Soldiers of the War of 1812

The following list of soldiers associated with Livingston County, MI was extracted from the book Soldiers of the War of 1812 Who Died in Michigan by Alice Turner Miller. Many of the numbers listed with the soldiers were found in the New York Index of Awards, published in 1860. CEA refers to the Contingent Expense Award listed in the index of awards. This listing is broken into three parts. Part I is a list of soldiers whose graves were located in Livingston County, Michigan. In most instances a source was given for the grave location. Part II is a list of soldiers found on the Livington County Index page under the heading Graves Not Located. Information was found in the text on these soldiers and/or their family. Part III is a list of soldiers found on the Livington County Index page under the heading Graves Not Located. No information was found in the book text on the soldier or his family.


Abbott, Abraham [d. 24 Nov 1875 aged 88yrs 3mos 22dys buried Plainfield Village Cemetery, Unadilla Township]; married Julia Brown; son Horace [d. 2 Oct 1853 aged 38yrs 6mos 5dys]; applied CEA Dec 11, 1857 ae 74. (History of Ingham and Livingston Counties, p. 744; Cemetery records) Extraction note: If Abraham was 74 in 1857, he would have been 92 in 1875.

Adams, Amos S. [d. 14 May 1855 buried Lakeview Cemetery, Howell]; children: Amos S, John Q, Abigail, Angeline, Eveline; pioneer to Howell 1835; kept Eagle Hotel for two years; applied CEA 7 Dec 1857 #3998; residence Howell. (History of Livingston County, p. 140; Michigan Pioneer Collection V. 1, p. 255, V. 13, p. 232)

Angell, Joseph Cemetery records indicate buried Sec C Lot 143/44 Lakeview Cemetery, Howell. (Cemetery records)

Archer, Roger Y. [d. 24 Oct 1881]; buried Sec B Lot 19 Lakeview Cemetery, Howell. (Cemetery records)

Backus, Simeon [d. 18 May 1862 aged 76yrs 2mos]; married Polly [d.24 Jan 1852 aged 64]; both buried Green Cemetery, Marion Township; applied CEA Aug 7, 1858 ae 72 #14552; residence Iosco Township. (New York Awards; Cemetery records)

Ball, Samuel [d. 28 Jan 1860 aged 65yrs 6mos 5dys buried with government stone in Coughran Cemetery, Conway Township, MI]; also in cemetery is Martha W, dau of S and H Ball d. 17 Oct 1863 aged 40yrs; applied CEA July 17, 1858 ae 63 #12851. (Cemetery records; Mrs. Glenn Burkhart)

Barton, Silas marker lost except for name; Abigail, wife [d. 5 Oct 1858 aged 64yrs 5mos, 25dys]; Eli, son [d. 7 Oct 1847 aged 13yrs 3mos]; all buried Unadilla Village Cemetery; applied CEA Feb 24, 1858 ae 65 #7171; residence Putnam Township. (DAR Bible and Pioneers Experiences V 3, p. 265; Cemetery records)

Bennett, Abram [b. 1770 d. 1871]; Phebe, wife [b. 1780 d. 1865]; both buried Hamburg Cemetery, Hamburg Township; flag on grave. (Cemetery records; Joyce Haswell)

Bennett, John S. [d. 24 May 1871 aged 81yrs 9mos 15dys, buried Hamburg Cemetery, Hamburg Township]; Cordelia, wife [d. 2 Feb 186- aged 31yrs 8mos 15dys buried N. Hamburg Cemetery]; Polly, wife [b. 18 Aug 1812 d. 9 Apr 1891]. (Cemetery records)

Bennett, Justus J. [b. 20 Mar 1788 Steuben Co, NY d. 26 Feb 1878 Hamburg, MI]; married Betsey [b. 20 Jan 170 d. 8 Jun 1861]; both buried South Hamburg Cemetery; 10 children; Pensioner #11696. Enlisted Wayne, Steuben Co, NY. Served Aug 22, 1812 – Oct 25, 1812 under Capt. Henry Brinkerhoff, NY Militia. {Daughters 1812 records; Evert and Abbotts History Livingston County, p.280)

