Berry and Amanda Berry 3a:19
HETCHLER, GEORGE W  25, Oceola and
Eunice Clarissa Hooker  18, Oceola
10/19/1862 by JP T K Parshall
Charles Hooker and Cap Hooker 3:8
HIBBARD, HARKER  38, Richfield, --- and
Mary A Hobson  38, Tyrone
9/11/1866 at Tyrone by Rev O E Fuller
Charles Bramble, Fenton and Hannah J Bramble, Fenton 3:234
HICCOX, CHARLES F  27, Rochester, Monroe, NY and
Jane M Daniels  18, Putnam
9/17/1859 by JP F Webb
C W Hess, Putnam and Walter Mann, Putnam 2:211
HICKEY, LASSON L  22, Conway and
Julia E Thomas  21, Argentine, Genesee
7/21/1867 by JP William Sabine
Henry Snider, Conway and Jennie Snideer, Conway 3:214
HICKEY, THURSTON C  20, Conway and
Delia C Kingsley  17, Conway
5/9/1869 at Conway by JP William S Stow
Sarah H Hickey, Conway and C E Meritt, Conway 3a:18
HICKS, BENJAMIN F  24, Fentonville, Genesee and
Frances A Preston  22, Tyrone
2/15/1864 at Parshallville by Rev Hiram Stowitts
Mr John Becker, Tyrone and Mrs John Becker, Tyrone 3:80
HICKS, EDMOND H  23, Flint, Genesee and
Sarah M Barker  23, Hamburg
11/27/1866 at Hamburg by Rev A F Barnes
Frank N Barker, Hamburg and Lucinda Barker, Hamburg 3:226
HICKS, EUGENE  25, Brighton and
Alice Tunis  18, Brighton
12/29/1870 at Brighton by Rev W J Black
John Tunis, Brighton and Lois Hicks, Brighton 3a:25
HIFIELD, EDWIN E, Oakland and
Aurilla Jane Gase
6/16/1866 by JP William Beamer
John Wise and Daniel Keeler 3:154
HILDEBRANT, ROBERT  20, Howell and
Phebe R Doranoe  23, Howell
1/1/1857 by JP O J Smith
Aaron Dorance, Howell and Julia Hildebrant, Howell 2:191
Hattie A Coleman  24, Bristol IN
4/7/1863 at Howell by JP Daniel Case
Ira Brayton, Lansing and Patrick Sutterby, Lansing 3:23
HILDRETT, WILSON  24, Handy and
Sarah Sharp  24, Unadilla
11/6/1856 by Rev R Johnson
Abigail Dubois and Mahitable Dubois 2:193
HILL, ENOS W  34, Howell and
Pamelia Graves  20, Howell
3/27/1862 John Booth
George Clark and B W Casdell 2:384
HILL, HENRY  18, Unadilla and
Lucinda Mineer  17, Unadilla
12/31/1853 by JP Theron Winans
Lafiett Mabin, Unadilla and Mary Waginer, Unadilla 2:101
HILLIARD, GEORGE W  26, Lawrence, --- and
Harriet V Gates  25, Scio, Washtenaw
6/27/1865 at Iosco by JP Isaac Stow
James K Rood, Iosco and Joseph Wainwright, Iosco 3:110
HILTON, THOMAS  30, Milford, Oakland and
Adaline Rogers  18, Brighton
3/31/1852 at Brighton by Rev Flaval Britten
Mitilda Garner, Milford and William C Britten, Milford 2:63
HINCHEY, ALONZO A  22, Howell and
Alice L Aldrich  16, Howell
1/14/1866 at Howell by JP J W Hinchey
Charles W Aldrich, Howell and C J Hinchey, Pinckney 3:135
HINCHEY, GEORGE B  34, Putnam and
Mary E Drane  19, Pinckney
3/9/1864 by Rev John O Bancroft
J W Hinchey and L F Rose 3:57
HINCHLEY, ELIJAH  22, Hartland and
Christener Taylor  23, Tyrone
6/23/1861 at Howell by Rev Alonzo May
Isaac Taylor and Peter Carters 3:27
Julia Hoagland Marion
3/16/1867 by Rev Oliver J Perrin
Clara M Perrin and Elizabeth Packett 3:198
