After entering the cemetery through the north arch I turned to the south and began my reading with Lot 32. I zigzaged back and forth (from north to south and south to north) until I reached the top of the hill. Then I followed the drive down the hill reading the stones on the north side of the driveway as I walked down. The lots are placed in this reading in the order that I read them. The reading will be the easiest to follow if you will first print the Parshallville Cemetery Map.


Lot 32
Jack Wolverton 1836-1922
Mary, His Wife 1838-1902
[Note: There is one marker on this lot.]
Lot 31
James Chrispell Died Sep 15 1894 Aged 81y 6m 27d
Mary A, Wife of Jas Chrispell Died Feb 10 1891 Aged 75y 1m 12d
Mercy A Bunker, Dau of James and Mary A Chrispell Died Feb 25 1891 Aged 49y 8m 14d
[Note: There is one spiral marker bearing the inscriptions. There are three grave markers. Moving from south to north the grave markers are inscribed Our Mother, Our Sister, and Our Father.]
Lot 30
Fred J Tuttle 1871-1935
Addie M Tuttle 1883-1948
William H Tuttle Apr 24 1911 Feb 12 1987
Lot 29
Sarah E Tuttle 1842-1928
W H Tuttle 1836-1909
Frankie J Tuttle Oct 11 1871 May 27 1881 9y 7m 16d Son of William & Sarah Tuttle
Ella J Tuttle Aug 7 1868 May 21 1881 12y 9m 15d Dau of William & Sarah Tuttle
Willie Tuttle Apr 10 1878 May 24 1881 3y 1m 14d Son of William & Sarah Tuttle
[Note: There is a spiral marker with the inscriptions for the Tuttle children. There are three grave markers. Ella is inscribed on the marker to the south of the spiral. The other two are illegible.]
Lot 27
Lucy Avery 1817-1898
Charles H Avery 1843-1889
John Avery 1814-1897
[Note: There is one large marker bearing the name Avery. There are three small markers bearing the years and first names. The first names are on the top of the markers and are very faint. The marker for Charles H. is hidden from view beneath a bush.]
Lot 25
Phillip E Preston 1897-1899
Anna Preston Dec 1 1890 42y 8m 6d
[Note: Anna's spiral marker appears to be in the center of the lot. To the north is the partly buried marker for Phillip. To the south is a base for a small stone and a foot- stone that has fallen.]
Lot 23
Amanda A Preston 1834-1899 Wife of A C Preston
Lot 20
 B F Austin     1835-1904
 Harriet Austin 1833-1906
 Rev J Wells    1818-1897
 Lucy Wells     1810-1898
Lot 7
Dennis D Wright 1841-1906
Amy J Wright His Wife 1847-19__
[Note: The death date of Amy J Wright has never been completed. There is one marker for Dennis and Amy Wright.]
Lot 6
Albert F White 1842-1917
Emma D White 1848-1942
Daisy M Conine 1877-1904
Edna M Conine Wife of William H Conine born Dec 20 1876 departed this life Jul 27 1895
[Note: The round marker for Daisy Conine has rolled off its base. The inscription for Albert and Emma White are on the same marker.]
Lot 5
Roy E Tamlyn 1889-1949
Ruth B Tamlyn 1892-1960
Philo French 1864-1935
Susan E French 1872-1952
[Note: The marker for Philo French is sinking and is partly covered with dirt.]
Lot 4
William Bussalman Feb 15 1888 Nov 29 1949 Michigan Pvt 330 Fld Arty 85 Div
Richard R Tamlyn 1930-1951
Lot 3
 James R Huskinson PFC US Army   Aug 11 1922  Nov 11 1973
 Cathrn R Huskinson Whittaker    Oct 21 1922  Oct 15 1991
 N Jean Bonfiglio Wife & Mother  1932-1995
 Caroline P Moore                1932-1954
Lot 2
Leo Huskinson Pvt 319 Field Artillery World War I Dec 15 1892 July 1 1962
Eva M Huskinson Wife and Mother Nov 22 1897 July 15 1985
Clarence J Huskinson Jul 24 1924 Jul 18 1957 Michigan QM2 USNR World War II
Lot 1
Louisa L Conklin died May 26 1887 aged 66y 1m
Eva Longthorn died Nov 19 1901 aged 42y 7m 19d
Herbert A Austin 1860-1934
Celia L Austin 1862-1931
Grace M Austin 1885-1916
[Notes: Conklin and Longthorn are recoded on a spiral marker. There are two small markers just to the north of their spiral marker. The marker closest to the spiral is Mother, the other, Eva. The three Austin's are recorded on one marker.]