Bishop, Edward [d. 24 Aug 1876 aged 81]; Lovina, wife [d. 21 Dec 1878 aged 81]; both buried Hamburg Township; to Hamburg Township Sec 25 1836. (Evert and Abbotts History Livingston County; p. 282, 289)

Bly, Thomas R. [b. 1797 d. 1860 buried Gardner Cemetery, Tyrone Township]; applied CEA Dec 7, 1857 ae 64 #13096. New York Index Awards; Cemetery records)

Brewer, Peter [b. 27 Jan 1795 Otsego Co, NY d. 26 May 1880 Howell, MI at home of his son, Almon; buried Sec E Lot 79 Lakeview Cemetery, Howell]; married first May 10, 1821, Niagara Co, NY, Dorcas West [d. 25 Feb 1863]; 6 children; married second Mar 1, 1865 Mrs. Abigail Munger [d. Shiawasse Co]; to Genesee Co, NY c1802; to Howell 1835. He was drafted into War 1812 and served a short time. (Evert and Abbotts History of Livingston County, p. 200; Cemetery records)

Britton, Claudius Jr. [b. 1798 d. 14 Feb 1851 buried Pinckney Cemetery, Putnam Township]; married 27 Feb 1832, Ann Arbor, MI Sarah Beeman [d. 1903]. He was a Private in Capt. Shubael Wale's Company, Sumner's Regiment, VT Militia. He enlisted Apr 12, 1814. His service ended Apr 21, 1814. (Mrs. Potter, Pinckney, MI; George Hammell, East Lansing, MI; Cemetery records)

Burr, James [d. 28 Feb 1851 aged 60]; Sally, wife [d. 28 Oct 1875 aged 81yrs 22dys]; both buried Sec B Lot 301, Lakeview Cemetery, Howell. (Cemetery records)

Butler, Richard E. [d. 5 Nov 1866 aged 74; Martha, wife d. 19 Apr 1882 aged 85yrs 9mos 23dys]; both buried Hamburg Cemetery; flag on his grave. (Cemetery records)

Chipman, Fitch [b. VT d. 15 Jan 1864 aged 76yrs 6mos 6dys] married Susan Spafford [b. VT d. 26 Dec 1859 aged 72 yrs 5mos 5dys], both buried Plainfield Village Cemetery, Unadilla Township. Children: Hannah, Spafford, Lemuel, Sarah, Susan, Frances, Adeline, Fanny. (Hist. Ingham and Livingston Co, p.713)

Clarke, Charles [b. 9 Sep 1794 Trenton, NJ d. 30 Nov 1872 buried Lakeview Cemetery, Howell]. In Capt. Grandy's Sep/Oct 1814 – Dec 1814. (New Jersey in Wars, p. 115)

Clark, Jason [b. MA d. 17/23 Sep 1865 aged 74]; married Mary "Polly" Britton [d. 10 Nov 1857]; both buried Holden Cemetery, Green Oak Township. (History of Ingham and Livingston County, p. 761; Cemetery records).

Cooke, Nathan [b. 18 Nov 1782 d. 11 Jul 1871] buried Sec C Lot 157, Lakeview Cemetery, Howell; married Chloe [d. 1824 New York]. He died while visiting in Howell. Nathan went to Gratiot Co, MI from Howell with his son Elihu. Nathan was son of Revolutionary War soldier Jonathan Cooke [d. 5 Oct 1837 buried Lakeview Cemetery, Howell]. Jonathan married Eunice Chapple 10 May 1775, Binghamton, Long Island. (Bible owned by Milan Cook, great grandson of Nathan, Ithaca, MI; DAR Bible records; Gratiot County History 1884; Cemetery records; Miss Huntington, Howell, MI)

Damon, Col. Ebenezer [d. 28 Aug 1860 aged 73yrs]; son, Ebenezer Jr. [d. 24 Apr 1860 aged 30 yrs]; both buried Fleming Cemetery, Howell Township. (Mrs. Glenn Burkhart, Fowlerville, MI; Mrs. Fred Marr, descendant)

