The First Fifty Years


The First Fifty Years was written by Nellie Westphal Morgan in her fifith year. It is the story of her life and her community as she remembered it and as it was told to her by other family members. Nellie was born on January 10, 1910 in Deerfield township, not far from the village of Parshallville. In her story Nellie shares a wealth of memories of Parshallville and the surrounding area. As a young married couple Nellie and Bert settled in Parshallville where several members of their family already lived. Eventually they moved to the house on the hill overlooking the millpond where Isaac and Saraphina Parshall once lived. Nellie raised her children here and continued to live in the house on the hill for the rest of her life. Throughout her life, she gave much to the community through her faith and her church. She died on December 21, 1987 and was buried in the Parshallville Cemetery. I remember Nellie as a quiet, gentle lady who always had a kind word.


The First Fifty Years is published here with permission from her son Robert Earl Morgan. Thank you, Earl, for allowing me to share this special writing.