1850-1870 Marriages by Groom: P

Line 1: Groom's Name, Age and Residence
Line 2: Bride's Name, Age and Residence
Line 3: Marriage Date and Place; Person perfoming marriage
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PACY, EDWARD  23, Scio, Washtenaw and
Ann Jilkes  18, Marion
2/18/1861 at Howell by JP Mylo Gay
Harriet Gay and Frederick Fritz 2:345
PADDOCK, BENJAMIN F  27, Brighton and
Mary L Haskell  18, Brighton
1/13/1862 by Rev Ira Warner
Laura Warner and Richard Paddock 2:374
PAGE, DAVID RATHBONE  24, Plymouth, Wayne and
Delia Keel  20, Green Oak
1/20/1869 at Green Oak by Rev A W Ensign
Linis Clark, Green Oak and Phebe A Clark, Green Oak 3a:15
PAGE, FREEMAN  28, Handy and
Paulina Dubois  17, Handy
1/6/1853 by JP William H Fowler
PAGE, ISAAC  27, Putnam and
Eliza Silsby  18, Ann Arbor, Washtenaw
11/9/1856 at Fuller House, Brighton by JP Ira Case
Silsby F Hamburg, Brighton and John Smith, Brighton 2:185
Eliza W Wright  25,
1/1/1869 at Hartland by Rev A J Richards
M A Richards, Hartland and Abbey E Wright, Hartland 3a:15
PALMER, ALDEN B  25, Brighton and
Mary E Furgeson  21, Brighton
5/15/1870 at Howell by Rev J F Davison
Mrs J F Davison, Howell and J A Davison, Howell 3a:29
Emma Augusta York  21, Hartland
11/6/1867 at Hamburg by Rev David A Curtis
Mary J Curtis, Hamburg and William F Curtis, Hamburg 3a:4
PALMER, DAVID  26, Cohoctah and
Hannah Kysor  19, Cohoctah
10/9/1859 at Cohoctah by JP Luther Pratt
Hannah White, Cohoctah and Nelson Burkhart, Cohoctah 2:290
PALMER, LUTHER  30, Iosco and
Martha Ann Hastings  25, Iosco
1/24/1855 at house of Mrs Hastins, Iosco by Rev William D Tomkinson
Adam Hastings, Iosco and Margarett Furgeson, Iosco 2:131
Cynthia Hathaway  17, Hartland
11/8/1850 by JP H N Lewis
A Lewis, Oceola and Sarah Lewis, Oceola 2:23
PALMERTON, GEORGE W  21, Handy and
Joanna Fowler  18, Handy
12/16/1859 at Fowlerville by Rev H L Dean
David Lewis, Howell and G W Fowler, Handy 2:212
E March  17, Handy
11/29/1864 at Fowlerville by Rev J Kilpatrick
E J Randall and Mary E Stanfield 3:69
PALMERTON, ZENUS M  26, Fowlerville and
Sarah A Roff  21, Fowlerville
10/22/1865 at Fowlerville by Rev William Tilley
L S Palmerton and Jonah Palmerton 3:126
PARK, ROBERT  47, Green Oak and
Caroline Avis  38, Green Oak
7/6/1866 at Green Oak by Rev Lewis J Whitcomb
Carroll Wenit, Green Oak and George Spicer, Green Oak 3:163
PARK, WILLIAM F  27, Howell and
Jenett Winegar  20, Howell
2/27/1867 by Rev H O Parker
E D Sargeant, Cohoctah and Sarah Soules, Cohoctah 3:230
PARKER, EDWARD  36, Oceola and
Caroline Lake  27, Howell
7/20/1862 at Howell by JP Daniel Case
William Lake and Ira S Preston 3:1
PARKER, EDWARD  33, Oceola and
Emily Emery  23, Marion
11/13/1859 at Marion by Rev E R Hascall
William Stedman and Jane Stedman 2:283
PARKER, EDWARD  23, Hamburg and
Martha Holt  20, Marion
