1850-1870 Marriages by Groom: S

Line 1: Groom's Name, Age and Residence
Line 2: Bride's Name, Age and Residence
Line 3: Marriage Date and Place; Person perfoming marriage
Line 4: Witnesses                                                                 Volume Number:Page Number
SABIN, ALONSO D  18, Conway and
Hannah Jane Witherell  18, Conway
3/16/1856 at Conway by JP Samuel Ball
Mary Ann Ball, Conway and Eri Witherell, Conway 2:183
SABIN, DANIEL  19, Conway and
Harriett Richmond  20, Conway
8/17/1862 at Conway by JP Charles Drumm
Ranson Converse and Harriett Converse 3:9
SABIN, MONTEVILLE  21, Conway and
Julia D Adams  17, Conway
8/3/1856 at Conway by JP Samuel Ball
Edgar Purdy, Conway and Thomas Purdy, Conway 2:183
SACKNER, GEORGE  23, Deerfield and
Sarah Jane Brumon  16, Deerfield
1/11/1855 by JP Augustus Fox
Ira Marble and Mary Marble 2:142
SAFFORD, JOHN M  22, Tyrone and
Mary E Cranston  21, Tyrone
2/16/1868 at Tyrone by JP John C Salsberry
Harrison Chase, Tyrone and Thomas V Carmer, Tyrone 3a:7
Alice L Ayres Deerfield
12/23/1863 by Rev L C York
Robert Bigham and Eli L Soule 3:232
SANDERS, HENRY J  21, Oceola and
Elyers M Babcock  15, Oceola
4/29/1868 at Brighton by Rev Thomas Nicholds
Robert Bigham, Brighton and Mary Bigham, Brighton 3a:10
SANDERS, ROBERT  45, Tuscola and
Anny C Ellsworth  28, Deerfield
4/9/1853 by JP John Anderson
Alvin Jones, Deerfield and Hiram Stoddard, Deerfield 2:81
SARGENT, EVERT D  25, Howell and
Sarah L Soule  22, Cohoctah
1/11/1869 at Cohoctah by Rev R C Crane
Cecil D Parsons, Conway and Nettie Daily, Conway 3a:14
SAUNDERS, AARON  26, Oceola and
Mary Ann Smith  19, Brighton
3/29/1850 by JP C W Bunwell
William Elliot, Genoa and Frances Woodward, Genoa 2:6
SAUNDERS, GEORGE K  22, Oceola and
Matilda L Babcock  18, Tyrone
12/25/1849 by Rev Alonzo May
D L Babcock, Tyrone and G W Borden, Tyrone 2:1
SAUNDERS, WILLIAM N  26, Marion and
Audella L Case  20, Howell
9/16/1868 at Howell by JP Daniel Case
Charles C South, Hamburg and Eliza A Spring, Hamburg 3a:10
SAVAGE, MARVIN  24, Fowlerville and
Mary F Wyatt  18, Fowlerville
5/23/1868 at Fowlerville by JP H N Spencer
Mrs E J Spencer, Fowlerville and Charles F Williams, Fowlerville 3a:9
SAVAGE, WILLIAM  19, Deerfield and
Phebe A Carrington  15, Deerfield
5/19/1855 by Rev Alonzo May
Ira Savage, Deerfield and Oliver Bassett, Deerfield 2:153
SAWYER, DANIEL  42, Conway and
Sarah Bennett  38, Howell
6/5/1859 at Howell by Rev William Stedman
Seldon Pullen and Ann Pullen 2:265
SAWYER, DAVID  23, Hamburg and
Amanda Thomas  19, Webster, Washtenaw
10/7/1866 at Brighton by JP Herman C House
Lewis N Algero, Brighton and Jason N Walton, Hartland 3:165
SAWYER, OLIVER J  26, Conway and
Eliza J Kenedy  16, Conway
11/5/1854 by JP H H Hoyt
Galusha Brown, Conway and Adaline Hatch, Conway 2:124
Henryette F Thrun  18, Genoa
10/25/1868 at Genoa by Rev W Kramer
John Kehr, Genoa and William Koch, Genoa 3a:12
Rosana Bayton  24, Genoa
4/3/1862 at Brighton by Rev Richard G McCarthy
Juliette Hoagland, Marion and J E W---, Brighton 2:385
Martha Alice Childs  22, Howell
7/4/1868 at Howell by Rev George W Jenks
Louisea Jenks, Howell and Emily Barrett, Howell 3a:10
SCHOENHALS, JOHN  Oberbristenbach, GR and
Karoline Augustosuhr  Genoa
5/15/1866 by Rev C F Worth
John E Weichans, Brighton and Karoline Weichans, Brighton 3:148
SCHUYLER, AARON  29, Dexter, Washtenaw and
Manerva Peebles  19, Howell
5/5/1863 at Howell by Rev D C Jacobs
Ira P Bingham and Mary Kellog 3:24
SCILER, JACOB  27, Burns, Shiawassee and
Hannah Tumpser  19, Cohoctah
5/1/1866 at Cohoctah by JP Thomas Goldsmith
J W Stelser, Cohoctah and M Stelser, Cohoctah 3:237
SCOFIELD, A HAMMOND  27, Howell and
Emma Raywalt  17, Howell
10/4/1864 by Rev J Ford Sutton
Mrs Scofield and Mrs Raywalt 3:82
SCOFIELD, ALVIA W  22, Howell and
Mary L McDowell  21, Marion
