1850-1870 Marriages by Groom: R

Line 1: Groom's Name, Age and Residence
Line 2: Bride's Name, Age and Residence
Line 3: Marriage Date and Place; Person perfoming marriage
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Margaret Tooley  18,
2/3/1859 by Rev William Stedman
William Tooley, Genoa and Caroline Tooley, Genoa 2:250
RANDALL, ABIATHAR  23, Conway and
Esther Camp  20, Conway
11/27/1854 by JP Samuel Ball
Darius Rust and Eri Wetherell 2:128
RANDALL, ABIATHAR G  19, Conway and
Samantha Jackson  35, Conway
8/11/1860 by JP Mylo Gay
F C Whipple and William McCally 2:314
RANDALL, JOHN  25, Putnam and
Fanny Love  21, Marion
10/11/1868 at Putnam by Rev Oliver J Perrin
George Reynolds, Putnam and Hattie S Lakin, Putnam 3a:11
RANDALL, MORGAN M  46, Handy and
Hannah R Grummond  26, Handy
11/11/1865 at Fowlerville by JP R Fowler
Mary Fowler, Handy and Hellen Fowler, Handy 3:123
RANDALL, MORGAN M  46, Handy and
Hannah R Grummond  25, Handy
11/12/1865 at Handy by JP R Fowler
Mary Fowler, Handy and Hellen Fowler, Handy 3:202
RANDALL, SCHUYLER  30, Cohoctah and
Lacinda Ackley  17, Cohoctah
1/6/1864 at Cohoctah by JP Michael Thatcher
Hannah Thatcher and Olive Randall 3:58
RANDALL, WILLIAM C  24, Cohoctah and
Mary Ann Kanouse  22, Cohoctah
4/5/1866 at Cohoctah by Rev Thomas Lowden
Luther Kanouse, Cohoctah and Verma Kanouse, Cohoctah 3:146
RAPSON, JOHN  26, Genoa and
Emmy Cruls  16, Genoa
11/10/1859 by JP O H Winegar
Horace Burgess and A A Winegar 2:291
RAY, GEORGE W  31, Brighton and
Carie Pond  18, Brighton
10/21/1860 at Brighton Ira Warner
Laura Warner and Albert McDaniels 2:326
RAYMOND, SAMUEL D  30, Jackson, Jackson and
Mary W Lapham  30, Jackson, Jackson
9/21/1854 by Rev Robert McBride
Abraham Koons, Howell and J M Gilbert, Howell 2:119
READ, GEORGE C  22, Webster, Washtenaw and
Mellissa M Ray  17, Dexter, Washtenaw
6/4/1868 at Unadilla by Rev James Pyper
Mrs J Pyper, Unadilla and Benjamin Asgeth, Unadilla 3a:16
READ, RICHARD  36, Green Oak and
Catharine Hannon  52, Green Oak
3/31/1852 by JP John Tuttle
Isaac Ela, Green Oak and Abigail Ela, Green Oak 2:63
REASON, ELIJAH  24, Putnam and
Elizabeth Rubbins  19, Marion
1/1/1866 at Howell by Rev H O Parker
Eathen R Beach, Iosco and Adaline Rubbins, Marion 3:183
REASON, FRANCIS  23, Unadilla and
Mary Marble  26, Putnam
9/1/1862 at Unadilla by Rev James Pyper
Elijah Reason, Unadilla and Israel Newsick, Unadilla 3:44
REASON, JOHN  21, Unadilla and
Maria Lewis  19, Unadilla
2/5/1854 by JP Theron Winans
Mitchel Whited, Iosco and Susan Whited, Iosco 2:99
REED, ALANSON G  26, Bennington, Shiawassee and
Lucinda Moody  17, Antrim, Shiawassee
3/31/1863 at Conway by Rev Thomas Lowden
Israel B Coleman, Conway and Rhoda P Lake, Conway 3:27
REED, JOHN  40, Green Oak and
Esther Kisbey  37, Green Oak
12/4/1867 at Brighton by Rev Thomas Nichols
Henry Davis, Brighton and Marjotte Davis, Brighton 3a:3