DeBar, Jacob I. [d. 9 Dec 1860 aged 79]; married Sally [d. 10 May 1869 aged 81]; both buried Sharp Cemetery, Deerfield Township; applied CEA 13 Oct 1957 ae 76 #13106. (New York Awards; Cemetery records)

Dorrance, Augustus D. [d. CT d. 21 Dec 1863]; married c1817 Sarah L. Marble, dau of Charles and Phebe Cudworth Marble, [b. MA d. 4 Jul 1877 aged 81 yrs 2 mos 6 dys Crystal Twp., Ontario Co, NY]; both buried Pioneer Cemetery, Howell Township. After death of wife he came to Michigan to be with his father. (History Ingham and Livingston County p.853; Cemetery records) Extraction note: According to the death dates recorded in this book, Augustus died 13 years before his wife. References should be checked carefully.

Fuller, John [b. 1793 d. 1856], Sena, wife [b. 1800 d. 1880]; both buried Williamsville Cemetery, Unadilla Township; applied CEA #9771 Genesee Co Apr 2, 1858; residence Genesee Co.

Gifford, Pilgrim buried Coughran Cemetery, Conway Twp.; Government stone that reads U. S. Soldier of 1812; applied CEA #12658 Jul 9, 1858 ae 65. (Florence Burkhart; Cemetery)

Hendrick, Peter S. [d. 9 May 1869 aged 70yrs]; Abigail, wife [b. 1803 d. 1880]; both buried Hamburg Cemetery, Hamburg Township; flag on grave; Peter's tombstone [1798-1869]; taxed in Hamburg 1844; Justice of Peace, 1843, 1844, 1848. (Evert and Abbotts History Livingston County, p.282; Charles Bennett, cemetery sexton)

Hopkins, Philander [d. 20 Apr 1861 aged 67yrs 6mos 28dys]; Debora, wife [d. 28 May 1872]; both buried Williamsville Cemetery, Unadilla Township. Loren Hopkins, 2nd son and 5th child of Philander and Mary Masales Hopkins. Loren's grandfather was in the Revolution and lost his left arm. (Portrait and Biography of Shiawassee and Clinton County, p. 681; DAR Bible and Pioneer V 3, p. 275)

Ingram, Thomas [d. 3 Aug 1847 aged 69]; Dorcas, wife [d. 4 Jul 1861, aged 79]; both buried Pinckney Cemetery, Putnam Township; applied CEA #14530 Feb 8, 1859 ae 77. (Evert and Abbotts History Livingston County, p. 277; Cemetery records)

Inslee, John [b. 1788 d. 1872]; wife [b. 1800 d. 1872]; both buried in Hamburg Cemetery; flag on grave. (Cemetery)

Jackson, Steven [d. 1 Nov 1879 aged 78]; Polly, wife [d.18 Jun 1870 aged 84]; both buried Benjamin Cemetery, Conway Township; applied CEA #12546 Jul 22, 1858 ae 42; resident of Lansing; application made by L. K. Hewlett, Ingham Co. (Florence Burkhart; Cemetery) Extraction note: Rural Cemeteries of Livingston County Vol. I, Philip Livingston Chapter, NSDAR, 1947 gives Steven Jackson's death date as 1 Nov 1859.

Kanouse, Peter [b. NJ d. 21 Aug 1870 aged 79yrs 8 mos]; married Sarah Cook, dau of Henry and Sarah Ryerson Cook [d. 12 Sep 1869 aged 76yrs 10 mos]; both buried Fuller Cemetery, Conway Township; 6 children: 2 died young, Jacob [b. 23 Aug 1817], Peter, Agnes; helped defend New York City. (History Ingham and Livingston County, p. 863; Cemetery)