1/21/1865 at Marion by Rev H O Parker
A H Scofield, Howell and Emma Scofield, Howell 3:115
SCOTT, BELA  22, Oceola and
Olive Taft  18, Oceola
2/22/1866 at Howell by Rev William Tilley
John Loger and L Hill 3:142
SEAMAN, WILLIAM  35, Hartland and
Mary Ann Sweet  29, Tyrone
11/23/1853 by Rev Alonzo May
J H Snow, Tyrone and Purves Rogers, Tyrone 2:91
SEAVER, MORTIMER  24, Elgin, Genesee and
Emeline Alvord  22, Conway
5/29/1862 at Conway by JP J B Colburn
Americus Alvord and William Miller 3:2
SECOR, JOHN  23, Newark, Wayne, NY and
Alace Wrey  16, Unadilla
7/3/1853 by JP Theron Winans
S S Richmond, Unadilla and Ellen Green, Unadilla 2:87
SEGAR, THOMAS  26, Iosco and
Helen Douglass  17, Iosco
3/13/1850 by JP A M Odell
William Rector, Iosco and Miles Collins, Iosco 2:10
SELFRIDGE, DANIEL  36, Locke, Ingham and
Elizabeth Crandall  19, Locke, Ingham
10/28/1861 at Cohoctah by JP S O Soule
J W Soule and J B Lorne 2:364
SELLERS, SAMUEL  40, Deerfield and
Alice Welch  20, Deerfield
3/17/1855 at Deerfield by JP K S Franklin
George Green, Deerfield and Thomas Cathrell, Oceola 2:138
Mary E Stevely  16, Howell
12/29/1867 at Fowlerville by JP R Fowler
P Veley, Fowlerville and S Veley 3a:19
SEWARD, R B  22, Handy and
Sylva J Mastick  16, Handy
12/31/1856 at Howell by JP Mylo Gay
F Wells, Howell and Charles Mastick, Handy 2:196
SEXTON, ORVILLE W  22, Marion and
Sylvia L Bennett  21, Hamburg
3/22/1865 by Rev J O Bancroft
R H Bennett and George Jerples 3:100
SEXTON, WILLIAM  56, Marion and
Arvilla A Hubbell  43, Howell
2/19/1865 at Howell by Rev H O Parker
Sasdie F Hubbell, Howell and Ellen Hubbell, Howell 3:115
SHAD, WILLIAM  30, Tyrone and
Lydia Beebe  17, Tyrone
11/12/1854 by Rev Alonzo May
N Austin, Tyrone and N A May, Tyrone 2:129
SHADD, HENRY  22, Mill Creek, Williams, OH and
Arvilla E Bates  21, Hartland
2/23/1861 at Hartland by JP Daniel Rich
William Russell, Tyrone and William Worthington, Hartland 2:351
SHAFER, CHARLES  23, Brighton and
Ann E Vandgile  20, Iosco
1/28/1868 at Iosco by JP Ara R Smith
John Taylor, Brighton and Henry Wooden, Iosco 3a:6
SHAFER, ELIAS  27, Lansing, Ingham and
Ella Redmond  20, Dewitt, ---
7/27/1870 at Marion by Rev G L Foster
H H Norton, Marion and Malcomb Norton, Marion 3a:29
SHAFFER, GEORGE  25, Tuscola and
Mary Reit  18, Tuscola
3/30/1859 at Tuscola by JP Samuel Ball
John Bohow, Tuscola and R McArdle, Tuscola 2:217
SHAFT, EDWIN J  22, Woodhull, Shiawasee and
Catharine Holmes  19, Oceola
1/17/1852 by JP J H Galloway
Jane Shaft, Howell and George Foster, Howell 2:61
SHARP, JOSEPH  30, Stockbridge, Ingham and
Mary Lindsley  19, Ingham, Ingham
11/14/1861 by Rev J R Bissell
O H Obert, Unadilla and Royal Barnum, Unadilla 2:366
SHARP, JOSIAH  19, Genoa and
Charloty Felps  24, Genoa
11/9/1862 by Rev William Steadman
William Sharp and Huldah Sharp 3:18
SHARP, RICHARD  24, Genoa and
Lydia Phelps  15, Genoa
5/8/1859 at Marion by JP William Totten
Isaac Davis, Marion and William Sharp, Marion 2:269
SHARP, SAMUEL  23, Unadilla and
Maria A Shaller  21, Unadilla
10/12/1856 by JP J S Gield
William Sharp, Unadilla and Phebe Sharp, Unadilla 2:180
SHARP, WILLIAM  38, Iosco and
Mary Melissa Rathburn  22, Unadilla
5/9/1868 at Fowlerville by Rev A C Crane
Wilson Hildreth, Fowlerville and Sarah A Hildreth, Fowlerville 3a:8
SHARP, WILLIAM  28, Unadilla and
Phebe A Kelly  23, Unadilla
12/25/1855 at Unadilla by JP J S Field
David Lyman and Asa Chalker 2:169
SHARP, WILLIAM S  25, Marion and
Huldah J Brooks  16, Marion
5/10/1853 by Rev Louis Mills
Eliza Mills, Howell and James Brooks, Marion 2:83
SHAUTS, JOHN  29, ---, Shiawassee and
Kate Kief  29, ---, Shiawassee
11/9/1867 at Hartland by Rev A J Richards
R L Richards, Hartland and L C Richards, Hartland 3a:7
SHAW, ALEXANDER M  25, ---, Lenawee and
Marinda E Webb  22, ---, Ingham
8/30/1865 at Howell by JP Dennis Shields