12/30/1849 at Hamburg by JP E Griffith
Judson Holt and Malvina Holt 2:3
PARKER, HIRAM  29, Iosco and
Beula Ann Abbott  20, Iosco
11/12/1863 at Iosco by Rev M S Angell
Miron Parker and Sarah Parker 3:48
PARKER, JAMES  21, Howell and
Melvina Holt  18, Howell
7/4/1854 by Rev George Bridge
Edward Parker and Nickolas Holt 2:115
PARKER, JOHN L  23, Victor, Clinton and
Satulia G Bowers  16, Leroy, Ingham
12/21/1867 at Howell by Rev F W Warren
Mrs L L Warren, Howell and Miss Martha Weller, Howell 3a:5
PARKER, MYRON  24, Iosco and
Sarah Douglas  21, Iosco
2/13/1856 at Iosco by JP Ara Smith
James Taylor and R Millham 2:171
PARKS, JAMES  50, Cohoctah and
Rosanna Melvin Cohoctah
3/30/1867 by JP Michael Thatcher
Ed Downer and Elmira Downer 3:203
PARKS, WILLIAM  44, Ingham, Ingham and
Mary French  29, Putnam
3/30/1854 at house of Rollin Webb, Putnam by Rev B Bayne
Rollin Webb and Rhoda Webb 2:109
PARRISH, JONATHAN  27, Putnam and
Hattie Stevens  26, Putnam
12/26/1867 at Pinckney by JP M F Darrow
Eugine Marrie, Pinckney and Ester Clark, Pinckney 3a:8
Mary Van Sickle Oceola
10/1/1856 by Rev William Hevenes
Mary Hevenes and Hannah Hevenes 2:397
PARSHALL, JESSE  27, Hartland and
Prudence Cole  20, Oceola
2/20/1850 by Rev J H Basco
Israel Parshall, Hartland and Lucinda Basco, Hartland 2:9
PARSHALL, MARTINUS  45, Oceola and
Hellen Jolley  40, Oceola
3/18/1859 at Deerfield A Kimbert
Patrick O'Connell and Mary Ann Parshall 2:256
PARSHALL, TAYLOR  22, Oceola and
Hattie Roberts  19, Oceola
12/16/1869 at Howell by Rev G L Foster
H E P Foster, Howell and F F Foster, Howell 3a:24
PARSHALL, VINCENT  21, Oceola and
Caroline Roberts Oceola
4/13/1851 at Oceola by Rev John Horton
Charles Parshall, Oceola and Sarah Parshall, Oceola 2:35
PARSONS, LEVI T  33, Conway and
Josephine S Morse  18, Conway
10/8/1866 by JP Michael Thatcher
Hannah Thatcher and William Kelly 3:169
PARSONS, OLADISH  21, Conway and
Sarah J Ludden  21, Handy
1/1/1861 at Handy by Rev J H Castor
D Bush, Conway and M Gaston, Handy 2:334
PARSONS, WILLIAM  25, Conway and
Sarah Drum  21, Conway
11/2/1863 at Cohoctah by Rev J Kilpatrick
C S Parsons and Mary J Parsons 3:70
PATE, HENRY  26, Howell and
Elizabeth Setchfield  19, Howell
10/5/1865 at Howell by Rev H O Parker
William T Setchfield and Margarett Pate 3:119
PATTERSON, R F  26, Green Bush, Clinton and
Elizabeth Howe  20, Deerfield
5/31/1866 at Howell by JP Mylo L Gay
James Howe, Deerfield and Isabella Robb, Deerfield 3:218
PAYNE, JOHN  21, Deerfield and
Rachel Kenyon  18, Tyrone
1/1/1863 by Rev Hirma Stowitts
R L Tracy and S M Tracy 3:81
PEARSON, WILLIAM  29, Tyrone and
Rhoda E Alger  19, Tyrone
10/16/1867 at Tyrone by Rev John G Horton
Joshia Pearson, Hartland and Mattie Alger, Tyrone 3a:5
PEAVY, ADELBERT F  21, Howell and
Rosett Wilcox  18, Howell
7/31/1866 at Dexter by Rev A F Barnes
Katie McLane, Dexter and Lucy L Bome, Dexter 3:226
