1850-1870 Marriages by Groom: N

Line 1: Groom's Name, Age and Residence
Line 2: Bride's Name, Age and Residence
Line 3: Marriage Date and Place; Person perfoming marriage
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NASH, COLIN S  31, Putnam and
Susan Cole  25, Putnam
8/1/1850 by Rev B Bayn
Fanny Bayn, Putnam and E A Bayn, Putnam 2:18
NASH, ELON CHIPMAN  49, Pinckney and
Sarah Wilkinson Wait  56, Handy
4/12/1870 at Fowlerville by Rev E H Brockway
Daniel Wait, Handy and Fidelia Brockway, Fowlerville 3a:28
NASH, MARCUS  35, Cammel, Ionia and
Lucy Ann Sutton  20, Howell
11/3/1859 at house of Henry Smith by Rev Jacob Gerber
David Smith and Samantha Wright 2:285
NASH, MARQUIS  30, Hamburg and
Sarah Myer  19, Hamburg
3/21/1856 at Pinckney by Rev William Fox
Laura Fox and Lucinda Tuttle 2:172
NASH, SOMER N  24, Putnam and
Catherine Sexton  19, Putnam
11/20/1850 at house of Marcus Nash by Rev William Norton
William Norton and Elizabeth Norton 2:29
NEAL, THOMAS  54, Bloomfield, Oakland and
Catharine E Crop  25, Rose, Oakland
4/9/1859 at Brighton by Rev Ira Warner
Fanny Warner, Brighton and Rebecca Stoner, Brighton 2:260
NEALY, DANIEL  23, Cohoctah and
Amanda Ellen Shaffer  21, Cohoctah
8/31/1867 at Cohoctah by JP Michael Thatcher
Richard Wrigglesworth, Cohoctah and Henry Betterly, Cohoctah 3a:1
NEALY, JOHN  31, Howell and
Lizzy Hynes  23, Oceola
11/16/1869 at Oceola by Rev F B Pourret
Edward Gleason, Hartland and Jane Bergin, Oceola 3a:23
Phebe Rosenkraus Genoa
4/17/1859 at house of Garret Rosenkraus, Genoa by JP O Winegar
Richard Bristol, Genoa and George Cole, Hamburg 2:368
NELSON, ALBERT  29, Oceola and
Eleanor Smith  21, Oceola
12/17/1856 at Oceola by Rev John Horton
Cornelia Botsford, Oceola and Eveline Horton, Oceola 2:187
NELSON, ANSON W  23, Oceola and
Catherine B Hayward  17, Oceola
9/5/1859 at Howell by JP Mylo Gay
Helen Fealee and Martha Brotherton 2:272
NELSON, DARWIN  24, Salem, Washtenaw and
Lydia Jane Walker  18, Salem, Washtenaw
7/4/1859 at Green Oak by Rev Samuel Currier
Perry Philber, Superior and Ezra Nelson, Salem 2:270
NELSON, JULIUS C  23, Oceola and
Hannah M Hardy  17, Oceola
7/18/1869 at Oceola by JP James D Botsford
Parkes Hardy and Matt Botsford, Oceola 3a:20
NEVENDORF, LEWIS  30, Genoa and
Mary Seim  28, Genoa
6/26/1870 at Genoa by Rev W Kramer
Charles Nevendorf, Genoa and Mrs Seim, Genoa 3a:28
NEWELL, JOHN  Pinckney and
Kezia Dyer  Unadilla
11/4/1850 at Pinckney by Rev B Marvin
J H Clements 3:12
NEWMAN, A A  22, Brighton and
Janet M Butler  17, Brighton
3/16/1865 by Rev Benjamin Franklin
Hirma Paddock and A D Newman, Brighton 3:102
NEWMAN, D R  25, Milford, Oakland and
Louisa Loree  18, Iosco
2/26/1859 by JP Ara Smith
Martha Hayworth and Almeda --- 2:202
NEWMAN, LESTER  24, Cohoctah and