Kuhn, Peter J. [d. 11 May 1876 aged 83yrs 8mos 28dys]; married Sarah [d. 16 Sep 1875 aged 82 yrs 12 dys]; both buried Munsell Cemetery, Iosco Township; applied CEA #14549 Mar 2, 1859 ae 66. Private in Capt. John Hines' Company, Col. Pliletus's Regiment. Sep 9, 1813 to Dec 16, 1813. (Cemetery records; Adjutant General of New York, Albany

Lake, Nicholas buried Lakeview Cemetery, Howell; brothers Henry and Garrett Lake lived in sec 17, Howell Twp.; applied CEA #12184 1 Jan 1856 ae 65; residence Howell; Pensioner #17577 Howell. Extraction notes: Penciled in the margin beside Nicholas Lake is "in Lakeview Cemetery, Howell and Ann Pricilla"

Livermore, James S. [d. 23 Mar 1864 aged 75yrs 4mos 11dys]; Susan, wife, dau of ---Watson [b. MA 1788 d. 28 Nov 1872 aged 88 yrs 21 dys]; both buried Livermore Cemetery, Unadilla Township; from MA to ME to Tompkins Co, NY 1835 to Unadilla Twp. 1848; children: Julia married J. D. Reeves, John [b. 29 Oct 1822 Tompkins Co, NY], Emma married John Richmond, James [d. 28 Nov 1872 aged 82yrs 21dys; Susan, wife d. 23 Mar 1864 aged 75yrs 4mos 11dys]; Jane [d. 23 Jul 1846 aged 29yrs 2mos 2dys]; applied CEA #7169 24 Feb 1858 ae 69; residence Putnam (History of Livingston County and Ingham County, p. 198; Mrs. Poole; Cemetery records; death dates should be checked; dates differ)

Love, James [d. 25 Aug 1848 aged 52yrs 6mos 15dys] buried Gardner Cemetery, Tyrone Township. (Evert and Abbotts History of Livingston County, p. 394; Cemetery)

Metcalf, Harvey [b. 20 Dec 1795 Worthington, MA d. 28 Mar 1878 aged 83yrs 3mos 8dys]; married Eveline Adams, dau of Amos and Elizabeth Wright Adams, [b.26 Mar 1810, Genesee, NY d. p1880]; both buried Greenwood Cemetery, Handy Township; children: Theron [b. 25 Mar 1832], Civil War soldier; Amanda F. [b. 18 Jan 1834]; Angeline [b. 29 Apr 1826]; Adelaide [b. 14 Aug 1840]; Edwin [b. 27 Jun 1844], Civil War soldier; Cornelia [b. 9 Mar 1848 d. 19 Jun 1872, buried Greenwood Cemetery]; Emma L. [b. 5 Sep 1851 d. 17 Jan 1878]. One daughter married a Place, one a Aldrich, one a Scriptue, and one a Fisher. Harvey's father died when Harvey was young. He then lived with his grandfather, who died when Harvey was 14. He was drafted into the War 1812 in Vermont and served until the close of the war. After the war he lived in West Bloomfield, NY, then to Genesee, Livingston Co, NY, then to Handy Twp. 1836 where he bought160 acres. (Evert and Abbotts History of Livingston County, p. 236, 251; Mrs. George Duncan Sr. of Fowlerville, a descendant; Mrs. Glen Burkhart, Fowlerville, MI)

Miner, Ezra [b. CT d. 3 Aug 1861 aged 79yrs 2mos 23dys]; married Mary Ann [d. 3 Apr 1867 aged 85yrs 1mo 25dys]; both buried Benjamin Cemetery, Conway Township; sailor on the high seas War 1812; also Revolutionary War soldier. (Chapman's Clinton and Shiawassee County, p. 194) Extraction note: If you calculate Ezra's birthday using his death date and age, he was born 21 May 1881. He could not have been a Revolutionary War soldier.

Moon, Amrod buried Brighton Cemetery applied CEA Mar 20, 1858 ae 72 #7434. Extraction note: Burial place was penciled beside Amrod's name on the Index page for Livingston County.