REELS, ALBERT  23, Genoa and
Jane Cole  16, Genoa
10/28/1855 by JP Herman C House
Joseph Cole and Elizabeth House 2:161
REESE, JAMES  31, Cohoctah and
Julia E Hetchler  19, Cohoctah
1/26/1866 at Howell by JP Mylo L Gay
Joseph Brown, Howell and Electa Reese, Cohoctah 3:220
REESE, JAMES H  23, Oceola and
Mary Willet  18, Oceola
5/25/1857 by JP Joseph Blinston
Thomas Reese, Oceola and C Bidelman, Oceola 2:204
REESE, THOMAS  32, Oceola and
Electa Dean  19, Genoa
7/19/1859 by JP James Murray
Charles Dean and Jerusha Dean 2:207
REEVES, CHARLES  40, Genoa and
Mary Ann Bigham  39, Brighton
5/15/1866 at Hartland by JP James Gleason
Edward Gleason and Charles Stevens 3:151
REIM, FREDERICK  47, Conway and
Mrs Rosetta Smith  41, Conway
2/5/1868 at Conway by JP William P Stow
John A Brown, Howell and Porsena F Brown, Howell 3a:6
REINER, AUGUSTUS  21, Brighton and
Matilda M Judson  19, Brighton
5/27/1868 at Brighton by Rev Davis A Curtis
Charles E Cushing, Brighton and Sarah E Case, Brighton 3a:9
RENN, SOLOMON  26, Genoa and
Mehitible Stewart  18, Hamburg
10/27/1850 at Hamburg by JP Herman C House
REYNOLDS, GEORGE E  21, Putnam and
Harriett L Laking  19, Putnam
3/10/1869 at Putnam by Rev Oliver J Perrin
George Bland and Harriet Bland 3a:15
REYNOLDS, L J  22, Hamburg and
Rachael Teachworth  18, Hamburg
6/14/1869 by JP George Cameron
Gordon Teachworth and Clarissa Teachworth 2:349
REYNOLDS, MILTON W  23, Nebraska City, ---, NB and
Sarah Galloway  24, Hamburg
6/14/1858 by Rev Elijah Pilcher
Edward Winans, Hamburg and Elizabeth Winans, Hamburg 2:226
RICE, HUGH H  22, Hamburg and
Margaret E M Sanford  17, ---, Shiawassee
12/2/1866 at Pinckney by JP M F Darrow
John Reason and M A Rose 3:177
RICE, JACOB  32, Hamburg and
Angeline Smith  22, Hamburg
3/6/1851 at Borden by Rev W E
John Van Fleet, Hamburg and Margarett Van Fleet, Hamburg 2:31
RICHARDS, GERMAN  26, Oceola and
Lucretta A Brown  24, Genoa
5/31/1851 by Rev E W Borden
John Richards, Genoa and Eliza Holt, Oceola 2:39
RICHARDSON, A W  40, Hartland and
Mary Cleveland  21, Hartland
6/11/1859 by Rev L Calkin
E A Stephens and Julia Ames 2:206
RICHMOND, TRACY  21, Howell and
Sarepta Brumdage  20, Howell
 by JP Daniel Case
J W Richmond, Howell and Em Townsend, Howell 2:213
RICKETT, ALFRED  24, Genoa and
Emma Multops  18, Genoa
3/30/1863 at Green Oak by Rev R G McCarthy
Isadore Multops and Julia Multops 3:23
RIDDLE, ALBERT  22, Oceola and
Eliza Jane Holt  17, Oceola
11/13/1851 by Rev John Horton
Amos Beebe, Oceola and Alma Riddle, Oceola 2:52
RIDDLE, LUCIUS E  25, Oceola and
Betsy A Elliot  24, Oceola
12/14/1859 at Howell by Rev Robert McBride
Alice McBride, Howell and Mary Gale, Genoa 2:288
RIDER, J ALBERT  22, Genoa and
Helen M Morton  18, Genoa
9/18/1867 at Norton Hotel, Genoa by Rev Albert Lewis
Jennie Gayard, Genoa and Charles Durfee, Brighton 3a:3
RIDER, WILLIAM A  22, Deerfield and
Florence E Graham  21, Cohoctah