Diana Bigelow  19, Cohoctah
7/4/1863 at Cohoctah by JP Michael Thatcher
Luther Pratt and Abigail P Sears 3:34
NEWMAN, PATRICK  27, Oceola and
Julia Harris  18, Oceola
10/26/1868 at St John's Church Oceola by Rev R W Pourret
John Harris, Oceola and Jane Harris, Oceola 3a:11
NEWSOM, JAMES  30, Commerce, Oakland and
Harriet J Coe  22, Green Oak
3/13/1869 at Handy by JP Ferris G Clements
Andrew F Sawyer, Green Oak and Frank B Reeves, Green Oak 3a:25
NEWTON, GEORGE  21, Howell and
Henrietta Wilson  17, Howell
1/18/1863 at Cohoctah by JP S O Soule
NICHOLDS, JOHN  20, Locke, Ingham and
Frances Cole  17, Locke, Ingham
7/4/1864 by JP Ralph Fowler
John Welcher and Walter Fowler 3:97
NICHOLS, ALBERT  28, Brighton and
Lucy C Dean  21, Brighton
12/16/1870 at Brighton by Rev Ira Warner
Harrison Dean, Brighton and Amos W Robers, Brighton 3a:32
NICHOLS, JEREMIAH  60, Iosco and
Amelia Ross  40, Iosco
12/6/1862 by JP Gilbert Caswell
Benjamin Dowley and wife 3:20
NICKLES, EDWIN  21, Argentine, Genesee and
Malinda Sterges  16, Argentine, Genesee
9/13/1856 by JP Luther Pratt
Charles Horning, Tuscola and Lunah Pratt, Tuscola 2:182
NICKOLS, EDWARD HANNIBAL  22, Williamston, Ingham and
Menora E Harkness  20, Williamston, Ingham
3/20/1870 at Fowlerville by Rev E H Brockway
Charles E Paddock, Williamston and Emma Rence, Williamston 3a:28
NICKOLS, F P  27, Springfield, ---, NH and
Amelia Grant  19, ---, NY
2/22/1859 by Rev William king
Mr and Mrs Jonathan Burnett, Hamburg and Lionel Grisson, Hamburg 2:257
NIXON, THOMAS  23, Oceola and
Frances Blenston  17, Oceola
9/11/1853 by JP K S Franklin
Joseph Blenston, Oceola and Ann Blenston, Oceola 2:88
NOBLE, EDGAR  Oceola and
Elizabeth Noble  Pinckney
4/20/1863 by Rev John J Gridley
Leonard Noble and Aurra W Noble 3:274
NOBLE, OLIVER R  23, Iosco and
Clarissa J Newkirk  17, Unadilla
3/24/1857 at Pinckney by JP J M La Rue
John Broughton and Mrs J Broughton 3:33
NORBURT, JAMES T  30, Hartland and
Mary Susan Kenyon  21, Tyrone
10/7/1868 at Tyrone by Rev A J Richards
J Cole, Deerfield and Betsey Cole, Deerfield 3a:15
NORTHROP, ENOS  43, Neva, Ingham and
Juliann Monroe  Unadilla
2/11/1856 by Rev D R Dixon
Charles Chipman, Unadilla and Mrs Charles Chipman, Unadilla 2:173
NORTON, CHARLES A  21, ---, Oakland and
Maria S Seaman  21, Hartland
3/26/1862 at Hartland by Rev William W Robson
John Seamon, Hartland and James Young, Hartland 2:392
NORTON, J G  56, Oceola and
Anna Converse  47, Oceola
11/16/1868 at Hartland by Rev A J Richards
William Lewis, Hartland and Mary Lewis, Hartland 3a:15
NUTES, DAVID  30, Cohoctah and
Sarah A Coplin  26, Cohoctah
12/26/1870 at Cohoctah by Rev Ashford Diamond
Henry Diamond and Amy Ferris 3a:31
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