Korean War Casualties

Listed below are the casualties from Livingston County, Michigan for the Korean War. Click on the name and you will be taken to the National Archives for the complete record. These records were contributed by Pat McArthur.

Service Branch Service Number Died or Declared Dead Home of Record Birth Year
Victor William Atwell Marines 650862 10/27/1950 Brighton 1929
Edward D. Howell Army 1297726 2/10/1952 Livingston Co. 1918
James W. Humphries Army 55247518 4/18/1953 Livingston Co. 1931
Frankie W. Shaffer Army 16294165 2/1/1951 Livingston Co. 1930
Richard P. Strong Army 5511654 10/2/1952 Livingston Co. 1931
Robert J. Turnbull Army 1615485 11/4/1950 Livingston Co. 1931
George H. Wines Army 16294262 7/20/1950 Livingston Co. 1928