HINCKLEY, WESLEY  22, Perry, Shiawassee and
Jane Hallock  19, Perry, ---
4/17/1861 at Howell by JP Mylo Gay
Harriet Gay and Mehitible Van Blaricum 2:346
HISCOTT, DAVID  25, Genoa and
Margaret Smock  22, Marion
11/24/1854 at house of R Smock by Rev B Bayn
William Spafford and George Smock 2:126
HISINGTON, GEORGE  23, Handy and
Sarah Ann Huse  17, Handy
11/23/1849 at house of Cooley Weller by JP William P Grover
Hiram Briggs and Oscar Weller 1:4
HITCHCOCK, HENRY  25, Warren, Macomb and
Lucetta Andrus  22, Pinckney
11/23/1854 at house of Uriah Brown, Pinckney B H Hedger
Uriah Brown, Pinckney and Sarah Brown, Pinckney 2:139
HITCHCOCK, RUFUS  25, Locke, Ingham and
Delina I Mills  17, Conway
4/16/1850 by JP Martin W Randall
John Pitts, Locke and Julia Brown, Conway 2:10
HIX, GEORGE  27, Putnam and
Lucy Ann Lowell  21, Putnam
3/10/1853 by JP Aaron Younglove
Herman Hix, Washtenaw Co and Delia Edmund, Washtenaw Co 2:76
HOAG, JOHN  26, Conway and
Mary Donahoe  15, Conway
8/7/1856 at Conway by JP Samuel Ball
Patrick Donahoe and Ira Hoag 2:184
Maria C Sexton Marion
11/5/1864 at house of bride's father Marion by Rev William Tilley
HOBART, ABNER L  26, Ingham, Ingham and
Eliza Malvina Petit  16, Ingham, Ingham
5/1/1853 by JP George W Richmond
Lorenzo Secord and George Coleman 2:82
HOCK, WILLIAM  38, Pinckney and
Ellen K Moran  36, Pinckney
6/24/1869 at Howell by Rev Albert C Lewis
M L Gay, Howell and H C Gay, Howell 3a:18
HODGE, ERASTUS P  42, Howell and
Arissa A Sanders  17, Howell
11/6/1869 at West Howell by JP Nicholas Lake Jr
James N Wharton, Howell and Esther Lake, Howell 3a:22
HODGEMAN, W N  27, Genoa and
Rosella Spring  19, Howell
1/1/1859 by Rev William Benson
Taylor Moore, Pinckney and Betsy Moore, Pinckney 2:194
HOGAN, JOHN  25, Tyrone and
Ellen Callaghan  17, Tyrone
8/30/1869 at Oceola by Rev F H Pourret
James Gleason, Tyrone and Briget Callaghan, Tyrone 3a:22
HOGAN, MARTIN  26, Tyrone and
Mary Haly  20, Tyrone
2/17/1868 at St John's Church, Oceola by Rev F H Pouriet
John Hogan, Tyrone and Margaret Haly, Tyrone 3a:7
HOISINGTON, DANIEL  23, Green Oak and
Fanny S Rogers  22, Green Oak
7/6/1859 at Green Oak by Rev Samuel A Currier
Jasper Rogers, Green Oak and Mrs Panama Rogers, Green Oak 2:270
HOLCOMB, ALLEN  23, Deerfield and
Allice Green  20, Deerfield
1/1/1868 at Oak Grove by Rev Joseph W Holt
James A Brown, Oak Grove and Sarah F Brown, Oak Grove 3a:4
HOLCOMB, ALPHENS  29, Deerfield and
Susana N Parsons  28, Deerfield
7/1/1868 at house of J Chapman, Deerfield by Rev Joseph W Holt
Joel A Chaoman, Deerfield and O J Parsons, Conway 3a:10
HOLDRIDGE, CHARLES A  32, Brighton and
Fanny E Fonda  24, Brighton
11/9/1865 at Brighton by Rev Albert C Lewis
Herbert A Lee and Maggie Soule 3:122
HOLDRIDGE, WILLIAM G  29, Hartland and
Celestia Cranson  25, Brighton
11/1/1865 at Brighton by Rev A E Marther
James Crawford, Milfore and Delia Johnson, Milford 3:120
HOLDRIGE, HENRY S  25, Hartland and