Lot 180
Clara J George 1909-1983
James B George 1904-1989
Lot 184
Lot 186
 Richard Stratton US Army  1924-1985
 Dorothy J Stratton         1925-
  [Note: One marker. Mrs. Stratton is living.]
Lot 17
 James E Gallt died Feb 10 1891  aged 21y 4m 21d
 Base ---marker gone
  [Note: The spiral marker on the south side of this lot has fallen apart. It appears to
  have been knocked over by a box elder tree. The top part is lying on ts side with the
  inscription for James E Gallt still visible.  To the north of this marker is a small 
  grave marker with the initials J E G on the top. In the northwest corner of this lot is
  a marker base with a remnant of a marker in it. A box elder tree growing up through the 
  base has split it apart. There is no sign of the marker that was once here.]
Lot 18
Alfred White died Jun 10 1882 aged 66y 3m 12d
Father Scott White 1857-1929
Nancy White 1817-1898
Dell Bacheler 1862-1939
Frank Bacheler 1860-1932
[Note: One marker for Dell and Frank Bacheler.]
Lot 19
Meda Avery Clark Feb 5 1860 Feb 12 1946
Wells A Avery Nov 18 1855 May 29 1902
Lot 21
 William J Hazard   1831-1879
 Cynthia M Hazard   1833-1903
 William J. Hazard  Died Oct 8, 1879 Aged 48y 7m 22d
 Infant Son of Wells & Meda Avery  Sep 14 1884  Sep 26 1884
 Marker --- illegible
  [Note: It appears this lot contains two markers for William J. Hazard. There is on small
  marker on the back of the lot that is totally illegible. This illegible marker is beside
  the marker for Infant Son. It is possible that these two markers are for the same person.]
Lot 24
Luther J Westfall Died Oct 9 1872 Aged 20y 7m 16d
Hannah, Wife of John Westfall Died Feb 20 1877 Aged 55y 8m 29d
John Westfall Died Dec 26 1880 Aged 67y 6m 16d
[Note: There is a spiral marker for John and Hannah Westfall. H W to the south of the spiral is sinking. J W is to the north of the spiral.]
Lot 26
 Essie H Slover, dau of F & A Slover  died Aug 24 1894  agd 11y 6m 2d
 Angie C, Dau of J R & L Griswold     Died Oct 22 1874  Aged 4y 7m 2d
  [Note: The marker for Angie C Griswold is remarkably legible for its age. At the bottom
  on the right hand side of the marker it clearly says Switzer, Howell.]
Lot 28
 McDowell Griswold, Late of Co I 8th Mich Inf  Died May 6 1887 Aged 42y 5m 3d
 Alice White Wife of McDowell Griswold         Died Apr 2 1881 Aged 31y 3m 6d
  [Note: This lot has a spiral marker with the inscriptions. The grave marker on the north 
  side of the lot says McDowell; the marker to the south, Alice.]
Lot 33
Fannie J McAllister Feb 10 1890 Feb 12 1931
Robert J McAllister Mar 21 1884 May 10 1971
Lulu Chase Dau of A D & L D Chase Feb 12 1880 Aged 1y 5m 29d
[Note: There was a stone lying on the ground with the initials R. W. S. It appears to be a foot marker.]
Lot 34
Ottilie Burlingham 1875-1957
Phillip Burlingham 1865-1941
Lot 35
Elizebeth Covert Wife of Floyd Wolverton Born Oct 17 1878 Died July 15 1903
[Note: Elizebeth Covert is on the top of the stone and is very faint.]
Lot 37
Our Mother & Father John A Van Camp Died Jan 12 1892 Aged 83y 4m 8d
Catharine His Wife Died Sept 14 1890 Aged 84y 4m 8d
Emily F Van Camp 1839-1926
Riley E Van Camp 1872-1906
Cora E Van Camp 1872-1908
Martin P Van Camp 1841-1918
[Note: There is a spiral marker for John and Catharine Van Camp. Two small markers mark their graves: MOTHER and FATHER.]
Lot 38
Mother Marie S Lueders 1857-1939
Father Frederick Lueders 1859-1913
Lot 39
 Ezra J Son of C D & E M Chamberlin	1902-1902
 Maria Dexter Wife of E J Chamberlin	1855-1884
 Ezra J Chamberlin                    1846-1902
 Joseph Chamberlin                    1814-1888
 Philo Dexte                          1856-1884
 Royal D Son of E J & M Chamberlin    1877-1896
Lot 40
Nellie M Huff 1874-1958
Charles O Huff 1869-1939
Ray B Huff Apr 15 1897 Nov 17 1910
Maud E Huff Jul 15 1894 Dec 29 1894
Lot 41
G W Martin 15th Mich Inf
Samuel Martin 1806-1897
Abygil His Wife 1808-1876
Della Bussy Dau of Wm and A Bussy Died Jul 29 1871 Agd 1y 1m 12d
[Note: The marker for Della Bussy is broken off its base. It is lying face up and Della is still legible. The rest of the inscription was taken from the 1950 DAR publication.]