PECK, CHRISTOPHER G  25, Pinckney and
Mary Lewis  21, Pinckney
5/9/1868 at Pinckney by JP J W Hinchey
William A Sprout, Pinckney and E E Henry, Pinckney 3a:9
PECKENS, CHARLES C  23, Cohoctah and
Roxceny Fisher  23, Cohoctah
5/17/1863 at house of Mrs Fisher Cohoctah by Rev J C Sawyer
Joseph Fisher and Susan Peckens 3:34
PEER, RICHARD  34, Green Oak and
Mary Doan  25, Green Oak
11/13/1867 at Green Oak by Rev M B Wilsey
John B Peer, Green Oak and Gemimer Webb, Novi 3a:4
PEIRN, JON  29, Tuscola and
Barbary Klosel  28, Tuscola
9/7/1853 by JP Thomas Goldsmith
Henry Zhan and Elizabeth Zhan 2:90
PENTLAND, WILLIAM W  21, New Hudson, Oakland and
Sarah Stanfield  19, Brighton
10/5/1868 at Brighton by JP Herman C House
William Stanfield, Brighton and Mary Stanfield, Brighton 3a:11
PERCE, CLARK  25, Genoa and
Mrs Frances Roberts  21, Conway
11/5/1862 by JP Chester Hazard
William J Hazard and William B Curtis 3:8
PERHAM, CHARLES J  28, Lyons, Oakland and
Emily R Updike  19, Lyons, Oakland
7/1/1866 by Rev David A Curtis
Almise A Soules and Mary J Curtis 3:161
PERRINTON, M L  36, Marion and
Marietty Roberts  20, Marion
9/8/1851 by Rev J R Savage
James Waddon, Marion and Stephen Mills, Marion 2:43
PERRY, HIAL  57, Unadilla and
Mrs Lucy Ann Burgess  54, Putnam
2/4/1868 at Howell by Rev F W Warren
Mrs L L Warren, Howell and Mary G Seaver, Howell 3a:6
PERRY, RYNOLDS A  22, Locke, Ingham and
Lucy Lucina Brewer  19, Locke, Ingham
1/9/1870 at Howell by JP William More
Almond Brewer, Howell and Frank White, Howell 3a:24
PERRY, VINCENT  22, Unadilla and
Charlotte A Bullis  21, Unadilla
11/28/1860 at Howell by Rev P C Dayfoot
Isa Huntley, Howell and Ora Hyntley, Howell 2:322
PERSON, BENJAMIN S  20, Iosco and
Henrietta O Thernder  17, Iosco
3/7/1863 at Iosco by JP Gilbert Caswell
S B Merell wife 3:24
PETERSON, JEROME  19, Howell and
Lucinda Hines  19, Hartland
5/27/1858 at Hartland by Rev P C Dayfoot
Hiram Briggs, Hartland and Eliza Haines, Hartland 2:233
PETERSON, SILAS D  25, Howell and
Phileun E Perkins  18, Howell
6/27/1869 at Howell by Rev J S Boyden
Isaac Peterson, Howell and Unice Peterson, Howell 3a:19
PETT, LAFAYETTE  24, Stockbridge, Ingham and
Jane Elizabeth Backus  34, Unadilla
3/21/1869 at Williamsville by Rev E H Brockway
Mary Ann Bird, Unadilla and Fidelia Brockway, Unadilla 3a:16
PETTEYS, SETH A  50, Hamburg and
Emiline Wheeler  37, Hamburg
5/17/1860 by Rev George Jenks
Delia Jenks and Sarah Jenks 2:305
Matilda Waters Genoa
1/1/1859 at Brighton by JP Roswell Barnes
Spaulding Case, Brighton and David Omul, Brighton 2:260
PETTIBONE, ROGER  44, Highland, Oakland and
Ellen Dibble  22, Highland, Oakland
5/25/1863 at Howell by Rev A R Bartlett
Catherine M Bartlett, Howell and J C Briggs, Grand Rapids 3:27
PETTIS, ALBERT  21, Hamburg and
Frances Wheeler  20, Hamburg
12/7/1865 at Pinckney by Rev D Webster Hammond