Josie Ross  20, Hartland
3/30/1865 at Hartland by Rev L P Day
L K Smith and G W Whitney 3:93
HOLEY, IRA  65, Conway and
Mrs Cyntha Barret Hatfield  62, Cohoctah
4/2/1868 at Cohoctah by JP George Cameron
Nath Hatfield, Cohoctah and George Bristol, Cohoctah 3a:8
HOLGAR, WILLIAM  26, Van Buren, Washtenaw and
Pauline Rooke  22, Superior, Washtenaw
10/23/1865 by Rev William Tilley
Lyman Whitney and Mary Ann Whitney 3:126
HOLLAND, DANIEL F  24, Leroy, Ingham and
Esther Harris  21, White Oak, Ingham
7/30/1855 by Rev P C Dayfoot
Laura Warner, Bristol VT and Rosana Dayfoot, Howell 2:163
HOLLIDAY, ANDREW  23, Fentonville, Genesee and
Almina Hardick  18, Argentine, Genesee
7/4/1861 at Cohoctah by JP Robert McMillen
A C Millen and J C McMillen 2:361
HOLLISTER, GEORGE E  28, Duplain, Clinton and
H A Steadman  25, Genoa
3/13/1862 by Rev William Steadman
Jack McCall, Webster and Maria Latson, Webster 2:378
HOLMES, JOHN  30, Dexter, Washtenaw and
Mary Bell  21, Dexter, Washtenaw
2/18/1860 at Pinckney by JP J W ---
L F Rose and Emma Rose 2:302
HOLMES, JOHN R  25, Oceola and
Mary E Lare  30, Oceola
3/15/1860 at Oceola by Rev John Horton
Joseph Lare, Oceola and Catharine Lare, Oceola 2:298
HOLMES, WILLIAM S  28, Unadilla and
Adelia E How  21, Stockbridge, Ingham
3/22/1868 at Unadilla by Rev James Pyper
Robert Holmes and Mrs R Holmes 3a:16
Emma Wood  38, Marion
3/1/1865 at Marion by Rev H O Parker
Joseph Brown, Marion and Rose Brown, Marion 3:114
HOLT, H M Canton, Wayne and
Nelly M Powell Lansing, Ingham
2/16/1859 by JP F D Fish
HOLT, IRA E  20, Marion and
Elizabeth Lisher  19, Howell
7/9/1863 at Fowlerville by Rev J Kilpatrick
Francis J Waters, Handy and Eliza A Graham, Handy 3:41
HOLT, SAMUEL T  33, Conway and
Louise Brown  28, Conway
4/23/1863 at house of Mr Brown by Rev J Kilpatrick
George W Hoyt, Conway and Maria J Hoyt, Conway 3:39
HOLT, WILLIAM W  38, Genoa and
Mary O Riddle  22, Oceola
5/13/1838 at Oceola by Rev George W Jenks
Wilson Tooley and Martha Bone--- 3a:10
HOOKER, WILLIAM S  23, Genoa and
Margaret A Doven  24, Genoa
12/3/1868 at Brighton by JP Herman C House
Robert Bigham, Brighton and Mary A Bigham, Brighton 3a:12
HOOKER, WILLIAM W  22, Green Oak and
Elizabeth Beach  19, Green Oak
1/20/1864 at Green Oak by Rev Richard G McCarthy
John H Stark and Laura E Stark 3:52
HOPKINS, CHARLES E  24, Handy and
Armintha Weller  27, Green Oak
10/11/1868 at Howell by JP Nicholas Lake
Ruth Curtis, Handy and Hannah J Higner, Handy 3a:12
HOPKINS, JAMES M  34, Linden, Genesee and
Hellen Barrack  34, Unadilla
12/7/1867 at Unadilla by Rev Seward Osinger
John Barrack, Unadilla and Mrs J Barrack, Unadilla 3a:3
HOPKINS, LOREN Unadilla and
Jerusha C Dunn Unadilla
12/15/1853 at residence H Dunning, Unadilla by Rev J M Coe
David Dumkin, Unadilla and Marilda Hopkins, Unadilla 2:103
HORTON, CLIFTON  21, Iosco and
Ellen M Tracy  18, Iosco
10/3/1867 at Iosco by Rev E C Wright