Lot 42
Anna Longthorn Wife of Henry Longthorn Oct 28 1827 Oct 9 1890
Henry Longthorn Dec 11 1860 Nov 27 1871
George Longthorn Jan 23 1847 Aug 21 1888
Addison Longthorn 1858-1924
Father Henry Longthorn 1821-1912
Mother Anna Longthorn 1827-1890
George Longthorn 1847-1888
Henry Longthorn 1860-1871
[Note: This lot has a spiral marker for the first three people. It is faded but still legible. Mother Anna, George and Henry also have newer markers.]
Lot 43
Charles Wesley, Son of W H & M Westfall died Mar 2 1871 agd 1m 1d
Eliza L, Wife of George Cornell Died Feb 2 1879 Aged 67y 2m 15d
George Cornell Died Jun 16 1896 Aged 84y
Sarah Cornell Died Apr 20 1889 Aged 48y
W H Westfall 1840-1914
Mary Westfall 1843-1916
[Note: There is one spiral marker with three small markers for the Cornells. The inscriptions on the spiral marker are very faint. To the north of the spiral is a grave marker for Sarah. To the south of the spiral are two grave markers. Nearest the spiral is Mother. The other is Father. The marker for Charles Wesley is extremely dirty. Charles Wesley is legible. The rest of the inscription was taken from the 1950 DAR publication.]
Lot 44
Mother Mary A Cornell 1850-1910
Father George Cornell 1846-19__
Flora Cornell 1863-1888
Ida Cornell Born 1865 1y 9m
Grace Cornell Born 1876 13m
Nancy Cornell 1837-1871
Anan 1837-1876
Ward Born 1872 1m
Royal 1878-1897
[Note: There is a large marker on this lot bearing the name CORNELL. There is a small marker at each grave with the name and date. The names on the tops of these markers are no longer visible by day but are easily read at dust with the aid of a flashlight. George Cornell's death date was never completed.]
Lot 45
Mary B Bristol Wife of J H Bristol Died Oct 7 1875 Aged 35y 10m 12d
Mark H Chamberlain 1841-1921 Sgt Co I 8th Mich Vet Vol Inf 1861-1865
William S Chamberlain 1882-
Charles H Chamberlain 1881-1952
Ruby Ann Griswold Wife of Mark H Chamberlin Died Jun 11 1870 Aged 27y 8m 29d
Delia Kittle Wife of Joseph Chamberlin 1816-1891
Margaret McCarthy Chamberlain 1851-1897
Margaret Daughter 1890-1891
[Note: The marker for Mary Bristol is broken and lying face up on the ground. There is one stone for Margaret Chamberlin and her daughter, Margaret. The incomplete inscription for William S Chamberlain is on the marker of Mark H Chamberlain.]
Lot 46
Mary Ann Delano 1815-1890
Israel Delano 1810-1869
Israel Delano Died Dec 17, 1869 Aged 59 yrs 3 mos & 13ds
[Note: It appears that this lot contains two markers for Israel Delano. The older marker is representative of the year 1869. The newer marker matches that of Mary Ann Delano.]
Lot 47
William H Hetchler Mar 13 1891 49y 4d
Infant, Our Baby Child of Mr & Mrs J W Cole died Aug 11 1868
[Note: Our Baby is the only part that is legible. The marker is dirty. The rest of the inscription was taken from the 1950 DAR publication.]
Lot 48
Calvin Townley Oct 8 1871 44y 7m 19d
Lot 49
James H Norbert Mar 4 1838 Feb 27 1893
Susan Norbert Jun 11 1847 Jun 14 1899
Delia J Norbert Jul 20 1870 Mar 3 1892
Maurice J Norbert Jul 8 1875 Sep 8 1875
[Note: There is one spiral marker on this lot.]
Lot 50
Lucius Cleveland 1833-1924 Co G 13th Mich Vol Inf
Mary V Ackerman 1857-1898
Lot 51
Mother, Elizabeth Roberts Jan 14 1835 May 5 1872
Father, Frank Roberts Jan 23 1854 May 9 1875
Cornelius L Roberts Oct 15 1830 Jan 7 1899
Frederick Roberts Oct 31 1869 Aug 14 1899
[Note: One spiral marker bears the family name. The inscriptions are found on small markers.]
Lot 52
Anna Bussalman 1860-19__
Clause Bussalman 1853-1930
Henry Bussalman 1881-1928
[Note: The marker inscription for Anna Bussalman was never completed.]