U L Mead and S C Hazard 3:109
SHAY, ORSELOUS  21, Superior, Washtenaw and
Phebe A Phelps  19, Green Oak
1/25/1865 by Rev David A Curtis
William B Cushing and Valinda Redford 3:130
Sarah Jane Haywood
10/15/1863 Chcuncy S Marvin
Israel C Hall 3:75
Caroline Lounger  Hamburg
1/24/1859 by JP F D Fish
SHERMAN, CHARLES  31, Gaines, Genesse and
Nancy O Keys  22, Banus, ---
8/19/1866 by JP Michael Thatcher
Hannah Thatcher and A P Sears 3:167
SHERMAN, JOB  42, Handy and
Catharine Dolph  20, Howell
5/12/1867 by Rev David A Curtis
Robert Bird and Ebin Parker 3:206
SHERMAN, LEVI  25, Deerfield and
Mary Marble  16, Deerfield
12/31/1868 at Howell by Rev Albert C Lewis
Robert Deerfield McKinley and M Conklin, Deerfield 3a:13
SHERMAN, NELSON B  28, Fairgrove, --- and
Hellen J Cook  28, Hartland
10/14/1868 at Hartland by Rev Joseph W Holt
George H Cook, Hartland and Araswell Lamb, Hartland 3a:21
SHERMAN, ROGER  23, Conway and
F Emma Swarthout  20, Handy
10/3/1866 at Handy by Rev Thomas Lowden
Henry Colborn, Conway and Eliza R Colborn, Conway 3:168
SHERRY, THOMAS  23, Woodhull, Shiawassee and
Caroline Dingmon  21, Conway
2/22/1866 at Howell by Rev H O Parker
A Finch, Woodhull and Ursola Van Dereaurr 3:185
SHERWOOD, JAMES  28, Detroit, Wayne and
Esther Grant  23, Handy
1/20/1859 at house of Giles Tucker, Handy by Rev S F Lee
Mrs R H Fowler, Handy and Giles Tucker, Handy 2:248
SHINDEHETTE, HENRY  24, Redford, Wayne and
Samantha Diamon  21, Howell
4/16/1865 at Howell by JP Daniel Case
George M Diamon, Howell and Andella L Case, Howell 3:92
SHONG, PETER Green Oak and
Mary Ann Sopp Green Oak
11/21/1861 at house of William Sopp, Green Oak by JP H L Dean
Marshall Sopp and William Sopp 2:373
SHULDS, JOHN  25, Tuscola and
Hatharine E Slaseler  23, Tuscola
7/7/1853 by JP Thomas Goldsmith
John Neely and Henry Thorton 2:90
SIDELL, WILLIAM  26, New Hudson, Oakland and
Jane Fuller  22, Brighton
10/8/1862 at Brighton by Rev R G McCarthy
J G Spencer and L S Spencer 3:5
SIGLER, FRANK A  21, Putnam and
Julia A Wheeler  18, Putnam
5/13/1868 at Putnam by Rev Oliver J Perrin
Charles Young, Putnam and Clark A Wheeler, Putnam 3a:8
SIGLER, GRATTAN H  23, Pinckney and
Jennie D Wheeler  20, Pinckney
2/21/1865 by Rev J O Bancroft
Charles Youngs and N D Potter 3:87
SILER, JOHN M  43, Burne, Shiawassee and
Catherine Tumser  43, Cohoctah
3/5/1858 at Cohoctah by JP Luther Pratt
L S Pratt and A Horning 2:223
SILSBY, ISAAC M  21, and
Electa E Camp  19, Conway
6/18/1851 by JP Martin Randall
David Cooper, Conway and Mary Silsby, Conway 2:42
SILSBY, PHINEAS  60, Conway and
Margaret Hawley  41, Handy
10/1/1856 at Conway by Rev J W Andrews
Elisha Grant and Emeline Grand 3:233
SIMMONS, CHARLEY D  18, Handy and
Della E Weller  17, Handy
4/15/1868 at Handy by JP E Fowler
George T Weller and Julia Weller 3a:20
SIMMONS, COUSTANA  30, Plymouth, Wayne and
Rachael Rounds  24, Marion
9/4/1859 at Marion by JP D S Denton
George Baker, Unadilla and Samuel Evens, Unadilla 2:276
SKINK, WILLIAM L  38, Unadilla and
Lucy Montague  36, Unadilla
5/19/1852 at house of Lucy Montague by Rev Joshua Kinne
S G Nobles, Unadilla and Darius Joselin, Unadilla 2:72
SKINNER, A D  21, Tyrone and
Manerva Bates  19, Tyrone
6/9/1852 by Rev A May
A C Preston, Tyrone and Sylvester Bates, Tyrone 2:62
Mary Jane Bucknell  22, Marion
3/10/1868 at Brighton by Rev Benjamin Franklin
Sylvaus L Lyon, Brighton and Robert Bigham, Brighton 3a:7
SLATE, JOHN L  28, Saginaw, Saginaw and
Delphene Lockwood  21, Highland, Oakland
8/24/1867 at Hartland by JP John Dunham
James Lockwood, Highland and Miss Dunham, Hartland 3a:1
SLATTON, ALLEN  23, Handy and
Melvina Jackson  18, Conway
9/20/1865 at Conway by JP Nelson B Green
William Sabin and Martin W Camy 3:125
SLIDER, BENJAMIN  28, Iosco and
Margaret J Faulk  19, Marion
9/13/1858 by Rev P C Dayfoot