12/16/1869 at Hartland by Rev A J Richards
E B Rider, Deerfield and S Vanloon, Howell 3a:24
Nancy Hadsell  16, Cohoctah
3/31/1861 at Cohoctah by JP Luther Pratt
L S Pratt, Cohoctah and M Drummond, Cohoctah 2:353
Julia R Vaughn  22, Jackson, Jackson
8/19/1866 at house of Mr Risden, Iosco by JP E C Wright
Renan Lewis and John Furguson 3:164
RIST, SAMUEL  22, Conway and
Mary Ann Schenck  22, Milford, Oakland
6/30/1861 at Fowlerville by JP T D Fisk
A H Benedict, Fowlerville and J G Gould, Fowlerville 3:11
ROBERTS, D N Tuscola and
Louisa Head Tuscola
6/15/1851 by Rev W W Johnson
A Roberts and H Hosley 2:38
ROBERTS, DAVID  30, Iosco and
Margaret Ruhn  34, Iosco
9/13/1868 at Iosco by Rev James L McKinley
Simon P Ruhn, Iosco and Mary E Smith, Iosco 3a:11
ROBERTS, WILLIAM  22, Howell and
Sarah Grimes  18, Howell
11/10/1870 at Brighton by JP Herman C House
Robert Bigham, Brighton and Wallace H Case, Brighton 3a:31
ROBERTSON, GEORGE W  24, Mt Clemens, --- and
Celia E J Woodruff  20, Brighton
8/24/1862 by Rev R G McCarthy
Kingsley Bingham and Mrs Frances A Bingham 3:2
ROBINSON, JAMES  28, Howell and
Martha Perry  23, Howell
11/2/1861 by JP William Lake
Eli Hemish and Almira Hemish 2:367
Cleantha A Ellia  22, Cohoctah
12/22/1868 at Howell by Rev J S Borden
A P Dickenson, Howell and Mary E Rubent, Howell 3a:13
ROBINSON, TIMOTHY  28, Burns, Shiawassee and
Marady Whipple  16, Burns, Shiawassee
9/18/1864 at home of Joseph Wise Jr JP
Ira Holt and Henry Hoisington 3:82
ROBSILVER, FREDRICK  25, Deerfield and
Clarina Libby  17, Deerfield
1/1/1861 by JP Joseph Wise
Daniel Hyatt and Jacob Libby 2:337
RODGERS, A W  22, Brighton and
Louisa Morgan  18, Brighton
1/30/1868 at Brighton by Rev Thomas Nicholds
John M Placeway, Brighton and Electa Morgan, Brighton 3a:7
RODGERS, HENRY  24, Howell and
Martha C Lyon  18, Marion
8/14/1869 at Brighton by Rev William J Clack
Mrs Mary Clack, Brighton and Mra Delia Hazelton, Pontiac 3a:21
RODGERS, JOHN  37, Green Oak and
Mary McGregor  28, Detroit, Wayne
7/1/1853 at Green Oak by Rev C Osborne
James McLaughlin and Mrs James McLaughlin 2:85
ROGERS, DAVID N  23, Stockbridge, Ingham and
Laura S Smith  17, Stockbridge, Ingham
5/27/1861 by Rev S R Bissel
Dwight Fox, Stockbridge and Ellen Fox, Stockbridge 2:353
ROGERS, EDWIN  20, Oceola and
Sarah Lenis  20, Oceola
12/13/1855 by Rev John Horton
A Lewis, Oceola and Huldah Lewis, Oceola 2:167
ROGERS, FRANCIS D  27, Brighton and
Emma C Crouse  19, Brighton
4/12/1868 at Howell by Rev William Tilley
Ransome M Filmore, Brighton and Viola A Filmore, Brighton 3a:8
ROGERS, GEORGE W  21, Brighton and
Augusta E Clark  17, Brighton
12/1/1865 at Brighton by Rev P C Dayfoot
Frances O Rogers, Brighton and Cyntha A King, Brighton 3:144
ROGERS, GILBERT L  35, Novi, Oakland and
Margarett Gilluly  32, Hamburg
4/30/1855 at Hamburg by Rev J Cook
Mr Judson, Brighton and Manly Smith, Brighton 2:146