Lot 187
Frank R Hutchins 1935-1973
Lot 189
Woodrena Halbritter 1973-1998
Mother Helen A Patton 1919-1981
Lot 193
Helen Loraine Hazel Mar 12 1935 Aug 15 1992
Sheri Lynn Sweeten Sept 11 1965 June 9 2004 Mother and Daughter Together in God's Care [Note: This marker is heart shaped.]
Lot 194
Bertha E M Carlson 1909-1985
Lot 197
Norma Jean Roten Dec 22 1955 Sep 16 1972
Mercedith Roten Jan 3 1926 Mar 2 1992
Lloyd Furman Roten May 19 1926
[Note: There is one marker for Mercedith and Lloyd Roten. Mr. Rotten is living.]
Lot 198
Bernard F Allen 1911-1980 Married 15 Oct 1934
Phyllis Allen 1914-1981 Married 15 Oct 1934
Mary Keresztes Apr 13 1908 Mar 1 1993
Frank Keresztes Dec 1 1904 Apr 28 1984
[Note: There is one marker for Bernard and Phyllis Allen and one marker for Frank and Mary Keresztes.]
Lot 200
Larry V Hutchins Beloved son & Brother Dec 25 1962 Oct 5 1982
Effie M Killebrew Feb 17 1916 Apr 23 1990
Thomas Killibrew Mar 16 1916 Jun 3 1997
[Note: There is one marker for Thomas and Effie Killebrew.]
Lot 201
Wilton F. Bantle Apr 20 1920 May 15 1991 Married 28 Apr 1943
Helen L. Bantle Aug 19 1921 Jun 19 2001 Married 28 Apr 1943
[Note: There is one marker for Wilton and Helen Bantle.]
Lot 62
Hazel Estelle Lee Mother Dec 121 893 Jun 30 1971
Donald H Lee Michigan 2nd Lieutenant US Army World War I Apr 6 1893 May 8 1968
Lot 63
Suzanne N White 1940-1994
Andrew White 1962-2002
Lot 64
Mary Ella Johnson Dau of W S & A Johnson Sep 29 1862 3y 2m 15d
Lot 66
William S Johnson Aug 16 1865 46y 3m 17d [Note: This marker is partly underground because of repair work. The 3m 17d was taken from the 1950 DAR publication.]
Lot 67
Mother Jane Pollock 1836-1921
Father John G Pollock 1835-1926
Lot 68
Delbert Townley Son of D R & M Townley Died Sep 2 1871 Aged 12y 8m 27d
Lot 69
Ellen S Higgins Dau of C S & H L Higgins Died Oct 29 1862 Aged 9m 11d
Ida M Higgins Dau of C S & H L Higgins Died Aug 19 1863 Aged 3y 16d
Lot 70
Benjamin W Townley July 22 1866 72y 3d [Note: Two footstones are lying beside Benjamin Townley's headstone. One has the initials B W T and the other B T. Benjamin's wife was named Betsey.]
Lot 71
Irene Boice Wife of M B Stevens Died Jan 29 1873 Aged 21y 10m 11d
Harvey R Stevens Died Jun 4 1864 of wound received at Coal Harbor Aged 49y 11m 2d
Hannah Ann Wife of H R Stevens Died Aug 1 1863 Aged 42y 5m 25d
Monell G Stevens Son of Harvey R & H Ann Stevens Died Dec 16 1857 Aged 14y 6m 7d
Naomi Stevens Mother of O B & H R Stevens and of Lucy A Leobnard Died Mar 5 1852 Aged 63y
Henry J Stevens Died Mar 17 1865 Aged 19y 7m Co H 11th Mich Inf
[Note: The inscriptions for Hannah and Harvey Stevens are on one marker.]
Lot 72
QM Sgt W H Kesler Co I 8th Mich Cav
M A K [initials on a footstone]
Base --- marker gone
I K [initials on a footstone]
M K [initials on a footstone] [Note: The Kesler marker is on the north end of the lot. Moving to the south is a footstone with the initials M A K, a marker base,a footstone with the initials I K and a footstone with the initials M K.]
Lot 73
Mary J Miller Wife of C Miller Died Sep 9 1869 Aged 36y 11m 24d
Permelia A Dau of C & M J Miller Died Dec 3 1858 Aged 1y 5m 6d
Lot 74
Franklin Van Syckle Son of D V & M Van Syckle Died Jan 14 1852 Aged 4y 10m 18d
Emily A Van Syckel Wife of James Sutherland Died Jul 1 1852 Aged 20y 12d
Edward Hopper Died Mar 14 1864 Aged 69y 5m 7dys
Henry Duane Hopper Son of E & E Hopper Died Jun 12 1852 Aged 7y 14dys
Lot 75:
Mother [Note: The marker with the inscription Mother is small. A marker for Lester E Keller, reported in this area of the cemetery in the 1950 DAR publication, was not found.]