John Iosco Slider, Marion and Mary Faulk, Marion 2:233
SLIDER, JOHN D  24, Marion and
Percilla Cobb  18, Marion
3/19/1867 by Rev E C Wright
John W State and H E Avery 3:205
SLOCUM, WILLIAM  28, Conway and
Abigail Ball  29, Conway
11/22/1851 by Rev James Hawley
Martin Camp and Phebe J Camp 2:50
SMALL, JOHN Putnam and
Abigail Burch  18, Putnam
10/6/1850 at house of Benjamin Cushing Brighton by JP Ira W Case
William Burch, Putnam and Nancy White, Putnam 2:17
SMALL, JOSEPH  23, ---, Canada and
Mary Wright  22, Highland, Oakland
12/8/1868 at Brighton by JP H C House
Henry C Locke, Brighton and Mary A Bigham, Brighton 3a:13
SMEAD, FRANK  28, Alamba, ---, NY and
Hetta Reeves  21, Stockwell, Ingham
3/29/1866 at Howell by Rev H O Parker
F G Barker, Stockbridge and Alice Barker, Stockbridge 3:186
SMET, JOHN  26, Deerfield and
Mary McKeon  16, Deerfield
1/17/1859 by Rev A Kimbert
Joseph McKeon and Mary Sweeney 2:247
SMITH, ADAM  24, Marion and
Matilda Bigelow  22, Marion
3/30/1853 at Babcock by JP S E
Stephen Beach, Marion and J Holcomb, Marion 2:80
SMITH, ASA  33, Green Oak and
Mary L J Brockway  28, Green Oak
7/28/1866 by Rev E H Brockway
Evastus Smith and Mary C Van Riper 3:227
SMITH, BURR R  21, Howell and
Mary L Huntley  21, Howell
10/13/1859 by Rev Robert McBride
William Jewett, Howell and J M Gilbert, Howell 2:280
SMITH, CHARLES  21, Hamburg and
Eliza Petteys  18, Hamburg
1/19/1855 at home of S N Whitcomb, Deerfield by Rev B H Hedger
S N Whitcomb, Deerfield and G D Whitcomb, Deerfield 2:139
SMITH, CHAUNCY  22, White Oak, Ingham and
Mariah Sutherton  18, White Oak, Ingham
2/4/1856 at Iosco by JP Ara Smith
Ellen Smith, Iosco and James Archer, Iosco 2:171
SMITH, DARWIN  22, Coldwater, Branch and
Emma A Crippen  21, Brighton
12/27/1866 at Howell by Rev William Tilley
Ansell Crippen and Mavilla Crippen 3:197
SMITH, DAVID O  27, Marion and
Sarah E Baily  17, Marion
3/18/1862 at residence of Charles Baily by Rev W W Olds
H P Beach and George Coleman 2:378
SMITH, ELIJAH  23, Leroy, Ingham and
Louisa Campbell  24, Leroy, Ingham
4/3/1866 at Howell by JP Mylo L Gay
V R Angel, Howell and R T Morgan, Howell 3:220
SMITH, ELISHA G  26, Hartland and
Cordelia Marsh  19, Brighton
4/20/1853 by Rev Edwin Brauch
Phelps Crouse and J Townsley 2:81
SMITH, ENOCH  41, White Oak, Ingham and
Sarah Wright  22, Unadilla
10/1/1856 at Iosco by JP Ara Smith
Marion Segar and Harriet Smith 2:184
Catharine J M Waite  22, Handy
11/21/1868 at Fowlerville by Rev R C Crane
Edward H Parsons, Conway and Albert M Drumon, Fentonville 3a:14
SMITH, FRANKLIN  22, Brighton and
Matilda Placeway  22, Brighton
11/4/1859 at Brighton by Rev Henry Padley
Manly Smith, Brighton and Mrs Manly Smith, Brighton 2:212
SMITH, GEORGE A  24, Howell and
Laura A Plato  23, Howell
12/13/1850 at Howell by Rev E W Borden
Jane Chapel and W B Smith 2:23
SMITH, GEORGE G  29, Green Oak and
Aurelia E Judson  26, Brighton
5/22/1866 by Rev Benjamin Franklin
Isaac H Smith, Green Oak and James H Smith, Green Oak 3:153
SMITH, GEORGE H  28, St Louis, ---, MO and
Annie R Clark  26, Hartland
12/29/1862 at Hartland by Rev Hiram Stowitts
L B Wakeman and L P Wakeman 3:81
SMITH, GEORGE W  22, Brighton and
Mary Fuller  21, Brighton
7/4/1855 at Brighton by Rev Joseph Alwood
Nelson Fuller and Martin Fuller 3:89
SMITH, HENRY  21, Green Oak and
Sarah Ann Gage  16, Green Oak
3/22/1854 at Green Oak by Rev A W Curtie
Ferris Clemnets, Green Oak and Sidney Munsell, Green Oak 2:105
SMITH, ISRAEL  19, Deerfield and
Rachel Jane Kitcher  18, Deerfield
12/2/1869 at Oak Grove by Rev Alexander Gee
George Austin, Oak Grove and Hattie F Austin, Oak Grove 3a:23
SMITH, JAMES H  25, Green Oak and
Elizabeth Lyons  24, Brighton
11/12/1867 at Brighton by Rev Benjamin Franklin
William C Lyon, Brighton and Richard Jackson Lyons, Brighton 3a:1
SMITH, JANIUS S  28, Marion and
Rachel E Beach  21, Iosco