Mrs L A Hammond, Pinckney and Miss Mary J Cook, Waterloo 3:160
PHARRIS, MILO D  22, Cohoctah and
Betsy A Niles  16, Cohoctah
9/16/1870 at Cohoctah by Rev Ashford Diamond
William J Pherris and R A Pherris 3a:45
PHELPS, JOSEPH  21, White Oak, Ingham and
Helen Redglin  23, White Oak, Ingham
4/9/1859 at residence of Rev H H Johnson, Iosco
Ellen Phelps and Alexander Hedglin 2:206
Laura A Willis  Genoa
5/1/1864 at house of the Administrator, Putnam by Rev H W Horton
Mary B Horton and Em H Horton 3:208
PHILIPS, FRANKLIN B  19, Genoa and
Sarah Jane Scott  16, Genoa
11/18/1867 at Genoa by Rev Thomas Nichols
William Jarvis, Hamburg and Ellenor Jarvis, Hamburg 3a:3
PHILIPS, GALEN O  23, Howell and
Lydia J Fuller  20, Howell
8/14/1863 at Howell by JP Daniel Case
Warren A Fuller, Howell and Harriet Fuller, Howell 3:35
PHILIPS, JAMES  38, Brighton and
Jane Wallace  29, Hartland
1/21/1868 at Howell by Rev F W Warren
Joseph Wallace, Howell and Mary J Wallace, Howell 3a:5
PHILIPS, JEROME  24, Howell and
Abigail Stevens  18, Howell
9/8/1852 by JP J W Smith
F E Stuart and John Stevens 3:61
Elizabeth Lyon  24, Marion
12/25/1861 John Booth
Solomon Lyons and Mrs Solomon Lyons 2:384
PHILLIPS, GEORGE  26, Genoa and
Sarah A O'Neil  19, Genoa
10/20/1862 at Genoa by Rev George W Jenks
Alice J Walker, Milford and Delia A Jenks, Genoa 3:14
PHILLIPS, JOHN  32, Genoa and
Susan Peirce  23, Marion
11/29/1861 at Pinckney by JP J M Eamon
Ellen Eamon, Pinckney and Harriet Eamon, Pinckney 2:381
PHILLIPS, LANSING  22, Hamburg and
Ada A Britten  18, Genoa
7/4/1856 at Howell by JP Mylo Gay
Richard Britten, Genoa and Elizabeth Stewart, Hamburg 2:176
PHILLIPS, N J, Shiawassee and
Lois Barnard
2/23/1859 by Rev L C York
Pardon Barnard and E A Barnard 2:253
Eliza J Sutton  22, Handy
7/7/1868 at Fowlerville by JP R Fowler
P Veley, Fowlerville and S Veley, Fowlerville 3a:19
PHOENIX, HENRY  28,, Shiawassee and
Theresa Mason  19, Hamburg
5/29/1865 at Howell by Rev H O Parker
C W Barber, Howell and Jenett B Barber, Howell 3:116
PIECK, LYMAN  36, Handy and
Mandana Proctor  20, Marion
12/19/1869 at Marion by JP George Coleman
Robert Holland and Eliza Coleman, Marion 3a:25
PIERCE, CHARLES  24, Stockbridge, Ingham and
Emily H Ackley  18, Stockbridge, Ingham
12/13/1858 at Unadilla by JP J S Field
Nancy Cleaveland, Unadilla and Lydia May, Unadilla 2:249
PIERCE, FREMAN A  21, Howell and
Henreitta Pruden  19, Howell
9/23/1866 at Howell by Rev William Tilley
Henry Greenaway and Elmira Greenaway 3:176
Emma Jane Boylan  16, Genoa
5/2/1869 at Brighton by Rev Benjamin Franklin
George Valy, Dexter and Libbie M Wood, Dexter 3a:19
PIERCE, RUFUS  34, Hamburg and
Mary Jane Burgess  17, Genoa
William Burgess, Genoa and David F Stowe, Genoa 2:58
PIERCE, WILLIAM H Blissfield, --- and
Esther V Kay Putnam
4/18/1867 by Rev O J Perrin