Monroe, Lemuel [d. 29 Apr 1854 at home of son Francis aged 95yrs 1 mo 29dys buried Lake Cemetery, Marion Twp.]; grave marked by DAR; also Revolutionary War soldier; married Anna Potter [d. before1853]; married 3 times; 18 children; to Howell May 1849. (Evert and Abbotts History of Livingston County, p. 163, 195; Leeson's Macomb County, p. 667)

Munsell, Silas [b. 9 May 1782 Somers, CT d. 3 Jun 1859 aged 77], son of Revolutionary War soldier, b. [1758, Windsor, CT]; married Dorothy Ward, dau of Jacob Ward, a Revolutionary War soldier buried in Munsell Cemetery, [b. 9 May 1782 Somers, CT d. 3 Jun 1859 aged 77 yrs]; both buried Munsell Cemetery, Iosco Township. Silas bought land Sec 14, Iosco Twp., May 1836 and settled on Sec 2, Iosco Twp., 4 Nov 1836. (Livingston County History, 1888, p. 256; Stiles Ancient Windsor, CT, p. 626; Loomis Genealogy, p. 293; William Ward of MA Genealogy by Martin, p. 190; Cemetery records; Tombstone; Mrs. Glen Burkhart, Fowlerville, MI)

Nash, James S. [1791-1875]; Sally B. White, wife [1794-1877]; both buried Pinckney Cemetery, Putnam Township; applied CEA Feb 1858 ae 66, residence Putnam. (Cemetery records; Mrs. Poole)

Rowe, Samuel 16 Apr 1869 buried Sec G, Lakeview Cemetery, Howell. (Cemetery record)

Sayles, Steven S. [d. 16 Dec 1856 aged 78yrs 9mos]; buried on Purdy lot, Coughan Cemetery, Conway Township. Said to be 1812 soldier. (Cemetery records; Mrs. Glenn Burkhart, Fowlerville, MI)

Scidmore, Benjamin [d. 11 Jul 1886 aged 90yrs 7mos 11dys]; Emily, wife [d. 24 Jan 1864 aged 55yrs]; both buried Benjamin Cemetery, Conway Township; applied CEA Sep 20, 1858 ae 62; residence Lapeer County #8974; pension #21028 Corunna, Shiawassee County. (Cemetery records; Pages Lapeer County, p. 94; Mrs. Glenn Burkhart, Fowlerville, MI)

Smith, Waitstill [b. 14 Jul 1773 Middleton, CT d. 14 Sep 1843 Howell, MI, buried Lakeview Cemetery, Howell]; married 1st 10 Feb 1796 Whitestown, NY, Susan Bull, a descendant of Capt. Thomas Bull. Susan died 1838 Perry, NY. Waitstill, a builder by trade, settled in Utica, NY 1800. Member 157th Regiment. Oneida Militia and marched with them to Sackett's Harbor. After death of wife, he moved to Howell with his aged father. Waitstill was the 11th son of Benjamin and Hannah Barbour Smith of Hebron CT. Benjamin and 8 sons served in Revolution. (Lloyd DeWitt Smith, a descendant, from Grosse Pointe, MI) Extraction Note: Benjamin and Hannah have been striken with a pencil and inserted is Elisha Smith and Margaret Higgins as Waitstill's parents. There is also a second marriage penciled in to Rhoda Sage. I can't tell if the 2nd marriage is intended for Benjamin, Elisha, or Waitstill.

Stansell, Henry buried Green Oak Cemetery, Green Oak Township; no stone; applied CEA Jul 23, 1857 ae 71; residence Green Oak #151. Private in Capt Elias Hull's Company, Col. Pliletus Swift's Regiment., NY (Ontario Co) from 1 Aug 1812 for 2 mos. (Awards; Cemetery records)

Stebbins, Clement [d. 11 Nov 1861]; Charlotte, wife [b. 1792 d. 1878]; both buried Fleming Cemetery, Howell Township; applied CEA May 27, 1859 ae 69 #8351. (Michigan Pioneer Collection, vol. V 38, p. 186; Cemetery records)