James Wright, Iosco and Sopronis Sright, Iosco 3a:2
HORTON, CLINTON C  22, ---, Ingham and
Mary A Post  18, ---, Ingham
9/22/1867 at Fowlerville by JP R Fowler
Mary Fowler, Fowlerville and Hellen Fowler, Fowlerville 3a:3
HORTON, CLINTON D  22, ---, Ingham and
Mary A Post  18, ---, Ingham
9/22/1867 at Fowlerville by JP R Fowler
Mary Fowler and --- Fowler 3a:19
HORTON, E G  27, Brighton and
A L Grant  23, Fowlerville
10/31/1863 by Rev T Seebye
M E Stuart and S L Ethridge 3:71
HORTON, IRA O  22, Fowlerville and
Jane H Tongue  21, Hamburg
11/25/1859 at Howell by Rev Henry Banwell
Thomas Denson and Sarah Denson 2:231
HOUGHTALING, GEORGE C  26, Cohoctah and
Mary A Randall  18, Cohoctah
8/31/1862 at Cohoctah by Rev James Griffs
George W Moore and John Randall 3:12
HOUGHTON, HARVEY B  24, Cohoctah and
Jane E Chambers  23, Cohoctah
9/27/1857 at Cohoctah by JP Luther Pratt
William Hascale, Cohoctah and Jane Hascale, Cohoctah 2:214
HOUGHTON, LEONARD L  19, Cohoctah and
Theoda A Gove  16, Gaines, Genesee
2/22/1868 at Cohoctah by JP Michael Thertcher
James W Houghton, Cohoctah and Wlizabeth Lane, Cohoctah 3a:8
HOUGHTON, WILLIAM M  26, Tuscola and
Dianna Biglow  37, Tuscola
9/28/1856 by Rev Alonzo May
Herman Owen, Oceola and D Owen, Oceola 3:135
HOUSE, HORACE Putnam and
Mary Ann Tongue Hamburg
11/28/1865 at residence of Mr Dennison, Hamburg by Rev H W Horton
Delinda Bennett and Mr Dennison 3:207
HOUSE, SILAS K  29, Putnam and
Emma Tongue  21, Hamburg
12/6/1865 at Hamburg by JP Ferdinand Grisson
Horace House and Julia Patteston 3:129
HOVEY, JACOB  22, Leroy, Ingham and
Emeline E Stark  24, Leroy, Ingham
8/16/1868 at Handy by JP R Fowler
Mary Fowler and Eugine Fowler 3:107
HOW, ARA W  29, Waterloo, Jackson and
Elizabeth M Johnson  18, Waterloo, Jackson
10/28/1850 by Rev Joshua Kenne
Hezekiah Bullock and David Jenkins 2:37
HOWARD, CRANDALL  47, Ingham, Ingham and
Elizabeth Heart  38, Iosco
7/4/1856 at home of the bride by Rev B H Hedger
Elizabeth Heart, Marion and Leander Heart, Marion 2:178
HOWARTH, RICHARD  39, Unadilla and
Betsy Love  38, Iosco
6/23/1853 at Iosco by Rev James Howley
James Bouter, Iosco and Mary Jane Bouter, Iosco 2:86
HOWE, HAMILTON  Aklona, West CD and
Catharine A Smith  Green Oak
9/9/1863 by Rev John O Bancroft
Isaac Smith and Huldah P Bancroft 3:46
HOWLET, ROBERT  22, Hamburg and
Elizabeth M Bennett  16, Hamburg
5/22/1859 by JP Frederick Grisson
Witons Grisson, Hamburg and Charles Grisson, Hamburg 2:264
HOWLETT, ROBERT  24, Hamburg and
Harriett H Bennett  20, Hamburg
8/17/1862 by Rev J O Bancroft
P S Hendricks and H P Bancroft 3:6
HOYT, LEVI  65, Howell and
Janet Sexton  66, Marion
11/26/1850 by Rev Edward E Gregory
William Sexton, Marion and Cyrus Hoyt, Genoa 2:31
HOYT, NELSON J  21, Handy and
Mary R Mastick  15, Handy
4/6/1861 at Handy by Rev J H Caster
David Hall, Handy and John Mastick, Handy 2:345
Cornelia Jush  Tyrone
4/18/1870 at Tyrone by Rev A J Richards