George W Voorheis and Sarah A Voorheis 3:203
PIKE, PRINCE P  22, Deerfield and
Mary E Merrill  19, Oceola
4/2/1859 at Oceola by JP Augustine Fox
George Munsell and Isaac Munsell 2:262
PINCKNEY, JAMES R  29, Hamburg and
Lora A Bennett  23, Hamburg
12/27/1866 at Hamburg by Rev David A Curtis
Albert J Bennett and Addiluda Bennett 3:192
PIPP, HEINRICH  24, Windsor, ---, CA and
Bertha E Buck  22, Brighton
10/26/1856 by Rev Edwar A Buck
Gustav Baetcke, Genoa and Edward Boce, WestBloomfield NY 2:186
PLACE, GEORGE W  24, Putnam and
Cavilla Tomlinson  22, Howell
6/6/1858 by JP J C Carmer
F A Conway and Beth Carner 2:241
PLACE, JAMES M  20, Handy and
Angeline Metcalf  20, Handy
11/8/1856 by Rev Robert McBride
Hiram McEwen, Handy and Adaline McEwen, Handy 2:186
PLACE, JAMES M  21, Perry, Shiawassee and
Louisa N Wolcott  19, Bennington, Shiawassee
10/17/1867 at Conway by JP B H Mowers
M A Mowers, Conway and A M Dexter, Tyrone 3a:1
PLACEWAY, JOHN  23, Brighton and
Caroline S Morgan  20, Brighton
12/1/1866 by Rev John W Crippen
Richard P Lyon and Osson T Vananburgh 3:179
PLACEWAY, SAMUEL  23, Hamburg and
Eliza A Spring  21, Hamburg
2/24/1869 at Hamburg by Rev O J Perrin
William N Hodgerman, Putnam and Niles Case, Hamburg 3a:14
Louisa A Collins Hamburg
1/1/1867 by Rev O J Perrin
Norman Collins and William Placeway 3:191
PLACEWAY, WILLIAM H  23, Hamburg and
R Caroline Salmon  19, Hamburg
2/15/1865 by Rev J O Bancroft
William Placeway and S D Salmon 3:90
PLASE, JOSEPH  25,, Shiawassee and
Adelia Williams  26,
5/3/1863 at house of Henry Rainers, Conway by Rev J Kilpatrick
P C Leavenworth and S A Leavenworth 3:40
PLATT, WILLIAM H  27, Brighton and
Eliza Bidwell  19, Brighton
10/16/1862 at Brighton by Rev R G McCarthy
Thomas B Walsh and Annie Buck 3:4
PLESS, ANDREW C  29, Genoa and
Margarette M Euler  18, Genoa
5/31/1860 by Rev Robert McBride
L D Fish, Brighton and George Fowler, Brighton 2:307
PLUMMER, HENRY W  24, Putnam and
Sarah Ann Leary  19, Hamburg
1/5/1868 at Hamburg by Rev O J Perrin
Samuel Leddick, Putnam and Hugh Clark, Putnam 3a:5
PLYMTON, CHARLES N  25, Putnam and
Maria E Francis  20, Putnam
12/6/1861 at Pinckney by JP J M Eamon
John Sykes and Harriet Sykes 2:381
POLLOCK, CHARLES  26, Gran Blanc, Genesee and
Eunice A Richman  21, Conway
7/3/1861 B Hamp
Daniel Sabin and Harriet Richman 2:355
PORTER, FREEMAN  30, Conway and
Sarah Ann Niles  19, Conway
7/3/1855 by Rev Samuel Currier
Edmund Niles and Ann Niles 2:154
PORTER, ROBERT  22, Putnam and
Ellen Green  17, Putnam
6/11/1860 at Cohoctah by JP Jacob Canouse
John Blanck and Joseph Agnew 2:309
PORTER, ROBERT  22, Putnam and
Ellen Green  17, Putnam
6/11/1866 at Putnam by JP J W Hinchey
PORTER, TRUMAN  46, Conway and
Mrs Hannah McCole  30, Conway
4/14/1864 at Fowlerville by Rev J Kilpatrick
Mary E Stanfield and A S Brown 3:69
POST, OSCAR C  23, White Oak, Ingham and