Lester E Keller Son of T & A L Keller Died Feb 25 1873 Aged 5m 16d
Lot 76
Ira E Thayer Died Mar 25 1885 Aged 63y 8m 26d
Lucetta Thayer Wife of Ira E Thayer Died Jul 8 1872 Aged 52y 2m 27d
Ella Thayer Infant Dau of I E & L Thayer Died May 11 1857
Ira A Thayer 1857-1919
Myra A Thayer 1862-1894
Adelaid Mapes Dau of Fernando C & Eliza Mapes Died Nov 16 1851 Aged 1y 2m 29d
[Note: There is a spiral marker with the inscriptions for Ira E, Lucetta and Ella. Small markers with initials are at each grave. There is one marker for Ira A and Myra Thayer.]
Lot 77
Hiram Mason Feb 7 1867 77y 11d
Sena Garrison Mason Oct 16 1861 65y 8m 16d His Wife
[Note: One marker for Hiram and Sena Mason.]
Lot 79
Anna Van Camp Wife of Wm Van Camp died Dec 8 1871 agd 84y 4d
Wm Van Camp died Mar 2 1875 agd 86y 11m 16d
[Note: The marker on this lot is broken and extremely dirty. Anna is all that I could read. The names and inscriptions are taken from the 1950 DAR publication.]
East 1/2 of Lot 78 and Lot 80
Martha Townley died Sept 10 1849 aged 24 years 11mos Wife of Daniel
Allen Townley died Sept 26 1848 aged 1year 7mos 14ds Son of Daniel & Martha Townley
Clark Townley died Sept 30 1848 aged 4years 6mos 8ds Son of Daniel & Martha Townley
Emilline Townley died Jan 12 1848 aged 4mos 3ds Dau of Daniel & Martha Townley
Martha A Townley died Jan 17 1854 aged 7mos Dau of D & P Townley
[Note: Some of the graves on this lot are among the oldest in the cemetery. The markers are among the easiest to read. They have started to sink.]
West 1/2 of Lot 78 and Lot 80
Fanny E Van Camp Wife of A H Van Camp Jan 3 1890 71y 3m 26d
Azariah H Van Camp Our Father Nov 14 1870 53y 2m 27d
Calista Van Camp Dau of A H & F E Van Camp Jul 24 1849 7y 6m
Marvin Van Camp Son of A H & F E Van Camp Dec 31 1849 5y 1m
Allen Van Camp Son of Azariah H & F E Van Camp Oct 17 1865 11y 8m
[Note: The markers for Marvin and Allen Van Camp are sinking.]
Lot 81
Mother Anna Bates 1810-1851
Father T J Bates 1806-1890
Minerva Peek 1833-1926
Lot 82
Ellen J Van Camp 1852-1929
Lyman B Van Camp 1852-1885
[Note: There is a family marker in the northeast corner of the lot. Hidden beneath a large bush is the marker for Ellen and Lyman.]
Lot 83
Henry Slover 1838-1922
Emily Slover 1858-1918
Alfred B Babock Died Apr 6 1889 Aged 37 years [Note: There is one spiral marker on this lot. It bears the inscription for Alfred B Babcock. To the right of this marker is a small marker with the name Alfred. To the left of the spiral are small markers for Henry and Emily Slover. Livingston County, MI marriage records show that Alfred Babcock was the first husband of Emily Slover.]
Lot 99
John Garfield died Sep 13 1870 agd 74y 4m 21d
Mary Garfield died Jun 27 1862 agd 61y 9m
Louisa M Salsbury Wife of M H Salsbury 1840-1926
Myron H Salsbury 1838-1892
Lot 101
Isaac Parshall Died Feb 21 1858 Aged 60y 21d
Seraphina Phillips Wife of Isaac Parshall afterwards wife of C B Phillips Died Oct 15 1871 Aged 71y 7m 7d
Morris G Andrews 1853-1901
Cyntha L Andrews 1857-1932
[Note: There is a spiral marker for Isaac and Seraphina.]
Lot 102
Henry W Roberts died Sep 11 1870 agd 64y 10m
John C Roberts died Nov 30 1860 [Note: Both of these markers are in poor condition. One is broken and partly buried. The other is partly under ground because of repair work. The inscriptions were taken from the 1950 DAR publication.]
