Parshallville, Michigan

   The village of Parshallville lies in the northwest corner of Hartland township and the southwest corner of Tyrone Township in Livingston county.  Ore Creek which winds its way north through the village eventually flows into the Shiawassee River.  Found in the Livingston County, Michigan Track Book page 172 is the following:  From United States to William Chapman of Washtenaw County, Mich. a tract containing 59.52 acres.  Located April 6, 1835.  The next mention of this tract of land is a deed dated May 12, 1836 from William Chapman of Washenaw County, Mich. to Isaac Parshall of Livingston County, Mich. land containing 59.52 acres for consideration of $300.00.

   Parshallville soon became a thriving village with a grist mill, a cider mill, a blacksmith, a Baptist church, a cemetery, a Methodist-Episcopal church, a school, a general store, and a post office.  Today, Parshallville is a thriving residential community steeped in its history, its present and its future.  The grist mill has become a cider mill.  Along with many of the old homes the Baptist church, the M. E. church and the school buildings are still standing.