Viola V Hall  17, White Oak, Ingham
4/7/1868 at Putnam by Rev E W Brockway
F S Brockway, Williamsville and Mary Brockway, Green Oak 3a:9
POTTER, FRANK  25, Howell and
Sarah Dansby  18, Howell
1/3/1869 at Brighton by Rev William J Clack
Richard Lyon Jr, Brighton and Martha Lyon, Brighton 3a:18
POWER, WILLIAM M  28, Hamburg and
Allice Collins  22, Hamburg
12/31/1861 by Rev George Bachman
N L Embry and Luther Moon, Hamburg 2:370
PRATT, ALONZO H  34, Rose, Oakland and
Adelia Pierce  26, Tyrone
12/18/1864 at Hartland by Rev J Kilpatrick
Donald Rich, Hartland and Adolphus Cary, Hartland 3:123
PRATT, DR WILLIAM H  31, Commerce, Oakland and
A E Gilbert  27, Howell
11/15/1865 at Howell by Rev William Tilley
L D Smith and F C Bascomb 3:126
PRATT, GEORGE W  29, Scio, Washtenaw and
Emiline E Arnold  34, Scio, Washtenaw
12/8/1869 at Pinckney by JP M F Darrow
Ella Darrow, Pinckney and Marice P---, Pinckney 3a:23
PRATT, JAMES A  22, Conway and
Elizabeth McKane  18, Conway
2/5/1865 by JP Ralph Fowler
Mary Fowler and Eugine Fowler 3:97
PRATT, JOHN E  24, Deerfield and
Emily Ward  19, Cohoctah
1/20/1859 at Cohoctah by JP Luther Pratt
Edward Hadsell and L S Pratt 2:259
PRATT, WILLIAM B  26, Argentine, Genesee and
Caroline Wines  20, Conway
2/22/1866 at Conway by Rev Thomas Lowden
John Kider and Charlotte Kider 3:140
PRESTON, ELMER  20, Tyrone and
Anna Browm  20, Hartland
12/30/1867 at Hartland by Rev A J Richards
Lucius Cleveland, Hartland and Lizza Cleveland, Hartland 3a:6
PRESTON, JOSEPH S  21, Howell and
Alma Wright  20, Handy
6/21/1855 by Rev O D W White
Theron Metcalf and Mary Childs 2:156
PRICE, GEORGE H  25, Adrain, --- and
Charlotte Preston  18, Howell
9/4/1865 at Howell by Rev H O Parker
H E Read, Howell and Eliza Dunn, Howell 3:118
PRIOR, FREDERICK  26, Milford, Oakland and
Elizabeth Foundson  21, Brighton
2/28/1867 by Rev Benjamin Franklin
Henry T Ross, Brighton and Alma S Ross, Brighton 3:199
PROCTOR, ISAAC  26, Brighton and
Sarah A Hoyt  23, Howell
8/13/1859 by Rev Robert McBride
L K Hewett, Howell and J L Hewett, Howell 2:218
Clarissa A Griswold  22,
2/15/1863 at Oceola by Rev John G Horton
Robert C Hutton, Howell and Martha A Hutton, Howell 3:21
PULCIPHER, EATON W  33, Brighton and
Mills Sarah Brighton  32, Brighton
4/19/1851 at Brighton by JP Ira W Case
Legrannie Lamphere and Mrs James N --- 2:33
PULLEN, MILTON H  24, Putnam and
Elizabeth M Beeby  18, Putnam
8/18/1867 at Pinckney by Rev Oliver J Perrin
D H Townsend, Putnam and O E Townsend, Putnam 3:225
PURDY, JOHN  27, Green Oak and
Lydia Ann Avis  22, Green Oak
8/10/1862 at Green Oak by Rev Horatio A Baker
Philip Green Oak Roper and Sarah Roper, Green Oak 3:26
PUTNAM, JOHN  27, Brighton and
Harriet Harrington  39, Brighton
4/16/1854 by Rev Hiram Rathburn
E Gibs and Chancey Weaver 2:111
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