ROGERS, HENRY A  23, Howell and
Amanda E Carl  20, Howell
6/4/1868 at Howell by Rev F W Warren
Mrs L L Warren, Howell and Mra Clara Smith, Howell 3a:9
ROGERS, HENRY W  23, Oceola and
Ann E Palmer  Oceola
1/1/1858 at Oceola by JP Daniel Rich
William Palmer and William Kinney 2:219
ROOT, CHARLES H  22, Handy and
Sarah Ann Sexton  18, Handy
11/16/1870 at Howell by Rev J S Boyland
A T Boyland, Howell and B Kneeland, Howell 3:31
RORABACHER, EDWARD F  23, Green Oak and
Mary Ettie Hollister  17, Green Oak
12/9/1869 at Green Oak by Rev William J Clack
Edward F Holister, Green Oak and Emily J Holister, Green Oak 3a:25
ROSE, CHARLES B  32, Unadilla and
Maria Winans  33, Unadilla
1/12/1851 by JP Theron Winans
Orange Bangs and Laurette Bangs 2:33
ROSEA, SQUIRE  21, Brighton and
Levantia Gay  21, Brighton
3/1/1858 by Rev John ---
Theodore Gay, Brighton and Roasna Gay, Brighton 2:218
ROSS, WILLIAM  22, Hartland and
Laura A Smith  24, Hartland
6/1/1865 by Rev L S Day
E S Holdridge and Josie Holdridge 3:107
ROUNDS, ANDREW J  26, Marion and
Caroline J Pardy  17, Oceola
1/29/1860 by Rev Robert McBride
Abbie McBride, Howell and Mary Gale, Genoa 2:293
ROUNDS, JOSEPH W  23, Marion and
Lucinda Green  18, Marion
3/8/1848 by JP George Bennett
Sylvester G Noble, Unadilla and Nelson Green, Unadilla 3:51
ROUSE, GEORGE  27, Leroy, Ingham and
Sarah A McGorman  20, Wheatfield, Ingham
5/14/1865 at Handy by JP Ralph Fowler
Walter Fowler and Thomas B Wilson 3:99
ROWLAND, LEWIS M  27, Marion and
Nancy Stafford  26, Howell
9/20/1863 at Howell by Rev James Griffes
H W Cardell, Howell and Charles Barber, Howell 3:38
ROWLAND, MORGAN L  59, Howell and
Sophia Johnson  34, Putnam
11/2/1864 by JP Hiram Backus
ROYCE, BARTON  21, Hamburg and
Ida Victoria Grisson  18, Hamburg
11/23/1862 at Hamburg by Rev George O Bachman
F Grisson and G H Royce 3:16
ROYCE, WILLIAM  33, Ypsilanti, Washtenaw and
Sarah Wosbas  18, Ypsilanti, Washtenaw
3/26/1859 at Green Oak John Tuttle
RUMSEY, ANDREW J  29, Howell and
Magie Galizer  25, Howell
7/21/1869 at Brighton by JP Benjamin T O Clark
Robert Bigham, Brighton and Malinda Bigham, Brighton 3a:19
RUMSEY, JAMES  20, Oceola and
Mary E Tenny  20, Hartland
4/6/1854 by Rev John Horton
Caroline Tenny, Hartland and Philander Tenny, Hartland 2:113
RUMSEY, ROYAL H  23, Howell and
Flora Knapp  16, Howell
8/15/1866 by Rev William Tilley
Solomon T Lyon and Sarah E Lyon 3:173
RUMSEY, WILLIAM D  22, Howell and
Margaret Jorden  20, Howell
1/10/1869 at Howell by JP Daniel Case
Mrs Daniel Case, Howell and Miss Anna White, Howell 3a:14
RUST, DARIUS  22, Handy and
Louise A Barker  22, Handy
5/6/1855 at Conway by Rev James Hawley
Henry Kimbal and Helen Balch 2:150
RYAN, WILLIAM A  20, Howell and
Alvira A Archer  19, Howell
1/28/1853 at Howell by Rev George Bridge
William Bridge and William Archer 2:76
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