Lot 103
Edgar J Parshall Apr 30, 1851 Jul 11, 1858
Almon J Parshall Jul 26, 1865 Sep 21, 1865
Prudence Parshall Jan 28, 1830 Oct 29, 1900
Jesse Parshall Mar 30, 1822 Jul 22, 1893
Almon J. Son of Jesse & Prudence Parshall Died Sept 21 1865 Aged 8 weeks
Edgar J. son of Jesse & Prudence Parshall [Note: There is a large family monument bearing the name Parshall. There are two markers each for Edgar and Almon Parshall. Two are representative of the time period of their death and are on the south end of the lot.. The earlier marker for Edgar has partially sunk. The newer markers are like those of Prudence and Jesse Parshall and are on the north end of the lot.]
Lot 104
William Roberts 1817-1876
Louisa His Wife 1819-1904
James Curdy Died Jun 3 1848 Aged 66y 17d
Mary, Wife of James Curdy Died Sep 29 1856 AE 69y 6m 12d
[Note: There is one marker for William and Louisa Roberts.]
Lot 105
Mother Sarah Cole 1834-1922
Father Yates T Cole 1836- 1901
Lot 106
William Payne Born Mar 14 1817 Died Jun 3 1901
Sarah M Payne Wife of William Payne Died Jul 26 1883 Aged 62y 1m 21d
Alice B Payne Wife of W H Payne Died Oct 1 1871 Aged 21y 8m
[Note: The marker for Alice Payne is broken. It lies face up and is covered with dirt. The only thing legible is A. B. P. on the foot marker. The inscription for Alice was taken from the 1950 DAR publication. In the center of the lot is a spiral marker with the inscriptions for William and Sarah Cole. On the north side of the spiral are two markers with the initials: S. M. P. and W. H. P.]
Lot 107
Elizabeth Cole Wife of Joseph Cole Died Apr 17 1898 Agd 91y 7m 17d
Joseph Cole departed this life Apr 11 1878 aged 79y 6m 11d
Maria Cole, Dau of J & E Cole Died May 23 1852 Agd 12y 1m 18d
Jay W Cole, Son of W R & Catharine Cole Oct 24 1856 1y 9m 18d
Maria Cole, Dau of J & E Cole Died May 23 1852 Agd 12y 1m 18d
Fremont Cole, Son of W R & Catharine Cole
Catharine Cole
Warren Cole
Mary Cole
[Note: There is a spiral marker recording the inscriptions for Joseph, Elizabeth and daughter, Maria Cole. Maria Cole is also recorded on a single marker. The marker for Fremont Cole is sinking.]
Lot 108
Furnice Dexter 1858-1859
Serepta Dexter 1862-1863
Lucy Dexter 1861-1865
Idabell Dexter 1869-1870
Cordelia Dexter 1830-1909
William A Dexter Jun 20 1877 77y 11m 30d
Willie Dexter 1865-1874
Alice Dexter 1873-1882
George Dexter 1871-1893
John B Dexter Oct 31 1868 35y 4m 13d
Lot 109
Laura Lavinia Bangs Jun 14 1852 Agd 35yrs Wife of Benjamin Bangs
Harriett Farnham 1840-1922
John Farnham 1837-1911
Adelbert M Farnham 1870-1951
Nellie M Farnham 1877-1950
[Note: This lot is covered with an overgrowth of lilacs, endangering the markers and making it difficult to find them.]
Lot 111
Edward W Secor Died Aug 14 1853 Aged 25 years
Nelson R Hubbard Born Nov 26 1812 Died Jul 8 1854
[Note: The top of the marker for Nelson R Hubbard is gone.]
Lot 110
Cora E Wife of George L Hasper Died Apr 15 1873 Aged 17y 6m 11d
George A Their Son Died Jul 16 1873 Aged 3m 9d
Betsy Wife of Wm D Snapp Died May 9 1882 Aged 77y 11m 20d
William D Snapp Died Oct 23 1874 Aged 76yr 23ds
Levi Tenny 1807-1894
Lot 113
Marker Base
Harriet Knight Wife of Ira Knight Died Dec 12 1874 Aged 67y 9m 12d
Mary E Knight Dau of Ira & Harriet Knight Mar 12 1854 6y 3m 14d
Mary E Knight Dau of Ira & Harriet Knight Mar 12 1854 6y 3m 14d
Violette Dau of R & S J Knight Aged 3m 6d
[Note: The marker base is in the northwest corner of this lot. There is a remnant of marker sticking out of it. Mary E Knight is recorded on a single marker that is representative of the time she died and on the spiral marker that records Harriet Knight. There are two footstones with the initials: H K and M K. On the front left corner of this lot is a marker base. Beside the spiral stone is a military flag holder. It seems likely that Ira Knight is buried here but nothing has been found to document it.]
Lot 115
Ira J Miller Son of M E & Lucinda Miller Died Oct 14 1864 agd 2y 2m 11d
Peter Martin Died Oct 19 1873 agd 71yrs
Mary Martin Wife of P Martin Died Jul 20 1866 agd 61y 11m 5d
Lot 116
Rodman M Bryant 1819-1898
Ruamy His Wife 1827-1905
[Note: There is one marker for Rodman and Ruamy Bryant.]