12/20/1870 at Iosco by Rev J S Boyden
Charles Brigham, Howell and Elizabeth Brigham, Howell 3a:33
SMITH, JOHN H  28, Genoa and
Catharine Thompson  25, Genoa
12/7/1867 at Genoa by JP Chester Hazard
N G Norton, Genoa and Elizabeth Norton, Genoa 3a:4
SMITH, JOHN T  28, Green Oak and
Frances Rumsey  19,
3/18/1861 by Rev George King
Isaac Smith and Royal Rumsey 2:343
SMITH, JOHN T  24, Brighton and
Maria D Dean  24, Hamburg
9/14/1859 at Hamburg by Rev Henry Banwell
C Thompson and C Z Smith 2:210
SMITH, JULIUS D  24, Cohoctah and
Therina C Huntington  18, Howell
3/22/1864 at Howell by Rev H S Tibbits
Emeline Smith and J R Tibbits 3:56
SMITH, LAUSON  56, Hartland and
Mrs Elizabeth Gillingham  64, Hartland
4/4/1869 at Hartland by Rev Hiram Wood
Mathew B Lyon, Hartland and Mrs May E Lyon, Hartland 3a:17
SMITH, LEVI M  26, Howell and
Maria P Carpenter  21, Genoa
8/19/1858 at Genoa by Rev P G Dayfoot
Rosanna Dayfoot and Hiram Smith 2:232
SMITH, MANLY  50, Brighton and
Maria Placeway  45, Brighton
3/4/1857 by Rev Henry Padley
John Spencer, Brighton and Lucy Spencer, Brighton 2:202
SMITH, PUTNAM F  50, Putnam and
Roxana Silsbe  40, Putnam
4/7/1852 by JP John Swartout
Jesse House, Putnam and Sarah Ann House, Putnam 2:60
SMITH, SILAS  26, Unadilla and
Marian J Jackson  25, Unadilla
5/16/1865 at Unadilla by Rev George W Lowe
Andrew Jackson, Unadilla and Nancy Taylor, Unadilla 3:228
SMITH, SYLVANUS A  25, Hamburg and
Lavina L Davis  19, Hamburg
7/3/1870 at Brighton by JP Herman C House
Clarissa Tanner, Fowlerville and Elizabeth House, Brighton 3a:28
SMITH, THOMAS J  40, Handy and
Mary Ann Elliott  21, Fowlerville
12/15/1867 at Fowlerville by JP R Fowler
James L Collins, Fowlerville and Mary J Elliott, Fowlerville 3a:3
SMITH, THOMAS T  40, Handy and
Mary Ann Elliott  21, Fowlerville
12/15/1867 at Fowlerville by JP R Fowler
James Collins, Fowlerville and Mary J Elliott, Fowlerville 3a:19
SMITH, TIMOTHY  22, Howell and
Hannah Bucknell  20, Howell
11/7/1869 at Cohoctah by JP Charles A Potter
Lydis M Potter, Cohoctah and James M Barret, Cohoctah 3a:22
SMITH, WILLIAM F  20, Tyrone and
May Farnum  16, Tyrone
2/19/1870 at Tyrone by JP William Beaman
S Beaman and Evaline Beaman 3a:31
SMITH, WILLIAM G Hartland and
Julia E Root Oceola
4/30/1865 by Rev S A Taft
H S Hardy and H P Smith 3:232
SMITH, WILLIS H  24, Marion and
Adila M Dunning  20, Putnam
3/13/1867 at Putnam by Rev H O Parker
Henry H Smith, Marion and Joel R Dunning, Putnam 3:223
Matilda Ann Eldridge  24
4/30/1865 by JP Eli Annis
James Spears and Freeman Webb 3:108
SNELL, WILLIAM H  23, Oceola and
Adaline Miller  24, Oceola
9/19/1859 by Rev Robert McBride
Alice McBride, Howell and Emma Willis, Howell 2:279
SOLMAN, JOHN M  29, Oceola and
Jane McMullen  20, Oceola
9/19/1864 at Oceola by JP K S Franklin
Robert Walker and Ada Rathbone 3:81
SOMNER, C A  22, Ann Arbor, Washtenaw and
Millie D Smith  21, Ypsilanti, Washtenaw
6/7/1867 at Hamburg by JP Ferdinand Grisson
Ida S Royce and Helen Bennett, Hamburg 3:211
SOPP, ISAAC  31, Peotone, ---, IL and
Jane Bloodsworth  28, Genoa
7/4/1866 at Genoa by JP George Mercer
David Taylor, Hamburg and Caroline Goodall, Hamburg 3:158
SOULE, ENOS  28, Handy and
Justina M Curtis  16, Handy
12/14/1854 at house of John Appleton, Brighton by JP Ira W Case
Albert Tanner, Handy and Lewis Wright, Handy 2:134
SOULE, WILLIAM H  23, Brighton and
Elmira A Sprague  19, Cohotach
12/28/1858 by Rev William Stedman
H A Steadman and Elizabeth Steadman 2:244
SOUTHWICK, MYRON H  25, Deerfield and
Louise Havens  24, Howell
11/7/1867 at Howell by Rev George W Jenks
Winton B Brooks, Marion and Sarah E Jenks, Howell 3a:1
SPEARMAN, MURRAY T  31, Putnam and
Emiline Christty  22, Putnam
11/27/1853 by JP T A Grimes
Sarah Brimes, Putnam and Martha Hastings, Putnam 2:99
SPEARS, JAMES B  22, Howell and
Lucy M Whitehead  19, Howell