E Clough, Tyrone and E Traver, Tyrone 3a:28
HUBBELL, SARDIS F  45, Howell and
Helen M Carlin  39, Howell
8/14/1864 at Howell by Rev George O Bachman
Dr W Green and Mrs Glorana Green 3:66
HUDSON, WILLIAM ALBERT  21, Linden, Genesee and
Elizabeth Sarah Coulson  20, Linden, Genesee
7/10/1870 at Unadilla by Rev N Newton
Samuel Ann Arbor Clements, Unadilla and Susie Newton, Unadilla 3a:28
HUGHES, JOHN  25, New Hudson, Oakland and
Hattie E Beane  22, New Hudson, Oakland
2/23/1867 by Rev Benjamin Franklin
Jerome Clark, Green Oak and Esther Hughes, Milford 3:199
HUGHES, NORMAN  25, Handy and
Eliza J Durfee  20, Handy
9/13/1858 at Brighton by Rev William J Clark
Sarah Holden, Brighton and Electa Morgan, Brighton 3a:17
HUGHSOM, ABSALUM  30, Putnam and
Ellen L Green  20, Unadilla
9/17/1854 by JP Theron Winans
Nathaniel Winans, Unadilla and Mary Winans, Unadilla 2:123
HUMPHREY, EUGINE S  22, Hamburg and
Susanna Walker  21, Hamburg
10/12/1865 by JP L Walker
D C Kneeland, Howell and Augusta Kneeland, Howell 3:127
HUMPHREY, JAMES  55, Genoa and
Nancy L Hunt  52, Genoa
5/6/1852 by JP Herman C House
Jacob Humphrey, Hamburg and Alexander Carpenter, Genoa 2:62
HUNGERFORD, MARION M  20, Mundy, Genesee and
Affa A Barnes  21, Tyrone
10/14/1866 at J N Barnes Tyrone by Rev O H P Green
Dr A Ricker 3:165
HUNT, JACOB  22, Oceola and
Sarah Barker  24, Oceola
1/6/1866 by JP Thomas Goldsmith
Joseph A Russell, Cohoctah and Joseph Brown, Cohoctah 3:130
HUNT, SAMUEL  72, Handy and
Mary Parker  80, Handy
6/9/1869 at Fowlerville by JP R Fowler
William Whitney, Handy and Mary Whitney, Handy 3a:19
HUNT, SANFORD  23, Hamburg and
Martha T Phillip  19, Genoa
4/1/1862 at Genoa by Rev George Jenks
Charles Jenks, Genoa and Julia Jenks, Genoa 2:387
HUNTLEY, ALLEN P  23, Howell and
Eliza Jackson  17, Howell
10/12/1862 by JP Ralph Fowler
James Jewell and Daniel Hollis 3:98
HUNTLEY, JAMES J  23, Howell and
Ellen Hunn  18, Marion
11/30/1868 at Howell by Rev J S Borden
Richard T Huntley, Howell and Laura Hunn, Marion 3a:12
HURST, JOHN  25, Marion and
Mary M Mitchell  24, Marion
8/24/1865 at Howell by Rev William Tilley
Thomas W Hurst and Emelia Mitchell 3:111
HUSTON, JOHN  57, Handy and
Lucretia Tucker  42, Handy
10/4/1857 by JP J C Carmer
Seth Carmer and Martha Carmer 2:211
HUSTON, JOHN E Eaton Rapids, --- and
Julia D Comsey Eaton Rapids, ---
1/14/1859 at Fowlerville by JP F D Fish
HUTCHINGS, JOHN WESLEY  24, Brighton and
Sarah Ann Pentlin  16, Brighton
7/4/1870 at Brighton by Rev William J Clark
Richard Tonoray and D H Purdy 3a:40
HUTSON, HENRY  28, White Oak, Ingham and
Elpha L Wright  21, Iosco
4/5/1870 at Iosco by Rev A C Fuller
George Huston, White Oak and Sarah Stephens, White Oak 3a:27
HYNE, WILLIAM F  23, Brighton and
Mary Electa Durfee  18, Brighton
11/23/1870 at Brighton by Rev William J Clark
F W Hyne, Brighton and Sarah Hicks, Brighton 3a:40
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