Lot 112
Mother Mary Elizabeth Perrin 1831-1911
Sarena Ann Steele Daughter of D F & S K Steele Died Sep 10 1860 Aged 4y 5m 11d
Carrie Steele Daughter of D F & S K Steele Died Jul 11 1864 Aged 1y 2m 17d
Daughter Mary Snow 1851-1929
Father John Snow 1810-1888
Mother Elizabeth Snow 1820-1900
Son Henry Snow 1854-1926
Charlotte Tamlyn 1862-1963
Burt J Tamlyn 1892-1913
Samuel Eli Tamlyn 1860-1936
Lot 114
W H H Wilmarth Co C 1st Mich Cav May 25 1841 Jun 7 1865
William H Brock 1842-1920
Maria L Brock 1839-1902
Scottie A Brock 1870-1874
Scottie A Brock Son of W H and M died 4 Mar 1874 4y 8d
[Note: Markers on this lot are dim. There is one marker for the Brock family. On the north side this marker is a small marker with the name, Maria. Just to the south of the family marker is a small marker with the initials, W H B. Beside this marker is a marker for Scottie Brock. It is representative of markers of the time period of his death.]
Lot 117
Hiram Bussey Died Jan 30 1887 Aged 75y 1m 5d
Nancy His Wife Died Aug 8 1870 Aged 57y 8m 8d
Clark Bussey Died Mar 9 1861 Aged 19y 9m
William Bussey 1876-1955
JeromeBussey Co A 1st U S Cav
[Note: There is a spiral marker for Hiram, Nancy and Clark Bussey. The three small markers that mark their graves are no longer legible. And are to the south of the of the spiral.]
Lot 118
Sarah E Cook Wife of Wm Died Oct 5 1867 Aged 51y 8m 7d
William Cook Died Mar 16 1864 Aged 49y 7m 7d
Edna E Daughter of Wm & S E Cook Died Nov 5 1859 Aged 4y 6m 7d
Charlotte Wife of Wm Cobb and Daughter of Wm and S E Cook Died Jun 21 1866 Aged 26y 1m 26d
[Note: There is one spiral marker on this lot. There are two grave foot markers leaning against the spiral marker. The initials on the foot markers are S. E. C. and E. E. C.]
Lot 119
Ruth Daughter of J & S Scott 1859-1861
Father Jason H Scott 1807-1871
Mother Sarah Scott Wife of J H Scott 1813-1887
Chester W Van Camp 1869-1907
Lenora A Van Camp 1866-1935
Walter M Van Camp 1864-1921
Mary Van Camp 1838-1899
Homer L Van Camp 1838-1916
[Note: There are two large family markers on this lot: Scott and Van Camp.]
Lot 121
John Bidelman 1855-1939
Amelia M Bidelman 1853-1941
John D Bowhall 1906-1906
[Note: The front part of this lot has no markers and no visible signs of graves.]
Lot 123
Dr J H Mowers 1860-1941
Jennie Mowers 1863-1934
Mrs B H Mowers 1836-1927
Rev B H Mowers 1833-1915
Mother Dexter 1811-1891
Father A Dexter 1807-1879
Mary Ann Dexter 1840-1861
Lot 124
Father William I Gordon Jan 24 1848 May 6 1929
Mother Celestine A Gordon Sept 5 1852 Feb 19 1910
Broken marker Illegible
Lot 125
Thadd A Dodds 1871-1948
Ethel V Dodds 1872-1963
Dillis Dexter 1805-1857
Alma Dexter 1829-1865
Lot 126
 Oscar L Dexter Son of H & L Dexter   Died Jun 28 1873   Aged 24y 10m 24d
Spencer L Dexter 1846-1869
Lucy Dexter 1809-1860
Horace Dexter 1800-1870
Hannah Dexter C 1835-1859
Charles Dexter 1838-1916
Eliza Dexter 1833-1919
Mary E Dexter Born Aug 25 1851 Died Jan 4 1944
Edward S Dexter Born Aug 29 1850 Died Jan 6 1893
Lot 127
Frank S Wisner Son of C W & E G Wisner Died Sep 11 1854 E. 2y 10m 5d
Lot 128
Infant Cornell Child of W & C Cornell Died Mar 22 1867 agd 19d
Lot 129
George Dodds 1839-1924
Nancy Dodds 1837-1904
Aseneth Dodds 1817-1901
Jasper Dodds 1802-1877
[Note: Two markers are face down on this lot. There is one marker face down to the left of this lot in an area of no lots. The 1950 DAR publication reported the four following markers that were not found.}
Charles Son of George Dodds died 1856 agd 3m
Thaddius Son of George Dodds died 1864 agd 2m
Thaddeus A Son of J & A Dodds Died Mar 22 1864 Aged 18y 5m
Charles C Son of J & A Dodds Died Jan 18 1865 Aged 21y 4m 26d
Lot 132
Brother Seth Horace Dexter 1882-1963
Sister May Lucy Dexter 1889-1974
Lot 133
Emma L Call May 1 1855 Apr 18 1895
Lot 134
[The 1950 DAR reading has a marker in this area that was not found.]