7/4/1869 at Howell by Rev F W Warren
George Kleckler, Cohoctah and L B Kleckler, Cohoctah 3a:18
SPENCE, THOMAS  26, Concord, ---, NH and
Eliza Rogers  27, Alpine, ---
7/14/1870 at Pinckney by Rev John Fitzmaurice
Alvin Wilsey, Ann Arbor and Catherine Whill, Pinckney 3a:28
Electa M Norton Brighton
3/11/1863 by Rev J O Bancroft
Huldah Bancroft and Maryette Durfee 3:29
SPENCER, WILLIAM H  22, Handy and
Mary E North  17, Handy
10/1/1862 by JP Ralph Fowler
Morgan M Randall and Jefferson Weller 3:95
SPRAGUE, ELIAS C  25, Cohoctah and
Harriett E Sixberry  19, Cohoctah
11/27/1862 at Howell by JP Mylo L Gay
Cyrus G Hayner and Burr R Smith 3:10
SPRAGUE, TEUMAN A  23, Cohoctah and
Lucinda Randall  22, Cohoctah
10/17/1869 at Cohoctah by Rev William N Brichenetine
William Palmer, Cohoctah and Elizabeth Brichenetine, Cohoctah 3a:22
SPRINGSTON, ASMINUS  26, Deerfield and
Maryann Vigus  25, Deerfield
10/17/1869 at Deerfield by JP Simon Kittle
M H Springston, Deerfield and Alonzo C Bustal, Deerfield 3a:22
SPRINGSTON, EBER  28, Deerfield and
Emily Palmer  17, Deerfield
7/4/1866 at Deerfield by Rev H O Parker
J A Brown, Cohoctah and S F Brown, Cohoctah 3:187
ST JOHNS, HIRAM  62, Conway and
Jane Doe  45, Conway
7/28/1870 at Fowlerville by Rev E H Brockway
William W Fritts, Conway and Hannah Fritts, Conway 3a:30
STAFFORD, GEORGE  26, Howell and
Arvilla Carsons  19, Howell
6/19/1866 at Unadilla by Rev George W Lowe
Jacob Dobbins, Waterloo and Elvira Lowe, Unadilla 3:229
STAGE, ALBERT  24, Conway and
Harriett A Holt  16, Conway
10/8/1854 at home of Henry Case JP
William Holt, Conway and Nelson Cole, Conway 2:121
STAGE, ALVIN  28, Conway and
Huldah M Feal  23, Conway
12/1/1867 at Conway by JP William P Stow
Chancey Merrets, Conway and Hannah J Harmon, Handy 3a:3
STAGE, DAVID  25, Conway and
Sarah L Morse  19, Conway
12/12/1854 by JP H H Hoyt
Albin Brown, Conway and Lois Brown, Conway 2:127
STAGE, NATHAN  54, Howell and
Hannah Mason  52, Burns, Shiawassee
11/8/1855 by JP Samuel Ball
Martha Warren and Mary Ann Ball 2:164
STAGE, WILLIAM  22, Conway and
Rachael Madden  16, Conway
12/3/1854 by JP Samuel Ball
Albert Stage and Mary Ann Ball 2:128
Susan McMillan Florida, ---, NY
3/27/1851 at house of John McMillan Florida NY by Rev James Stevenson
STANCHEL, JOHN M  30, Hamburg and
Susan M Kingcode  19, Hamburg
9/23/1851 by JP P S Hendrick
A H Kingcode and P S Hendrick 2:48
STANWAY, CAPT DAVID  27, Camp G 1st Michigan Infantry and
Maria Peach  19, Green Oak
7/4/1864 at Green Oak by Rev Charles E Hewitt
William McAndrew, Ypsilanti and Helen McAndrew, Ypsilanti 3:63
STAPLETON, WILLIAM  22, Grand Rapids, --- and
Laura Thomas  18, Grand Rapids, ---
10/18/1866 at Howell by Rev Albert C Lewis
George Duncan and Dr William L Wells 3:189
STARK, WILLIAM  27, Salem, Washtenaw and
Caroline Sopp  23, Green Oak
5/12/1870 at Green Oak by Rev A M Simouton
Burton Hooper, Green Oak and Elizabeth Hooper, Green Oak 3a:27
STARKES, CHARLES  21, Argentine, Genesee and
Mary Jane Wiles  18, Cohoctah
6/1/1867 at Howell by Rev H O Parker
Alfred S---, Argentine and Jane E Parker, Howell 3:223
STARKS, WILLIAM  23, Leroy, Ingham and
Sally Bennett  14, Locke, Ingham
10/22/1855 at Hamburg by JP Isaac Brown
J D Woodard, Hamburg and Elishel Abel, Hamburg 2:169
STEADMAN, JOHN W  45, Howell and
Harriet West  38, Howell
4/24/1854 at Howell by Rev M E Westlake
William Steadman, Howell and A l Crittenden, Howell 2:111
STEDMAN, GEORGE E  55, Marion and
Betsy Brown  39, Green Oak
12/14/1851 by Rev James Tyler
Linus Clark 2:52
STEDMAN, J ELLIOT  23, Genoa and
Elizabeth Emery  21, Marion
10/5/1854 by Rev William Stedman
Edwin Stedman and Emily Emery 2:128
STEDMAN, JOHN CALHIR  62, Unadilla and
Fanny Ferguson  35, Unadilla
2/20/1869 at Williamsville by Rev E H Brockway
Fidelia S Brockway, Unadilla and Isabell M Ferguson, Unadilla 3a:14