Stevens, John [b. 20 Sep 1797 d. 27 Sep 1843; buried Hartland Cemetery, Hartland Township]; married 5 Nov 1818 Lucy White, dau of James White, a Revolutionary War soldier, [b. 1800]; 10 children. Family came from Walworth, Wayne Co, NY to Michigan 1835. Some of children were born in Walworth and some in Livingston Co, MI. John Stevens was a drummer boy in war 1812. His sword and drum were sold at an auction a few years before 1940. His father was a soldier of 1812, also a Revolutionary War soldier. James White, father of Lucy, was an officer in the Revolution. His 6 brothers were also Revolutionary War soldiers. One brother was killed at Stony Point, fighting under Mad Anthony Wayne. Somewhere in the east, either John's or Lucy's father's name is on a memorial, possibly at Stony Point. "First New Hampshire" is written on one or two pages of a Bible record. The meaning is not known. Oldest child is Adeline [b. 14 Sep 1819 Henderson, Jefferson Co, NY]. (Death records; Mrs. Mildred Stevens Schram,a great granddaughter, R. 4 Box 244, Lansing, MI)

Taylor, James [b. Aug 1792 d. 16 Mar 1857] buried Hartland Cemetery, Hartland Township; tombstone reads "Capt. War 1812." (Cemetery records)

Townley, Benjamin [d. 22 Jul 1866 aged 72yrs 8dys; buried Parshallville Cemetery, Hartland Township]; married Betsey Reeves [b. NY d. aged 72]; children: 2 daughters and 7 sons: A. J. [b. 27 Jul 1825]. (History of Ingham and Livingston Counties, p. 560; Cemetery records)

Waddell, Samuel [d. 30 May 1837 aged 40yrs buried Sec C Lot 331 Lakeview Cemetery, Howell]; married Mary; 7 children. Andrew, 5th child [b. Steuben Co, NY d. 10 Dec 1881 aged 50yrs 6mos 15dys] married Elizabeth, daughter of Joseph Skilbeck. Elizabeth died 5 May 1909. After the death of Samuel, the family returned to New York. Andrew returned to Howell in 1855. Children of Andrew and Elizabeth: Mary Hart; Anna Knapp (Harry). (Miss Huntington, Howell, MI; Cemetery records)

Waugh, James [d. 5 Jul 1858 aged 72yrs; buried Hartland Cemetery, Hartland Township]; CEA #5810. (Cemetery records)

Webb, Freeman [d. 1 May 1877 aged 65yrs 6mos]; married Sophia [d. 1 May 1892 aged 73]; both buried old section Pinckney Cemetery, Putnam Township; a daughter Carlie A. [d. 28 Dec 1853, aged 16yrs 7mos; buried Pinckney Cemetery, Putnam Twp.]; to Sec 9 and 17, Putnam Twp. 1835; CEA #7347. (Cemetery records)

White, William [d. 1850]; Mary, wife [d. 1887]; both buried Sprout Cemetery, Putnam Township; daughter, Maria, married John Crossman. Mary pensioned #1520 Pinckney. Widow Mary White applied CEA 27 Feb 1858 #10728. In the cemetery is a monument "White" and a marker "Father" no data, no other stone. (Cemetery records; History of Ingham and Livingston Counties, p. 813)

Wing, Barker [d. 21 May 1863; buried Sec B, Lot 61 Lakeview Cemetery, Howell]; Veteran War 1812. Capt. E. Jacob's Co Artillery; from Marshfield, Plymouth Co, MA to Oneida and Wayne Co, NY to Marion Twp. 1836. (Evert and Abbotts History of Livingston County, p.347; Cemetery records)

Wood, Abner B. [b. MA d. 27 Feb 1874 aged 89yrs 4mos 13dys]; married at Hampton, NY Lucy B. Warren {d. 1 Jul 1869 aged 73yrs 3mos 26dys]; both buried Plainfield Village Cemetery, Unadilla Township; children: 5 sons and 3 daughters; applied CEA Sep 12, 1857 ae 72 #3022. (History of Ingham and Livingston County, p. 741; Livingston County death records; Cemetery records)