John H Dibble Son of F & S M Dibble Died Mar 20 1861 Aged 13 y 9m 15d
Lot 135
Marilla H Moulton Daughter of J N & T Moulton Died Jun 5 1856 Aged 21y 5m 1d
James N Moulton Died Sep 22 1858 Aged 51y 6m
[Note: The James Moulton marker is lying on its back and partly buried. The age can no longer be seen. The age was taken from the 1950 DAR publication.]
Lot 136
Eliza A Daughter of A J & S A McCollam Died Sep 26 1860 Aged 1y 7m 9d
[Note: The following marker was reported in the 1950 DAR publication. It was not found for this reading.}
Charles L Son of A J & S A McCollam Died Sep 3 1859 Aged 2 y 11m 3d
Lot 137
Willie M Van Camp Died Sep 13 1863 Aged 13yrs 3m
Lot 138
Wells B Martin Oct 13 1876 Sept 14 1951
Wife & Mother Alta L Martin Jun 21 1877 Sept 18 1935
Son Cassie B Martin Oct 13 1902 Mar 26 1969
Son Eber J Martin August 27 1918 November 21 1983
Lot 139
Wife Ida May Warner 1883-1955
Sarah J Tremblay 1906-1942
John J Tremblay 1881-1947
Lot 153
Allen Lee Morgan Dec 6 1951 Sep 16 1972
David J Morgan SP 4 US Army Aug 11 1954 Mar 15 1980
Christopher J Morgan Beloved Son of James and Una Apr 11 1971 Sep 8 1983
Max William Morgan AMM2 US Navy World War II Jul 9 1921 Sep 3 2002
Lot 155
Howard S Martin 1876-1950
Ada M Martin 1873-1954
Wife Mother and Grandmother Ona Corser Nov 7 1918 Apr 28 1995
Husband Father and Grandfather Ernest Corser Oct 6 1914 Dec 31 1995
Clarence A Warner 1859-1938
Lot 157
Emma V Morgan Mother 1869-1939
Byron H Morgan Father 1860-1936
Jerry Morgan
Lyle B Morgan 1923-1941
[Note: There is a temporary marker from Sharp's Funeral Home. The dates are not visible.]
Lot 158
Nellie V Morgan Jan 13 1910 Dec 21 1987
Bert H Morgan Jun 24 1901 Oct 22 1993
Esther H Morgan Apr 15 1901 Feb 11 1973
George Jay Morgan Aug 27 1896 Nov 9 1945
Russell Morgan July 7, 1932 Sept 9, 2004 married June 16, 1950 Rena Morgan July 30, 1932 married June 16, 1950 [Note: There is one marker for Bert and Nellie Morgan. There is one marker for Russell and Rena Morgan.]
Lot 159
Roma W Sackner Mich US Army WW I Feb 22 1897 Jun 3 1973
Lot 161
Baby Howard F Westphal 1908
Baby Martha E Westphal 1919
William F Westphal 1873-1950
Mary Ann Westphal 1878-1954
Robert Keyes Aug 28 1911 Apr 9 1982
Sue F Keyes June 18 1916 Apr 28 2005
Lot 163
Father George A Kirshman 1895-1968
Mother Eulalos R Kirshman 1893-1967
Baby Dorothy Grace 1917
Fred A Kirshman 1889-1953
Ruth E Kirshman 1892-1968
Baby Frank W 1921
Baby Ruth L 1919
[Note: There is one marker for George, Eulalos and Baby Dorothy Grace Kirshman. There is one marker for Fred and Ruth Kirshman. The Mason insignia is on Fred's marker.]
Lot 165
J Fred Kirshman 1861-1921
Nancy M Kirshman 1864-1936
Clare H Kirshman 1892-1972
Ethel J Kirshman 1891-1949
[Note: There is one large family marker, Kirshman. This lot has two unmarked graves.]
Donald Larry Winegarner Died Nov 27 1959
Ruth Marie Kirshman Stillborn
Lot 167
Ernest Clare Winegarner US Army May 21 1941 Jul 17 1965
[Note: This lot has two unmarked graves.]
Shirley Diane Winegarner Died Jul 17 1965
Helen Clara Winegarner Died Jul 17 1965