STEEL, JOSEPH  22, Handy and
Melita Wilson  20, Handy
3/13/1855 at Fowlerville by Rev James Hawley
Morgan Randall, Handy and Abby Randall, Handy 2:141
STEEL, THOMAS  34, Williamston, Ingham and
Hannah Hendricks  23, Williamston, Ingham
8/15/1869 at Howell by JP Nicholas Lake
H N Spencer, Howell and Exekie King, Howell 3a:20
STEFFY, LYMAN  24, Burns, Shiawassee and
Esther Scully  18, Tuscola
2/26/1854 at Tuscola by JP Luther Pratt
Deuwain Tuscola Ellis and Dyer Cool, Locke 2:107
STEPHENS, CHARLES H  21, Oceola and
Helen F Judge  18, Oceola
8/18/1861 at Oceola by JP Joseph Blinston
Frank Mealis, Oceola and Edward Browning, Oceola 2:362
STEPHENS, JOHN  29, Howell and
Amy E Philips  17, Howell
12/31/1861 by JP William Lake
Ethel Stewart and Jerome Philips 2:373
STEPHENS, ROYAL  23, Stockbridge, Ingham and
Jennie M Houly  19, Conway
4/9/1866 at Conway by Rev H O Parker
P Silsby, Conway and M Silsby, Conway 3:186
STEPHENS, THOMAS  24, Howell and
Emily Waldron  22, Northfield, Washtenaw
2/14/1861 at Howell by Rev L H Dean
L D Smith, Howell and E E Hazard, Howell 2:335
Philipine Euler  22, Genoa
9/26/1861 by Rev John Reichman
Andrew Bonkard and W Reichman 2:369
STEVENS, GEORGE  41, Hartland and
Chloertt Bishop  25, Hartland
11/18/1869 at Hartland by JP Asah I Keith
Alva A Collins, Hartland and Laura R Keith, Hartland 3a:23
STEVENS, HENRY S  60, Howell and
Minerva Jackson  45, Conway
1/13/1859 by JP Samuel Ball
V Jackson, Howell and F S Stewart, Howell 2:246
STEVENS, SAMUEL  21, Howell and
Jane Ann Hodges  19, Howell
6/5/1863 at Howell by JP Daniel Case
William White and Mrs E A Case 3:29
STEVENS, WILLIAM C  31, East Tawas, --- and
Laura C Warden  21, Green Oak
4/21/1869 at Green Oak by Rev Benjamin Hocker
Robert Green Oak Warden and William Breaky, Ann Arbor 3a:24
STEWARD, PHINEAS  60, Howell and
Harriett Fergerson  49, Howell
12/7/1863 at Howell by JP Daniel Case
Samantha Diamon and Andella S Case 3:45
STEWART, COLUMBUS  27, Iosco and
Alpheba A Miller  18, Iosco
7/4/1854 by JP L W Numsell
Margaret Munsell, Iosco and H J Munsell, Iosco 2:132
Florence Elida Pratt  21, Green Oak
9/14/1870 at Green Oak by Rev Benjamin Franklin
Erastus A Pratt and Elvin Stiles 3a:31
STILSON, AMOS  23, Tuscola and
Paulina Fisher  27, Tuscola
5/14/1851 by Rev Alvin Crittenden
Jane Crittenden and Abigail Stevens 2:34
STOCKIN, GEORGE H  27, Putnam and
Philinda A Thompson  20, Putnam
6/8/1866 at Putnam by Rev D W Hammond
Stephen Teeple, Putnam and Alice Teeple, Putnam 3:160
Sarah Cramer  19, Handy
5/8/1859 at Williamsston by JP John B Haynes
William Collins and E S Harger 3:17
STOLZER, JOHN W Cohoctah and
Margaret Thurnster Conway
5/4/1863 at house of John Sheadle, Conway by Rev John M Haug
John Knobb, Cohoctah and John Sheadle, Cohoctah 3:36
STONE, DAVID F  39, Genoa and
Mary Cordelia Burgess  18, Genoa
12/1/1851 by JP Herman C House
William Burgess and Rufus Peirce 2:56
STONE, JUSTINE F  22, Argentine, Genesee and
Sarah E York  18, Iosco
11/14/1867 at Fowlerville by Rev R C Crane
R T Stone, Argentine and Augusta C York, Iosco 3:4
STOW, ANSON A  27, Iosco and
Sarah M Ward  20, Unadilla
2/7/1866 at Unadilla by Rev Henry W Hicks
Albert Messenger, Unadilla and Amelia M Messenger, Unadilla 3:138
STOW, SETH C  21, Iosco and
Nancy Jones  20, Iosco
7/1/1863 Isaac JP Stow
A Stow and Martha Jones 3:65
STREET, HENRY B  28, Tyrone and
Margaret L Fletcher  23, Tyrone
10/14/1868 at Tyrone by Rev J R Haskins
Frances L Case, Tyrone and Myron A Doolittle, Locke 3a:11
STROH, BERNARD  26, Detroit, Wayne and
Ema C Welcker  32, Marion
6/14/1870 at Marion by Rev Christian L Meyer
Theodore Welcker and Charles Welcker, Marion 3a:27
STROUD, JOHN  26, Cohoctah and
Loeza Ward  17, Cohoctah
6/28/1863 at Cohoctah by JP Luther Pratt
L S Pratt, Cohoctah and W S Pratt, Cohoctah 3:37
STUART, CHANCEY  37, Hamburg and
