1850-1870 Marriages by Groom: V

Line 1: Groom's Name, Age and Residence
Line 2: Bride's Name, Age and Residence
Line 3: Marriage Date and Place; Person perfoming marriage
Line 4: Witnesses                                                                 Volume Number:Page Number
VALENTINE, WILLIAM H  39, Brighton and
Epshie A Fisher  36, Green Oak
11/3/1869 at Green Oak by Rev William J Clack
Edward W Dewey, Green Oak and Ada Wines, Green Oak 3a:25
VAN AMBERG, JOSEPH T  21, Brighton and
Jane M Paddock  20, Brighton
11/2/1858 at Brighton by Rev Ira Warner
Judson Warner and Obadiah Warner 2:247
VAN AMBERG, ORSON T  29, Brighton and
Martha B Morgan  28, Conway
12/14/1861 at Conway by JP J B Coleburn
Michael Donahoe, Conway and John Hoag, Conway 2:377
VAN BLAIRCON, JOHN D  47, Howell and
Lucy L Osteander  26, Howell
11/4/1868 at Howell by JP Nicholas Lake
Elizabeth F Lake, Howell and Esther Lake 3a:14
VAN BUREN, EDGAR R  20, White Oak, Ingham and
Patience Dutcher  20, White Oak, Ingham
6/2/1863 at Howell by Rev James A Griffee
Walter Van Buren, White Oak and Mary M Dutcher, White Oak 3:37
VAN BUREN, MARTIN L  24, Stockbridge, Ingham and
Mary Jane Waters  20, Iosco
11/3/1861 by Rev James Morton
William Oakley and Mary Oakley 2:364
VAN DYKE, PETER  34, Conway and
Minerva Brown  16, Locke, Ingham
2/20/1854 by JP H H Hoyt
Samuel Van Dyke, Conway and Joseph Alexander, Conway 2:142
VAN HORN, JAMES Hamburg and
Marion T Culver Hamburg
9/21/1864 at Hamburg by Rev H W Horton
Mary H Horton and Charles Holister 3:208
VAN NEST, JOHN  22, Howell and
Florence A Powell  20, Howell
11/10/1869 at King's Hotel House by Rev J F Davison
Mrs J F Davison, Howell and Miss J A Davison, Howell 3a:29
VAN NORMAN, EPHRAIN Grand Rapids, --- and
Frances M Beadle
9/14/1863 at Brighton by Rev H C Hurlbut
H Griswold and Celestie Griswold 3:54
VAN NORTON, RICHARD  19, Genoa and
Almira Lindsley  18, Genoa
3/15/1857 at Genoa by JP D B Pirce
Orin Bearsley and James Linsey 2:199
VAN SYCKLE, EDGAR  25, Unadilla and
Mary Louisa Montague  26, Unadilla
12/30/1868 at Unadilla by Rev James Pyper
Alexander Montague, Unadill and J F Van Syckle, Unadilla 3a:16
VANBENSCOTEN, JAMES  44, Deerfield and
Julia Knapp  20, Deerfield
3/18/1855 by Rev Alonzo May
Calvin Spaulding, Deerfield and John Sellers, Deerfield 2:143
VANDERCOOK, WILLIAM H  24, Cohoctah and
Frances Martin  24, Deerfield
6/2/1861 at Howell by JP Andrew Waddell
Alexander McMillen, Cohoctah and Mrs Alexander McMillen, Cohoctah 2:354
VANDERMARK, ABRAM  26, Ann Arbor, Washtenaw and
Margarette Camp  19, Webster, Washtenaw
9/26/1867 at Brighton by JP Herman C House
Arvilla King, Brighton and Addie Berkley, Brighton 3a:1
VANDIKE, SAMUEL  24, Conway and
Julia Ann Robinson  19, Conway
4/6/1868 by JP Silsby T Conway
John C Miller and Martha Miller 3:60
VANHORN, MEVIS  38, Hamburg and
Sarah G Whitlock  22, Hamburg
11/6/1860 at Pinckney Ira Donelson
James Vanhorn, Hamburg and Sarah Vanhorn, Hamburg 2:348
VANNES, DANIEL W  25, Iosco and
Mary Jane Loree  19, Iosco
2/14/1850 by JP Everett Douglass
J D Bouter, Iosco and Josiah Lorec, Iosco 2:7
VANNETTER, WILLIAM  20, Williamston, Ingham and
Mary L Harvey  17, Williamston, Ingham
11/4/1863 by JP Ralph Fowler
John Wilson and Calvin Moon 3:96
VANWAGONER, WILLIAM  26, Oxford, --- and
Sarah A Benedick  21, Tyrone
6/16/1855 by Rev Alonzo May
Lafayette Chase Chase, Tyrone and Silas Benedick, Tyrone 2:153
VESLRY, ANDREW  24, Howell and
Catharine Sharp  20, Howell
2/4/1861 at Howell by JP Mylo L Gay
Henry Veslry and Edwin McKean 3:1
VIETS, HARVEY  59, Unadilla and
Permelia Brown  53, Unadilla
10/22/1868 at Unadilla by Rev Seward Osinger
John Dunning, Unadilla and Marice Denton, Unadilla 3a:11
VINTON, WARREN C  28, Detroit, Wayne and
Jennie E Putnam  22, Putnam
10/21/1858 at Putnam by Rev J L Coe
Mr Putnam and Mrs Putnam 2:237
VOIGST, FREDRIC  22, Iosco and
Loretta Van Gorder  24, Iosco
3/4/1866 by JP Isaac Stow
James Lech and Christina Voigst 3:146
VOIGT, MICHAEL  36, Marion and
Savilla Cook  20, Howell
11/7/1860 at Howell by JP Mylo Gay
F Willis and B T O Clark 2:321
VOORHIES, GEORGE W  26, Putnam and
Sarah A Hartford  22, Iosco
1/1/1855 by JP Eli S Babcock
Paulina Bull, Iosco and Thomas Hartford, Iosco 2:131
VREDSNBURGH, H A  19, Putnam and
Julia F Shipherd  16, Putnam
12/29/1861 at Pinckney by JP J M Eamon
Freeman Allison, Putnam and Catharine Waite, Putnam 2:382
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