Wright, Walter [b. 1784 d. 11 Aug 1868] married Hannah [b. 1793 d. 1870]; both buried Wright Cemetery, Iosco Township; 10 children: oldest born 1811, youngest born 1841. (History of Ingham and Livingston Counties, p. 770; Cemetery records)

Young, Jonas (John) [b. 1792 d. 1876]; Mary, wife [b. 1796 d. 1867]; both buried Pinckney Cemetery, Putnam Township; applied CEA 1858 ae 65 #2021. (Cemetery records)


Bulkley, George applied CEA # 12810 Feb 4, 1858 aged 58; residence Hartland.

Burch, William I. [d. 20 Feb 1847 aged 47]; Dorcas Anna, his wife[b. 24 Feb 1800 d. 8 Apr 1876]; both buried Union Corners Cemetery, Troy Township, Oakland Co; applied CEA #8663 Feb 8, 1959; residence Brighton, Livingston Co. (Cemetery records; Oakland County V 4, p.35)

Chambers, James widow of Hartland applied CEA; Certificate not on file in Albany, NY.

Chipman, Luther 1836 of Washtenaw Co bought land Sec 9 Unadilla Township; 1838; taxed 1844; discharged from Baptist Church Chelsea, Washtenaw Co 1838 (probably moved away); applied CEA Mar 24, 1858 ae 67; Enseva pension #5538 Plainfield.

Drake, Gideon Burns widow applied CEA; certificate not on file in Albany #16707. Extraction note: I have not been able to locate a Burns in Livingston County.

Ferguson, Jeremiah 1848 to Oceola Township Sec 16; applied CEA #7752 May 24, 1859 ae 64.

Patterson, John 1852 to Putnam Township Sec 31 & 19; son Zera was resident of Fenton; sold; applied CEA Feb 24, 1859 ae 68 #7173; residence Putnam. ( Evert and Abbotts Genesee Co, p. 216)

Pond, Nathan lived Putnam Township; married Rutilla Mead (b. 5 Jul 1820); 8 children; to Ann Arbor and Dixboro 1832; to Livingston Co 1836; Twp. Treasurer Putnam 1842; on tax roll 1844; sold; from 1812 Battle of Plattsburg. (Clarke's Washtenaw, p. 343)

Randall, Guilford in Fowlerville 1872; applied CEA Oct 26, 1858 ae 76 #13869.

Smith, John B. to Hartland Sec 28 1838; applied CEA 3 Apr 3, 1858 ae 78 #12279.

Van Dyke, Arthur b. NJ d. 31 Dec 1873 aged 82yrs 1mos 2dys, Livingston Co; wife died 1869; applied CEA 17 Jul 1858 ae 67 #12850. Enrolled in Capt. Abner Bunnell's Co. Col. Daniel Davis Regiment at Canandaigus, NY Jan 1, 1814. Discharged at Eleven Mile Creek April 1, 1814. Called out at burning of Buffalo and Sodus in June. Received bounty land of 160 acres. Wife was Huldah Myers. Married Sept. 1810, Phelpstown, Ontario Co, NY. (National Genealogical Society Quarterly June 1953; County death records)

Wassoon, Samuel son of Revolutionary War soldier; [b. VT d. c1856 aged 72, Unadilla Township]; married in Vermont dau of Thomas Moon, Sarah [b. VT d. c1859]; 11 children; from VT to Genesee Co, NY to Unadilla Township 1837; sold. (Ingham and Livington County, p. 682)

Williams, John [d. 1837] He lost a limb in one of the early battles of War of 1812. He settled on Sec 24 Hartland Township with his father. Daughter married George Cornell of Hartland. (Evert and Abbotts History Livingston County, p. 364)


Baldwin, Benedict
Carl (Catherine)
Fulard, William
Fuller, Benjamin
Hayner, George C.
Hetlzer (Anna)
Lumbard, Benjamin
Marah, Caleb
Lyons, (Martha B.)
Prior, Elisha
Silsby, (Margaret)
Snook, (Tryphenia)