Mary J Babcock  16, Webster, Washtenaw
6/3/1855 by JP L Walker
James Stuart, Genoa and Joseph Case, Hamburg 2:156
STUART, CHARLES  25, Goshew, ---, IN and
Caroline Covert  22, Goshew, ---, IN
1/1/1857 at Hamburg by Rev William Benson
Emeline Dean and Henry Weller 2:194
STURBERG, FRED C J  30, Brighton and
Catharine Euler  21, Genoa
4/27/1856 by Rev E Buck
Diedrick Behrens, Genoa and Johann Kitendorf, Genoa 2:173
STURGES, LEWIS  21, ---, Genesee and
Ann Eliza Jackson  19, ---, Genesee
1/1/1852 by JP F F Riggs
Joseph Jackson, Tyrone and Elias Jackson, Tyrone 2:51
STURGIS, HIRAM  28, Hartland and
Emily Brainard  28, Hartland
9/30/1863 by Rev James R Cordon
Morris Brainerd and William Auton 3:41
STURGIS, JAMES F  22, Conway and
Laura B Northrop  17, Handy
2/26/1866 at Handy by JP R Fowler
Mrs Mary Fowler Fowler, Handy and William Fowler, Handy 3:142
Rhoda A Dunn  21, Unadilla
11/26/1863 at Unadilla by Rev M S Angell
Edgar Van Sickle and Aceneth Dunn 3:48
SULLIVAN, JOHN C  22, Marion and
Lucy J Mead  21, Marion
5/21/1859 at Genoa by Rev George Jenks
Delia Jenks, Genoa and Sarah Jenks, Genoa 2:266
SULLIVAN, LORENZO H  28, Howell and
Jenette A Fox  28, Howell
9/21/1868 at Howell by JP Daniel Case
Alonzo Fowler, Howell and Polly M Fowler, Howell 3a:12
SUTHERLAND, GEORGE  21, Saginaw, Saginaw and
Ora Bly  16, Tyrone
6/21/1870 at Tyrone by JP John C Salsbury
George Hale, Tyrone and --- Salsbury, Tyrone 3a:29
SUTHERLAND, JAMES  23, Unadilla and
Emily A Van Sickles  18, Oceola
4/17/1850 by Rev Horace Grannis
Thomas Sutherland, Howell and E S Grannis, Howell 2:7
Bethana Sutherland  26, Handy
2/21/1866 at Handy by JP R Fowler
Michael McManus, Handy and William Fulford, Handy 3:137
SUTTON, JOHN W  21, Northfield, Washtenaw and
Roxana E Hammond  20, Green Oak
12/24/1863 by Rev George O Bachman
John Hammond and Charles Sisions 3:47
SUTTON, WILLIAM  19, Iosco and
Elizabeth White  16, Milford, Oakland
2/23/1869 at Howell by JP F C Whipple
Zacharich Sutton, Iosco and Mary E Robert, Howell 3a:14
SWAN, HENRY  21, Tuscola and
Delia S Vielie  19, Tuscola
9/17/1854 by JP Thomas Goldsmith
William Vinton, Tuscola and Elizabeth Brown, Tuscola 2:122
Emma L Avery  20, Tecumseh, Lenawee
5/16/1868 at Conway by JP William Stow
E B Stow, Conway and L O Hitchcock, Conway 3a:10
SWEEGLES, ANDREW  24, Ann Arbor, Washtenaw and
Mary Jane Cutler  18, Ann Arbor, Washtenaw
2/21/1853 at Hamburg by JP Ferdinand Grisson
John Bennett and Polly Bennett 2:78
SWEENY, JOHN W  24, Hamburg and
Avarancy Thrasher  21, Hamburg
11/29/1865 at Putnam by Rev D Webster Hammond
James Sweeny, Hamburg and Phebe J Hall, Putnam 3:159
SWEET, HENRY J  26, Genoa and
Emma S Smith  21, Howell
3/31/1870 at Howell by Rev J S Boyden
Wilson Tooley, Genoa and Hannah Dart, Brighton 3a:26
SWEET, JAMES T  30, Tyrone and
Mary Rafferty  25, Tyrone
4/5/1869 at Hartland by JP James Gleason
Ed Gleason, Hartland and Erman Holmes, Hartland 3a:17
SWEET, OLIN  24, Lapeer, Lapeer and
Ella H Buell  19, Deerfield
3/2/1868 at Deerfield by JP George Douglass
George Buell, Deerfield and Judd Buell, Deerfield 3a:7
SWEET, WILLIAM B  25, Waterloo, Jackson and
Mary McIntyre  23, Unadilla
11/25/1868 at Unadilla by Rev James Pyper
Benjamin Asquith, Unadilla and Mary Jane Barrett, Unadilla 3a:16
SWIFT, ISAAC C  30, Unadilla and
Frances J Chipman  27, Unadilla
3/16/1856 by Rev David Dixon
D W Joslin, Syndow and C E Joslin, Syndow 2:175
SWIFT, ORSON  57 and
Emiline Weller  48, Putnam
7/24/1864 by Rev J O Bancroft
A Gardner and J R Dunning 3:74
SYKES, JOHN  26, Putnam and
Harriet M Young  22, Webster, Washtenaw
1/1/1851 by Rev Joshua Kinne
John Dawson and James Young 2:36
SYMBSON, WALTER  25, Conway and
Maria Dillingham  23, Conway
5/15/1864 at Cohoctah by JP Luther Pratt
L S Pratt and W Pratt 3:66
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